UK expels 23 Russian diplomats over spy poisoning - Politics live | Politics

UK expels 23 Russian diplomats over spy poisoning - Politics live | Politics

Now if the US could expel Russian diplomat Donald Trump the world would be slightly much better.

Trump will soon condemn the British for expelling 23 Russian diplomats.

Theresa May has a lot of faults. But this is a strong move and is the sort of leadership you should expect from a PM or President.

Watching it live too. She’s also accused them of undisclosed spying? Watch it live now via Guardian.

It’s getting fucking spicy. Not sure who the guy in the beard is but he just called out someone yelling at him.

She just showed Trump how a large handed person deals with Putin’s rubbish.

May just said NATO meets tomorrow.

God I fucking hope so. The UN process she's starting is a dead end, but NATO scare Putin shitless and can actually get shit done.

Dont worry, Trump will offer them amnesty here in the US.

After some Extreme Vetting, it appears they have all passed the skin tone test, and a special someone thinks they will achieve success in America.

Indeed, this is what obama did in response to Russian interference. That and more personal sanctions against oligarchs. Hit put in where it hurts

he'll retaliate by ex-spelling British diplomats via Twitter

You know what would be super fucked? If Putin THANKED her for doing that. Because, if you remember, that's what our ass clown of a president did.

Side note : Interesting to watch how British government works. Imagine if Trump had to stand up there and answer/response to questions or statements from both sides of congress.

Next up: Trump's re-election campaign hiring the expelled Russians.

Time for Trump to whip out America's veto power against out own allies.

Ask the Marine Core

Parliament is like a local town hall meeting with a two drink minimum.

Britain expelling 23 Russian diplomats, largest expulsion since Cold War-era expulsion of Soviet diplomats in 1985

Eh, it's a strong opening first volley. They can't immediately enact economic sanctions; they've got to draft and pass the law first. That being said, the fact that harsh economic sanctions are imminent has been expressed multiple times in the Emergency Parliament session this morning. They're currently debating about immediately decreasing their dependence on Russian oil/natural gas as well, which will deeply hurt Russia's bottom line.

Edit: the full list of currently announced measures (note: further sanctions are not only entirely possible but extremely probable):

The expulsion of 23 diplomats - who have one week to leave Increased checks on private flights, customs, and freight The freezing of Russian state assets where there is evidence they may be used to threaten the life or property of UK nationals or residents Ministers and Royal Family to boycott the Fifa World Cup in Russia later this year The suspension of all planned high-level bi-lateral contacts between the UK and Russia

ex-spelling British diplomats

You mean, like, he'll make typos?

It’s British for “I agree”.

I’m sure many countries are just foaming at the mouth to impose sanctions on the US while trump is president.

I mean the list of slights that he has made against other countries is longgg. Just off the top of my head, didn’t he insult macron and Merkel? Called African countries shit holes. Threatened to pull global aid. CalledUKs healthcare a joke. Imposed tariffs. Along with many others that I’m sure I’ve forgotten.

"I have always supported our greatest ally on the world stage, and I will continue to support them. Great Britain should be ashamed."

Russian diplomats=Spies.

They use diplomacy as a smokescreen for operations.

and is a Brexiteer.

This is absurdly false.

"We, the Labour Party, are overwhelmingly for staying in, because we believe the European Union has brought investment, jobs and protection for workers, consumers and the environment."

That is Corbyn, in June 2016. In October 2017, he said he would vote to remain if there were another referendum. He has been very pro-EU the past couple of years.

If you don't agree with him, that's fine. I'm on your side, actually. But at least don't lie about his stances.

It's an exteremly weak response considering the offense. There is evidence to back this up. The Obama administration responded similarly - arguably more firmly comparing the two offenses. It was not a deterrent in the least. Nor will this.

At a minimum Russia should be forced out of Crimea. The International community failed on that front at the time. This is an opportunity to make things right.

They're three times as big as DJT's, still.

Not defending Russia, but that's sort of the MO for all countries.

Tomorrow's headline: Trump Invites 23 Russian Diplomats to Join His National Security Team

This is probably just the beginning of the UK response. Hopefully we see some economic sanctions as well.

That's not really unique to the UK. The cabinet & head of the executive branch frequently interacting with all sides of the legislature in a public setting is fairly standard in western democracies.

"If I act like I won then idiots will believe I won and that means I won! All of this calculus is done subconsciously so I can convince myself I won, too!"

US Ambassador to NATO is Kay Hutchinson, who was indicted three times for misconduct and records tampering. The best people.

So far, Obama has expelled the most Russian diplomats Trump.


Not sure which bearded fellow you mean, but it could be Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour party.

Theresa May is awful. This is what the default response of any world leader would and should be. She doesn’t deserve praise for it just because Trump lowered the bar.

To be fair to Trump, Theresa May also has no balls.

Trump hires 23 for his re-election campaign.

It was not a deterrent because the upcoming administration used backchannels to ask Russia to be patient. The move to expel diplomats is a strong one, provided that you do not have traitors backstabbing you on it.

Personally I would like to see an international boycott of the world cup, but that's probably a pipe dream.


Berated Londons mayor after a terror attack, said Paris is shit now because of immigrants, belittled our neighbors and harmed them with tariffs...

Commended dictators of various countries for taking dictator like actions...

Is make great sense.

Yes. Thank you. He was getting booed to hell with some of his statements.

Thanks...they seem so organized compared to the shitshow over here.

The Netherlands wholeheartedly supports this idea.

TIL. I wish that happened here. Seems like it creates more accountability. Reps can ask questions that their constitutes want answers to.

Thanks for the link, my right honourable friend.

Edit: Oh my god they're not fucking around, are they?

Strong leadership would be ending Brexit completely.

Here, here.

No, he's going to say "look at weak shitty Europe, full of problems from immigrants, they're expelling them right and left because they're murderers, this is why we need ICE! Watch out sanctuary cities! California, you're on notice, I won't let that happen here folks!"

I think the bot is broken.

For sure they are. I remember Eddie Izzard has a quote from one of his specials that basically says Parliament is like Congress but with a three drink minimum.

Oh look, real leadership in the face of aggression by an adversary. If only the US could do the same but no, we had to elect a Russian puppet.

the cries of “shame” and “disgrace” were loudest when he [Corbyn] attacked the Conservative Party and its Russian donors, and drew attention to the Conservative Party “resisting Labour’s amendments to the Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill that could introduce the so-called Magnitsky powers”.

But listen not to howling backbenchers, and instead to Putin’s actual opponents, the ones risking their lives to fight him around the world, and you will find what they have to say sounds rather more like Jeremy Corbyn than anything Theresa May or anyone else had to say on the matter.

It's crazy because I associate "cold war" with the 1950's but then remember it stretched into the 1980's.

Why do they keep on saying “hear hear”?

I say iron curtain them. Let their own people handle their leaders like they did in the 90’s.

This is an initial diplomatic response. Legal and trade may follow later, once facts become clearer.

This is entirely wrong and exposes your lack of knowledge of UK politics.

Jeremy Corbyn is not a friend of Putin.

Trump will give these expelled Russian diplomats a home in his 2020 campaign.

US Soccer is on board, too! Suddenly a much more appealing explanation for that loss to Trinidad & Tobago.

It's an undefined jump from size 0, though.

I always love watching the Parliament sessions, even though I don't watch them nearly as often as C-Span; they're far more entertaining on a daily basis than Congress.

Eh, we have it in Canada too, it just ends up a shouting match as MPs jockey for soundbites, and public concerns generally play second fiddle to attacking policy.

diplomat Donald Trump

This may be the only time these words are ever associated.

I wonder if this will escalate further on the UK's side. I feel like Russia will definitely stomp their foot about this, but I don't know what else they'll do in response. Anybody have any thoughts on what might be the next move we see from this?

Passing the VIP test? (Vladimir Insists Putin Test)

Ministers and Royal Family to boycott the Fifa World Cup in Russia later this year

Now they've gone and pissed off the Queen...

RT reporting: Trump meeting in the oval office with these good ambassadors!

HEY TRUMP, since you’ve clearly forgotten, this is what a backbone looks like.

Now a UK resident, no love for May. But this is the right move, and it deserves the credit it’s due.

Yeah, I imagine it's pretty standard.

I wonder what the Republicans are gonna do if this keeps escalating. Will they side with trump? Will they rebel against him on this?

Honestly, they'll probably just shrug and go marching forward acting like, 'trump will be trump and we have no responsibility or real thoughts on it.'