TWD should run 90 minutes ALL the time

TWD should run 90 minutes ALL the time

Tonights episode felt like a true episode. I wasn't really begging for more once it was done. Any thoughts?

Im glad to see others share my wish. AMC make it happen for your loyal dead!

the upvotes are fantastic

Who cares how much of it was actual show and how much was advertisement. The point is TWD should run from 9pm est to 1030pm est.

Without the commercials this episode ran for 59 minutes. So it simply felt full since it was an actual hour!

Could you imagine what the show would be like if HBO didn't turn it down? It would so much more gruesome. A lot of swearing. And possibly some boobies

Upvotes don't help, you whore.

The runtime of an HBO or SHOWTIME episode. Shame both networks turned down the show

How do we start the petition? Donations? Obama, you want a say in this? Hey Mr. Hardwick, should I throw my wallet at you errrrrr….?

I heard one of the reasons it did not work out with HBO is because they actually wanted to dial back the violence. I have heard this several times however I can't say that is true or not.

That can't be true.

Most shows get turned down, and this one is especially expensive to execute correctly. The question is, why did AMC take a chance on it? It wasn't really in keeping with their brand, but obviously turned out to be a great move.

Aw don't be too hard on him it was a good try.

But then we wouldn't get Motherdick....

I agree I wish they could have the full 90 minutes as well 1 hour and 4 minutes after commercials. It pleased me and I wasn't checking how long until the episode was over because I knew I still had lots of time left. I still would have been happy if it was even longer tho I just love the walking dead.

Fuck 90, let's go for a solid two hours. Ever watch a season finale of Lost? The content they were able to pack into those two hours was phenomenal.

Especially expensive? While it's pricey, I'm like 99% sure It has nothing on Game of Thrones. Or that older show Rome they did.

I don't have numbers, on mobile, but I believe GOT is one of the most expensive projects ever. And they pay their actors well, even!

And the word Fuck.

It's just a self-post anyway, don't be too harsh on him.

Yeah. The real kick in the teeth is that whole cut to adverts and then "Welcome back and thats the end of the show" thing. UK we get one break between shows and one in the middle. Cutting to breaks a minute before the end of a show is how WW2 started.

Netflix gave $100 million for House of Cards (Spacey stated in an interview). I think it was season 2 of GoT where it HBO was billed a million an episode.

I thought the same thing but found this

Yeah that really annoyed me actually. Of course I was expecting there to be adverts, but ffs can networks just start calling shows by their actually length. Half hours are only 22 mins and hours are 45 mins at best.

this was pre-game of thrones

Theyd probably trade violence for boobies

Netflix gave $100 million for House of Cards

His and Robin Wright's combined salaries probably make up a quarter of that. Not that I have a problem with it, I'm just saying it takes a lot to make a pair of Hollywood actors do TV.

The episode ran for an hour and three minutes, roughly, so about 20 minutes extra.

Well la dee da, look at mister fancy pants with his 45 minute shows!

(joking as I'd have to go back about 20 years to find "hour" shows that are 45 minutes. Most hour shows now come in closer to 40-41 minutes.)

I don't think anyone classes The Grove as a filler episode :S "Them" is a better example.

That can potentially wear thin, if there isn't always something major to fill the extended run time. The real-life example that comes to mind here is Sons of Anarchy and its extended episodes for pretty much all of season 5 through 7.

That said, I do think yet last night could have used a 2 HOUR run time, just to get more resolution on the potential external conflict, if you catch my drift.

Mine said 63min -_-

I don't think the show needs 90 minutes to be better or feel complete. My problem with the show is the boring filler episodes that barely move the plot forward.

I was surprised when some of the ads were cut short.

The word Fuck, that will be used a lot.

Don't get me wrong Motherdick is cool, but nothing beats the word fuck.

and it was around the time of True Blood's peak gore/sex.

Why did they turn it down?

No I don't think you do. There are shows that don't have boring filler episodes. There are shows that move the plot forward significantly every episode.

That's hilarious.

I'm a huge LOST fan, and it definitely had its "eh" moments, but one thing they nearly always did right was the season finales. Consistent hype

People keep saying GoT is gory. Why?

Game of Thrones isn't that gory. The worst thing they've had is an exploding skull...and Rick did the same thing to a walker last night without 1/10th the fanfare.

Out of the 530 minutes last season of GoT, excluding the battle episode, there were maybe 10 minutes of violence, and that's being generous.

Hell, those torture scenes with Reek don't show any gore or violence, other than snipping at a pinky. That's as violent as the torture got. That's tamer than 24.

Indirectly. It's not the budget that causes them to have 10 episodes, it's the amount of work needed.

They keep coming closer and closer to the deadline each year. And anymore than 10 would be kind of shitty anyway. Gotta keep that quality up!

From Zomboobwe

The goriest scene in Game of Thrones was when a certain viper got his head smashed in, although that is gory TWD does it pretty much every episode.

Idk man. The suspense was too much for me. I was walking around so nervous for Glenn and Rick and the town. I couldn't contain myself. Lmao

Sometime in October 2015.

People bitch about how many commercials are shown during TWD but I don't think there any more shown more during the show than there are on any hour-long show. Seems like a silly complaint, IMO.

Yep. There was also a teaser for the spinoffand a new TV Spot for Jurassic World.

The character development from those "filler" episodes help flesh out the series and makes the plot that much more meaningful because the characters are more connectable.

Like Fargo, Game of Thrones, Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad (except for FLY) Boardwalk Empire, House of Cards, The Fall, True Detective.