UFC 220 Free Fight: Francis Ngannou vs. Alistair Overeem

UFC 220 Free Fight: Francis Ngannou vs. Alistair Overeem

Good thing they uploaded that fight, it happened so long ago I hardly remember it.

i bet overeem smokes him

A finish so brutal that Logan Paul tried to film it


He was doing those neck exercises, no way Francis KOs him.

Otherwise known as marketing.

Wonder if Reem remembers it...

I never thought the UFC would milk another KO as much as they did Holly’s of Ronda. I think I was wrong

Overeem will destroy him in the cleeeeench

Rumor is poor Allistar doesn’t remeber it and he’s still training for it to this day

fucken UFC milking spectacular highlight reel KOs for the casual fans,,, they should be promoting nganno's leg kick at 3:47 of the luis henrique fight, us REAL fans know that's his real highlight..

From horse meat diet to becoming the dead horse.

Logan Paul should have to fight Magoomba as punishment for his crimes

Overeem did show some of the most insane head mooment I've ever seen in the UFC in this fight

I had to pause the video to give Overeem a break.

And that follow up punch? Nganou is gonna kill someone one day.

Well, he is by far the most decorated striker in the heavyweight division, no one comes close.

Yea zooming in on his face was a bit much, I was surprised they didn't show us the ambulance taking The Reem to the hospital as part of the promo

Overeem's knockout losses have progressively become more violent in the last few years

Why :(

Next promo will just be Face the Pain playing over clips of Reems wife mushing up his food so he can eat it

Helwani tried too, but Francis shut him down pretty quickly

I am a Reem fan but its funny how he stated "Francis will not make a name off of me" and that is exactly what has happened.

He was panicking bc he realized he was fighting an immovable giant packing 129,000 units

Because Hendo has a bad history of doing it and said afterwards that he knew Bisping was out by wanted to hurt him more.

surprised no one gave him shit for that. this sub always throws a fit when someone posts hendo starching bisping

The sport of UFC?

After all Reem has done for the company, this is how Daddy Dana repays him!?

I still don’t understand what overeem was thinking with the punches he threw roght before the ko that was some of the sloppiest shits ive seen and he’s such a decorated striker I can’t believe he did it

Most violent KO has to also be for the Reem but against Stipe. The way his cold lifeless head was getting slammed against the octagon was brutal to watch.

Man, this dude has been on the receiving end of nasty finishes but that's what he gets for breaking people up with them knees.

Do you train UFC?

Bigfoot Reem was bad as well

Death by Ford Escort

I felt a tap

I got nothing against it as long as they avoid showing Overeem’s face looking dead on the mat. It just seems a bit overkill to put it in every promo. Ngannou’s gonna be 40 years old and preparing for his retirement fight and they’ll still be slipping that KO into the promos

Most violent KO of all time?

"I clearly felt a tap"


"Thank you Boston!"

2:48 was the moment Alistair knew he was fucked

Woodley Koscheck is more violent imo

Overeem had to fight a clinch/ground match because at range it gives Ngannou an opportunity to KO him?

The problem was that Ngannou was unexpectedly strong in the clinch and that was an oh fuck moment for Reem

If anything I learned that Power>Technique at Heavyweight

"Alistair is THE most technical striker of the Hw division".

Dana White to UFC production team: Sweep Overeem

Production team: But he's suffered enough...

Dana white: No mercy

I feel like you pulled that statistic straight out of your ass

did bisping hendo die?

I think DC Jones 2 was more brutal and Barboza Etim was more shocking with how quickly he stiffened up.

Hendricks Kampmann too with how he literally slid across the canvas

Edit: I would put Woodley vs Hieron (?) in the mix too

Have a snickers u grump

Igor KOs a guy against the ropes and lands some more shots as he stiffens and falls forwards

What was the Woodley one where he basically rocked the guy, the guy dropped but ended up on his knees and Woodley decapitated him? That's up there imo. Edit It was Koscheck, and I got it backwards that the first shot was the huge one and then the 1-2 after was softer

Also the one where , or when he head kicks a guy, karate chops him in the back of the neck, then soccer kicks him.

Am I the only one who feels like we didn't learn anything new in this fight? Overeem came in shook, and his strategy was pretty awful (run in, hit, and dive in the clinch). Ngannou hits hard enough to knock someone like Overeem out.

Because you can literally see his brain get mushed against his skull?

Watching it live I was legit concerned that Overeem was going to be carried out on a stretcher. I can rewatch it because I know he was alright, but it was a scary knockout.