typical snowflake behaviour... LOL

typical snowflake behaviour... LOL

I'm not a Trump supporter nor am I left leaning but I wanted to come on here and say that I don't understand why people are pissed about the shithole thing. That's the truth. Haiti is a shithole. Africa is a shithole. Why would you want poor uneducated immigrants coming to America. Trump makes a good point. I'll take the fucking rich Norwegians any day.

100% Agreed

Everyone on reddit seemed really pissed about the shithole thing. I wanted to see what this subreddit thought about it.

What's even more absurd is the media is going crazy about HEARSAY. There is literally zero proof that Trump said the word "shithole", as it was behind a CLOSED-DOOR MEETING (but even if he did say it, he's right, and I think it's funny and true as hell).... yet the media acts like he said those words on stage in front of world leaders or something. They are so hypocritical with their fake outrage because Trump is not wrong, he was speaking plainly in a closed-door meeting, and the "journalists" are now blasting that curse word repeatedly over the air, proving themselves to be even more crude than he is. The pearl-clutching hypocrisy is palpable.

It blows my mind how people in shithole countries just leave their garbage lying around like this. Even if you don't have centralized sanitation and waste disposal, you can at least drag your trash to a communal pile on the outskirts of your village so you're not literally wading around in your own filth. Do they not realize this?

When you fully comprehend the depth of the deception that the media is involved in, you will be stunned. We are not "conspiracy nuts". We are people who truly care about our country and it's culture. Yes, our culture has some bad folks. But overall, we are good, hard working, patriotic Americans. We have seen "behind the curtain" and we are fighting for our country.

Serious question. Why are you in this sub? Just wondering but I hope you stay. When you see enough truth, you will be MAGA.

Fair enough, stick around we respect everyone that treats us with respect (as you have done).

I'm from the Dominican Republic (on the same island as Haiti) and even Dominicans think it's a shithole.

Hi! Welcome. I completely agree with you. There are places in this world that are shitholes, and they need to be reformed for their citizens' sake. The first step to that is acknowledging the problem. I live in a place that was once one of America's shitholes: an Indian reservation. We had more than 60% unemployment, homes that had no electricity or indoor plumbing even 40 years ago, kids that could barely read because the teachers didn't want to come live in this shithole, commodity food that could have bugs or mold, and healthcare that wouldn't keep a dog alive. Once our tribal government acknowledged our dire straits and convinced the BIA and federal government of the same, we finally got some relief. A huge problem here was resources and land for business opportunity. We are in a National Park so factories, agriculture, and mining were out. People weren't educated enough to do much beyond the service industry. So, we got approval for a casino. Our tourism industry boomed. We invested money in infrastructure, education, cultural revitalization, and reforming our social systems. It's not perfect, but it's definitely not a shithole anymore.

Anyway, I'm glad you are here. Many people seem to think if you come here and don't prostrate at the feet of President Trump, you will be banned. That's not true at all. The only thing the community requires is civility, and the basic respect due the office, such as you've shown here. I hope you stick around, because we need more bipartisan interaction on Reddit. We've been factionalized to the point it's creating two different narratives. Many of us can't even post a non-political thought on any other sub without a bot tracking us down and screaming "LITERAL NAZI" at us. It's demoralizing. What you'll find here is a group of people from every color, religion, career, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, and even country. We all believe in a chance at a better tomorrow, for every country.

I'm brazilian and we have centralized sanitation and waste disposal in the majority of places. But still, in poor neighborhoods (which are majority black), you still see empty lots being used as landfills between houses and streets. These neighborhoods have days for trash collection and everything. They just throw it there anyway. It's not just laziness, it's apathy to their own home. They don't care about living in filth.

I think most people here are frustrated that others are more upset about trump allegedly calling it a shithole than they are upset about Hillary and her foundation taking the earthquake money thus making sure it became a shithole.

Apperently not

I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say we all contribute our fair share of taxes and absolutely care how it’s spent. Nobody knows how to do that better than Trump. It was his time. Hillary would have been the final nail in the American coffin. We are back, baby!

That’s how I ended up here, now I cannot leave because this sub speaks the truth, they don’t put up with fake news and there is a certain organic high energy that I have never seen before.

I Love the memes and humor too. Patriots are simple THE BEST. I used to be an Obama supporter but dude failed me, Trump has proven to keep his promises, convert his enemies for good and is invulnerable to the media’s poison.

He gains his enemies respect even if sometimes they won’t openly admittted but leaves you wondering “How the hell did he pulled that off?” It’s like Naruto and Goku combined but in real life and American!

"Some may call this junk me I call it treasure"

Comment I saw on here yesterday that summed it up well:

Well you aren’t supposed to be tattling to the media about every word said behind closed doors, yet here we are.

Welcome! Try to stick around, even if for the news alone (there's a lot of stuff here you won't find in others subs and the mainstream media).

Dems - look at that child, how can you call this country a shithole?

Repubs - Look at everything else.

Trump - That looks like Clintons work to me.

Hillary - Trump is racist, stop pointing out our exploitation!

The thing is, he said he didn't say it. They are shitholes tho....

It’s not a shithole! Why yes, I would like another serving of mud pie.

Lazy shitholers are lazy

No they dont. Our capital is filled with kebab, and we are paying child support for children that lives in their home countries with their families

Well Lokten, I respect your position and welcome you here. I hope, even for just the sake of argument, to understand the otherside of the coin to even help strengthen your own arguments and thought processes, that you dig through just a little. Past the memes are article upon article with sources and corroboration that may shake your view of the MSM, the left, the DNC, and those people look up to.

Also, Seth Rich, a DNC staffer, died to get you and others the truth. He was a patriot, set aside the party, and dumped info to WikiLeaks.

His name was Seth Rich. MAGA BITCHES!

Soon you'll become aware at the insane amount of automated posting on Reddit, FB, Twitter and comment sections everywhere - including sites like Breitbart and Fox News - when the progressive puppeteers do not have it their way, or they try to fabricate yet another narrative. Net Neutrality was a such operation with millions of postings coming from abroad. How many real people understood what was at stake? Control of the internet infrastructure by certain entities and tens of billions of USD in kickbacks from a huge project about to be awarded to Google, was at stake.

Without this week shithole outrage, what reddit would have to concentrate upon? Uranium One sealed indictments being released? FBI documents proving conspiracy to unseat an elected president pouring in?

Good for you, but I hope now you're watching all this FBI debacle and recognize that electing toxic people in position of power, will lead to the poisoning of the whole system. Much of the Trump agenda is sabotaged every day by thousands of people put there mostly by 0bama administration, but some by Bush also: FBI and CIA operatives, government agencies leadership down 2-3 levels from the top position (so to ensure that even after 1 year of delaying new nominations, their people will still be the ones controlling them) and last but not least, federal judges.

The saddest part is now all can see that the alternatives to 0bama were McCain and Romney...both swamp creatures as well.

I live in Canada, and try to believe that I am VERY objective and logical. I like coming here. There are almost no comments that cross any line at all and everyone seems to try to contribute something useful. And a LOT of things said are just plain LOL funny. Hope you stick around. This place is 'restful' in a sea of lies and frenzy. But maybe that's just me. :-)

Here's the truly horrific think that you have to keep in mind.

The left, in their evil quest for power, have no desire to join with Trump in calling out their nations' leaders and accountability for the aid money spent on them. To do so would go against their redistribution/tax theft policies, as having accountability is a conservative concept.

Here's where it gets worse. By following this ideology, the left is permitting our own formerly-functional societies to be led down the same path by the same racketeers and thugs so that eventually all nations will have similar disfunction.

Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness must be completely discredited and eradicated. People like Bernie Sanders have to be seen by everyone as a crank and huckster.

This might explain it:


I'll take the Norwegians for every reason you can name,

Also, Bill Clinton is a rapist.

so you are saying Norway puts it's citizens first, just like America should to achieve a higher standard of living.

you really aren't making an argument against it, you know.

The casino opened in 1997, so we've had 20 years of solid economic growth. It's still a fairly small town, but the roads are decent, housing is vastly improved, and we've dedicated a lot of resources to education and sobriety programs. I think everyone here would agree we've come a long way in 20 years.

The parts that are still bad (i.e. Health care) are run by the federal government. We still have to travel at least 30 minutes to deliver a baby, have minor surgical procedures, or get mental health care. There are many instances of gross neglect, such as one of our police officers who died of systemic infection after being injured in the line of duty.

Keep checking in here, buddy. You don't have to agree with what is posted, but just read some of the articles and comments here. I hope you stick around. Lots of fascinating stuff is posted here that doesn't see the light of day in the default "news" subs. Lots of stuff is posted here first that two of three days later will be "breaking news" on a major network. Plus, we have the best memes. Stick around, you'll have some fun and learn a bit. Welcome. :)

Out of curiosity, how many years did it take to go from shithole to not-shithole?

Parts of South Africa are beautiful.

Yeah, the parts built by the white Dutch

Podesta - Give you $50 for the boy.

Consequences will never be the same!