Tumblr gets offended by blank comic.

Tumblr gets offended by blank comic.

That is the best illustration of a comic's point ever. They managed to be offended by a box. It's artful.

Edit: Holy fucking shit. 6 karma, 1 gold. Did not expect that. Did someone's finger slip?

They're just mad because it's white.

OK, if we can gather all the tumblrinas in one place, build a fuckton of wind turbines, the collective woosh would solve the world's energy crisis forever.

cartoonists get killed for making a comment on extremist group

Tumblr: LOL omg they deserved it

It's almost as beautiful as that time they got baited into defending mayonnaise as a gender.

Since they are all in one place we could burn their strawmen for warmth.

That's... holy shit, I didn't even realize that.

they hate us cause they ain't us!

Its as if they have no idea that they're the ones being satirised. They are so dense its unreal.

While we're at it we can use their advanced projection techniques to host the worlds largest movie screening.

Because they anus?

That was a very good read and I am by far happy that I did read that.

Okay, I'm going to need context on that one

Doesn't that artist usually draw political cartoons anyway. Like that's the point.

Back Door Sluts 8

the point tumblrinas

^ ^ ^ ^ Direction of travel

Backdoor Sluts 9 makes Backdoor Sluts 8 look like Naughty Nurses 2

Yes they should, but they're offended for the wrong reason.

Apparently its socially acceptable to label yourself a dragon and eat your mothers diamond rings also.

I think Joe Sacco explained the Charlie Hebdo tragedy quite well. If that's what you're referring to this is worth a read.

I think Joe Sacco explained the Charlie Hebdo tragedy quite well.

What Joe Sacco misses (or perhaps deliberately misrepresents), is that Charlie Hebdo made A NUMBER of antisemitic / antiChristian covers and cartoons. Perhaps there was a difference in the levels of vitriol, but Sacco seems to be implying that they had some standards for some groups (All Mulims are evil lol) but protected others (We can't talk about our Jewish puppetmasters!)

Overall it's a good message: confronting what satire is and isn't. People get caught up in the "punching up" philosophy. The reason why ISIS and the executioners were constantly satirized was, not because they had any real political power outside of Iraq and Syria, but because people wanted to take these people that were attempting to exert fear and terror and rob them of THAT power.

It's the same reason we satirize feminists. They certainly portray it as oppressive regimes attacking poor helpless wymyns, but that's a farce. As we have seen with the school that protested the election of a male Women's Officer, these are movements that are simultaneously anti-democratic and attempt reinstate their status as victims. So we take the piss. We take the piss and they show us that they are not victims. They use violence to coerce those who will not fall into lockstep.

Ugh. It's remarkably frustrated. Unfortunately with both Feminism AND Islamophobia, truly good, truly innocent people get caught in the generalizations. Though I personally always make sure to say that I condemn, 'Radicalized Islam', people only seem to hear "Islam". Despite the fact that I condemn "Radical Feminism", people only hear "Feminism".

Unfortunately, being that good guy in the shit parade, you'll get radicalized too if you hear the insult long enough, I think.

You can cross "empty white box" off the list. I don't know where you go from there.

Why not Back Door Sluts 9? That is the far superior movie.

Then I want a sheet of paper RIGHT NOW, where I can sign that I am in fact an Eevee and if anyone ever calls me something else, I want them to be put into jail for racism.

... Thats how it works, right?

You know what else doesn't have panic attacks? Mayonnaise.

Holy shit this is brilliant... It's like living art. The comic actually wasn't offensive, and yet people found it offensive.

Unless you're talking about 'oppression points' then all they can hear is LALALALALALALLALALALALLAL.

What movie would we show? Birth of a Nation?

At this point I'd just like to conduct an experiment to see if there really is anything they aren't offended about.

Lemme take a crack at it:

By being poor and black she is conforming to the Kyriarchy and as a result is literally a white supremacist. Spelling "womyn" rather than "women" is ableism because it confuses the selectively dyslexic. Finally, identifying as queer rather than 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine-sexual reinforces the gender binary and is inherently Patriarchal.

Did I do good? :D

Wait, but if they are the ones being satirized, doesn't that means that this is the actual one time when they are supposed to be offended?

Last I checked, that's exactly how the world operates. If you don't like it, you go send in your military and fuck shit up until they conform to your views.

Meanwhile, we'll see whose truth is stronger.


Painis in the ainis?

I've honestly never had a "panic attack" because I though I was mayonnaise.

I assume so. Apparently your sex and gender are defined solely by you in today's society, so why not throw race into the mix? Check this out


actually they are not the ones this is aimed at.

this comic was made in response to the charlie hedebo attack.

they are litterally defending a terrorist attack.

and i'm not even suprised.

that's not to say it isn't ironically relevant though.

They found the intent offensive. At least they were smart enough to know they were being made fun of.

It might have better acting but the storyline in 8 is far better than the one 9. I personally prefer Back Door Sluts 13, getting Michael Bay to direct it was the best decision they ever made.

This isn't true in a backwards way, it's true in a very straightforward way and indeed it's the whole point of the cartoon that someone will always be offended by anything.

We could butcher them and feed them to starving children in Ethiopia, and then take their clothes and donate them to the Zapistas or Peshmeraga forces, you know, to help the actually oppressed.

Edit: Nvm about the clothes, XXXXXXXXXXXXXL would be too big for resistance fighters, maybe they could be used as sleeping bags though?

Edit 2: Tents would be a better idea.

Give me the formuoli.

Do the people's that commented on this even knew the context of this comic?

Look I'll just say it out loud, it's what everybody is thinking anyway: I don't think Mayonnaise should have the same rights as humans do.

There, I said it. Call me an anti-mayoist all you want, I'm owning up to it.

Well i don't see them being offended as so much as disagreeing and not finding it funny.

Big surprise seeing dragondicks getting offended by nothing. Xhe is getting quite popular with Bronies for lacking brain privilege and appropriating zombie-kin culture.

Without watching Back Door Sluts 1 through 11, I just don't know what the hole story is.

Now I'm getting images of Monsters Inc., but with offense instead of fear, and fedoras instead of big teeth.

Panini with aioli.

TFW an artist you like attacks the blank comic and you realize you're better off not following them.

I mean I know some people say "just don't associate their opinions with their drawings" but I can't. I guess I'm just one of those guys.

Santa came early for you.

Looks to me like whoever that is just acting out because they don't like being made fun of with mayonnaise. Not defending mayonnaise as a gender.

Also, mayonnaise is serious business.

Can't argue with that logic.

Painii in the ainii.

Yeah, but they're offended in a way that proves the satire's point

You wouldn't draw racist cartoons against black people because of Boko Haram

Because the defining characteristic of Boko Haram isn't being black. You can't apply this this same argument to Islam and the Islamic State. It's mocking people that take their religion to extremes. Remember the comic on the front page a week or two ago that had Ganesh, Jesus and Buddha in an orgy? How many cartoon offices were attacked because of that.

It's kinda sad to see such an amazing tumblr username go to waste.

That URL could've been used for pictures of sexy dragons.

But no.

At least the box had some context. Let's try to see if a poor queer transtrender half black half Inuit womyn with the pronouns speshulself could possibly do anything wrong.

I will say I know they're annoyed at the caption. The caption itself exists to point out how literally everything can be and often is construed as offensive. I just find it hilarious they managed to be offended by it.

If the caption was published in an issue of the New-Yorker where the writer was defending blackface or some such thing I'd agree that's offensive, but at least in the way it is presented I find it humorous that a cartoon pointing out how easily people are offended managed to offend, and even if it was presented with such context in the New-Yorker that context isn't given here and the reaction of the tumblr-folk would still be silly.

goddamn you have some tumblr skills.

Zapatismo started with the mexican Revolution. Let's go back a bit there. Basically the premise they were fighting under is "la tierra es de quien la trabaja". Meaning, "the land should be owned by who's working the land and producing stuff". So, as you can probably tell, farmers who were working under rich people who owned the land quickly rallied under this motto. Tons of fighting happened and eventually the farmer side one. Porfirio and Huerta lost the war and a bunch of rich spanish people were striped of their land. At this point you'd think, great! That's awesome now the farmers can live and be happy. Well, not necessarily. See, the farmers didn't have to buy the seeds, fertilizer, tools, animals and whatever else was needed to keep a farm. The rich people did, but now that they were gone, acres and acres of producible land were slowly lost due to individual farmers not being able to buy the tools needed for the upkeep of such large masses of land.

Now let's zoom back to today. What are zapatistas after today? Well it's simple, now they want to make their own country. Along with yucatan. They want their nation of Chiapas. Which if you transform that to US, imagine having a small portion of Texas (with guns and stuff) actually try to secede by force. Not gonna happen right? Lose one state, then your integrity as a country Starts to lose force. Furthermore, enemies could try to ally that state and now they have a backdoor closer to your country than you wanted them to. Plus, it's only like 30k people who want this. The rest want to still stay with Mexico. The zapatistas use a bunch of shitty tactics to get money. On some roads they'll have strings tied from one tree to another, so you have to stop. Then a woman asks you for donations for her "children" and says her husband is watching if you do anything stupid. So basically either you pay, or you floor it and up ahead they stop you but this time it's dudes with guns. And they do this on public roads. So clearly the army gets involved and fighting keeps happening.

That's the quickest snapshot I can give you. You won't read about this on Wikipedia cause just like a lot of actual news, it's one of those we don't like talking about in Mexico.

How the fuck is Sandy gonna play that sax? That's the real important question.

A lot of tumblrinas did get together in one place. The only thing that happened was someone pissed in the ballpit.

Either way, he was having performance issues

Bitch, please. Getting Spielberg for Back Door Sluts 12 was a much more superior choice.

Not that I'm agreeing with their point at all, but they aren't defending mayonnaise as a gender. They are criticizing using mayonnaise to mock people with more legitimate (in their mind) non-binary genders.

Like if you said 'What's next, are men going to want to marry dogs?' and I said that was fucked up and offensive, I'm not defending men marrying dogs, I'm defending the thing you are trying to mock (marriage equality for LGTB groups).



No finger slip, it was just a very green night last night and I found your comment bootiful.


In a backwards way this is kinda true though, they are saying they can't really do anything if they have to avoid ever offending anyone. It's just this persons phrasing of that was really SJW


It reminds me of this SNL parody commercial about trying to make an Asian doll without offending someone

Well, the box is white.

Vehicle coverings for the motor pool.

See your mistake is assuming they are offended. They aren't. They're just angry, hateful people and they've found an outlet. They've convinced everyone that they are misguided social justice warriors, but that is simply not true

What's the conversion rate of oppression points to good boy points? I need my tendies NOW

To be fair, that's a dishonest characterization of the cartoon because you're omitting what they are offended by, which is the caption.

Having said that, it's still a silly thing to be offended by.

I am Painis Cupcake! I will eat you!

No, it's not because you're stepping over a line. It's because Germany has laws restricting free speech that they as a people have decided are for the best of their society.

No one is obligated to go about their satire in a "better way." You ARE obligated to not murder people for offending you.

The truth which is backed with guns and nukes.

Dislike it if you want, knowing all the falllacies and debate strategies in the world means jack if the opposition can simply blow a hole in your head.

Holy shit /u/cognittie I think you might be mayonnaise.

The comic is a comic, not a strawman. It was created by a well known comic maker and published by a well known newspaper, as you can see in the post.

The point of the comic is very clear: no matter what you do, someone could be offended by it (with 7 billion people on earth, it is pretty much always going to happen). But not doing anything that could be offensive is ridiculous, because then you cannot do anything at all. The only logical conclusion is that you should find a compromise and not give too much weight to people claiming to be offended.

I don't see how that is debatable.

When do we get the SexGenderRaceMixing-Simulator? Like, you know, for 10 Euro and its a mega hit with the youth, because they still don't know yet what they are.

Like this dude?

Eh. I had a longer post, but I'll just say this: Europe's relationship with Middle Eastern and North African immigrants is far different that the US's. There are very many documented problems with these populations that have gone on for years. A better American example would be how we characterize illegal Mexican immigrants in political cartoons. Are the caricatures overwhelming one skin color? Yes. Does it represent everyone? No. Does it include significant bias? Of course.

But is it a reflection of certain truths and illustrate certain very real social problems? Also yes.

No, your values have shifted that way. I still enjoy politically incorrect humour.

Theynus is one of my pronouns, I find your comment offensive.

But the person on the bottom of that image is actually making a good point. Even if stereotype and satire are important elements to comedy, they don't ALWAYS have to be there, and to assert that comedy is entirely nonexistent without it is pretty ridiculous. Last time I checked nobody's gonna be offended by a talking dog using a computer, or the guy on a deserted island.

I'm totally fine with jokes about myself or any trait I have. I'm not fine with hate speech disguised as a joke. I believe that anything and anyone has a right to be ridiculed. Otherwise, we get things like the recent attacks in France.

As box-kin I am offended by there offence.