Unlucky Bastard

Before you pulled out the gun, I thought you were playing in 3rd person and had the camera facing your front.

Playing gta 5 in First person is like another game.

My day's going great, thanks for asking!

I thought they were going to pull a Skyrim shot with the bullet. I was looking beyond the truck for the dead body...took me two looks before I realized what had happened.


Fun fact, unarmed NPCs in GTA V will run away when you pull out a weapon only after they enter the "combat" state, which happens after they warn you couple of times. If you pull out a weapon while they are in the warning phase, they'll .

Also, they will only be intimidated if you pull out a gun or a real melee weapon like the knife, dagger, broken bottle and axe. If you pull out a golf club, crowbar, hammer or baseball bat, they'll continue to attack.

What does this have to do with the above comment

Lol i own the game. Im just saying its pretty cool to have that first person camera. Lots of people dont like it because it was an overrated game. I find it Fun to this day.

This comment made me uncomfortable.

That will be a closed casket service.

It feels like a copypasta

The greatest thing about GTA V is its gameplay. You can walk. You can run. You can jump. You can jog. You can fall down. You can get up. You can sit on a bench. You can use the internet. You can eat food. You can drink drinks. You can throw up. You can punch people. You can kick people. You can get kicked by people. You can shoot a gun. You can throw a grenade. You can stab a dog. You can stab a cat. You can stab a person. You can stab a corpse.

The possibilities are endless. Buy it now.

This read as if you were typing a YouTube video...

At first I thought that parrot was legitimately getting eaten by that kitten. Should have looked at the subreddit before clicking the link XD

In GTA? Those bullets never lose velocity

I mean come on, if you're going to take the ferret, at least buy it socks too!

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Golf club, crowbar, hammer or baseball bat is no match for me

I thought the bullet will fall on his head!

nvm im not feeling well today.

Why are you trying to sell people on a game that is old as fuck?

You can make comments to NPCs by tapping the right directional pad on Xbox.

I, also, was thinking this!

me too thanks

I can hear the right analog stick flip back into the center position!

It's just uncomfortable to read. Half part condescending tone, half part 90's salesman feel?

Precisely why I mentioned it. Seeing too many trick shots in one game blend when I see similar angled shots in another game regardless.

We've really gone off the rails here

I feel like the only one not at fault here is the train conductor.

E on PC

Holy shit this is amazing.

The fuck is wrong with you bro


How is Franklin talking to that NPC?


I'm at a [7] an I was so confuse

Grand Theft Auto V is a big game. I know, shocking right? You've probably never heard that from anyone. Here's the deal: It's huge in just about every way

I got this far before realizing you weren't parodying a Trump quote.

GTA5 in first person is actually a completely different game called "Barf Simulator".

The first time I was in an accident in a car in first person where there were A LOT of flips and spins it made me so nauseous I nearly threw up. Likewise one time when I run across the street and got hit by a car and flipped and flopped about.

I think this is the best option for me.

Total eyefuck.

and then he gets hit by the bullet you fired in the air

You did not

If you put cheese in the burrito you will have a better flavor.

You left out hookers, a big selling point. You can stab them too right?

Your guess is correct. Shooting a gun causes nearby drivers to panic and hit the gas.

Brett stay there this is like... world record or something

My man!

Fake news lol

New copypasta?

If you talk to cops they will pull out their gun and warn you. Then if you don't go away you get 1 star and they obviously empty their clip.

I think you violated just about every rule of writing.