Unreleased footage from Fast & Furious 8.

Fake. There's no explosions, or folks jumping mid-air into another car, or The Rock. OP EXPOSED

The fact that the car isn't some super expensive exotic vehicle just breaks the realism for me here.

What game is this?

Goddamn I get so tired of having to scour the comments section on half the posts in this sub because OPs never include the name of the fucking game in the title.

I like that it's only the car that breaks the realism for you.



his face is so..... smooth and angular at times. It's frightening but also comforting

Knowing he's there keeps me grounded. He's my Rock, if you will.

It helps that he's known to me a ridiculously generous and nice down to earth person. We don't deserve him frankly.

Added to wish-list... Waiting for a special now. Then when the special finally arrives in a few months I'd say "Huh? Who added this? What is this?" and then not buy it like 80% of the games I add on my wish-list.


I live my life one quarter loop at a time.

No they're minerals! Jesus Marie!

Edit for actual quote

But.... still.... upvote...

Well it looks like they've improved on the physics of their stunts, looks way more realistic than anything they did in the previous ones

"Alright, now if you're coming to my house down I-35, there's gonna be a shitload of traffic, so take 71. Between here and Bastrop there's gonna be a bridge. Now, this is real important, but when you see that bridge, fucking gun it. Yeah, just gun it as hard as you can go because there's a clear 35 foot gap after the ramp, over the ravine, and onto a hot air balloon they put there for safety. Strap the pets in because you're gonna do a sick fuckin' wheelie and then about five flips while you shred the fuck out of the infrastructure there. Don't worry, everyone does it. Anyway, after that it's all smooth sailing, head on in and just use the mapquest directions you got from a quick Google search on bing and we'll see you at the barbecue."

Gonna need at least 30 more cuts to random angles and at least 5 seconds of slow mo

Or Vin Diesel reminding us that the characters are a family.

FWIW, I had a soccer coach as a kid back on Long Island, who went to high school with The Rock. Claimed he was a bully who made his life a living hell. He was then shocked to hear, years later, that he wrote a book with the story completely flipped, making himself out to be the victim.

No Tyrese going, "Hell no, I didn't sign up for this shit."

new,,,,period key,,, for my keyboard,,,,,gets here,,,,,Monday,

If only there were rules and people to enforce them.

Bullies are often bullied.



Bingo 😎

What's nuts is how the parachutes perform the function that they were designed specifically to do.


Remember the scene where they parachuted a bunch of cars out the back of a cargo plane?



Seriously, it's really difficult to see these films as anything but childhood mind ravings. For an earlier scene involving a vault heist, they went with the equally straightforward solution of chaining vault-sized replicas to the backs of cars and just dragging that shit like Napoleon Dynamite's action figure.

So yeah. More realistic than ACTUAL REAL NON-CGI STUNTS. (I would assume the vault was rather lighter than a real one would be though).

And sometimes, people are just dicks to each other. Sometimes it's in highschool. But everything is bullying now.

Poly Bridge [Steam]

Fake. No reggaton music.


you're joking, right? how would they know what to search if they don't know what game it is?

Well Fast & Furious 8 isn't even out yet, so technically the entire movie is unreleased footage.

Or crashes into trees

That's a bingo!

Line Rider 2017

That's numberwang!

Building bridges in style, I see.

True mastery of that game.

Jesus Marie, it's Jason Betty!

What game is this?

Racecar backwards is still racecar, but racecar sideways is how Paul Walker died.

Am I missing something? Is there a reason including the title isn't required?


The most important aspect by far.

I, too, like the implicit punchline

Everyone knows you go to Lockhart for BBQ.

Let's hang out sometime. But not at the Bucees. Too mainstream.

I was thinking more like the Popeyes across the street.

Also I never saw the drive shitf 25 times.

My solution?

Everything you post has to be flaired with the game title--won't show up/will get deleted otherwise. Non-game posts have to be flaired as such.


My friends and I treated each other in ways that would shut down a school in certain areas in the US.

I'm glad we are more sensitive to actually bullying, and the effect it has on people, particularly young people who might be most affected.

But it takes away from it when shit like happens.

Granted they didn't say bullying, but it's all the same mentality.(when misused)

If you are really getting bullied, I feel for you, and am hear to talk too.

I was really bullied, and I was bullshit bullied. I know the difference.

The combination of his hair, dark skin, and super white teeth in that gif seem to trigger somewhat of an uncanny valley thing with me. Something just seems off with it.

Try reading Reddit as if everyone is having a bit of a laugh. Don't take it too serious.


I'll never look at him the same after his Lip Sync Battle episode.


"Can you check them for damage? I will not be ass-raped by these delivery guys!"

One of my friends actually asks me if I'm upset with her if I don't include an emoji or 5 exclamation points in every text. Most of the time I just let her think I am.

Yah it is a bit of a go-to. I suspect at some point any form of body language or sentences without smily emojis may be considered bullying too.