"Rather than making them, of talking about putting up a fence, why don't we work out some recognition of our mutual problems, make it possible for them to come here legally with a work permit, and then, while they're working and earning here, they pay taxes here. And when they want to go back they can go back, and cross. And open the border both ways, by understanding their problems. This is the only safety valve they have right now, with that unemployment, that probably keeps the lid from blowing off...And I think we could have a fine relationship."

-Ronald Reagan, 1980.

Mate, London has had barriers up to protect against Irish terrorists for 40 years now.

Stop talking about shit you don't know, you're making yourself look like even more of an idiot

Lol, red state trailer parks would be in open revolt if welfare was taken away

Yea, NAFTA sucked. We should have proposed some sort of free trade agreement instead, for North America.

This, but Trump.

Reagan was literally discussing US-Mexico relations you dumb dumb

Your alarmism is uncalled for. Life as a European hasn't changed one bit for me, a Shakira law abiding citizen.


I love how fucking dramatic all the comments become in this sub when it reaches /sub/all. It's fan-flippin-tastic.

How does being born inside of the United States makes you more deserving of a better life than someone who isn't?

rape a continent


Proving to be the only solution to millenia of endless wars? Quelle horreur!

Pro tip: Communists are almost always wrong

That's why the US failed in the 1800s when it had open borders? Oh, wait.

So Democrats changed their position on being racist while Republicans changed their position on good economics and helping the global poor.

Open borders would increase my Tinder productivity and if you don't support that then you're a (((homo)))

Open borders refers to liberalization of freedom of labor, not abolition of border security

What does this have to do with mexico

>completely ignored

Where do the borders go

Commies being triggered, republicans being triggered and these neo libs that are very clintony.

Mods, can we make this the sub's tagline?

Why do you hate the global poor?

It's funny how the GOP talks about Reagan as if he were the second coming of Christ. I bet if he were alive and running today he'd be to left for them.


Which immigrants would get if we give them amnesty. So why shouldn't we give them those things?

You think Reagan was for immigration reform because of the Berlin Wall? Lmao

the EEC was created in 1957 and the Schengen Agreement was created in 1985

The USSR was still in existence

So Reagan said this despite there being a massive belligerent superpower sending unknown quantities of spies and saboteurs into America?

"Mr Gorbachev - tear down this wall!"

Oh, yeah, that was white people.

Fencing in high traffic areas is not a border wall you illiterate coal miner

But it's totally it about race, guys....

Actually, Reagan passed away a decade ago and isn't eligible for incarceration

Look what muslims do to europe

Where are the no go zone :p

Did a Markov Chain write this?

Let Mexicans come here legally in a controlled manner that benefits the United States

I agree. That's why I support open borders.

Yes, noone on this board has been to Mexico or South America or Europe, nor have we heard of them. Thank you for your well thought out and reasoned opinion backed up by evidence and statistics.

"You guys should merge with the Sanders sub"

Guy posting on a meme with Ronald Reagan in it

And the Republicans were the party of Lincoln but now they sympathize with Confederate traitors.

Who fuckin cares

Why the hell do you think poor people want to immigrate?

Oh, you only meant the white poor...

Let Mexicans come here if you want their contributions to the American economy.

Illegal immigration didn't double because of amnesty. It doubled because he closed the border. Before, Mexicans would travel here during different times of the year to work, often during planting and harvesting, then when their work was done, they would go back home. After he closed the border, this became much harder, and in many professions illegal. So instead, they just came here and stayed, rather than giving up their jobs.

Have you ever looked at a map

This but unironically

The only thing a undocumented immigrant should get is a one way ticket back home.

Why do you want to waste money on rounding up people who do honest work and sending them back home, while you could just give them amnesty and start reaping benefits from taxing them?

Then they can file to come in legally like anyone can do.

Considering that you'd be uprooting the lives of many childhood immigrants who do not know the language of their country of birth and sending them back there for years before they could get back, do you still think this is the right thing to do? If so, deontology is unironically a mistake.

If we opened the door to every single person on the planet all at once do really believe the country could sustain itself?


What are they doing?

Still do, but they used to too

Are you a markov chain

This but unironically

Wow, using a quote in favor of lessening immigration restrictions to advocate lessening immigration restrictions? TAKING WORDS OUT OF CONTEXT REEEE

Much like Jesus, the GOP's other savior would clearly be rejected by them today based on his own words.

Still do

How Nazi

The US had open borders for decades, along with a massive welfare program, and emerged a superpower. You don't have evidence.

Deport illegal immigrants who commit crimes faster? Check.

More border security? Cool.

Build a wall? Not mentioned at all.

Read the top post. Open borders doesn't mean unlimited illegal immigration.

This sub severely dislikes Bernie Sanders, for his incompetent views on trade, economics, and (topically) immigration.

A border wall proposal has never been brought to the floor. Fact.

Except Bernie wants to close off the border to labor

Why are commies so anti-immigration now

I went to Molenbeek twice and I got murdered 3 times


It's not out of context, Reagan was far more pro-immigration than the current GOP

It allows for more efficient utilization of labor.

Right now, women can't work effectively if they have children. If we had more immigrants, they could take care of babies, or do other housework, while educated women work.

That's just one example of societal changes that could benefit from more immigration. We pay thousands of dollars a year for each American in their education, so they DON'T have to do manual working-class labor shit.

Leave the uneducated work for immigrants. Americans should only be doing highly-skilled jobs.

Kind of ironic that you're posting this the day after Trump agreed to not deport Dreamers while also not getting funding for the wall.


Like this?

Those hips don't lie

Bill Clinton - 1995


Good things parties change their ideology over time


Muh peoples court

Nobody cares


mfw you're this detached from reality

Immigrants have to wait 5 years before receiving benefits and immigrants in their 20's pay out more then they take in benefits

This will forever be the most ridiculous, collectivist analogy constructed



If Reagan were alive today he would be the perfect replacement for Obama.

The sad part is that the Democrats were following The Best President's dream before Sanders came along with his snake oil. Now he is trying to kill the party by mobilizing his misogynist trolls to harass anyone who fails some purity test, that no one tells you the criteria for -- the best example of that is Harris, or Booker; no doubt because of a thing that the voting public don't care about, until they make it into an issue like "BUT HER EMAILZZZZZ!!!!!"

I've been reading "The speeches of Ronald Reagan" lately, and sometimes I look and cry and hope that I can be proud of my president, my congress, my country one more time, like everyone did during the 80s

In my town, they turned into shoe stores.


Macron is your president

Because of our different views.

Is it really though?

Did you even listen to this speech

He didn't even mention fencing or vehicle barriers, let alone a wall.

No, if you're an undocumented immigrant you currently don't get a path to legal immigration or citizenship, even if you immigrated here with your parents out of your own volition and were raised in the US, not remembering your country of birth or even knowing that country's language. Even DACA didn't gave those childhood immigrants, who treat America as their one and only home, a path to citizenship.

So we ought to give amnesty to undocumented immigrants for both economic and moral reasons. Hardworking, good people should be welcomed by America, no matter where they come from or what circumstances made them come to America.

Did Republican and Democrat swap which side of the fence they're on?

I'd love to see a source for that claim that "20%" of the US population is Hispanic people.

Even if it's true, why does it even matter?

One makes sense and one is completely bonkers

One is a long standing element of bipartisan immigration reform and one is a thoughtless proposal by xenophobic populists

I am enjoying that a significant portion of these comments are "whatabout hillary and bill tho!!!!!"

isn't eligible for incarceration

That screams "surrender" to me. US Cadaver Synod when?