Turkey says declaring Jerusalem Israel's capital will start 'fire with no end in sight'

Turkey says declaring Jerusalem Israel's capital will start 'fire with no end in sight'

That fire has been burning since 1948.

The whole world has always been batshit crazy. It's just more noticeable in the age of information.

I am the only one who thinks the whole world is going bat shit crazy?

I'd since at least the end of WW1.

Hamas says Israel doesn't the right to any territory in the Middle East. It's in their charter to destroy Israel.

Can anybody really see a world where Jerusalem doesn't become Israel's capital? I'm not the biggest fan of Israel but lets be realistic about this.

There have been multiple articles by various leaders throughout the Middle East threatening the United States saying "if you do this there will be violence" and you're lecturing me for having a "might is right" mentality?

We all know the history of the region. The Palestinians had a chance to share Jerusalem and build their capital there. Their leaders blew it, and chose to blow Jews up instead. Now they don't get Jerusalem. Deal. With. It.

Because Israel actually possess Jerusalem. The Israeli flag flies there, Israeli police guard its streets, and the Israeli civil service runs the city.

That's why.

Try the founding of the city 3000 years ago

And the so-called "moderate" Palestinian Authority has made many statements that all of Jerusalem is their capital.

It was always burning since the world's been turning...

The world feels restless, on the brink of further isolationism or something. I don't think it's just because we are in the information age. Something feels odd.

Sorry, but we already have that in California.

Pretty much, the way in which the Ottoman Empire was broken up , then divided again after WW2 based on arbitrary lines has been detrimental to stability in the region.

And? Israel claims all of Jerusalem as its capital. Why are they more correct in doing so?

Kid: “I will choose to throw a fit if you sit there.” Me: sits

And with that comes weaponized information infecting everything.

We are talking about East Jerusalem. No one disputes that West Jerusalem belongs to Israel.


At the same time they recognized it as the capital.

It's not really him, the US has had a policy to move the embassy to the capital since the 90's when it was enacted which the embassy was in Tel Aviv. What the US have been doing since was saying oh we'll move it next year. Year, after year, after year, after year. Trump is just not doing the next year we'll do it ploy to avoid conflict with the rest of the middle east.

To be honest the Middle East as a whole lost a lot of their real power and political influence and it's only going to get worse from there out. Israel is a major Tech industry lately and a much smarter country to align with. Turkey is a meaningless shithole.

I hope there is a strong IDF retaliation to any bloodshed, killing is never the solution

What exactly do you think the IDF does?

Eh, there was relative peace for good portions of the Ottoman empire.

Turkey has absolutely no fucking room to talk about this issue. If they want to give Western Anatolia back to my people and restore Hagia Sophia to the Orthodox Church, then maybe I'll listen to them, but until then, they are just feckless hypocrates.

Syrian Civil War

More likely Arab Spring and continuing events with the rise of ISIL followed by right wing renewal and election of Trump.

Add things like changing balance of power in middle east in favor of Iran and buddies and right/left tensions fueled up indirectly by Immigrant crisis and ISIL terror attacks and you have the recipe for chaos for west. Shanghai Cooperation Organization will probably benefit the most out of this.

It's been burning since the world's been turning.

Do you really think the embassy will be moved to east Jerusalem? It's obvious this is about west Jerusalem.

The Muslim reaction to this is just their usual butthurt raging for no reason. They should not be placated.

People are way... WAY too sensitive about something so trivial in the grand scheme of things.

Hey let's pool our resources to stem the rise of greenhouse gases... Or find a solution to the logistics behind ending world hunger... Or hey, let's colonize Mars.

Nope, we're too busy throwing our toys out of the cot over silly bull shit instead.

Fuck this, the human race won't survive itself, I've made peace with it.

I believe there is a rise in tensions like the last 1-2 years.

Hope this build up doesn't end in something regrettable.

Aaah ye olde might is right.

Do you seriously think Erdogan is raging because of Palestinian Christians? Come on...

Palestinian Christians are a small shrinking minority who live under Islamic domination and toe the line.

It's been recognized as Jerusalem's capital by the US since 1995. Funfact. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerusalem_Embassy_Act

My .02 is that the global economic pie won't grow fast enough to supply the increasing demands of about 3 billion people in/around India and China without somebody losing out. Middle and lower classes in developed countries are going to be the ones that lose out. That means getting less everywhere be it in the grocery store or trying to buy a house. They aren't going to react well to that. Trump and Brexit are good examples. Losing out will make people choose the aggressive options even if that just makes it worse.

You know that this is not a Muslim vs Jewish issue, don't you?

Palestinian Christians also oppose recognising whole Jerusalem as the capital of Israel without reaching a final settlement for the whole conflict.


No one is invading Israel because of this lol. If anything a bunch of shitty Palestinians will act up, as is tradition. I'm so past caring about the Middle Easts petulant behavior. If the US wants the embassy there, they can do it.

Trump isn't about to create violence, people are responsible for their own behaviour.

Edit: also the Senate voted 90-0 to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel. You people are fucking mentally retarded to blame this on Trump.

I think you just don't understand my argument.

The Jerusalem act was passed almost unanimously. Both parties support it.

No one really knows what to do at the moment so I think most of us are kinda flailing.

Some Israeli parties and organisations advocate for zero or one-state solution for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict meaning either ethnically cleansing and/or expelling all Palestinians from the WB and Gaza or absorbing them under an apartheid state denying them the right of self-determination and state of their own.

Having an irredentist Palestinian party like Hamas shouldn't be a deal breaker for seeking a political settlement for this conflict.

No Israeli party advocates that. Having a Palestinian dominant terrorist organization that totally controls and oppresses half the Palestinian population is indeed a deal breaker.

Yeah. Jerusalem has seen MANY major battles and sieges. It was besieged by Ancient Egypt, Assyria, Babylon (twice), the Romans (twice), Herod the Great, the Sassinid Persian Empire, the Rashidun Caliphate, the Crusaders (twice), Saladin, the Khwarazmian dinasty, the Palestinian Revolt of 1834, the British, the battle of the 1947 and 1967. And that's only counting the major battles

You'd have to be blind to not anticipate that this announcment from Trump would not incite violence. People could die because of this.

It's not a first resort. People have been talking and debating and negotiating this for the past 60 years. Violence flares up when there are provocations and Trump just issued a massive and completely unneccesary provocation.

No......all Israeli political branches are based in Jerusalem not Tel Aviv. Most countries choose to not be there partially do it being somewhat...volatile. But it is the capital of Israel. Even if it's not recognized, and on that not the ones who don't recognize it don't really listen to the UN either.

Both. I think for us in Europe it started changing during the migrant crisis but I think a new era started after 9/11.

There has never been a major city in the history of the world that has survived division. I don't think a religiously significant one in the heart of the most volatile region of the world is about to be the exception to that rule.

So the city survived it, you say?

Since trumps election I feel like news is very different. I can't work out if that's because things are genuinely different or they are being reported differently

You'd have to be blind to not anticipate that this announcment from Trump would not incite violence. People could die because of this.

Exactly my point.

It's not a first resort. People have been talking and debating and negotiating this for the past 60 years.

The "negotiations" on the part of the PLO/Hamas/etc have been - for the past 60 years - almost exclusively of the "do as we say or we'll kill you" variety.

Violence flares up when there are provocations and Trump just issued a massive and completely unneccesary provocation.

What provocation? Israel itself - you know, that country which has the only functioning democracy in the Middle East - has claimed since its founding that Jerusalem is its capital. If people who believe that their pedophiliac warlord rode a magic horse there want to get snippy about it, that's their problem.

That initial reasoning is why Tel Aviv is a much larger city and the financial and technological capital. There's more international interest there then the actual capital. However those reasons don't matter to Governments, you place your embassy wherever the capital is and wherever politics is. But the middle east is gonna get butthurt over anything involving Israel, they've been butthurt for 2 thousand years.