Tyrone Woodley About to go Live in the Joe Rogan Podcast

Tyrone Woodley About to go Live in the Joe Rogan Podcast

The mans name is Tyron lol

Gonna be boring until Joe backs him up against the studio wall and gets too close.

Can't wait to he hear how RDA, Colby, and Thompson all don't deserve the title shot and how he wants to fight Conor, Nick, Nate, or GSP

Tyron 'Tyrone' Woodley

"I can't let you get close."

I was actually pretty hyped for this, but man, I had to turn it off. I'm not sure if it's just that I'm in a weird mood or what, but man Tyron seriously complains so much and has such a massive victims complex that it's hard to listen to

"One spectacular knockout to get the belt, and then everybody slowly forget about it, moments later"

A real wordsmith, this guy.

Maia may be on a decline but you can't call him overrated.

Jesus christ the whole show is just tyron bitching. there's gona be no mma talk today looks like

The man had just fought for the title

Someone get Tyron a fuckin tampon already

I have been enjoying this but predictably there is people just crying about anything Woodley says. He's not doing nearly as much complaining as people who hate him are going to tell you. Just watch it for yourself and don't listen to people who hate him complaining.

Not sure if serious. But I think he's referencing the joey Diaz rant podcast where we get Khalabeeb, Stiopic, tony Henderson and Donald Cerrown.

I’ll wait for tomorrow, I’d rather listen at work.

abit akward.. Rogan just dont want to say that UFC pisses on Woodley.