Twitch streamer leaves everyone mind fucked after a game of GeoGuesser

Twitch streamer leaves everyone mind fucked after a game of GeoGuesser

There is no way those were two different places. It was exactly the same.

Yea, this was clearly a bug in the app. Same grass, same birds, same weather. The UI just didn't update with the new image.

That said, it is a pretty extreme coincidence that the second location was Honolulu Hawaii.

Ah I love Geoguesser

My weirdest round was I once spawned in a bathroom tile/toilet store in India. I couldn't leave the building lmao

its a bug. the images are literally identical. it sometimes just doesnt update to the new location.

He guessed Honolulu first but it was some sand atoll on the coast of Brazil. Then he got very similar location and guessed the atoll but it was actually Hawaii :)

it wasn't Honolulu, but it was Hawaii

I'm gonna be that guy.

What happened?

hey that's me

I spawned in someone's garage in India, could only move three steps, couldn't see outside. Still guessed it was India though.

My weirdest one was out in a field in Russia. Couldn't move in any direction, could just make out a guy sitting on a bench under a tree at the edge of the field. I guess southern United States. I did not get points.

I remember seeing a side by side and the places are the same. It was definitely a bug but it's still crazy that it picked Honolulu the second time. I think he was playing a certain Category where it only shows you small islands or tropical places.

Here is a screengrab from google that I took of the small island off south america and it matches almost identically to his second location. The wind is blowing the same direction and the clouds are the same. It was a bug 100%.

classic beach segregation

Yep - basically the game trolled him live in front of all his followers. He threw off his headset and walked away.

My dad saw a hillside playing this game once and the rest of my family thought western USA.

He goes "Southwest Sicily" and walks away.

I put it there just to laugh when he was 10,000 miles away.

14 miles away.

... My dad has never been to Sicily.

It's only black sand on some beaches, not all of them.

It's treason, then.

Just speculation, but isn't Hawaii's sand darker than that due to the volcanic ash? I think it might have just been two pictures of the first place, but once again I'm totally speculating.

edit: Gotcha, there's lots of sand colors in Hawaii.

The point is streamer was talking about Honolulu Hawaii at the first image, but that wasn't it, it was some tiny island off the east coast of South America.

Then the image glitched to same place off the coast South America, so he guessed the same spot, but the game was then actually looking for Hawaii.

The game had no idea he had just said Hawaii, but by chance that's what the game was looking for next.

GeoGuessr is the ultimate dad game. Just like catching baseballs while holding a baby and telling terrible jokes that make you groan, becoming a dad automatically makes you incredible at GeoGuessr.

Damn Russia , if I can see a Lada, I've narrowed it down to a about 25% of the earth's land surface, but after that, I'm lucky to even be in the right time zone.

100%, it's a bug on Geoguesser. Here's a screenshot of both guesses and clearly they're the same place. It's still funny though.

Link your twitch, dingus. I assume you can link to original content creator in this sub.

From his twitch profile:

I stream 3-4 nights a week from ~1 AM EST - 7 AM. The dates change but I always try to announce on twitter or in my discord when I am going live.

This is what I thought happened, but was unsure. That second place reeeeeeally looked like the first place.

But now I'm curious. Is this game free to play? It seems like it would make a good party game.

On my dad's first game of GeoGuessr he said "this looks like Novosibirsk, Russia." The man has never been to Russia in his life and he fucking nailed it.

It's nature's way of keeping her property value up

Guess we'll have to visit the islands and find out for oursleves

It's free. And you can sync it up with another person and a timer so you both start in the same location and have a time limit to figure out where you are.


Yup. Something is messed up either with Geoguessr or Maps. They are literally the same location, down to that one rock jutting out, and the Stonehenge looking shoreline in the distance.


Chances are it'll be Western russia

this guy's name is harbleu- professional overwatch player. really entertaining!

Not to mention that place looks nothing like Hawaii. Way too flat for even a small volcanic island. Hawaii also has trees and meth addicts, I don't see either in the second location.

relevant xkcd

Thats what we call gentrification

"mind fucked" ?

i spawned in a mosque and couldnt move

You're in luck my friend

Or has he....WeirdAlFan, are you sure of your dad's career?

Same Harbleu who used to play TF2?

He's an overwatch streamer. He just streams the browser game while waiting for overwatch queues.

To repeat another comment, the fact that the same image appeared twice is probably a bug. But the real mindfuck is the fact that at first he guessed Honolulu, but it was actually that island off of Brazil. The second time it popped up, he guessed that same island, but it turned out to bu Honolulu.


it was some tiny island off the east coast of South America.

For people who are looking for it: Atol das Rocas, Brazil.

It doesn't have to be a "dedicated" game to stream it.

You can stream anything on your computer, Greg.

My favorite was a shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean.

He seemingly got the same place twice, if you don't know GeoGuesser its literally any where on google maps that can show up so to have it same place twice is probably getting close to winning the lottery in terms of chance.

Edit: Yes I'm aware its probably a bug, I did say seemingly.

Book your mystery vacation today!

Gets trolled by the Overwatch devs, switches to GeoGuessr, gets trolled by them too

Hi Dad!

And so it is.

Confirm, eastern Russia will have more right-wheeled toyotas etc.

If it only has right wheels wouldn’t that make it a motorbike?


Yeah, the coincidence here is that the second place it choose was hawaii.

It's the same picture. Probably just a bug

and your regular variety, uh, sand colour sand beaches.

If Crayola taught me anything as a kid, the color you're looking for is "flesh".

so OP at Overwatch they literally nerfed all of your mains into the ground FeelsBadMan

Hawaii has a wide variety of sand colours actually...The black sand beaches are very much due to lava flows, but they also have green sand beaches and your regular variety, uh, sand colour sand beaches.

But yeah, I agree that both pictures were likely the same.


3/5 of the beaches are black.

GeoGuessr is great fun but you can't play more than a few games in a row before it fucks up.

To be fair Novosibirsk stand out from other cities.

As many pointed out, it is the same location being displayed twice. Comparison.

As many pointed out, it is the same location being displayed twice.

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

'Twitch streamer experiences software bug'


I swear that has to be a bug

Looks like the line is different second time around. Very slightly different, but not a glitch. 


It's more likely that it was just the image that got stuck.

Looks like the line is different second time around. Very slightly different, but not a glitch.


It's more likely that it was just the image that got stuck.

It's a weird bug in GeoGuesser. Here is where the guy was. It's definitely nowhere near Hawaii which is a set of volcanic islands and looks nothing like this.

Not really nature. A lot of the white sand is imported to Hawaii from California.

It is known.

Once I was on a highway with a sign that said "Los Angeles: 20 miles" in English or something like that, I figured "LA, miles, English? Easy." It was in Peru or some shit.

Exactly the same. Definitely a bug.

Sleeper agent for sure.

I have had a few really odd locations like a temple in the middle of India that had 0 signs, road markings or anything to even give a hint towards where it might be exactly, or inside a Renault dealership in Dusseldorf.

But the oddest one by virtue of improbability was being placed in Scotland on a round about next to the canal that i cycle along regularly when i do runs on my bike.

probably the group participation aspect of it. it's like playing a party game with all your friends at a house party but from the comfort of your own home.

sans friends.

Yeah look at my first location! I know exactly where it is... it's the black hole down the street

Huh I guess cars drive on the right hand side in blackholes

Huh I guess cars drive on the right hand side in blackholes

Why would anybody want to watch someone streaming that? Maybe I'm just old, but damn, that seems boring.

I just ran a game and noticed a sign on a telephone pole that said something about Sverdlovsk - I really thought knowing the Cyrillic alphabet and a bit of history (city's been renamed Yekaterinburg) was going to be my secret weapon there.

Turned out to be some random place in Ukraine, thousands of kilometers away.

It's the birskiest by far.

This isn't a mindfuck in any way, it's so clearly a bug...

Couldn't that TOO have been a glitch. It displays the same image of the mystery island, then displays the same image of the line between Hawaii and Mystery Island?

Only if they're not allowed to mix. If they choose to go to different beaches, that's up to them.

He is a professional overwatch player who sometimes plays this game during his queue times to get into the game

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Gotta get the karma with the clickbait titles.

Same picture, still a funny video.

he is. he's now a pro overwatch player and actually gets a salary and fans for being good (rip tf2)

Please explain to me why loads of people are watching this guy play this thing, I don't get it?

Interestingly, mosques in different countries have different styles, colors, stonework, and geometric pattern, so it is possible to at least guess the country if one knew that, but even then it might be a mosque built anywhere else in the world by immigrants from that country, because they tend to build it in their style even when they go to other countries.

Harb, you're fuckin hilarious, man. Keep doing what you're doing!

Not necessarily.

I got a furniture store in India once. Couldn't leave the store but I saw what store it was from posters and paperwork lying around. Max points score, very proud of that one.

There's always a relevant xkcd

I felt a bit of shame one time as I got put in Russia, I thought I was in Russia, but then saw some black kids out in front of a house playing and thought "Oh, this is somewhere in Africa!" fml

Yeah it's just an atoll. Hawaii looks nothing like this, although one day they will.

I remember spawning on a street with a heap of shit on it, It was India.

Parrotfish poop

Edit: knowledge droppings

That's what I love about China-always the right time zone

Holy shit. I just started playing after seeing this post. First set of maps. I should quit while I'm ahead.

Edit: nevermind.

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Harbleu is the fucking best

Don't EVER tell me what I can't do