/u/awkward-_-silence vs. /u/StarryeyedProfligate over exploitation and theft of comment for karma

/u/awkward-_-silence vs. /u/StarryeyedProfligate over exploitation and theft of comment for karma

What Happened:

Imagine the deep underbelly of /sub/trebuchetmemes and a single karma hungry catapult fan. The accused /u/StarryeyedProfligate comments three simple words on a trebuchet meme: "Catapults for Life!"

One can only ponder the purpose of this comment. Perhaps to troll the readers, or perhaps an attempt at cheeky humor gone awry. Either way the result was far from intended. This comment now sits at -35 downvotes on a post with only 9 upvotes; this comment obviously drew some attention. The accused needed to make that sweet sweet karma back, but how? Of course, screenshot the next reply and post both comments to the sub to win back approval of trebuchet memes fans.

This is where I enter the story good jurors, because I am the author of the stolen comment in question. /u/StarryeyedProfligate screencapped my comment along with his and reposted this to the /sub/trebuchetmemes sub; and this post made /sub/all . Is there a case to be made, claiming that he directly stole my comment and exploited it for karma gain? It has been brought to my attention that since I responded to his comment, that gives him the right to repost. Is this the word of the blessed KarmaCourt?


Exploitation of comments

Theft of 7151 karma (and rising)

[EVIDENCE]: Original Post On Which I Made the Comment

Post by /u/StarryeyedProfligate stealing my comment and karma

EDIT: I just woke up to a full scale investigation into this incident in karma theft. I've never had confidence in the karma court system but today I have been proven wrong, I thank the court for their consideration and attentiveness. Thanks!

Upvote if you think the defendant is GUILTY:


Prosecutor on standby, I'd like to see mr /u/StarryeyedProfligate charged with

Baiting and or Trolling

Karma Laundering

General Scumbaggery

I volunteer to be the homeless guy that fell asleep in the courtroom, but sticks around for the trial.

Now I'm a simple man, I've never made the front page, I earn most of my karma from comments instead of those big fancy posts y'all are so into, heck I don't even have a six figure lifetime earnings, but I believe in honest karma for honest work. Original commentary, inside jokes and the occasional pop culture reference are all my daddy needed to make his karma, same as his daddy before him, if it was good enough for them it's good enough for me.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, some o' y'all might be thinkin' to yourselves "Where's the harm? This man didn't lose any karma by having his comment reposted" and to that I say this. If men like my daddy and myself and the plaintiff here are graftin' away tryna make ends meet and some scallywag like the defendant can come along and repost their content then I ask you, what motivates a man to graft? Should we all turn to this scoundrel's ways and make a bunch of karma for low effort reposts? It ain't, I say, it ain't right for good, hardworking individuals such as this man or others like you may know yourselves to work his fingers to the bone while the very scourge that kills subreddits that we shoulda been keepin' tabs on long ago can swoop in and make all o' that karma of of his hard work.

This ain't a stealin' issue, heck this ain't even a copyright issue. What it is, I say what it is, is a moral issue. I encourage the court to not only award judgement to the plaintiff, but to set a precedent that such actions are not to be taken lightly. I hereby request that the court award this man the sum of twelve thousand karma. I'll do my part your honour, will you do yours?

On the contrary, Mr Profligate came into the subreddit with the sole intent on trolling. As such he was downvoted. His immediate repost of his comment, and my clients response is a blatant example to reap his trolling to generate upvotes on account of my clients defense of the trebuchet.

I believe this to be a blatant moral attack on my client, and I feel my client is entitled to financial Karma Compensation™

lmao this is insane

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