Tyron Woodley teasing new fight, will NOT be against a WW top 15 contender.

Tyron Woodley teasing new fight, will NOT be against a WW top 15 contender.

The Nate vs Tyron rumors are about to hit an entirely new level.

Nate would get ragdolled by Woodley. He'd leg kick him to hell and wrestlefuck him.

It'd be no different from when Bendo fought Nate. It'd be a terrible fight.

Im eating these wolf tickets like breakfast! Nate's comeback ?! Imagine if Nate won and his first defence is a perfect Trilogy at 170 in which Conor fights for his third belt... I'm foaming at the mouth

BJ Penn is coming back to reclaim his Welterweight championship.

Oh my god, Nate just started camp too. Theres no fucking way, right?

CM Punk

It would be much worse than the Bendo fight

Like honestly if it's not GSP this is the biggest load of shit ever, so many killers in top 10..who could it be?

The worst timeline lmao.

Nick Diaz

Fun fact: BJ and Rumble were both UFC welterweights from 2010 to 2011. BJ has fought at 145 since 2014, and Rumble is coming back as a 250 pound heavyweight.

Spoiler: It's not GSP. He is not fighting this year. Hell, he is on vacation.

McGregor vs Diaz for the 170 belt

I hope not but the idea of Nate/Conor III being title vs. title is something I can't imagine WME being against trying...

Tony would crash the pre-fight presser and ankle pick Dana.

When I hear /sub/mma totally dismiss a fight, I know there's a chance

imagine if Woodley gassed and Nate started pouring it on, and Twood lost his belt to Nathaniel diaz, that would be hilarious.

But what if Nate wins...

Yeah but there's no way Nate will win lol. Surely they know that

You absolutely can count Nate out of a ton of fights. He wasn't competitive in the slightest against RDA, Bendo and Rory. This fight would probably be just like those only worse, he would get thrown around like a child.

big in name only, this would be such a fucking joke.

however, if wooldey managed to lose that matchup he should lose all respect for all time.

I honestly don't understand that fight. I mean, you can NEVER completely count Nate Diaz out of a fight... But this one? I almost would. Plus if I'm not mistaken his record at WW is 2-3, with the last 2 being against Conor.

Yep. There'd be a finish this time.


It's me 😈

Probably Nate. Big name that is comfortable at Welterweight and he’s apparently in camp. Plus it has the potential to lead to UFC/Conor’s wet dream of Nate vs. Conor III for a belt.

If it is Nate, might have to stop watching MMA

The UFC are sport killers.

He needed to hang up his gloves for a little bit

I’m pretty sure Woodley would literally kick Nate’s leg completely off. They better pass out ponchos like a Jurassic Park ride.

Okay if the fight gets made I will bet you Woodley wins and loser deletes their account.

We got ourselves a bet!

I want this massacre of a fight

No need to use the remind me, just delete your account right now and then you can't forget.


RemindMe! 46 days

Yeah GSP is the obvious big name, but it seems way too soon a turnaround.

Gotta assume it's a Diaz, I guess. Would be super dumb of Nate to take it tho, unless it's huge dough cuz they're desperate for a headliner.

He's not on USADAS list though

They train together. CM Punk knows his secrets. Brb gotta bet my house on KO by Punk in the first.

yeah, nate fighting 15 lbs above his weight-class (while not even being top 5 or active in his actual class) seems like a reasonable challenge for Tyron, a guy who defended against the no. 1 contender, 3 times, and beat the former champion all within one year.

You'd watch that fight and love every minute of it

Nate is no Rory, as demonstrated by the asskicking Rory gave him

he is suspended

thats some strange matchmaking right there

At welterweight, and in his prime, I'd give bj the advantage against a sucked in dehydrated rumble ;) I'm a big fan of both by the way...

returns to heavyweight where he belongs

Formula to beat a Diaz is pretty well established and Woodleys leg kicks are frightening

A whereabouts violation is way different than an actual violation. Don't really see this being an issue.

It’s crazy that some people think Tyron is actually ducking Colby after fighting Wonderboy twice and Maia, he’s literally spent the last couple of months begging for GSP so why would be afraid of Colby

that would make no sense, Woodley suggests in the article he doesn't have a big name in the sport and wants to fight 'legends'. Whittaker not a big name and would absolutely kill Woodley also, he wants no part of bobby knuckles, Nate on the other hand.

THen McGregor vs GSP for the middleweight belt. Then McGregor goes zombie mode one last time to reclaim his 145lb belt. 4 weight world champion

I'm still living in a cardboard box from the last time I bet the house on BJ. Double or nothing?

It's either Artem Lobov or Bethe Correia

Personally, i'm intrigued as to who his opponent could be. GSP? Might be too soon.

Nate is rumored to have started a camp but would he fight someone like Woodley?

Who could it be?

Woodley is a horrible matchup for Nick or Nate. GSP seems too quick of a turn around. Someone from MW dropping down?

Tony Ferguson is going to move up

Time to bet the house with the boys!

Pizzaboy2 pound for pound greatest, fight him if you think differently

The way Woodley words it makes it seem like the fight is BIG, so i'm leaning towards GSP despite it being a quick turnaround.

my cardboard box has "GSP IS A FUCKING GREASER" on the side

Woodley could KO Nate

thats the joke

after the weigh ins*

WAR pizzaboy2

Nate is a gatekeeper at LW. That's a fact. He is also better at LW than WW. That's also a fact. I don't know how Nate is supposed be competitive here.

I heavily favour Woodley over Whittaker at 170. I don't know how you're so adamant in Whittaker's victory against Woodley when he was so incosistent when he fought at 170.

MW is another story.

No he's also suspended by USADA for 3 whereabout failures.

shameful if diaz won vs. woodley.

Follow Nick on snap and instagram and you know exactly where he is. Most likely a Vegas club or Vegas suite.

Robert Whitaker?

Nate said before he wouldn't fight big fights at welterweight that could be considered Nick's fights because that's his division and doesn't wanna take his fights, and fighting the champion would probably be more appropriate for Nick than Nate I would think. I'd love to see Nick-Woodley

I don't think this is a title defence.

I think Woodley is gonna pull a Silva and fight outside of his own division while he waits on a real contender to appear as right now the best we've got are "winner of" speculations.

Call me crazy, but I think it's possible the UFC make Whittaker defend his INTERIM belt against Woodley to set up the GSP fight.

Sounds absolutely insane, I know, but I think the UFC are rather desperate seeing as how pretty much all their draws are either not fighting or have just recently fought.

Yeah I'm going with that too. Would fast track his plans too if he does want to fight Conor.

I don't know how the remindme works, cuz I didn't get a message back at all. If this fight becomes reality for the Dec 30th card, and Nate loses, I'll gladly delete my account. If Woodley loses, delete yours. If it's a draw, we both delete...?

Probably. Maybe. Possibly.

When has Woodley ever ducked a fighter

no he won 2 WW fights before the Conor fights, he murked Rory Markham at 177lbs and some other guy before losing to Rory and lost a competitive fight with DHK, therefore he is 3-3 at WW deserves a shot at the belt obviously

I only see 1 of 4 options. The massive Nate Diaz, somehow manages to cut down to welterweight, Nick Diaz finally returns with his stacks of weed, GSP returns to welterweight, or Tyron moves up.

Im balls deep in the rumors. I dont hate the fight either, it'll be nice to see Woodley dominate someone again then he can fight the winner of RDA/Lawler

I really doubt Nate’s chin holds up against a Woodley bomb, or would survive the follow up ground and pound if he wasn’t completely put out.