Update: Road to Launch, Patch Notes for This Week

Update: Road to Launch, Patch Notes for This Week

Eliminated the fire animation and effect that occured in the Starting Airplane when a player was on fire from a molotov cocktail


I saw the fire effect every single time I played the game so assumed it was part of the "story" – the plane was actually on fire and about to crash and that's why everyone was jumping out.

Someone set the plane on fire and everyone's a suspect.

The AS server default still not on the list for the first patch?

For those who want to read on reddit


We only have 11 weeks until the end of 2017 and we know you have many questions about our development roadmap. To make sure we deliver PC 1.0 version and Xbox Game Preview by the end of this year, our development team is hard at work day and night. Today, we would like to share our plans on how we are preparing for PC 1.0 and Xbox Game Preview launch. Many of you already know the new content and features that will be available in PC 1.0 version from reading media interviews and articles. Currently we have been using an internal build to develop and test new content and features including vaulting & climbing, desert map, new vehicles and 3D replay. We have been constantly working on optimization and stabilization as well. We will be able to share more about the roadmap soon, once the development has progressed further.

Road to Launch Our development team is heavily focusing on developing the builds for PC 1.0 and Xbox Game Preview. For PC, we will be only focusing on doing our best to stabilize the launch build and we don’t have any plans to deploy patches to live servers except for this week. However, there will be features like vaulting and climbing which will have a huge impact on the game and need to be tested for at least a month. We will be running test servers at least three times in preparation for that. Through these test servers, we would like to conduct large scale tests for the content and features that are not in the live build and create a foundation for a very stable official launch.

Test Server Operation Plan 1st phase: Focus on testing vaulting & climbing 2nd phase: More testing of vaulting & climbing, test other new content and features 3rd phase: All new content and features including the desert map The content and features that will be in test servers need to be tested for at least 2 to 4 weeks. It will be very difficult for us to provide a stable service if we rush updates to live servers after short bursts of testing. As we would like to go through rigorous testing to prepare for official launch, we will not be updating new content to live servers and run test servers for a longer period of time instead. You will be able to try out vaulting & climbing first in late October or early November. We will give you an update on test schedules later.

Leaderboard Update & FPP Servers We have been working on leaderboard optimization to ensure their stable operation. It took us longer than expected to work on updating leaderboard systems so we need to delay the start of the new season to October 20th. We apologize for this change in the starting date for the new season. We will make an announcement on when the new season will begin later this week. We added KR/JP servers and all modes were added to the servers. In addition, we will be adding First-Person Squad modes to SA, SEA and OCE. FPP Squad mode was played the most everywhere so we decided to add Squad mode first. FPP Squad will be added later this week after we update our leaderboard systems. We will continue to monitor player numbers and provide updates when necessary.

Patch Notes for This Week This week we will deploy a small patch to live servers which will be the last before rolling out the test servers to prepare for official launch later. Test server will be up today – October 16th, 3am PDT / 12pm CEST / 7pm KST. If everything is stable, we will deploy a patch to live servers later.


Decreased the Starting Island item spawn levels in order to adjust the item balance on the Northeast side of Erangel

Bug Fixes

Eliminated the fire animation and effect that occured in the Starting Airplane when a player was on fire from a molotov cocktail Fixed a bug that enabled a character to hold a main weapon and frying pan simultaneously >Fixed a spectator mode bug of flickering weapon UI icons

Lastly, we would like to thank all our players for the support since our Early Access launch on March 23rd this year. We cannot wait to see everyone try out vaulting and climbing for the first time in a few weeks. We hope to get a lot of feedback from you on vaulting and climbing. Please stay tuned for our announcement on test schedules.

See you in-game, The PUBG Development and Community Team

I always wondered what that was

Wait so we waited a month and a half for them to fix 2 bugs, and now we dont get any other updates until 1.0 at years end? How do they expect everyone to be tied over for that long with absolutely nothing planned for live servers??

Why do I feel like 1.0 is still going to be an unoptimized, buggy mess.. much like it is right now?


Vaulting and climbing out by early november at the latest

FPP squads out this week

after this patch no more updates will be going to the live server until full release in 11 weeks


I’m glad they’re doing pretty much a month of testing on the test build. I imagine there will be a lot of bugs with vaulting lol

Because it pretty much will be. I know I'll be downvoted for this, but my gut feeling is telling me this will stay buggy and (for the most part) preeetty unoptimized for a while.

First week of vaulting release is going to be a gold mine for Reddit.

The way they worded it, it seems that loot has certain parameters in quadrants. Because the starting island had so many loot spawns, it was making main island loot worse in the north east part of it.

Cant help but notice no volume adjustments.

"This wall doesnt work"

"If you climb into this wall you die"

or youtube videos!




this should've been fixed so long ago.

Edit: changed "should of" to should've because I'm a dumb caveman

So they want to rebalance item spawn but not akm recoil? Can gaurentee the usage of akm has decreases a good chunk ever since the patch

No bug fix for as deafulting

No fix for audio levels

No optimizations

Forced PP

D sync

Shit servers

Atleast a million invisible rocks to randomly crash on and explode

Still invisible parachutes

Still people getting playdo bug( dont give a fuck if someone says you need an ssd, it isnt a gaurenteed fix and players shouldent have to compensate for a single bug in the game)

Parts of trees unrendering when we zoom in so we can shoot people that think they are in cover

People still able to run you over even if you are behind props such as cars or air drops

Slow loot spawning

Players models not proportionate to enviornment (windows bars are too high AND too low)

4x and 8x not properly shooting within the reticles and not shooting at the correct distance.

Did i mention d sync?

"Eliminated the fire animation and effect that occured in the Starting Airplane when a player was on fire from a molotov cocktail"

R.I.P. Plane speedbost

you can go to starting island after dropping without the items on the tables

i assume they lowered the loot quality on the rest of starting Island

That sucks, because they already nerfed it before. It used to have some military level drops, then it dropped to regular loot, now it's probably mostly junk.

But why kill each other?

If by "vaulting and climbing out" you mean on the test realm for a testing period of 2-4 weeks, then yes.

What did it mean by decreasing starting island item spawn levels?

Edit: Thanks for the answers. I never even knew you could go back to the starter island.


I could live with the shit tier optimization for much longer if they just fixed the sound levels. It's so much, either blaring loud or dead silent.

I don't think the game will ever be well optimized. I don't think bluehole really knows what they're doing at this point. I think the "no live fixes for the next 3 months" is an admission that they've broken the game in the process of trying to get vaulting to work, and they don't really know how to fix it.


this is all i do at the starting area, sprint for molotovs, wait for last 10 seconds and try to set as many on fire as possible for best flame streaks :(

No. This is just a guess, but I think the situation is that they are really struggling to get vaulting to work. It was supposed to be out in July, now it might be on test servers early November, and they've talked a lot about they've been adding developers to the vaulting project. I suspect that due to the game being built with spaghetti code (a poorly documented mess of code that is poorly organized and confusing), a lot of the game had to be rewritten in order for vaulting to work. Rewriting a bunch of the game probably wound up breaking a lot of other stuff in the game. Basically, because the game was a mess of code and had to be reorganized in order for vaulting to work, a lot of fixes that worked with the spaghetti code wound up breaking, not to mention optimizing the code would have to wait until all the code has been reorganized. So, after basically breaking the game to get vaulting to work, there having to direct nearly all resources to rewriting the rest of the game. This would explain both the extreme delay in vaulting, extremely long test times, lack of future updates, and basically everything.

In other words, bluehole is panicking because they're having to almost rewrite the game from scratch because of how poorly written it was to begin with. On the plus side, going to well organized code will probably result in some optimizations before any actual code analysis and refactoring (aka optimization) takes place.



Thumbnail is some random screenshot with a red circle on some random nothing with an arrow pointing at it. Actual video is 3 mins of self promotion with like 5 minutes of buildup to the actual content and then 1.5 minutes showing some bitch ass glitch by vaulting into a wall. Last 30 seconds reminding everyone to smash that like button and hit subscribe.

It's every time and so does everyone else.

You know the way sometimes your vehicle will clip the ground in a weird way and go shooting off into the sky or instantly take fatal collision damage?

Vaulting will be like that, except with your body.

Can't believe this is so far down, this is fucking insane. Did they fire their entire Dev team?

3D replays will be huge. Especially for competitive play.

Players and teams will be able to review matches and discuss mistakes made much easier than before.

Content creators will be able to make much better highlight videos, catching all the action in a match.

Will be very useful for reviewing cases where someone is accused of hacking.

Yet they can’t fix the defaulting to Asia servers bug. How hard can that be? Come on, BlueHole.

Fixed nothing that was important, A classic Butthole patch update then.

Nothing to see here, move along.

Them trying to stick to their over-ambitious goal of releasing before the end of the year will fuck them over. Making the promise in the first place was pretty stupid, but sticking to it will probably end up being even more stupid.

For example they JUST said that optimization will take several months. The game probably won’t be ready for release at the end of the year, and they will probably try to loosen the definition of a “finished game” by a whole lot.

The unfinished kind.

Well I hope they will still give us some of those optimizations that they teased a while back


Decreased the Starting Island item spawn levels in order to adjust the item balance on the Northeast side of Erangel

I Remember just yesterday getting downvoted for saying that Loot is not distributed randomly to each spot anywhere on the island, and here they are specifically changing loot spawns to compensate for exactly that mechanic.

As I understand it, part of the reason Kameshki and even stalbar were so mediocre is because the spawn island had relatively large quantities of high tier loot, and the surrounding area was being averaged down as a result; this is being rectified.

The plane has a dark and secret past

Still defaulting to AS

Asians still swarming the NA / EU servers

Still only clinet-side hit check

Still shitty UI (if they are working with HTML framework, the hell is taking for so long? I can build a super-duper fancy, animated, over-effected shit website that'll give you eye-gasm within a day)

Still can't unready

The game still randomly disable the "Ready" button until UI refresh

competitive play


Pick one

What about server and performance optimisation..

I'm hoping to find a spot where a bug slingshots me 300feet into the air.


It will be. There's no doubt about it. It will be just like a BETA even if they slap a v1.0 label on it and remove the early access title.

Bluehole bit off more than they can chew with PUBG. It will take a miracle to release in a good state but they don't seem to care about releasing in a non broken state.

accurate and short, ty

So long story short no update to live servers for 11 weeks after this one which is miniscule? Damn.

Shit tier server & performance optimization Sound levels obnoxiously unbalanced Cant seem to fix server defaulting to AS CQC A broken hot mess 4x and 8x scopes not calibrated properly Game overall feels like an unfinished prototype

Good thing blue balls fixed two very minor and obscure bugs while we enjoy this ESPORTS READY shit show.

If you land on an island and pick up a gun and then see someone else holding a gun. Are you going to wait to see what they do?

Literally the one bug that noone one guy wanted fixed. harmed nothing. did nothing. Gave you something to do while waiting.

They took it out.

I thought it was airplane flares

Eliminated the fire animation and effect that occured in the Starting Airplane when a player was on fire from a molotov cocktail

TIl where the fun red fire stream came from. I'll miss you fire chemtrail.

As a fellow firestarter, these news sadden me.

I absolutely cannot wait to see how utterly broken the first version of vaulting is going to be.

When the loot gets placed after the countdown. Not pre game. Because there can only be so much loot spread across that area of the map so they made spawn island worse to make the mainland better

Great news, but the game still just feels like an unfinished prototype in so many ways, I find it hard to believe they'll get it to what would be a stable and noticeably bug free experience within the year.


We escalated this issue and are now having daily crisis meetings to discuss the perfect audio levels, we're passionately arguing about it even as we speak. We really want to get them just right. Please bear with us.

Furthermore, we hired some more of these highly educated college graduates without any work experience whatsoever to make an effort to finally find the Sound Mix editor in UE4.

Also thanks for playing, you know, the usual.

Love, Brendan

It's not minuscule- they fixed the burning plane bug that everyone was complaining about.

I mean, obviously, its gonna be breaking current meta.

and its gonna have interactions with A-LOT of Objects.

so yeah, it will be nothing to blame BlueHole [yet] for.

they have time to fix this, but can't fix the UI website for default asia selection - wow

Wow I get that bug every almost every time I play honestly.

Thats disappointing. So nothing for the next 11 weeks until live? How do we know that the problems we currently have will even be addressed by that? I mean, if sound isnt leveled out by release for example, will we then have to wait further for that to get some attention? Or the other bugs?

It just feels like the game has been the same (barring the addition of new guns) for the last few months, runs worse, and now that wont change until release. I hope the test server proves to be promising because otherwise the next few months will be painfully boring.

Ah it's a feature not a bug 😀

Yeah, that's what I thought was interesting too. However I thought loot spawns were static even after the removal of table items. Shows that spawn island looting is considered legit.

I dunno, I can turn the volume down on my headset but I can't import my own vaulting and climbing system so

“What a fine Russian fog this is eh?”

gee I look forward to 11 more weeks of memory leaks.

Still invisible parachutes

Has anyone provided any proof that this has happened yet? Last I check, it was only a rumor.

The other points, I agree with. Hope they are all fixed as soon as possible.

Okay, i need a favor: What is vaulting?

Lol, I thought it was chaff

So basically an extensive version of Trouble in Terrorist Town of Gmod?

no more patches until 1.0

Fuck this

Has anyone considered that they want highest possible load on a certain set of servers, and it is just disguised as a 'bug'?

Vaulting code isn’t easy, the game has a ton of different situations which means there’s going to be a ton of code needed for specific cases and it will be very difficult to choose when to use each specific case. This is then conflated when it needs to be synced up with the multiplayer netcode and the multitude of times you can now be hit while vaulting. I suspect they have it working over 99% of the time but the small number of cases where it breaks aren’t consistent and are difficult to track down let alone fix. If the vaulting breaks 1% of the time and ends up killing player or allowing players to get an unfair advantage they can’t put it in the game.


Not a huge update to the test servers, but I really like the communication about the plans for the future.

Test Server Operation Plan

1st phase: Focus on testing vaulting & climbing

2nd phase: More testing of vaulting & climbing, test other new content and features

3rd phase: All new content and features including the desert map

The content and features that will be in test servers need to be tested for at least 2 to 4 weeks. It will be very difficult for us to provide a stable service if we rush updates to live servers after short bursts of testing. As we would like to go through rigorous testing to prepare for official launch, we will not be updating new content to live servers and run test servers for a longer period of time instead. You will be able to try out vaulting & climbing first in late October or early November. We will give you an update on test schedules later.

Looking forward to seeing the vaulting mechanics in action. I think this is a good way of ensuring the final product isn't a buggy mess on launch.

I'm in the other boat. They've done a great job updating various aspects of the game when they've focused on it and the game has improved dramatically over the months. I actually think the reason updates and fixes have slowed down is because they're so focused on putting it all together for the official launch and it's easier to do that than to release updates piecemeal. Also, if they hold off on enough stuff, it'll make the launch way more exciting for existing players and likely lead to a lot of positive press if it all works like they want.

So, I'm hopeful. I'm sure it'll still have problems, but I'm pretty excited.


A mechanic that will allow players to climb on walls, jump over fences, jump out of windows.

Some of the animations can be seen .

No word on audio levels? I'm actually pretty annoyed by that. Having to mute the plane, buggy, and starting island is sad.

I'm excited for the new improvements but audio levels should be an easy fix.

Literally the only thing I care about. Love the game but I haven't played in a month and I'm not playing it again until it doesn't run like shit any more.

great loot

I once was left behind when the plane flew, so I looted the entire area by myself while my teammates looked for a boat.

I ended up with an M16 and a scar. Very few attachments and meds. No scopes.

It's even just the f-ing webpage, that needs to get fixed!! http://front.battlegroundsgame.com/index.html

This is so easy, you wouldn't even need to distribute a patch! OMG!


My goal was to always set as many people on fire as possible before game start to make the flames as big as possible. Now no one will know of my destructive powers.

So Bluehole have been sat in the office jerking themselves off for a month for 3 completely irrelevant bug fixes.

I hope a big company comes along and blows this game out of the water. This game doesn't deserve the hype it's getting at all. It's fun but the devs aren't doing fucking ANYTHING to alleviate fundamental performance and server stability issues. If they just said, oh we're working on it, we'll update you throughout the process, that would be better.

It's always has been great loot, but it's so rare to be able to safely get there and back to the circle without dying to the blue.

LOL. Not worth the effort to boat there at all. Maybe 10% of the time

It's not a bug, it's simply a massive problem in a game that trusts the client on way too many things. Every time you die after you've already turned the corner, it's likely due to someone with an absurd ping still "seeing you" on their client.

And the game trusts that info and whoever has the least shitty connection is often the one getting fucked. Seriously, try playing in the AS servers from NA. Gunfights feel much cleaner because suddenly you're not getting fucked by bad netcode--the opponents are.

Any one of the following:

ping restriction that isn't ridiculously lenient. Another user mentioned he could play at 650-700ms ping with no issues

region lock (a shitty solution, and a bandaid fix at best)

actually taking a look at the netcode and realizing that perhaps the game shouldn't trust every fucking detail the client sends to the server.

Obviously the best option takes time, and implementing one of the first two in the meantime would at least help a little while they get their shit together

Why is there No Word about Game Performance?I read only New Content and working Hard as we can but nothing about to Fix these FPS Lags on the Servers?Little bit curious about that since i read here 100 Posts about that everyday?!

More Content mean more Problems why they dont fix before the Problems that are here Today and the Last weeks?

Just Asking!

Kind Regards

That was a feature not a bug. I always assumed it was why we were jumping out in the first place. #NeverForgetTheBurningPlane

they litterally said you get NOTHING till the game is released in 11 weeks cause everything will be on the testservers.

11 more weeks of chinese hackers and desync and great optimisation!

Good to know reddit armchair developers are hard at work

So you want region lock?

I'd say the main RNG problem isn't loot and vehicles, but the circles.

The final circles in a round determine the winner so often.

what kind of gaming experience is it to adjust your volume every few minutes?