Urban snowboarding

Urban snowboarding

Is it just me or is this really oddly satisfying?

I think it is the film work. Looks very cinematic.

Montreal ?

Yes, on McGill University's campus. The video starts next to 3690 Peel Street, which is part of the Faculty of Law (even though the sign says McIntyre, which is the Medical building, a bit further West).

I think the rider deserves some credit too, makes it look very easy.

He's skipping the jumps and such, though.

Not just you. Definitely oddly satisfying.

Source for anyone interested. He has another video riding down Mount Royal a couple years ago that's worth a watch too.

Rollin around at the speed of sound.

Nothing makes me happier than that weightlessness you feel when snowboarding on powder.

Probably another snowboarder who's just riding right behind him with a stabilizer on their camera

You'll love this then.

JP Auclair Street Segment


See, this always gets me: that guy is riding the same tricky route and simultaneously running a camera, so what he's doing is even harder.

The sign also has McGill on it

This is goofy until the ending.

Who's filming? Is it somebody on a snowmobile? Or what?

Can't be. The bus actually shows up in the full video.

tricky route

someone is not a snowboarder / skier. :-)

Not just both of you. Absolutely oddly satisfying.

There's a video set to "Dance Yourself Clean" on YouTube. Dudes skiing in town, catches city bus at the end to go back up. Way cool.

Got places to go, gotta follow my rainbow!

Mercury City?


Reminds me of 1080 snowboarding for the N64

Yeah that really narrows it down and pinpoints Montreal.

Can't stick around have to keep movin on

No time for guessing follow my plan instead

Guess what lies ahead, only one way to find out!

Try snowboarding and once you're that comfortable on one it's one of the most satisfying things ever!

Must keep on movin' ahead

Like floating on a cloud. Most addictive feeling I can imagine.

Just to clarify- I'm not nearly that good, just love snowboarding.

Yes, the sign has French on it

RIP JP Auclair

you three are oddly satisfying

Get Tricky~

Take my lead, I'll set you free!

Trusting in what you can't see

I think snowmobiling on powder takes it for me over snowboarding. Having 140hp+ only a thumb press away to float you off wherever you want is pretty awesome. You just need a lot more snow and money typically haha.

the stabilisation is really good


That's been one of my favorite videos for a long time and JP even made another one. Unfortunately he died in an avalanche a few years ago :(

Let's see an uber trick! S-S-S-Suuuuper Combo Bonus!


I can hear the music, "I like it I like it, that's it baby!"

ya it does

mctintyre is a building at mcgill though


Heh, his last name is toots.

I find it quite liberating, even serene.

Risk is a choice, and he has assessed his risk and made his choice. Just like anytime you get into a vehicle, eat a fried sandwich, or drink a sugary soda.

Snowboarder, to sled-skier, to sledder. It's pretty much a cliche at this point.

I see you

I switched to my right hand and found it even satisfying...