Tuna Shamed

Tuna Shamed

Yeah that design sucks. It took me waaaaaaay too long to see “unashamed.” Which is still stupid because why wouldn’t you just write “proud”


That explains those fish decals!

Every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you're never coming round...


Big Tuna!

Every now again I get a little bit nervous that the best of all the years have gone by..


Every albacore I fall apart.. and I need you now

Apparently some people think they're being shamed for being part of the majority religion in the US.

And I knead some bread tonight

And I'll cook some steaks and veggies

And if everyrhing comes out right

My kids will be giving wedgies...

(Sorry, I lost it at the end there)

Edit: every -> everything

So, you're saying you're not a sinner. But according to Romans 3:23, we're all sinners.

So now you're not only a liar, but arrogant and prideful.

A tuna on the other hand, is without sin. He is one of God's perfect creatures. And tastes delicious in both a salad, and on toasted bread with melted cheese.


sigh Tunaproud...


And we'll only be cooking it right

'Cause we've be eatin chunk light forever

We can take it to the end of the line

We hooked him off the coast and he’ll be tasting fine (he’ll be tasting fine)

I don't know what to do and I'm always in the dark

I reeled him in the boat to find it’s actually a shark

He really put up a fight

Something better’s gonna cook tonight

Something better’s gonna cook tonight

That's insane. They're the ones shaming atheists, Muslims, and especially LGBT. One of the biggest holidays of the year is their own religious holiday.

What makes them feel they're the ones being shamed?

Lord, beer me strength.

So, they are unashamed to be in the majority when it comes to religion in America?

Maybe these brave souls will someday have a Christian President. Or a Christian dominated Congress. Maybe they will be lucky enough to have laws based on their religion that all must follow. Perhaps they will be granted tax exempt status for their churches, which may one day be on nearly every corner. They long for the day when they have a media empire.

How brave they are to state that they are unashamed to be a Christian in America.

“Unashamed” is a common phrase in the Christian movement. In this context it means that you’re unashamed of being a follower of Christ. Being proud more commonly refers to being satisfied with yourself.

Even if you say “I’m proud to be in a relationship with you” it gives a feeling of “I’m good enough for you” which is not part or the Christian message. Everyone is the same in the eyes of God.


And as /u/FlyingCarsArePlanes mentioned it's taken from Romans 1:16:

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.


Blessed be the tuna, for they are without sin

Christmas is a national holiday. Not even Hanukkah can boast that. Could you imagine if any other religion tried campaign for one of their holidays to become a national one.

Christians and the GOP would lose its shit.

Once upon a time there was fish on my line

Now there’s only mercury marks..

Nothing I can do, a total eclipse of the shark (total eclipse of the shark)

lmao some people really refuse to believe that being a Christian in the US is like playing on easy mode. Never having experienced actual religious discrimination results in them misinterpreting everything as a personal attack against them.

"They want to teach evolution in school instead of creationism? Jesus take the wheel, I am being SHAMED and PERSECUTED!"

Risky click of the day. Worth it.

Unashamed of what?

How dare you. The persecution Christians suffer in the US is despicable. Having to acknowledge gay people exist or having somebody occasionally say, "Happy Holidays!" The war on Christmas, you know the national holiday? Some people don't celebrate it, like non-Christians, there only inundated with it from Halloween through New Years and not forced to acknowledge my god's birth at gun point. also non-Christians exists, MORE PERSECUTION!

It's tough being part of a minority religion only 70-80% of the US population belong to. Thankfully some of our faithful politicians are working hard to help us with passing legislation so I can make my businesses Whites Straights Only or supporting accused pedophiles for senate because at least he's anti-abortion and hates gays.

Well a lot of them like to believe that they're victims somehow, despite being the majority in both America and the world.

I'd much rather someone say “I’m proud to be in a relationship with you” than “I’m unashamed to be in a relationship with you” !

The use of the word unashamed in OPs picture makes me think the driver is trying to say that people try to shame them for their religion, but they refuse to be ashamed. Seems like a really negative way to put it to me wheras proud would be a positive way.

Andy NO

I first saw "Tuna shamed " because of the title. Then I tried to figure out what it actually says and saw "Una shamed"didn't make sense.. then "Unash amed"... then I saw this comment.. oh, it's "unashamed"..

That's not surprising since victimhood is an integral part of the religion.

Pride is a sin, so unashamed is a loophole.


They do, however, have fins.

rit dit dit dit do

Hm never seen a Christian do anything that resembles Christ teachings.

I've literally had Christians argue with me that there'd be no reason to be a Christian without the threat of eternal Hell, so Hell has to be real and their guilt/fear cycle must continue. Guess their kids should have no reason to follow them without the threat of being beaten to death. shrug

My nutjob parents are like this. They're Christians and they talk about being "persecuted" easily once a month.

I remind them that they put down every group imaginable, and are part of a religion that over three quarters of Americans are a part of. It's not like they have to worship in secret, or are being dragged behind vehicles for being Christian.

The worst part for me is while they say this constantly, when they're against shit like same sex marriage they'll say "this is a Christian country founded on Christian beliefs!" So they can't even keep their own story straight.

This. There's a theological expectation of being persecuted ... which for believers in majority Christian countries means they have to really cast about to find any discomfort that they might be able to relabel as some form of oppression or being an outcast from The World.

It's weak sauce compared to being thrown the lions, or living next to ISIS.

This is when you bring a tuna sandwich to work, knowing good and well that it's going to stink up the place, and it does. And everyone kind of gives you that look.

Yeah, that's Tunashamed.

More likely, that you've never had anyone who follows Christ's teaching tell you what a "good Christian" they are.

Or as my mom said "Anyone who says 'I am a good Christian', isn't one".

Nobody. They just have a serious case of persecution complex. These are the people that howl about “the war on Christmas.”

Isn't pride a sin?

Let he who is without fin cast the first stone.

It wasn’t the best but I appreciate your effort and rhyming so I upvoted you, hope you have a nice day

Projection. Every bully tells himself he's the victim.

Not kidding, I laughed until my eyes watered. Fortunately only the centipedes in my house and reddit know.

Isn't a fish their emblem anyway...

Across from where?

Probably got it where you get that necklace, the one with the T.

Hanukkah is not comparable. It's actually a fairly minor holiday. Passover is the big one.

Guilt and shame are the cornerstones of the Christian church aren't they?


Where do you see them saying they’re not a sinner? Either I missed a juicy drama thread or this is just a A1 story attempt.

It's supposed to be a Biblical reference though. Jesus says to his disciples not to be ashamed of him (the way Peter was when he denied him 3 times), and Paul says "I am not ashamed of the Gospel". It was common in the first few centuries for people to ridicule Christians for worshipping an executed man.

That being said, Paul also puts it positively, he "boasts in the cross". But since selfish pride is a cardinal sin, that's not a word that is used too often.

It's one thing to say you're Christian. It's one thing to go to mass. It's another to actually follow Christ and live like him.

I thought all the born again women just smelled like rank fish.

Did you just tuna shame me?

Someone call Dan Brown. We’ve just solved Jesus.

...tonight, and I need you more than herring


Bed, Bath, and the Great Beyond

Pretty sure Unash Amed is an Eastern spiritual healer from the 60's.

Uhhmmm...he's Big Haircut now, dude.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile. -- Romans 1:16

That's the source, but in practice, when adhered to the back of a vehicle, it means basically what everyone else is saying.

People only know hanukkah cause it competes with Christmas

Being a religious crackpot.

and the NSA, of course

But they hafta miss football games. It's like you don't even care for their suffering, Robert.

Men are bad, God is good. Through the sacrifice of His only son he took the your place on the cross that you deserved so that justice is served. People don't like to hear that.

It's not exactly surprising that people don't like to hear that. 'people' generally aren't keen on ill-justified religious claims about their spiritual status that they don't believe in or are unsure of.

yes, also Starbucks doesn't put crucifix on their cups as the Bible demands!

He said centipedes already!

Tunaproud fish eyes

if you say “I’m proud to be in a relationship with you” it gives a feeling of “I’m good enough for you”

Really? I kinda read it the opposite. "I'm proud" in this context sounds like "you're awesome and it's an honour to be with you", whereas "I'm unashamed" is more like "there's a reason that one might be ashamed to be with you, but it doesn't bother me".

I don't live in America but I can tell you that where I live Christianity is not well accepted at all.

Which country is this?

dank fish

Roo do do do duh do.

We're generally considered to be ignorant, stupid, self-righteous

Keep Going...you're doing good...

Killed 2 stones with 1 bird on that one

humanitarian missions

Half of those missions aren't as humanitarian as they say. At best they are slightly abusive recruitment projects where poor basically trade whatever they need for their religion. At worst they spread religious fundamentalism, like all those American Christian projects in Africa that spread hatred against gays.

Surround yourself with better people and you will see better Christians.

Being occasionally shamed by a minority by no means changes the fact that your religion runs this country. Makes you seem like snowflakes to complain about some instances without recognizing that everyone else lives in a world you built.

Its one of the 7 deadly sins.

lmfao, "Christianity is not well accepted at all", in Switzerland. A country where 71.5% of citizens over 15 years old declare being Christians. Thanks for proving his point.


Source: https://www.bfs.admin.ch/bfsstatic/dam/assets/350455/master via https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_in_Switzerland#cite_note-CHReligionSurvey2014-9


Especially at my front door at dinner time.

Bingo. You can say you're unashamed until you're blue in the face, no one cares. Live it, walk it out, and see what an unashamed life can do to the poor, the sick, and the hurting.

Tunaproud Tunastrong Tunafish

It’s called a victim complex

One of the great secrets of human nature is that the one thing people want more than love, security, sex, chocolate or big-screen TV's is to feel hard done by. Why? Because being hard done by is the shit. Feeling hard done by is the sweetest of drugs. If you're being persecuted -- it must mean you're doing the right thing, right? You get the mellow buzz of the moral high ground, but without arrogantly claiming it as your own. You get an instant, supportive community in a big dark scary world of such scope it may well literally be beyond rational human processing. When you are hard done by, you get purpose in a life where otherwise, you'd have to find your own. And when you ride that high, then no amount of logic, no pointing out that in actuality you and your beliefs are at a high point of popularity and influence for the last hundred years -- is going to pry that sweet crack-pipe of moral indignation from your hands.

The persecution complex is strong with this one.

The vast majority of Americans (where I assume this is from) are Christians. Who's "shaming" them?

'I'm unashamed to be part of 70% of the population!'

This is true.

Unfortunately, that's more the fault of the Church than the fault of the public. If we actually acted as Jesus commanded, we wouldn't be known as asshole bigots

Take it a step further... Because it's actually a holiday that they stole, and changed. They commandeered it so to speak from people who essentially worshipped nature by hanging presents on the trees as offerings. Christians were just like, this is ours now. And now if you try to say that to certain people, it's a "war on Christmas." My mom refers to it not as "Christmas" but as "Jesus' birthday" which drives me nuts... Not because I hate Jesus or Christianity (because I absolutely don't) but because it's completely incorrect and she's adamant about it. It's awesome to use Christmas to celebrate whatever you want, but don't pretend it's something that it's not and then get flustered whenever someone contradicts you. "Christmas isn't about Santa, and presents it's about Jesus." Just add "to me" to that statement and I'm cool with it. Otherwise it's just awfully ethnocentric.

"Evan eats tuna out of the can with his hands, then drinks the juice."

"What the fuck, bro? Don't tunashame me!"

Well, the thing is for a lot of people the only Christians they see are public ones. Todays republicans and the Joel Osteens are the only examples they have.

Maybe he was slapped in the face with a whole tuna


Mercury is concerning though