Updated Visual Community Center By Season~

Updated Visual Community Center By Season~

So, some people weren't happy I didn't show multi-season things like Truffle, Corn, and the Fish in multiple seasons.

So I redid it with a Venn Diagram to show what can be obtained in what seasons. If Spring/Summer Overlap - that's when they can be obtained.

The only issue was fish available in multiple seasons as that included Winter - They're listed in the small circle to the right, which states those fish are also available in Winter.

I fixed the Parsnips Typo as well as a mistake I made (I had Carp listed as Spring instead of Any Season)

Thanks for this OP. People forget how time consuming it is to make this kind of thing and then when you put it online, you just get beef because there's one mistake etc.

Well done for creating it and sharing!!

I'm not entirely sure it solves your winter problem but with Venn diagrams you can get an extra dimension of intersections by switching from circle to rectangles.

Damn, keep it up! These get better and better! Thanks a ton. I used this today and now I only need to wait until Fall for the Walleye!

Remember, the important thing is to buy a piece of red cabbage as soon as you see it in the traveling cart. It is the only item that restricts you from completing the community center on the first year (if you choose to do that).

four-way Venn diagrams are also a thing

"Also available in Winter!"~ Advertisement.

Lol that's what I thought of when I saw that :')

I feel like at some point we passed the point of usefulness

That's beautiful! The clearest and most easy to use Community Centre guide I've seen yet. Thank you for compiling.

this is fantastic! thankyou!!

Thanks! I have one fish left before completion. The anticipation is killing me

This is so well done! Great job!