TSM 2015-2016 Timeline

TSM 2015-2016 Timeline

Summer 2015:

After single handedly losing a game by dying 35 times in a game, Dyrus is benched. Locodoco calls in some favors with old contacts.

Flame from LGD replaces Dyrus as top laner for TSM. He goes on to play the best League of Legends he has ever played, carrying TSM to first place in the playoffs.

Worlds 2015: Wildturtle gets thrashed by all the international botlanes and TSM doesn’t make it out of groups. Following this event, Wildturtle is benched and ADC tryouts for TSM begin. Emperor from TDK replaces Wildturtle as ADC for TSM.

Off-Season 2015-2016: TSM sponsor GEICO is involved in an FBI investigation related to financial fraud; evidence points to Reginald and Leena as contributing parties. Reginald and Leena are imprisioned; Solomid goes bankrupt.

The TSM League of Legends team is bought by a wealthy, anonymous UK resident who claims to be trying to enter eSports. The team is renamed to Team Blaze, and the owner expresses that he would like to play League from the best region in the world: Korea. Team Blaze is moved to Korea and successfully qualify for the NLB (Minor League).

Spring 2016: Santorin is heavily criticized for passive and overly mid-centric play by the Koreans. Santorin tries to defend himself, but he is benched by Locodoco for “attitude reasons.” Jungle tryouts for Team Blaze begin.

Helios, who has been searching for a team tries out and impresses everyone except the two Danish members. Helios replaces Santorin as Jungler for Team Blaze. Team Blaze goes on to take first place very convincingly at NLB and qualify for OGN.

Mid-Season 2016: Bjergsen is struggling to adapt to the 4 Korean 1 Danish roster and is guilt-ridden over the loss of Santorin. Bjergsen steps down from Team Blaze.

Locodoco approaches Ambition from CJ Entus for the mid position. Ambition misses playing mid and is offered excellent pay, so he accepts.

CJ Entus sponsors Team Blaze, and the team renames to CJ Entus Blaze, now consisting of Flame, Helios, Ambition, Emperor, Lustboy.

The wealthy owner of CJ Entus Blaze decides there’s no longer any need to be anonymous. It’s Duncan “Thorin” Shields.

Summer 2016: CJ Entus Blaze destroys the competition and takes first place at OGN in convincing fashion. Blaze’s only competition, SKT, surrenders at 20 every single game due to Faker feeding lane 0/666/0 each game.

Worlds 2016: CJ Entus Blaze destroys the competition and wins worlds in convincing fashion. Flame is hailed as the greatest carry top laner that ever lived and his legacy lives on through the eons.

Off-Season 2016: Locodoco is found dead, and Shields as well as the rest of Blaze has gone missing. Reginald and Leena are found to be innocent, and the FBI investigations lead to ransacks of Shield’s apartment. They find a perfectly working heater and a notebook full of satanic drawings. The only thing that appears throughout the notebook consistently are the ominous words “Lord Flame will rise”. Additionally, hidden throughout his apartment are various photos of Flame. A dead body is found in a river in China. Evidence points to the body belonging to Flame, but forensic analysis reveals that the body has been dead for over 2 years. Meanwhile, all traces of CJ Entus Blaze’s Flame from 2015 to 2016 have vanished: tournament records, soloque accounts, photos. The investigation hits a dead end and the case becomes abandoned.

you know it's fake because Thooorin would never have a working heater

they find a perfectly working heater killed me lol

And everyone knows the Thooorin's dream team is

Top: Flame Jungle: Diamondprox Mid: Faker, Mid Sub; Froggen ADC:Deft Support: Madlife

with Montecristo as coach.

Plot twist:

When Flame is hailed as the greatest top lane ever lived, he rips off his mask and reveals that he was TheRainMan all the time. Proceeds to lock in teemo in every game from then on.


Would have given 10/10 if Dyrus went to jail.

After leaving the LoL community Dyrus returns back to hawaii hailed as the legacy top laner, but Dyrus realizes he can't feed irl so he decides to end his life in a volcano only to find a magical power that allows him to play league of legends he emerges from the volcano skin clad in singed cosplay and swims back to LA only to find TSM in shatters Dyrus goes to Lord Phreak in exchange of his mortal soul Phreak will give him the perfect team he stomps LCS only to find himself in champ select against FNC as Huni 1st picks Cassio he begins to sweat having PTSD flashbacks until a ghost of The Rain Man and Westrice give him a new found strength and he autolocks jayce top despite his team telling him it doesn't fit the comp he proceeds to 1v1 Huni as he says HOLO in all chat and presses Ctrl-4 laugh spamming in victory... then is later banned for bm and jailed for 22 years

Thorin would get rid of Santorin before moving to korea.

Pretty sure he stated before he was a Weixiao fanboy.

The end gave me chills tbh

Throrin would get rid of Santorin before joining the team.


But he prefers Imp over Deft.

Flame from LGD replaces Dyrus as top laner for TSM

Thooorin's worst nightmare

It will ALWAYS be OGN Champions.

I don't english very good in internet memes

Also, he would never allow Helios back on the team. Lol he blames Helios for never being there during lord Flames times of need.

Lots of jokes were made about Thorin's heating because back when he was making all those videos with his webcame, he was always wearing a big coat even though he was in his flat

Only if he can have S2 WeiXiao. He did to Marksman what MadLife did to Support what Diamondprox did to Jungle.

Here are some "," for you.


You said they won OGN instead of LCK

3/10 not realistic enough

I read this in bed and now I'm too scared to sleep

mouses over flair

CJ Entus (OGN)

Story checks out.

Oh mah gawd meng.

Best fanfiction since the urgot one lol.

Doesn't matter as long as Dyrus can set prison on fire by an accident.

You better be.

Thorin doesn't really seem to have a heater in winter : 

Thorin doesn't really seem to have a heater in winter :

I have the weirdest boner right now

Also im pretty sure he wouldnt allow helios to live that long.

With or without pillow?

Now we deserve to know Dyrus 2015-2016 Timeline!

fu now I cant sleep

He's still streaming in the old TSM house

WX, Namei then Uzi

Iirc he was still saying weixiao was good in s4, but his team was really bad. Not that he was at his s2 level though.

But Rito told me that Uzi was the best Chinese ADC ever!



Fairly sure his reasoning is why waste money on heating when he can just use a jacket?

Dyrus says "Flame On" Illuminaty confirmed

I miss Daydream jumping on the 4 full hp enemies alone, Ambition evolving Kha in front of Faker and getting killed, CptJack facechecking the bushes with Kog'Maw, Flame teleporting in the teamfight when everyone is already dead... My favorite team of all time.

Even reddit knows

And I'm also pretty sure he doesn't practice satanism, but you don't see anybody complaining about that detail.


Ummm he was the best ADC in China last year.

Thoorin hates LCK

I need a breather from all this dankness.

Cool story, shame Thooorin hates Helios and Ambition


That gave me an idea. Saint Vs Santorin is a classic western dual. Both stand at Baron pit. Both have smite that will kill Baron. Countdown clock. Both turn around. First to smite wins. Somehow they both smite scuttle and both lose

Except Namei choked and couldn't perform internationally.

Thooorin would never put Helios in a team with Flame. And he would take Madlife over Lustboy, but still this would be awesome to see :D

Is it supposed to be a reference or something :S? I'm afraid I don't get it at all

I want the stuff you're smoking :D

This is stupid af. I love it! :D

Will Santorin smite a baron in 2017 ? I hope

Currently, he would prob take Mata over Madlife