Ugandan knuckles memes are so funny and relatable

Ugandan knuckles memes are so funny and relatable

This meme has the big gay

No I

Op is the big gay

You know, I haven't seen anyone use the meme since late February.

Are memes about Ugandan knuckle memes Ugandan knuckles memes?

If u use do you know da wae, den u have da gae

Nein du

no u.


Nigga don't worry, I repented to god before using it. Praying away the gay as I'm typing

but you just used it


Ja du


Nein ich

Im rooting for ya pal. Hoping I didnt just witness a mod birth

But how can birth if am dead??????? 🦕🦕🦕

ikr who uses da wae in april

Yea u