URANIUM 1 BOMBSHELL: Today's Letter Schiff To Gowdy/Nunes: [John Campbell] Talking To Them For 3 MONTHS, Both Sides To Interview Him THIS WEEK, Dems Demand Interview Transcript, Deny Campbell Will Link HRC's U1 Moves To Russian Money, Shep Smith Debunked Claims (LOL), Diss Campbell & Whine A Lot

URANIUM 1 BOMBSHELL: Today's Letter Schiff To Gowdy/Nunes: [John Campbell] Talking To Them For 3 ...

Love that they are citing MSM as if they are equal to government agencies. Not even hiding it..

Nice find Pede. This reeeeeeeeeeeks of desperation.

Its quite apparent that the media is just an extension of the swamp.

John Solomon's 11/20/17 breaking article: 'FBI informant gathered years of evidence on Russian push for US nuclear fuel deals, including Uranium One, memos show.'

Guess we know what's been up with Campbell these last past weeks now.

Yes,and the letter does an awesome job of presenting the accusations too. :)

Oh yes. And it took three tries to whittle down to 300 characters too. Anyway, I reposted as BREAKING: URANIUM ONE FBI INFORMANT WILLIAM CAMPBELL WILL TELL HIS STORY TO CONGRESS THIS WEEK. I can't meme, can't title... :)

spez: Campbell's first name is William, not John.

Yea, I’ve been wondering what happened to the poor guy. I hope he can bring everyone involved down. It’s nice to see the Republicans are playing the long game with some of this stuff and being very strategic with showing their hand.

Thanks, Major. This is awesome! For weeks Hannity, Tucker, Sara Carter, John Solomon and Victoria Toensing, Campbell's attorney, were going on (see Shifty's letter :) about how this shows Crooked and her people KNEW the Russians were using Mafia tactics in the American Uranium industry, including the distribution network that let them remove it, when Clinton ok'd the 20% U1 deal. The other 8 did NOT know, and did NOT get $145 million for their votes.

Toensing said Campbell had cancer and then there was NOTHING. Actually the Reps were building their case. And now the interview is happening THIS WEEK and we can count on Shifty to let us know what's up.

That title is a nightmare