Unesco: US to withdraw from UN's cultural agency in December

Unesco: US to withdraw from UN's cultural agency in December

Its purpose is to contribute to peace and security by paving the way for International cooperation and collaborative efforts. They focus on cultural change, research, scientific studies. Most of their work tries to promote the rule of law, social justice, freedom and human rights. They have a fairly large umbrella of concerns and related work. They work on trying to eradicate poverty, establishing peace, diversity, education for all etc.

Don't forget World Heritage Sites, which are essentially protections for ancient/historic/cultural artifacts and places so people can't just knock em down and build, I don't know, a hotel or something, on top of a thousand year old temple.

So the U.S.won't have to pay membership due to support an organization that politicizes history to favor Palestine. Eg UNESCO only designates temple mount as a Muslim holy site even though it was built by Jews and has major religious significance in Judaism as well.

I just realized I don't know what UNESCO is/does. What is their function and what are some of the specific things they do to carry it out? What is the practical effect of the US withdrawing from it?

The un has always had an unnatural obsession with Israel and the U.S.

After the Charlottesville incident, the un declared that the U.S.is now a quasi fascist state and admonished the U.S.to change its law to curtail freedom of speech. Oh the irony.

That is not really how it works. A UNESCO designation is mostly beneficial for tourism purposes which can actually be harmful for vulnerable habitats.

The un has no say on preservation and zoning laws of each country.

"America* First!"


Palestine was admitted to UNESCO in 2011.The Obama administration responded at the time by cutting off all US funding to UNESCO. This is really just the next step. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/unesco-votes-to-admit-palestine-over-us-ob...

That isn't the only UN body with an unnatural focus on Israel. There is a big world out there and Israel is only a very small part of it. We don't need half or more of all resolutions focused there. It hurts credibility and makes us ask: Why are we paying for this?

UNESCO is completely rotten, it's only a propaganda tool for some countries that have enough money to pay their 'services'. Having anything, really anything recognized as world heritage means they're better than their rivals/enemies.

Why don't you enlighten us with your infinite wisdom and expertise on this matter, instead of engaging in name calling?

The anti Israel bias of the un and unesco is well known and well documented.

And this is not the first time the U.S.has quit unesco over its blatant anti Israel bias.

Edit: just saw your other posts itt. Clearly you are a 12 years old with limited command of the English language and even less knowledge on this subject matter. So we will just go ahead and ignore your childish comments.

Getting a permit to build over a UNESCO site is basically impossible.

Uh...there is no repercussions from the UN if they just ignore the permit and go ahead and build.

This has been happening forever. Nobody respects their decisions.

We weren't in it for 20 years, and Obama cut funding to it 6 years ago. It's worthless and it's sole purpose at the moment is to name Jewish monuments as Islamic holy sites.

Do you even know what unesco is or are you just going to sit there and make assumptions

Eminem! Is that you?

Getting a permit to build over a UNESCO site is basically impossible.

A speech about the United States isn't surprising when you think about it.

World's Largest Airforce? USAF

World's Second Largest Airforce? US Navy

Word's Third Largest Airforce? Russian Air Force

World's Fourth Largest Airforce? US Army

One conclusion is that the Army better get their shit together and recapture that third place from the Russians. The other is that the US military is incredibly well armed with as much weaponry as the next 14 nations after it combined. Almost all of those are allies. That military engine is fueled by a highly dynamic, massively competitive economy that grows almost inspite of everything we can do to it.

If something happens in the US, it matters. That is especially true when Nazi symbols show up and someone is murdered with a car for marching against Nazi symbols. It is worth one speech one time.

The UN's focus on Israel won't ever move on to another nation somewhere else. It is speech after speech, resolution after resolution, year after year for decades. It is a problem. It deserves attention when people are credibly willing to negotiate. Until then, we've got a HUGE world out there. Let's see some more about it.

We haven't heard about Kony since 2012. What's happening with him?

The U.S. has been wanting to leave for ages. Obama already defunded them in 2011.

Qatar is now the leader of Unesco

And Saudi Arabia leader of ONU.

Lets that sink in.

Why do people always insist on bringing facts to a Trump attack? You clearly don't understand how blind outrage is supposed to work.

Israel is in the UN but the rest of the member nations continually pass resolutions condemning them. This has been one of the US delegation's problem's with the UN for decades.

There is literally a war against ISIS going on. Like a dozen countries are involved...

We were pulling out of UNESCO as early as 2011 under Obama. It was an expensive relic of our Cold War foreign policy that's been hijacked by anti-semites in recent years to push an Anti-Israel agenda.

There's other ways that the US supports such efforts anyway.


Yup, just a sane person, capable of objective, non-partisan thought.

Just so you know we may have the largest military in the world, but we also guarantee protection for most of the world through mutual defence treaties.

It's not going to achieve that, or anything really - this is an entirely symbolic move. It's basically the US government saying "we've given up and realize that we won't be able to change this, so in that case we don't want to be seen as supporting it".

That not right. It's far more complex then nobody respects their decisions.

Unless you're Iran or Saudi Arabia or China

Most of their work tries to promote the rule of law, social justice, freedom and human rights.

And they are considering putting someone from Qatar in charge?

Let's not forget, the only other countries to receive 'early warnings' like the one we got after Charlottesville are Burundi, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Kyrgyzstan and Nigeria. I noticed they haven't said a word about Spain's police forces beating up voters in Catalonia though. Apparently Trump's words are far more alarming than a major countries federal government sending teams of riot police in to a territory to brutalize their own citizens.

Good news. UNESCO is yet another UN organization dominated by Islamic supremacists who use it to push revisionist history in favor of Islam.

Not if you're not Israel. In 2016, 20 out of 26 (77%) of condemnations coming out of the General Assembly were against Israel (to be fair, this was an anomaly). That works out to about one condemnation for every two innocent Palestinian civilians killed that year. This is in the same year where Erdogan converted the entirety of Turkey into a de facto dictatorship, Qatar killed over 500 foreign workers, about 5000 foreign workers were killed in Yemen, NK conducted 2 nuclear tests and dozens of ballistic missile tests, Russia interfered in US elections, and probably worse things I'm blanking on at the moment. Of the ones listed, only NK received a (single) condemnation.

Regarding that anomaly I mentioned, each of the prior four years condemned Israel at a rate over 80%, so 2016 can be seen as especially egalitarian.

You should move to Palestine for a few weeks.

If you come out alive, maybe you'll find your opinion changed.

You have expressed your distaste for president Trump without providing a single reason other than "fuck him"

Edit: so you downvote and don't reply lol. I have a feeling you don't actually have a lot of (rational) things to say about Trump.

No, he is right. Muslim nations band together and use it to push their anti America, anti Israel, and anti West ideologies. Unesco regularly attempts to rewrite history in favor of the Muslim narrative while denying Jewish history all together.

We were pulling out of UNESCO as early as 2011 under Obama

haha.. no.

The Obama administration said it had to cut funds because a 1990s-era law prohibits U.S. funding for any U.N. agencies recognizing Palestine as a state.

That is different them pulling out.

Now, the US still ahd voting an sat on the boards.. but The US wasn't paying it's obligation to the very organization it started.

The real answer is to remove that stupid 1990 law. Of course, that requires an understanding of the international framework in which UNESCO exist. We all know Trump has not damn clue about that.

0% is a level.

Well, thank you for confirming you are just making shit up.

Source, lived in Israel for over a year. This reads like a frightened child telling a horror story, it is so far from reality that I can't believe you would think that anyone would believe it.

Don't spread lies.

What benefits do Americans get at Unesco & how is this isolating our allies?

I have no idea what either of you typed.

Rather than sounding like Trump Troll, why don't you educate us on the appropriate level of involvement the Unites States should have with Unesco.

But how is leaving going to achieve that? Is it just to please Israel?

Protip: People stop reading at "Protip"

Haha ya, Israel is clearly worse than north korea, am the rest of the middle east combined.

Most people hate the UN, it's a toothless, impotent, ineffectual. Expensive organization that let's Saudi Arabia lead human rights councils. Why should we be upset for leaving it?

If the United States still wants to "remain engaged", what is the actual point of this?

I'm not surprised anymore.

I really don't want to see the end of this "U.S. going it alone" experiment.

Also, anti-Israel bias? Do they realize Israel is in the U.N. while Palestine is one of the handful of countries that isn't?

Screw this administration.