Tyler's not the sharpest tool in the shed

Was totally expecting Tyler to try to remove the guy's finger instead.

Really you got to respect Tyler. In an emergency situation he did not panic or freak out. He did exactly as he was told to. So I mean really, kudos to Tyler.

Came here to make sure I wasn't the only one slightly worried about that.


Original here

I came here to defend him on that argument. When I'm in emergency mode, my body fills with adrenaline and an ultra-focus sets in.

You can see in Tyler's eyes that's what happened, and the other man seems confident on instructions so he is judging he should execute as he is told. Kudos to him too, he definetly seems like someone who stays calm in emergencies.

"Bless his heart"

Tyler was on autopilot. Sometimes I'll have hours of my day unaccounted for because I'm just mentally checked out when I'm tired, stressed or working. This gif made me smile. Wholesome for sure.

Exactly what I thought, Tyler was there to do one job, the details were irrelevant, obviously someone he trusted was hurt and giving instructions. I hope if I ever really need help I have a Tyler nearby.

Ah, the southern version of "what a fucking moron"

My wife's favorite thing to say.

You're why I come into the comments.

Well, the fact that the GIF was posted on /sub/funny should have been your first clue..

Buuuut again, maybe you just have a weird sense of humour! "He did cut his finger off! The mad man! Haha"

Hey fuck you buddy.

Bless her heart

Except he grabbed a pair of side cutters and not snips.

This is exactly how pranks should be. No one gets hurt, has their property damaged, everyone laughs and it's actually funny.

Real life Andy from Parks & Rec

As someone named Tyler I love allllll you guys

Was on a roof one time with an electrician who was redoing our breaker box, it came to the point where he needed to connect the main back to the house. He gave me a 2x4 and told me "if I start getting electrocuted smack me with it and knock me off the roof." Told him ok but if you try to play a joke, you are getting smacked off a roof. His response "that's what I want to hear." I knew then he wasn't messing around.

Oh hi Tyler

Please don't come in here, it already smells bad

No argument.

Ohh Tyler, buddy. Oh man.

I thought Tyler was going to do something awful like field amputate the finger to free old mate or something.

In my book he is internet famous for being a sweet guy.

god the wheels are spinning hard there

I don't think it means he's stupid, just that he was fully focused on what he saw as the problem. The human mind will happily reject anything it sees as not being necessary to solve a specific crisis.

I gotta be honest, I'd probably prefer Tyler to someone who's losing their shit in a crisis.

Omg I'm an idiot I had to watch it twice because I didn't catch it the first time....

Autopilot can be scary. I'll be in my car driving to work, and realize I don't recall the last five or so minutes, through three or four traffic lights.

Tattoos +5 Dexterity

for some reason I have your username tagged/flared in RES as the same colour as an admin, so I clicked your profile confused for a sec thinking somebody was added to the admin team or that I was being pissed about with by some mates, and you're a mates profile.

but I've come to the conclusion that I was prolly just being a perv one day, extremely high on the devils lettuce, and decided that I wanted to save your profile without adding to my bookmarks bar, or whatever.


I mean they can get the job done it's just gonna take a lot of dexterity to squeeze it to cut at the tip since he can't get it further down the blades.

Well I'm also a trucker so that worked too

Looked like he had the forearm for it.

No one gets hurt

Well, you might want to confirm that with the guy that is now worldwide internet famous for being stupid.

When you do the same things every day your brain says fuck it and stops forming as many memories. Who needs a head full of memories about their commute?

I had a year where I did almost nothing but wake up, drive to work, work for 10+ hours, and come back home exhausted. I don't remember shit about any of the details from that year

That's called browsing reddit

"Kinda of dumb."

Yeah, I'd say you're the expert.

Tyler came over like "I've been there before bud"

the fuck did i just read?

I was hoping I didn't miss a nsfl tag.

Tyler's hot.

Literally the first thing that came to my mind when he entered the frame! Even his facial gestures are the same lol

Let him know he's hot.

This guy frucks

Oh hi mark

Haircut +2 strength

That honestly sounds like something straight out of the Simpsons.

Sniffs pits ... Very well sir!

Like trying to figure out how you drop a 3-1 lead.

Online dating

from my point of view the jedi are evil

This isn't the first time I've heard similar things from multiple electricians... I've even been the one holding the 2x4.

It's a thing

Well... Thanks for your honesty

Edit: This is perhaps the best find someone has done for me.

I was actually expecting some freak out. If that was me I probably would've panicked and took my clothes off or something

Me and most of Reddit are impatient and desire instant gratification. We are more likely to click on a gif than a video.

Yeah, why share a gifv of this, when there's video with sound and everything?!

I want whatever Tyler Is smoking

Can't blame him for not stacking up intelligence as a warrior

Yep, can't let go of electricity once it grabs ya. They're telling you to save their lives by knocking them off with a 2x4.

side cutters can snip

I call them snips because theyre the only tool we use that can snip (save pliers)

🎵🎵🎵He was looking kinda dumb with his finger and his thumb🎵🎵🎵

Hugh-Jass Prattman

Which is all well and good until you forget to drop your kid off at daycare and she sits in your car all day while you're at work...

That shit was a fucking bummer to read, man.

He still believes Cleveland won the World Series in 3 games.

Poor Tyler. The guy was scared shitless.

Aw that makes me sad. Tell him the majority of us think he's sweet.

dude i know this guy irl

That's what I was thinking. Those eyes might be full of adrenaline, but they're also full of understanding

You're tearing me apaaahrt, Tyler!

aussie aussie aussie

Tyler is a beautiful man!

Real life Looney Toons

Bless your heart

This needs waaaay more upvotes.

Genuine prank, not just slapping strangers and saying "it's just a prank bro"

Also great reaction by Tyler

Is he as precious as he seems?

He was lookin kind of dumb. Edit: autocorrect.

Actually Side cutters would be better in this situation, rather than snips.

Also came here to say this.

I think you mean hand expressions.

Mine desperately needs a defrag.


Then you are lost!

I can tackle this subject.

This is why the military spends so much time training. You train hungry, train tired, train when its so cold you can't feel your hands. It's not to be an asshole, its because when shit hits the fan, all of us, even Navy Seals revert to their training, and you need to be able to execute without higher level thinking. Clearing weapon malfunctions, returning fire, proper radio etiquette and so on. Now the difference between a Navy Seal, SF, Delta ect. and your average Soldier or Marine is that a team can train to a higher level of proficiency, their ammo allotment for the year is probably equivalent to a brigade (~4600 people) and most of them are really experience operators. The more experienced you are, the more it takes to drive your brain into critical mode and the more executive function we keep.

We don't rise to the occasion, we fall back to the level of our training.

Reddit is a time sink.

Yeah I got half way through and thought to myself 'why the fuck am I watching the gif of this?'

"Thank you for saving my life, Kyle, but... did you have to do it that fucking hard?"

Though I imagine that's incredibly useful, seems a bit scary though?

Someone attempting to chat up an online porn chick.

Looks like a fusion of Hugh Jackman and Chris Pratt.

Eat Everything +300 Con

Ahsoka was nowhere to be found

Close enough, I'll pay it. It's 'oi'.

Little bit in love with Tyler, tbh


Dear God, bless Kyrie, Lebron and Kev ,and keep them safe from injury. Also, please be with the old guys like JR, Derron, Frye and Jefferson and also with the young lottery picks struggling to find his purpose on the team. Protect the paint and bricking threes and let us Lord finish strong at the rim and heavenly father keep us courageous in the face of the enemy, looking to draw charging fouls, and defeat the enemy Warriors again from that blaspheming whore of a city, Oakland. Amen.

this is a great thread guys

Are you a Rimworld pawn?

I watched the gif twice and still didn't get what was happening then watched the video which was way clearer/much better quality and got it immediately. I thought he was snipping it the wrong way or had the wrong tool, then it clicked when I realised the red spot was meant to be fake blood.

In the shape of an


on his forehead.

I've never forgotten my kids, but I can imagine how some parents, overworked, exhausted, autopilot, shit happens. People want to see parents like that crucified and made an example of without realizing the parent's life has already been destroyed.

i know this one!


You lost?

Edit - nevermind, I think I'm lost.

Also he is probably focusing on how to help the guy.

Hey he is of an the expert a grammar.

Don't you mean body verbalization?

Something finger something


True, but maybe those were the sharpest tool in the shed

Hes a character!

nailed it

You mean he tunnel visioned 110% and didn't think at all?