Two Earths colliding

Correct, this would be inconvenient for many people.

You know how much the ocean move from the moon alone at this current distance? Two planets that close together would have both oceans and atmosphere completely messed up. I imagine it would look a little messier than this.

So are we saying that we DON’T want this to happen, or...?

Left earth held up a lot better during initial impact. Left earth is best earth.


So will this take 2 Supermans to reverse time to fix or just one Superman flying twice as fast?

This is a really shitty and inaccurate rendering.

As long as they take New Jersey first, I'm ok with it.

The one on the right clearly doesn't know what it's doing. I'm pretty sure we're supposed to assume that they collided and fused into one new earth, but I think that left earth ate right earth.

Such a neat, clean collision

It would cause global warming, though some still deny it.

I wish they would've collided a little faster.

Larry, you want to take this one?

I imagine really cool until you just died from being smashed by 2 planets.

This hurt to read.