U.S. ambassador to Panama resigns because he can 'no longer work for Trump'.

U.S. ambassador to Panama resigns because he can 'no longer work for Trump'.
U.S. ambassador to Panama resigns because he can 'no longer work for Trump'.

"As a junior foreign service officer, I signed an oath to serve faithfully the President and his administration in an apolitical fashion, even when I might not agree with certain policies.

"My instructors made clear that if I believed I could not do that, I would be honour-bound to resign. That time has come," Mr Feeley said.

Worth noting that he made this decision before the shitholes comment.

This man has served America for decades as a marine and in the state department. He has extensive experience in Latin America. And he saw the writing on the wall

A man, a plan, a resignation, Panama

Why do Trump fans in these threads always call people having an opinion they don't share a circle jerk? A lot of people hate Trump because there are a lot of reasons to hate him. It's no a bandwagon, it's a popular opinion backed by sound reasoning.

Its basic human nature to want to believe you've uniquely figured out something others have not. People want to be counter-intuitive because that means the greatest number of people are wrong and that means they are that much smarter / better. People bad mouth others to feel superior to them and that is just to compensate for all the reasons they feel bad about themselves.

So how many officials have resigned now since Trump's term began?

The White House has a higher turnover than my local Applebees at this point.

A man, a pnoit, an giser anal: Panama

The writing on the big beautiful wall(TM)

Lets say you have a room full of people, and the moon landings come up. Nearly everyone sensible agrees the moon landings happened, and within that context, everyone is the same, equal, boring, ordinary. Until someone says that they didn't happen.

And suddenly that person has all the attention. Suddenly that person stands out, suddenly that person, long starved of validation or meaningful achievement, feels at last relevant. All the evidence, all the arguments mean nothing to him- by saying no he is on the stage, and by simply being talked to is in a queer sense comparable to the experts surrounding him.

To a needy idiot who has never stood for anything nor achieved anything before, being a nihilistic contrarian is a chance at finally getting some attention and a position at the table.

This is literally what the Russians wanted. Weak US foreign relations and shite diplomacy.

Can you imagine a successful bussiness model with 30%+ turnover rate that you would want to emulate as a country?

ABC - Trump's White House setting records for early departures

In Trump's first year, his administration's upper-level officials have had a turnover rate of 34 percent, much higher than any other in the past 40 years

The study found that 22 of the 64 senior officials she tracked have resigned, been fired or reassigned.

He's double the next highest rate

The presidency with the next-highest first-year turnover rate was Ronald Reagan's, with 17 percent of senior aides leaving in 1981. And Trump's first-year rate is three times Bill Clinton's 11 percent and Barack Obama's 9 percent.

Edit: I keep seeing people defend this turnover rate by referring to other companies. There's a big problem with that argument - no successful bussiness has a turnover rate of 30% of their senior members/department heads/leaders. These are senior officials in this administration we are referring to here.

As long as he helps the GOP advance their agenda, nothing will change

“If you don’t fund the State Department fully, then I need to buy more ammunition ultimately," Jim Mattis United States Secretary of Defense... In other words we make diplomacy work or young American men and women die.

So if you want to "support the troops" you must support diplomacy!

Ding Ding Ding. Destroy the might of the US by destroying the one thing that gave it that might, our reputation and image. People go on and on about our economy and military, but at the end of the day the US was the leader of the World because we were looked up to. It never had anything to do with our economy or our military. You can only buy and bully your way into the hearts and minds of others so far.

Most people who "support the troops" only support the idea of patriotism and going off dying heroicly for the country. They scoff at the idea of helping veterans and trying to prevent war.

Ambassadorships are highly prized, valued positions. I respect his decision to leave for the sake of his principles, it couldn't have been easy

"Well I was going to fire him anyway."

-Probably Trump

As long as he helps the GOP advance their agenda, nothing will change


Trump is still too popular with the GOP base. If he wasn't, the GOP House would get rid of him, Pence would be a lot more docile in the role. But if they do that right now their base goes berzerk.

30% turnover among upper management.

Executives getting most of the money.

Workers getting screwed and told to sue if they don't like it.

Overpriced, utterly inadequate access to health care.

Total disregard for federal authority and blatant glee in circumventing laws designed to prevent illicit activities.

Golden parachutes packed at the cost of the working-class's wages.

It looks like Trump supporters got exactly what they wanted: Trump is running the country like he runs his businesses.

Got it from the book I'm reading currently:

Palindromes for Dyslexia

Waiting for the tweet about what a terrible dude he was and they are better off without him from Trump. SAD

The writing on the big beautiful wallTM

He saw the shit smears on the wall

This is one of the bigger fuck ups thus far, actually. Trump asked why we allow immigrants from “shithole countries like El Salvador, Haiti and Africa [sic]” and said we should get more immigrants from “good countries like Norway”.

Edit: A lot of people are asking this so I’m editing my response - there’s no video, but it’s been publicly confirmed by multiple non-anonymous sources in Congress who were present and the WH is not denying Trump said this. Google “Trump shithole” for all the details you need. It’s the biggest story in the world right now, you don’t need Reddit to spoonfeed you answers to every question that pops into your head. I know I spoonfed this guy, but I can’t do it for all 500 million Redditors.

You send a lot of great musicians and win with culture points.

I can't imagine comparing the Trump administration to ANY kind of success, really.

Higher turnover than Amy's Baking Company.

Because they like to think that all these anti-Trump comments are here because Reddit is a "liberal echo chamber". I don't know who remembers Reddit before the election, but it was anything but.

There are this many anti-Trump comments because by percentage, people do not like Trump. You should already expect 60% of comments to be against him due to polls, then factor in the age and education of Reddit, and you should really expect there to be a solid number of anti-Trump comments.

That's that, but clearly it must be a "liberal circle jerk."

The other part is gaslighting. The Trumpers either consciously or subconsciously gaslight the rest of us into not believing our reasoning. Maybe we are biased. Maybe we are in an echo chamber. Sorry, liberals aren't in the echo chamber in this case. Most of the media on the left-leaning side has thoughtful articles that attempt to relay both sides of the issues. Take a look at the Fox and Breitbart articles. Compare and contrast them. Liberals do not lack reasoning, in fact their whole worldview is based on thoughtful consideration of multidimensional issues. This doesn't mean there aren't stubborn liberals with shallow talking points. Go to any liberal college campus and you can see the idiocy of some liberals. But at the core, the liberal tradition is the more open and welcoming political stance, weak to subterfuge by the gaslighting nationalists who wish to exploit its tolerance of intolerance.

Yep. The Roger Ailes strategies have backed them into a corner. It turns out driving your base to increasingly extremist ideologies is a bad fucking idea.

Now they run the risk of getting shat on during the midterms, but can't do anything to oppose Trump because they'll get primaried out by his fanatical supporters.

I would wager that most of those who "support the troops" support the killing of people in shithole countries.

This is a thing a lot of Americans don't seem to get. The rest of the world might not have liked everything America did, but at least for us other westerners you were generally seen as reliable and trustworthy. Someone you could make a deal with and expect for it to hold. Dependable.

That is no longer the case, and it means that gradually your allies are going to be looking more and more to one another to make deals and arrangement's that don't involve you, and don't necessarily align with your best interests.

As a Panamanian who has personally met the guy, it's a shame because he is a super nice guy.



hold alt then type 0153 on the numpad at the right of a keyboard.

He's an experienced diplomat with strong knowledge of the local environment in which he serves? Sounds like his head was already on the chopping block.

I'm going to frame that last paragraph.

Whatever happened to the argument that Trump would run the government like a business, because he's such a great businessman, and it would be so much more efficient because of it? That somehow doesn't seem to be panning out.

The State Department is hemorrhaging talented people. The best and brightest work abroad on behalf of the US. Most of them could be making more money in the private sector but choose to serve.

There's not much incentive for them to stay at this point.

Everyone remembered that he actually sucks at business too and his supporters changed their tune

The tweet will emphasise that he was an Obama appointment and not a good man. Sad.

The winds of shit are blowing

FEEBLE feeley realized he couldn't serve his country and should've retired a long time ago. We were going to fire him anyway but he chose to resign so he wouldn't be, like, embarrassed.

Yet, this is exactly what his supporters voted for him to do. They wanted him to “drain the swamp,” so they see stats like these and cheer him on without really taking the time to dig a bit deeper and see what’s actually happening.

Underrated comment. I survived three Applebees, where you're just meat in the thresher

Hence, loony conspiracy theories.

"Shitholes comment"? I'm sorry, I had a busy day at work and didn't check headlines for 24 hours, I must have missed this latest massive fuckup.

And the shitwolves are howling

(R.I.P Jim Lahey)

And he saw the faeces on the wall


I would love to have an actual honest conversation with a group of The_Donald. I feel like they aren't interested in an actual exchange of ideas.

Edit: Typo

You think it might have something to do with the most watched cable news network spending 24 hours a day, 7 days a week blowing him and celebrating every time he smears shit all over your country's reputation?

You think it might have something to do with the fact that these people are among the major American thought leaders:

Sean Hannity

Jesse Watters

Rush Limbaugh

Newt Gingrich

Milo Yiannopoulos

Tucker Carlson

Jerry Falwell Jr.

60% of americans but for other countries it's a lot higher. It isn't just "liberals" but pretty much everyone except Trump's fanatics who mostly live in the US. If anything Reddit is skewed to give Trump more benefit of the doubt than he deserves.

60% of americans but for other . It isn't just "liberals" but pretty much everyone except Trump's fanatics who mostly live in the US. If anything Reddit is skewed to give Trump more benefit of the doubt than he deserves.

Dude looks at immigration like my great uncle looks at employee acquisition.

He bankrupted casinos. Plural. Establishments where the business is almost literally the customers just giving you their money.

No doubt. Some of the most "patriotic" people I know (generally racists who use patriotism to try and say they aren't) fully support us nuking north Korea right now, regardless of the millions of innocent lives lost in nk, sk, and probably china. Of course if this then happened they'd immediately be pissed off about the refugees and say our tax dollars shouldn't go to helping them cause it's not our fault they are leaving their country.

How about defeating government?

Reminder: American Conservatism is literally a plot to bring back the Gilded Age.

On August 23, 1971, prior to accepting Nixon's nomination to the Supreme Court, Powell was commissioned by his neighbor, Eugene B. Sydnor Jr., a close friend and education director of the US Chamber of Commerce, to write a confidential memorandum titled "Attack on the American Free Enterprise System," an anti-Communist, anti-New Deal blueprint for conservative business interests to retake America for the chamber.[13][14] It was based in part on Powell's reaction to the work of activist Ralph Nader, whose 1965 exposé on General Motors, "Unsafe at Any Speed," put a focus on the auto industry putting profit ahead of safety, which triggered the American consumer movement. Powell saw it as an undermining of Americans' faith in enterprise and another step in the slippery slope of socialism. [...]

The memo called for corporate America to become more aggressive in molding society's thinking about business, government, politics and law in the US. It sparked wealthy heirs of earlier American Industrialists [...] to use their private charitable foundations, [...] to fund Powell's vision of a pro-business, anti-socialist, minimalist government-regulated America as it had been in the heyday of early American industrialism, before the Great Depression and the rise of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal.

The Powell Memorandum thus became the blueprint of the rise of the American conservative movement and the formation of a network of influential right-wing think tanks and lobbying organizations, such as The Heritage Foundation and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) as well as inspiring the US Chamber of Commerce to become far more politically active.[15][16]


For the international audience, think-tanks and lobbying groups like the Heritage Foundation and ALEC are the institutional core of conservative policy and legislation.

And the Gilded Age was the early 1900s run-up to the Great Depression. It was an era of free wheeling Laissez Faire capitalism. Dirty water, impure drugs, unsafe food, 14 hour work days, child labor, retiree beggars all over every city, etc.

There's hundreds of billions of dollars worth of assholes who think Medicare, public education, income taxes, etc. are all mistakes in dire need of correction. And they have spent billions of dollars over the decades to make it happen. And you know what? They're succeeding.


This guy civs

The gold writing on the big beautiful wall built by the stable geniusTM

If I'm not mistaken, a large (yuge) portion of the people that resigned are people that Trump appointed himself.

Edit, which makes sense...in context of your comment

Just wait. When Democrats get in office, after Trump has purged all the competent careerists in favor of hacks and morons like that Netherlands guy, the Democrats will want to put everything back together. And the conservatives will shriek that the Democrats are engaged in a political purge.

Seems to be the case. They just pretend there's no actual, good reason to hate this man. When obviously there is.

Trump the candidate and Trump the president are the same person with the same behavior. I can't imagine why all these people thought he'd be anything less than an idiot child once he got his hands on more power.

Same reason Trump is calling all of his criticisms a "Witchhunt", because the baby can't handle negative feedback so it's easier for him to dismiss it as just mob mentality.

Same thing with them touting anything that's popular opinion but they disagree with as a circle jerk. It's easier to make stupid statements like those instead of actually forming a rebuttal.

Being an ambassador for Trump in a place like that has got to be one of the worst jobs every. Just constantly getting shit on by locals for stupid shit your boss says.

They couldn't even maintain their "merit-based" immigration dogwhistle.

So. Fucking. Dumb.

Learned ° for chemistry class in high school. Then noticed (probably via typo) that ² and ³ are 0178 and 0179, ± is 0177, µ is 0181, · is 0183, ­® is 0174, etc, etc.

So if you learn a few alt-codes by memory, a bunch of other handy ones are right around it.

I really don’t get it. I don’t see how anyone with a sound mind, body, and soul could happily support this man and this administration. It baffles me. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like real life.

I can’t even look at family members the same. How can you respect and support a person who obviously has zero respect for ANYONE. IT IS FUCKING BONKERS.

See that scares me because the people he'll put in to replace them will be loyal to him and they will be shitbirds.

He resigned before Trump's comments.

I'd always thought about conspiracy theories as sort of those fun "yeah, but what if..." type deals, like the (very real) theory that Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by a lookalike.

The more sinister side is when you find that many of these folks are not only dead serious, their message has been allowed to spread, and it affects events in real time. The idea that vaccinations lead to autism/are form of government control, for instance. When whackjobs go unchecked, that's when things get scary, and now all of a sudden you've got measles outbreaks across the country.

This of course transfers to politics, and all the ways in which people have been manipulated (on both sides, I might add, but I believe strongly favoring the right) be it Pizza-gate, anything Alex Jones says, or the (again, very real) theory our last president was Lucifer reincarnated. As /u/mrcassette points out, some of these might more accurately be described as agendas. Their impact, however, is often the same.

edit: added links.

As Obama said, 'They've been riding this tiger for a while.'

We're losing an entire generation of highly experienced diplomats and other service personnel and we're -not- going to recover from this anytime soon.

The only hope is, like a lot of the Cabinet positions, the Trump Administration doesn't bother filling the vacancies and the next Administration will try and get these folks back...

And that points to the really terrifying question: how do you save a society where a large minority, and in some regions a large majority, of the population still supports an ignorant, illiterate, misogynistic, racist narcissist as president? Are we ready to start neutering the First Amendment to stop Fox, Sinclair, and Breitbart from spewing lies? Are we ready to censor the internet to keep gullible voters from being exposed to foreign information operations? Assuming we can stop new indoctrination, can we deprogram several generations of Republican Trump supporters or are we stuck waiting until they age out of being a demographically important voting block? Make no mistake, even if Trump loses their adoration and support, that group of voters will still be out there waiting on the next charismatic demagogue to follow, and he or she may not be an incompetent dotard.

That's why they need to come here, so they can know the freedom of having to go back to work they day after giving birth because they wracked up tens of thousands of dollars in debt during the delivery.

I spent a full minute trying to figure out if this was a palindrome only to be disappointed.

Why now though? After all Trump has said that has been abhorrent, especially as he resigned before the shitholes comment, will be interesting to see what the straw that broke the camels back actually was.

This guy served his nation for 35 years, through wars, depressions, social and political unrest, through multiple administrations.

A year of having to deal with Trump and he's done. You can't make this shit up people.

Because, for what it's worth, virtually every president prior to him has made grand promises, then toned it down when in office. He's just the first one to actually keep acting like he's still on fucking campaign.

Don't forget that once the conservatives shout that, the democrats will shy away and try to 'coalition build' for a half-assed result.

It's because as much as they love to call people who complain about what's going on "snowflakes", as soon as things don't go their way they turn into the same type of person that they try to denigrate.

Fixing the education system is really the only real solution, and it's a long-term one.


That's the full context, the tiger comment is at 18:25. The extended version of the thought:

"Look, we know that most Republicans don't think the way Donald Trump does. Even in a banquet like this, full of hard-core Democrats. (Applause.) We have Republican friends, we've got Republican neighbors -- at the Little League game, soccer game. At the parent-teachers conference, we meet them. Some great people. We don't even think that most Republican politicians actually really believe that Donald Trump is qualified to be President. (Laughter.) I know because they -- I talk to them. (Laughter.) They're all like, man, this is really bad. (Laughter.) We're just trying to get through this. (Laughter.)

But so the problem is not that all Republicans think the way this guy does. The problem is, is that they've been riding this tiger for a long time. They've been feeding their base all kinds of crazy for years -- (applause) -- primarily for political expedience. So if Trump was running around saying I wasn't born here, they were okay with that as long as it helped them with votes. If some of these folks on talk radio started talking about how I was the anti-Christ, you know, it's just politics. (Laughter.) You think I'm joking. (Laughter.)"

I'm already selling the t-shirts on Facebook for $20.

"But muh wedge issues!" -good third of the country, cheering as they fan the flames on the dumpster fire of their own self-interests

I'm not sure Trump knows the word 'feeble'

"No, you're fired from being my ambassador to Pandora!"

Yes we can't have anyone actually qualified, that would go against the Trump way.

I read it backwards

To me, it's amazing that he has any money at all. To me, he seems like a guy who has been so insulated from negative consequences his whole life, he doesn't recognize that they exist.

I was listening to an episode of the Freakonomics podcast yesterday in an interview with the governor of Rhode Island -- one of only 15 Democratic governors in the country. There was a very interesting point that she brought up:


RAIMONDO: The other thing is that in most states, governors control redistricting lines. So if your goal is domination of your party, you’re smart to focus on governors. It’s not by accident that we may never have another Democratic governor of Texas. The lines are drawn by governors such that that state is firmly in the control of Republicans.

The way this game works, it seems like it will take something monumental to really change the game.

EDIT: To be clear, Raimondo's point is that Republicans have won in the last two decades due to a strong focus on local elections and not just federal elections.

Gerrymandering is just one point she raises. Yes, you can't gerrymander an election for governor, but you can shape the vote in other ways once in power through tactics like voter ID laws, restricted early voting, restricted voting hours, registration hoops, voter purging, etc. I bring it up because it's a concrete manifestation of how Republicans at the state level are shaping election outcomes to favor them, even when the majority do not favor their policies. But it is only one of many of their strategies that continues to decrease the value of the Democratic vote.

RAIMONDO: Well, that could be part of it. By the way, I’m not saying that that isn’t a part of it. But I also think, if I’m very honest about it, the Republican Party and Republican Governors Association, and Republican donors, have just done a better job focusing on states. For example, the Koch brothers just decided many years ago, they cared about state legislatures, they cared about governors’ mansions, and they’ve tactically invested and it’s working, frankly.

The whole podcast is worth listening to and worth reading the transcript.

My bigger point is that "Just remember to go out and vote folks!" will no longer work because not all votes have equal weight as our system is structured right now; Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by almost 3 million votes. Instead of deciding to shift to the center and become more moderate, the Republican party has instead invested in mechanisms that enable them to continue to shift this imbalance in their favor despite a shrinking base.

Everyone thought that after Obama, Republicans would have to grow their tent, reach out to minorities, reach out to women, reach out to moderates, reach out to LGBT. Instead, they have done the exact opposite and become more insular, more male, more white, more racist and it hasn't doomed them yet because they have, over the last 2-3 decades systematically shaped it so that they can win by basically cheating.

They can openly give tax cuts to the wealthy, cut healthcare programs for children, usurp states' rights for corporate interests, shit on minorities, shit on women, shit on the disadvantaged, disregard decades of "moral values", and on and on with no consequence. Trump straight up stated on record that he groped women!

The system is rigged; we are basically all fucked.

It is not Trump that is the anomaly, but rather Obama was the anomaly; he was a force so compelling that he broke the system (remember, Gore also won the popular vote but lost the election). It may take one or two decades, but history will look back fondly on Barrack Obama as a gifted individual and truly an outlier in American politics.

but but Norway is commie state with public health care and full year maternity leave !

What else are they going to do? It's not like there is a single factual argument to be made in Trump's favor, so all that's left for them to do is posture and try to dismiss the dozen or so allegations of presidential stupidity that appear every day. I'm sure it's exhausting for them.

Thanks. I thought I was cool for not needing to type the word degrees° (Alt+0176), but this one is almost certainly more useful.

Which begs the question as to why some people get pissed off at buying tickets to a Roger Waters concert, going, and leaving early in "disgust" because of all the Trump bashing.

What did you think Pink Floyd was writing about? Acid trips and unicorns?

If you're going to listen to a great band and pay to go to their concerts, you at least should attempt to understand their message instead of taking shit at face value and getting annoyed.

😅 is Alt+F4

Yeah. I pretty much blame Sean Hannity and Fox news. They got my dad. He used to be just a regular conservative guy. Now he says the most fucked up things. And it's just things he's parroting from Hannity's show. It makes me sad. I literally cannot have a conversation with him anymore without him bringing up some truly insane political bullshit he heard on Hannity.

What really confuses me, too, is how they don't mind that he disrespects them. Says he loves the poorly-educated, says they'd support him even if he killed someone. Don't they have any self-respect?

He was born on third base, got tagged out trying to steal first, and claims to the crowd he hit a grand slam.

The removal of Trump could be a major blow that GOP doesn’t want risk taking.