Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to "chop off the heads" of traitors in coup anniversary speech

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to "chop off the heads" of traitors in coup anniversary speech
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to "chop off the heads" of traitors in coup ann...

The man's a fucking maniac. 100% dictator material, and I'm still pretty damn sure the coup was largely staged.

And I hate to bring this up but that last bit sounded exactly like something D.J.T. would say.

"First of all we will chop off the heads of those traitors," Erdogan told a rally in Istanbul, prompting cries from the crowds that capital punishment should be restored in Turkey.

"I spoke to the prime minister and... when they appear in court, let's make them appear in uniform suits like in Guantanamo," Erdogan said.

He benefitted massively from that coup.

It gave him the excuse he needed to crack down on his perceived enemies in the military and the judicial system.

I definitely think that there could be more to that story.

And I believe him. Sad to see what was once the most moderate Muslim country turn into this.

That's why he staged it.

There are supposed to be protections in place to stop him personally profiting from being POTUS which have spectacularly failed to be enforced, so don't get too excited about those other protections functioning as intended.

Most of them require Republicans to hold a Republican president to account.

Surely Erdogan's end goal with reinstating capital punishment is to purge, in the worst sense of the word, all of his remaning political opponents. It's sad to see a relatively moderate, free, and democratic country backslide like this.

Hope the rest of my family can get out of that country before things get worse.

If he wants to kill those who orchestrated the "coup" he will have to start by committing suicide.

"First of all we will chop off the heads of those traitors," Erdogan told a rally in Istanbul, prompting cries from the crowds that capital punishment should be restored in Turkey.

"I spoke to the prime minister and... when they appear in court, let's make them appear in uniform suits like in Guantanamo," Erdogan said.

Ten years ago many people thought I was exaggerating when I called this guy the Turkish Hitler. Meanwhile his post "coup" purge and the way he holds rigged elections support such a claim perfectly.

It was only because of the ignorance and a lack of vigilance on behalf of many of the Turkish people that their republic has crumbled.

It can happen anywhere, so be wary.

He didnt say "we will chop off the heads".

He said we will "crush their heads" which is a saying Turkish. He didnt mean it literally.

In this context this saying means " Stoping, finishing, ending, defeating any treacherous movement ".

He didnt mean to chop off their heads literally. This headline is plain wrong.

Noone stages a coup that's gonna put them in prison for the rest of their lives.

Are you talking about Erdogan? Because I'm pretty sure a dictator who just passed a law that he is the law isn't worried about going to prison.

To be fair, if it's a moderate Muslim-majority country you're looking for, Malaysia I'd say is freer than Turkey, though arguably less propserous.

EDIT: apparently Freedom House ranks Indonesia as much more democratic than Malaysia

I agree, so far we have had zero accountability with this administration. Notwithstanding the election rigging, not with Trump's copyrights, not with Mara Lago, not with Donald Jr., not with the FCC or the NSA, the list goes on. It's not just them either, there's the whole DNC chair fiasco as well that seemed to get swept under the rug. Corruption and lobbying is running rampant, and we need some serious checks in place. I think all of us should start with the lobbying issue first. We need to protest and have sit inside and bombard our representatives offices with phone calls, emails, and letter campaigns to end corporate lobbying. Corporations aren't people and they don't have our interests in mind, only the bottom line.

ALL of the lower ranked soldiers claimed they had no idea what was going on (right before their heads got chopped up in front of the camera. Yeah, that happened!). These poor (used) soldiers claimed that their higher up gave an order to hold the bridge (and several other places), without even knowing that a coup was going on. One of them went to the nearby cafe (there is CCTV footage of this), to go to the bathroom, and he found out about the coup right there. He thought he was part of a drill.

It's funny though, that people still claim that this could never have been staged, but if you look at how many soldiers were part of the coup (which was no more than a few hundred), you should be able to realize (unless you're a dumbnut) that the coup could never have succeeded.

It was fake, folks. Use your head.

"First of all we will chop off the heads of those traitors," "Then the heads of the Enemies of Turkey," "Then the heads of every one in attendance!" "And finally My own head"

He just happened to be in the air in a helicopter during a coup?

Maybe they can trade with the German erdogan supporters.

Thank god that the United States has some serious protections in place to check the president's actions and prevent him from seizing more power. It's the reason why I can watch someone like Trump become president without my blood running cold with fear for the American democracy.

I don't know why everyone wants to give the example of Egypt when a neighbor country Tunisia went from a dictatorship to a young democracy that survived the election of a majority Islamic government and then elected a secularist liberal government next without any bloodshed or riots. People shouldn't really treat the arab world as a whole block. Each and every country has its own society and its own perspectives.

That's a translation mistake. He didn't say chopping heads literally. He just used a proverb about it. Some media is missing the nuance completely.

Turkey was a lot more secular a decade ago than Indonesia or Malaysia are now.

It was Sweden. Here's the article

Don't worry about it..

He's been rounding up and imprisoning his opposition for a while now but people are sill only 'worried' that he 'might' be a bad guy..

At this rate it'll take them another 10 years to figure it out.

i used to think of Erdogan as just another autocratic right-winger that would eventually go with time and the electoral process, but there was a key moment even before the coup where i started seriously suspecting him of being something worse, and that moment was when he started bombing Kurds when they tried to advance on ISIS territory across the Euphrates river which is considered to be "Turkmen/Sunni land" or whathave you. with those actions, Turkey flat out said they would prefer having ISIS occupying historically Sunni territory rather than Kurds. i began seriously suspecting him there

then he started being super friendly with Putin after someone below him in the chain of command pulled the trigger on the Russians. and he removed all doubt in me

Morocco is de facto a dictatorship that is continuing a violent occupation in the Western Sahara.

IMO one of the best remaining Muslim countries that is moderate is Tunisia. They kicked out their "President" and have a pretty successful democracy going right now.

No, he's referring to the soldiers. He means that the soldiers who rebelled likely did so for an actual coup, and were not doing so just for show. It's most likely that Erdogan got a small number of soldiers to fake one and let the rumors propel the other soldiers to join in the fake coup. It would be an easy way to figure out which soldiers were actually dissatisfied with your rule.

A new report in Sweden reveals Erdoğan orchestrated July 15 coup in Turkey

It is expected he will be reinstating capital punishment soon, formally ending Turkey's EU candidacy. This may not be just rhetoric. Tens of thousands have been accused of being Gulenists and this could be the beginning of a purge.

People shouldn't really treat the arab world as a whole block.

People really shouldn't consider Turkey to have ever been any part of the Arab world.

Pretty easily when the president kills any minorities or dissidents that disagree. Aside from that, just cancel the passports and call them Guillen supporters.

The world eagerly awaits the fall of Turkish Autocracy to herald in an age of democratic muslim society. Overlord erdocunt has proven he's the furthest thing from that.

the whole DNC chair fiasco as well that seemed to get swept under the rug

Two in a row. I don't know how this flew under everybody else's radar, but:

The DNC chair prior to DWS was... drumroll please... Tim Kaine. Kaine took over from Howard Dean in 2009 (a year after Clinton lost the nomination to Obama.)

In 2011, Kaine resigned as DNC chair and recommended to replace him... DWS.

In 2016, Kaine got the VP nod while almost every national figure in the Democratic Party - hell, almost every figure period - threw their support behind Clinton.

That doesn't happen when a candidate outshines all their opponents, or at least, it didn't this time - look how many other candidates had support opposite Clinton in 2008. No, that happens when somebody is gonna win the nomination due to a domino-like effect that starts when the first person realizes they'll be fucked for funding if they're the lone holdout, and jumps on the bandwagon to remain in the new leader's good graces.

Everybody on the left wants the last Democratic primary to have been some kind of long con, and although there was a lot (a lot) of tomfoolery, that's just not the way it was.

Rather, Clinton's little faction played quid pro quo right out in the open. Kaine got the VP nod, DWS got the chair, that little faction of the party squeezed the nomination out of everybody else, DWS took the fallout. And who cares? She didn't lose her seat in the House, Kaine didn't lose his seat in the Senate.

You don't have to break the law when you can just buy the people involved.

This is reductionist. The problem with Egypt's first elected president was that he pretty much immediately wanted to shut down democratic institutions and checks and balances, the young democracy was supposed to become an islamic republic.

Didn't the Dutch release some papers last month that they said showed Erdogan was behind the coup attempt?

Kaine was on the VP shortlist for longer than that. As a Virginian whose been a supporter of his for over a decade, it wasn't exactly some big conspiracy to see him get DNC chair or the VP nomination. Plus he speaks Spanish. Trying to counter Trump's anti Hispanic rhetoric, Kaine was a logical choice that didn't surprise me at all.

so is there anyone on the planet besides turkish residents that believe that it was an actual coup? because i doubt it

I think you should've started having doubts when he said : "Democracy is like a train, you get off once you have reached your destination." (Tayyip Erdoğan, 1996)

Of all countries in the region, Turkey was the last I'd expect to see turning into full dictatorship. Let's just hope he doesn't get Hitlerian delusions of grandeur and start invading nearby countries.

Lmao you paid any attention to the way Netanyahu is acting?

You mean the dumb Turkish residents, as anyone with an IQ over 100 in Turkey knows that the coup was staged.

Erdogan and his supporters are scumbags

Well from what I've gathered they've arrested tens of thousands of citizens & civil servants without any formal charges under the guise of being 'coup supporters'. I think this development of Erogdan's statement could possibly be seen as the next logical step towards executing anyone against the current regimes agenda.

Hey, who told you you were allowed to leave T_D?

Noone stages a coup that's gonna put them in prison for the rest of their lives. The coup was infiltrated 100%. How much of the driving forces we undercover agents can only be speculated and honestly it's not really that relevant. But he knew for sure about it and let it happen.

Nobody has released papers showing him as "behind" the coup attempt, and I say this as someone who despises Erdoğan.

Rather, the coup was real but Erdoğan was able to use his political clout to force the time and place. He was drawing up a list of military officers he was basically going to purge, and when the "Gülenists" (read: literally anyone Erdoğan doesn't like) caught wind they were forced to launch the coup at an inopportune time.

Erdoğan certainly knew about the coup ahead of time and manipulated it into happening on his schedule, but he didn't mastermind or stage the whole thing. It's kind of like the Reichstag Fire, as it is believed by historians that the Nazis didn't directly do it but they aided in its happening and reaped the rewards.

If by "obliterated" you mean being held accountable for what he says or does, then you're right. Politicians, and the President of the United States specifically, should have everything they say or do scrutinized to the fullest extent. They make our laws, enact our policies, and represent we the people in every facet of their lives. Doing anything less is itself a crime.

I hate reddit for post titles, I love reddit for the explanations in the comments.

As a Turkish citizen, I am already looking for a new citizenship. Even though one day Erdogan's reign will come to an end, the mindset of the people have proved how dumb of a nation we have become. Today, if you PROVE that the coup is staged to the citizens they will definitely call you a traitor and call the cops on you. I will be starting my University studies in Hong Kong after a month and before my passport expires, I will definitely be looking for a new citizenship if the Turkish Embassy does not make problems because they are causing a lot of people that are abroad by not renewing their passports or even canceling it. Lets see where the wind will blow in the future but honestly, Turkey is already set back at least 50 years.

Unoriginal. Robespierre did it first.

Idiots like you forgot that really the only people who still whinge about Hillary or give a fuck about her any more are you Trumpettes yourselves. She lost, get over it.

Spain joined the NATO while it was a dictatorship. Dictatorships are not per se unwelcome to NATO.

And then he rails against the EU for not granting membership to Turkey.

What about Morocco? I always thought Morocco, while it has its problems, is fairly chill.

The purge started exactly 1 year ago.

You trusted them over Israel?


Israel has certainly not be any nicer. Ever since Ben Gurion lost power and the shitheads at Likud and the like took over, Israel has been a militaristic asshole of a country. Do you remember when they basically started the Lebanese Civil War by letting their friends massacre Muslims? Hell, just look at how they continue to treat Palestinians and refuse to entertain the notions of integration or one-state solution.

Turkey has been worse than Israel at times in terms of political stability, but it has always kept those issues confined to its own borders. Meanwhile, Israel apparently can't fucking help itself from meddling in its neighbors' affairs.

Yeah, a centrist democrat with a proven history of accepting gifts as well as other accusations of corruption is exactly what the centrist democratic candidate who'd been accused of corruption needed. Very logical.

Hillary wanted to drone Julian Assange

[[[[[citation needed]]]]]

They will hate him in a week in turkey

So sad that Turkey is regressing when it was such a promising, energetic, modernizing nation that renewed itself not even 100 years ago.

Russia has never been an actual working democracy, the Jeltsin years were more like a democracy of chaos

he said "başlarını ezeceğiz" which translates as crushing their heads. But this is just figurative. He didnt mean to crush their heads literally. This is just a idiom. It mean stoping defeating ending etc..

Tunisia jailed someone for a year for remixing the call to prayer.

I'm not commenting on Israel directly as I do not know enough about it. However, every country in the world that has ended up with a dictatorship has said, "our country will not tolerate a dictator" and slept walked into it.

I'm just a poor, lost lamb, ignorant of the world. Please, O wise one, show me the way.

Oh no not the Gulenists! It's crazy how a man living in exile in Pennsylvania orchestrated an organized coup across all parts of government in Turkey.

Turkey deserves to be sectarian, Islamism has no place within the government and Ataturk himself is ashamed of you, Kaffir.

It's a good thing we coup supporters brought on that NBA player and had his parents arrested. That will show them!

Of all countries in the region, Turkey was the last I'd expect to see turning into full dictatorship.

You trusted them over Israel?

Let's just hope he doesn't get Hitlerian delusions of grandeur and start invading nearby countries.

The will is certainly already there.

E.g: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_involvement_in_the_Syrian_Civil_War

On 27 March 2014 an audio tape recording of high-level Turkish officials discussing Turkey's Syria strategy was released on YouTube.[173] The officials discussed a false flag operation that would lead to an invasion of Syria. YouTube was subsequently blocked in Turkey.

A vote in the Turkish Parliament was scheduled for October 1, 2014 on whether or not to invade Syria as part of the war on ISIL.[174] while preparations for a possible invasion were made.[175] It was later delayed a day.

The de facto "declaration of war" is to take the form of two separate motions—one on Iraq and one on Syria, which would authorize Turkish troops to invade those countries.[176] the opposition said they hadn't been able to read either motion, as the exact text had been delayed.

Erdogan and his supporters certainly have delusions of grandeur as well, given that they dream of creating some kind of pseudo ottoman empire.

Not a mistake, this is intentional

Edit: as in intentionally translated it wrong

Oh I how I love to here a loyal Trump supporter call other people idiots.

And what the fuck is it with you people and Hillary? Why do you think her existence somehow invalidates any criticism of your new king?

Like, did you mother ever ask you "if everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you do it?". Just because other people are jumping off the bridge doesn't mean it is acceptable to do so.

In context of the Arab region. For Egypt for example, had Morse been less of a gentleman and cleared the house of the corrupt old elite system, then he would still be in power.

The Muslim brotherhood wanted to do things too legit and see where it got them?

In the Arab world you may need to do this to prevent from old systems from relapsing.

Though in Turkey, the last president was from Erdogan's party. So not really sure what he is clearing out. He is just pure dictator.

I wouldn't be so sure, Trump seemed impossible, untill it happened. Russia was a free democracy, untill Putin.

Even here in Scandinavia, we've seen some scary stirrings murmurring about...

Vigilance, and take these threats seriously; let's learn from others, not fall where they have.

Isn't he widely considered to be a dictator by the western world? I don't think we lack people who want something done about him. Just that nobody knows what exactly to do.

Oh, but it's the Kurds who are terrorists and "don't want peace"...what a fucked up country.

Thank you. You are showing exactly how fucking dumb Erdogan supporters are.

Edit: He/She send me a pm. 'Noldu gücüne gitti galiba vatanseverlerin ülkesine sahip çıkması. Amk yabancı yalakası köpekleri sizi'.

I think you are confusing loving your country with blindly following a mad man because you are afraid to critically look at Turkey and raise questions to try improve Turkey as a whole, and thereby being called a traitor.

So do you think he shouldn't be jailed for colluding with a foreign government to meddle in a major government election or potentially compromising our national security for personal gain? I'm not sure what you mean by assets seized, but profiting from political office or getting kickbacks is illegal for a reason too.

It would be too much.

For Erdogan? I doubt it.

Doesn't trump like this guy?


Right. Same in German media. Yesterday it was reported as "tearing off their heads", which in German is a known expression which is obviously not meant literal. Today they changed it to "cutting off their heads" and it's promptly going viral. It's annoying, I don't need my media feeding me bullshit to make me angry, the things that are really happening are quite enough.

I think it's probably so too, but IIRC it's still a country where the monarch has a lot of powers, while Malaysia is a democracy whose political institutions were inherited from the U.K.

People are either angry or making fun of him in relative peace and security and going on with their lives as normal, mostly.

Turkey, Russia and China is not the same at all.

I knew I'd find you here if I scrolled far enough down.

To achieve what exactly? Erdogan wont risk eu talks because his voters demand revenge.

Turkey's leadership does not give a fuck about EU membership and after Turkey regressed this much, and given all those threats made by Erdogan against Europeans, that "dream" is over anyways. As a European I hope we will soon end those farcical talks.

This is exactly what my point was in my comment and thank you for proving it mate!

Well since it happened in a dictatoral state, and the people who would contest his account are to have their heads cut off, then yes it may be something that the public is not aware of.

Remember the time during the election when T_D was complaining about every move Obama made. Why didn't the "he's president get over it" argument apply then?

With regard to a referendum and not election, the independent and others have wrote articles based on it. A lot of it being based on the fact that the Kurdish area supposedly voted to give him dictatorial power and that 1.5m votes which were not stamped as being legal were counted.

I'd understand Trump, dude hates Muslims and most of the US loves it, but he never said he'd kill anyone.

Except for that one time he said we should start killing entire families in order to stop terrorism. But that hardly counts, he only said it on national television.

Yeah? I doubt it. This fucking maniac will do whatever IT Takes .

Actually, the US presidential system is the prime model for Erdogans chance of the constitution.

He's literally the mad king.

I guess he got the idea from ISIS Orange jumpsuit and their heads being chopped off

Reddit headlines, misleading as usual

I'm not so confident about that statement, but make that 30-40 years ago and I would agree with you. Turkey had the benefit of an earlier modernization while the SEA region was still struggling with how to democracy after becoming new independent states, and suffered from some instability.

Also, it's sometimes difficult to distinguish between freedom, economic prosperity, and Western cultural closeness, and so it's pretty difficult to tell either way.

"Butt licker"... Guess who licks Erdogan's butt.