UK Government admits it has not done a single Impact Assessment on Brexit - LIVE now

UK Government admits it has not done a single Impact Assessment on Brexit - LIVE now


~ British Government

Early October:

UK Parliament: We are concerned that we don't know what's in store for the country after Brexit.

Davis: Don't worry about it guys. We have like 58 detailed sectoral reports.

Late October:

UK Parliament: Can we see the reports? Just to reassure ourselves?

Davis: Nope. They have to stay secret otherwise the EU will gain an advantage.


UK Parliament: Please please please let us see the reports. Or we'll sue you.

Davis: You can see some, but I've taken a black marker to them already.

UK Parliament: (rustling through papers) Hold on, we've seen these reports before.


UK Parliament: Where are the detailed sectoral reports you told us about?

Davis: Er, um, well. You know Larry the Downing street cat?

UK Parliament: Yes...

Davis: Well it turns out that Larry doesn't chase rodents, but he's an absolute bugger for tearing up economic impact analyses...

UK Parliament: And..?

Davis: I only had one copy. Kept meaning to photocopy them... (wanders off whistling)

In contrast the EU, the only side to show any semblance of responsibility in this entire Brexit mess, has done impact assessments.

Not only have they done them they've freely shared them with anyone who wants to read them.

Starts around 9:24, important bits are said in the next 8-10 minutes.

It is absolutely insane

"I am not a fan of ecnomic model, because they are all wrong"

So they are just guessing instead of trying anyform of economic forecast.... The UK government has zero fucking clue what it is doing

It's hard to say that it is funny, because people lives' are involved, but I'd be lying if I said I don't laugh while reading current British news.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, Cameron didn't know you'd vote to leave and hoped that the threat of a referendum would allow him to extract some more concessions from the EU. The whole fucking thing blew up in his face.

No wonder he bailed the day after the result.

Episode V : The morons strike back. There's literally no end to this fine entertainment.

What the fuck?

These should have been done before the fucking referendum. What the hell is happening?


~ British Government


It's negotiating tactics it seems.

In the game of chess you can never let your adversary see your pieces. ~Theresa May

So if the UK as no clue, the EU doesn't have a clue either, and Britain gets a fantastic deal?

"If we don't know what we're doing, they can't predict our actions and therefore cannot outmaneuver us during the negotiations!"

Fucking hell that's exactly something that I would expect to hear come out of the mouth of the orange wispy haired buffoon, Mr Trump.

I bet their EU counterparts and negotiators are laughing watching this, you really couldn't make this up. Seriously fuck the corrupt as fuck the Tories and their party over country ethos, they're all deserving of being sent to the tower of London for contempt of parliament.

I think it really has come to a point in time where the best option is to jump ship and emigrate to a EU country while this all unfolds and the country inevitably throws itself into the Danube while holding a concrete block.

They use the same trick I used for school assignments. Wait until the last possible day and then freak the fuck out while googling all the answers in record time.

If you're an attractive female with a good personality in your mid tweenties, maybe we could work something out.

To be fair. Most of the documents and analysis the eu makes are free to the public.

The EU has acted in bad faith? Where? How? It has been 100% transparant from the beginnning.


uk government probably

They even done the ones for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar that the UK government promised and today told us they hadn't.

Why is it we're leaving the EU again?

interesting... do you also vote for any other reasons than to see people unhappy?

"I am not a fan of ecnomic model, because they are all wrong"

See? Michel Gove told us so, experts are morons ... /s

For those who might be thinking this cannot be real: it is very much real.

To the Continentals and Ireland: enjoy your popcorn.

Sure, but at least don't make the excuse Davis is using, that releasing them publicly would weaken their negotiation.

...look, you can argue that the process of leaving is faulty, that 2 years are not enough, that the negotiations were never in your favour because you are the weaker side and that's how it is.. but honestly what did you expect them to do differently?

All they did was give you perfectly reasonable conditions that absolutely need to be fulfilled because otherwise the whole union would unravel and wait for your response. It could have gone heaps better if not for blatant incompetence on the UK side. If you've stepped up the day of triggering Article 50 and said 'we want a trade agreement/into the EEA/whatever', you know, actual plans that we can work with, there could have been an agreement reached. We could have made this work together. Instead time got wasted with even more posturing and an election, and then trying to get the new government running. All while people are in charge who should have never been anywhere near the negotiation table. You didn't need be in that position for us to get a favourable deal, it's not in the EU's interest to let you crash out like that.

I'm now convinced that Brexit is the ultimate next generation reality show, which involves the entire country, for our entertainment.

Ah your flirting is delicious

As someone from Germany I do't think anyone in Europe is happy or laughing about the incompetence of the British government which makes a no deal scenario more likely and is the worst outcome for both sides.


--HM's Government

Monday sees the UK government hamstrung by a shower of protestant fundamentalists, today minister for brexit hasn't read any impact studies and says he sees no value in them.

What will be tomorrows bombshell, government falling?

You are exactly the person I imagine you to be!

So you like to piss the left more than the French. I feel let down.

On the Article 50 document, where it said "do not write below this line", Theresa May wrote "ok"

The negotiations have been deliberately stacked in favour of the EU from the beginning. The sequencing is the prime example of this "stacking the deck"

So their acting in the interest of the EU. You think if Britain or any other country had the leveling power that the EU has they wouldnt make use of it? Thats the whole basis of "together we are stronger".

it was designed as deterrence against anybody else leaving in the future by setting a precedent that leaving the integrated political structures of the EU has to result in economic suffering.


If Britain suffers financially it wont be the fault of the EU. It will be the fault of populists who propagandised a large part of the UK's population into making a really really really bad decision. Nearly every economist advised against this so dont blame it on the EU when it eventually bites Britain in the rear.

In the game of chess you can never let your adversary see your pieces. ~Theresa May

Has she seen a chessboard?

This is your life on populism.

One could only wish people learn their lesson from this for the next time they feel like fighting back against the evil globalist establishment, but they probably won't.

There were more urgent matters to be dealt with then like the internal battle for power within the Conservative party.

I'm glad you're enjoying this shitshow. I'm just sad

Don't chat shit about Larry.

This is what should have happened.

1) Pre-renegotiations, Cameron commissions impact studies.

2) After failed renegotiations, Cameron commissions a road map to Brexit.

3) Referendum.

4) Assuming a Leave win. Cameron, backed with a body of data and a roadmap, appears much better positioned to renegotiate again, before submitting Article 50.

5) Assuming a Remain win. Cameron has quelled the conspiracy elements of Brextremism, doing everything he could.

Doubtless. But we had like 8 months from the referendum to anything actually happened - why the hell was nothing done then? Or since?

Davis says ministers took decision to leave customs union without analysis of economic impact

Benn asks a final question.

Q: Did the government undertake an assessment of leaving the customs union before the cabinet took that decision?

Not a quantitative one, no, says Davis.

Q: Isn’t that extraordinary?

No, says Davis. He says the range of different outcomes is too wide. Some free trade agreements have been very effective, and others haven’t. Ministers had to take a judgment. That is what they did, he says.

They just took a wild guess based on what would be their preferred outcome without examining any of the possible scenarios. The Brexitters have been guided by wishful thinking all along. At this stage, it would be too damaging to let reality interfere.

Q: Is it the case that you did not edit this material yourself?

Yes, says Davis. He was provided with a sample two chapters before they were given to the committee. He did not read them because he did not want to take responsibility for deciding exactly what was and was not released himself. And he would not have time to read 850 pages either, he says.

Davis says the information that has been handed over is boring but useful. It would be useful to Brussels, he says. It is the product of 10 or 15 “man years” of work.

The Tory party continues their destruction of Britain, completely contemptuous of the consequences.

When they retire they can emigrate to the US as hard core republicans. They're a perfect fit.

Old people who buy the mail mostly.

He still says under labour we will leave the EU, so his government will have nothing to work with if they take charge now.

We're fucked no matter what, unless somebody goes "Hey guys, fuck this nonsense, lets stay in the EU" then we might as well just stop watching the news.

They were, and they turned out to be very wrong

We haven't reached the point where those scenarios happen, so how can they turn out to be wrong?

Look at Davis' full statement - he said economic models are always wrong and it's too complex an issue to model.

Which is fucking insanity. What, literally flipping a coin is better? Please!

Given how most economists have a clear anti-Brexit political agenda, they cannot be trusted.

No, they have a pro-economy agenda... Or do you really think Brexit will be an economic boost to the UK?

Hopefully they start googling before 29th of march this time.

Guys, stop, I didn't think it was possible, but I think I'm getting a popcorn overdose.

But but PROJECT FEAR!!!111

What lies?

The problem with your plan is that is makes far to much sense to be even considered by the Tories, whom I would describe as "Pond Life" if it wasn't so insulting to hard working frogs, amoeba's and worms everywhere.

I dunno, I find it funny.

And each day Corbyn's Labour looks more competent, and that's really saying something.

I think everyone would be happy to just forget about this entire shambles by now.

Massive waste of time, energy and money, and for what?

Although I do appreciate the comedic value in all of this somewhat at least.

It is a Futurama joke, the quote is actually from Zapp Brannigan

quote number 13

I can be whatever ya want, sugar.

Feeling of superiority I guess. Been flaunting that faulty “they need us more than we need them”. Probably not the only reason though.

Really makes this photo look a lot more informative than at first we all thought.

Really makes look a lot more informative than at first we all thought.

Boris Johnson will turn out to be a mop with a balloon around it painted by some uni kids, and they'll say they didn't think their practical joke would get so far.

"I am not a fan of ecnomic model, because they are all wrong"

and I am not a fan of doctors, because they might get it wrong. I will instead go to see a shaman next time I get sick.

Does he listen to himself or should we send him a videotape to help him? Fremdschaemen triggered

These is is high level, expert grade, stupidity.


Same. But to be fair, I eventually got my degree so... in the end, it works?

Don't worry we're sad too.

David Davis finally comes clean

The EU was supposed to be run for the benefit of Europe as a whole, these days its run for the benefit of the EU as a political entity instead.

Where did get the idea that the main focus of the EU is benefiting ALL of Europe? While there is a social aspect to the EU it was intended as an economic union and to think that the EU does not regard the interests of its member states first is just naive. The UK ALWAYS complained about how other member states benefit more than the UK from the money the UK gives to Brussels but now that you told the EU to fuck off they are supposed to watch out for the UK's interest? Give me a break.

Oh there have been impact assessments, there must have been! The results were probably so terrible that they're burying them.

Reality is incompatible with what brexiters hope the UK will become after brexit. Of course anyone who doesn't get their information from the side of a bus already knew this.

I suppose the rationale is that if we're doing it anyway, there's little point to try and predict what will happen: just strap in and enjoy the ride!

Damning footage of a rat brazenly scurrying past No 10's famous black door has heaped further pressure on Larry the Downing Street cat.

Larry’s commitment to the job of chief mouser has already been brought into question while statistics published earlier this year suggested Palmerston, the Foreign Office’s cat, was the most lethal feline in Westminster.

The latest video, posted on Twitter by Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC’s Political Editor, is likely to lead to more questions about Larry's performance and killer instinct.

I am a very shapely 44 year old man

only 52%, lets ignore the other 16 million people that wanted to remain. Many of those voted leave on false promises and lies i.e The big red NHS bus.

Such events on this scale and magnitude really should have to get a supermajority in order to pass.

All the people voting for Corbyn to stop Brexit are woefully misinformed. The man's a lifelong Eurosceptic, the broadly capitalist structure of the EU and especially the Single Market are at odds with his socialist views.

I've been regularly polling /sub/ukpolitics, there's massive support for Labour and massive support for repealing Article 50. It's like people have no idea what the parties they vote for actually believe.

He likes the more consistent "eyes closed throw the dart on the board" method.

The EU's first priority are it's own members, it cannot really preserve peace and prosperity with countries which flat out refuse cooperation in the most vital aspects.

UK already proofed they don't care the moment they decided that potentially stoking terrorism in the only country they share a land border with through sheer ignorance is not their problem. This 'fuck you i got mine' attitude is borderline hostility towards an EU member, how do you expect us to react to that? That's not how a country interested in a mutual partnership would act.

'tis this free and brave spirit of the English people that emboldened the likes of James Cook and Sir Francis Drake to take leaps into the unknown without hesitation and so conquer the world and plant His Majesties banner everywhere from Auckland to Halifax.

In this time of need where Britain once more is beset by blue-and-golden foes on every side we shall renew our Imperial spirit and find within us our ancestors' courage to jump off into uncertainty, horribly disadvantageous trade deals and bigotry.

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

~ Theresa May, 2019, during her Brexit announcement speech

The french are pretty irrelevant

Can't tell you how happy I'd be if we all just forgot any of it happened. Living in NI with all this going on isn't easy on the mind :/ this the Project Fear they keep talking about?

British business associations have done similar assessments and recommended to not leave the EU, at least not like this. But these people where experts, so the Leavers didn't listen to them.

You live in a magical world.

it was never meant to be a mutually beneficial settlement between two parties

Why should it be? If someone tells me that they no longer want to be on my team, I stop looking after their interest that instant since clearly they're not doing so either.

How can it claim to hold true to this grand aim when its determination to put politics over pragmatism is going to provoke a serious economic conflict with the UK?

You said it yourself: "it was designed as deterrence against anybody else leaving". Ensuring that no more breakups happen is more important for the long term goal you describe than is "fair" and "pragmatic" treatment of the UK.

the UK's only option will be to create a country-sized tax haven

This is not a fight the UK can win any more so than can Jersey or the Bahamas - or Switzerland, for that matter. Once that tax haven starts to be a real problem, everyone, not just the EU, will fuck the UK over.

I hate Reality TV, a bunch of morons on TV sharing their ignorant views on the world which younger people and dumbass adults take as fact and spread that with other people, on top of the government and media lying.

The people that can change the public opinion and keep the population educated is powerless because nobody wants to listen.

I see. That makes me a bit disappointed; I genuinely hoped she said that. Although I had my doubts.

Surely they didn't actually believe it though?

God, how can a government be so stupid. I feel sorry for all the Brits out there who didn't vote for this


Watching Brexit is like watching a friend drink himself to death.

They have hundreds of thousands of people working their butts off to do this sort of stuff every single day and helping run 28 countries.

The UK government has had the EU holding its hand all the way since the 50's and has no idea how to do much on it's own and it's showing.

I don't think you realise how far left Jeremy is. If it's not Venezuela, it's right wing capitalistic shite!

If the Brexitters carry on at this rate, they'll make Trump look like a wise and thoughtful elder statesman.

next generation reality show

If that's true, why does the unbelievable level of Brexiter stupidity feel so unreal?

Good enough for someone.

Are ok with mail order transfer?

The UK government speculates that Brussels cares more about the well being of the British population than the Tories. The Tories are conservative after all, so they don't give a shit about anyone who isn't rich.

Mate, you'd need to read up on LEXIT.

Most of the proper lefties support Brexit, and don't like the EU. Momentum, SWP, and even Corbyn have no intention of returning Britain to normalcy (i.e. nothing changing).

You are actually making them happy.

I am enjoying all the squealing. Keep it coming.

At this point anything is possible. We're into such surreal territory, it's like government has become a Monty Python sketch.

Stronger together until somebody gets cold feet about the rapid pace of political integration.

That was hardly a major reason for why actual people voted Leave, nor was it something that could not have been discussed.

If anyone is curious you can read the ones produced by the EU

The going narrative in The Netherlands is that New Amsterdam was traded for Surinam.

The 5th song on UK top 50 at the moment is by David Guetta :)

'Davis has been misleading parliament from the start', say Lib Dems

The Liberal Democrats have accused David Davis of misleading parliament. They have just issued a statement with this quote from Wera Hobhouse, a member of the Brexit committee. She said:

It is unbelievable that these long-trumpeted impact assessments don’t even exist, meaning the government has no idea what their Brexit plans will do to the country.

Ministers must now urgently undertake these impact assessments and ensure people are given the facts.

Whether it’s through incompetence or insincerity, David Davis has been misleading parliament from the start.

He is being completely blasé about the threat Brexit poses to our NHS, economy and young people.

The utter shambles this government is making of Brexit shows why the public must be given the final say with a chance to stay in the EU.