Turkey stops a fight between two roosters

Turkey stops a fight between two roosters

Of course its the black chicken that get arrested. #blackcocksmatter

Redneck starts a fight - cops take away black victim. SMH.

Wait til the average chickens come up with #AllCocksMatter smh

You may think they are just flapping their wings and jumping but each one of those jumps they are stabbing each other with spurs on the backs of their legs. They'll drive them into their opponent about 2 inches deep and shove in dirt and bacteria into the wound.

Each jump they can stab the other several times with each leg.

I have a rooster so I know what happens when he squares off and comes at me. There can only be one boss of the chicken yard and he wants to be it.

I learned my lesson the hard way. There is no peaceful solution. Now, if he so much as looks at me I come after him. If he gets within 6 feet of me I come after him. If he crows while I'm out there I come after him.

And I slap him silly.

So i stumbled upon this video while searching for random animal fights, at one point i came upon peacock vs turkey, and turkey vs turkey fights, and then finally this video.

I would've automatically linked closer to the stoppage by the turkey police, however the guy filming provided pretty ok commentary so yeah


Came in looking for the Chicken Police video. Here it is if anyone else was looking:

Important PSA:

You are an asshole if you keep a rooster in a residential neighborhood.

This message brought to you by my asshole neighbors and their fucking rooster that won't shut up.


video pls

Let us know if you find anything else good on your trip down the rabbit turkeyhole.

It is animal instinct to protect the flock. They do not really notice difference in species. It is the same with the turkey in OP video.

There are some good kangaroo vs human videos, though id say spider fighting is pretty entertaining

I don't know why you'd lie about that

Fucking turkey-ass always gotta be chasing after the blacks.

Hahah the one chicken kicks the rabbit like "What the fuck are you thinking dude?" then they both just walk away

not going to lie, laughed when he said "look at that...the police department"

Guess I've gotten lucky several of my neighbors have had roosters throughout out the years . They crow in the morning and are fairly quiet the rest of of the day. That said I still get to listen to the high pitch barking of my next door neighbors yappy shit head dog that barks at everything including his own shadow for hours on end. I'd report it but she's a nice lady and gives us tasty baked goods.

I've been fucked up by roosters and turkeys. People think this is cruel, but they probably haven't been mauled by an asshole turkey.

It's farm mentality really. Farmers and livestock owners have to respect the animals and their instincts and that is the only way. You don't want to be mauled? You become top cock.

That turkey is good people.

Any animal experts here? Why would the chickens do that?

No discrimination? Shitt, some people can learn from them

I used to give my rooster the old "steel toe hello" anytime he did anything he thought was hot shit in front of me. Crow, walk towards me, mount one of the hens, it was constant

You don't want to be mauled? You become top cock.

Instructions unclear, now a mauled power bottom.

They need to get a turkey to keep that rooster in line


Japanese spider fighting, although there are some ghetto style fighting videos in the philippines

I too would like to see this happening

To establish true dominance just mount the hens before he can get a turn

while searching for random animal fights




Well... all relative. Starts with protect the flock. Who decides what's part of the 'flock'?

Also have rooster, can confirm. Just had chicks hatch so he's a mean motherfucker lately. No other choice than to go for a field goal kick when he's sprinting at you.

That's pretty screwed up, but it's also way different than most of the cockfighting I've seen.

Most of the time one rooster chickens out and the other chases it around for a bit before they're both grabbed and the chaser is declared the winner. I've never seen one seriously beaten; they're always grabbed when one gains a clear advantage.

But this is in impoverished areas where the stakes are lower and roosters are worth more.

Wait until the womhen hear about this. Nonstop clucking.

"if I'm not fighting, nobodies fighting" -turkey

No we want to see this guy slap his rooster silly

I realized after typing this how it sounds

Are you talking about the Japanese spider fighting or the mortal kombat style - throw em' in a cage and see who comes out?

Why else?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It sort of looks like they pause in between fighting to eat and search for food and then they look up and they're like "da fuq you're still here whatchu looking at oy" and go back to fighting

"pelea de gallos" or "palenques gallos"

Search for . Is sad, cruel and savage, plus the stakes and money involved are ridiculously high.

Oh my god, my girlfriend has a Siberian Husky who could be pretty loud before he was neutered if he heard another dog bark when he was let out for a piss or whatever.

Anyway, one night at around 6pm I let him out and some random dog barks at just the right time in the distance, so her dog barks right back, probably telling the other dog to fuck off or whatever.

Anyway, he barks maybe twice and I hear the neighbours back door swing open, followed by "shut up, it's getting late" shouted over the fence to the dog.

Anyway the dog just looks at him, takes a shit and walks back inside. I'm dumbfounded and since they're not my neighbours I figure I should keep the peace and let it go.

This was about a year ago. Now they've went ahead and bought this toy poodle thing and I shit you not, that thing barks the second it's let out until the second the door shuts behind it again. High-pitched yapping, any time of the day every few hours.

I drove into my girlfriends street tonight and their son was walking it (first time I got a good look at it since their back garden fence is like 6ft high) and it literally pulled on the leash til it stood on its back legs barking at my car. If it was loose it would have run under my moving car.

Suffice to say I fucking hate her neighbours for several other reasons, but the fact they've gone ahead and bought this little white nightmare just takes the cake.

Anyway, your post reminded me and I had to rant, sorry dude.

Well my neighbor's rooster is loud as fuck and crows at 7:00 and 8:30 and then freestyles through the afternoon until sundown.

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That looked so perfect it seems fake.

Much like Josh Koscheck, the Kangaroo's are susceptible to the under utilized straight jab.


Meanwhile in Cajun country

I wonder why the turkey actually did that

damn that Turkey looks hench

You might like /sub/animalsstoppingfights

Coq au Vin recipe

I truly don't know either. I've kept ducks and chickens together and the ducks laid down the law real fucking fast. That lasted till I put some table scraps out for my dog and the head duck tried to bow up to her. It snapped at her and I don't know if I have ever seen that level of instant regret before in my life. It was a domestic duck but that day it learned to fly a little trying to not lose it's tail feathers.

I can handle a rooster. It's my neighbor's bloody fucking peacock that I'd like to strangle.


Cock smatter

"Womhen" how is this not a legit term?

Law & order

That turkey shut that shit down right quick. "Did i say you little cocks could fight?"

What is smatter? 🦃

those Japanese insect fighting videos are life

guinea hens

Hah! Roosters? Those things are a dream compared to those fucking I see in the background.

Many underground competitions (cockfights) involve the use of this tactic actually.

Except they wrap a small blade around their legs and proceed to use the same concept, except yaknow actually do more damage.

It is absolutely brutal and disgusting and I've had the unfortunate pleasure of seeing this when I was younger in a certain third world country.

This is intriguing

probably in retaliation for this http://media.curse.com/CommunityServer.Components.UserFiles/00/00/08/86/03/ChickenRabbitSex.png

probably in retaliation for this

then why did the turkey go after the black cock

I had a hen once who would kill any black chick she saw. She was a black hen. Some of the chicks she killed were her own. Totally fine with golden or white chicks.

So I dunno about not being able to notice a difference in species...



Freestyles. Oh my that made my day

My neighbours had Peacocks, live next to those for a while and you will beg to have the roosters back!

In the commonwealths we don't have ready access to firearms so we have to settle our differences with animals the old fashion way.

More importantly, how do we know that's not a lie?

What a tragically racist hen. If only she owned a mirror.

He's not a jive turkey.

Livestock =/= pets

Turkeys are such pigs.

Thai rooster fighting is to the death.

Why? You do it.

copy of the top youtube comment, damn shoulda thougt of that!

Of course thats a thing lol

Challenge accept