TSM: LEGENDS - Ep. 11 - Prepared

TSM: LEGENDS - Ep. 11 - Prepared

Hey, we have to be realistic.

TSM Leffen boyz!

what all the other team managers and coaches are thinking 

what all the other team managers and coaches are thinking

Turtle probably be a fun guy after a few drinks.

Dyrus hitting up the gym with Santorin, healthy habits rubbing off is good to see!

"Why does no1 believe me? I don't get it...."

I think we all know why Turtle, I think we all know why.

Shots fired and missed


Does this mean Santorin will gank top now?!

"I think three of us can take on Lebron." - Locodoco 2015

CLG would use monopoly and people would be murdered before a game ends.

If Loco thinks Turtle is bad at CS:GO he clearly hasn't played with Regi

That IS Falco

That's so troll

I think Dyrus needed a gym buddy...by recruiting Santorin Dyrus got the buddy he needed :D

Ackerman: "Impact beware Dyrus when the 5th game is nigh"

Was not expecting the Leffen cameo here. It's really nice to see the smash community get some love :)

I was actually really disappointed that we never got to find out who was what.


Lustboy - "I don't give a fuuck"

Its time. Playoffs are the moment of the year when Dyrus gets soo pissed off hestarts killing the enemy laners over and over and over again

This had no League in it but it was still one of the best episodes. It was great to see TSM having so much fun.

"Heed this one warning get the FUCK out of his lane"

Santorin, Bjerg, and the CS:GO team are Danish, Leffen is Swedish. Team Scandinavia Mid?

That was hilarious. Three Locos vs LeBron would be negligibly more difficult for LeBron than just shooting hoops solo. Like a B5 solo queue team vs an LCS team.

TSM has some great personalities. I love being a fan for a group that just seems like your everyday guy. Makes it easy to like a group who love what's going on in their lives. :)

no kidding. i have no fucking clue what it is about but it reminded me of Town of Salem. everyone trying to figure out the role/team? of the others. looks pretty damn fun

opens amazon

They're both based on good-ol' Mafia, which can have infinite variations. Great game to play with friends!

That hair looks perfect. 10/10 would bang. No homo though

Leffen didn't explain his story in a way that would be easy to understand for people who don't follow melee, so I thought I'd try to better explain it here.

Basically in teams if you run out of stocks, you can press start to take one of your teammate's stocks. Also if your opponent pauses the game for whatever reason, you can make your opponent lose a stock.

One of the guys leffen was playing against, Scar iirc, was mashing start to get back in the game because he thought he was out of stocks. Turns out he was still had one left and he accidentally paused the game a few times. Leffen called them on it, but he received some flack because Scar is well liked in the community and it is pretty rare for someone to take a stock for an accidental pause.

Lebron reaction

"I think three of us can take on LeBron (followed by noos).. I can. I'm not sure if you guys can. Three of me would be able to take on LeBron." - Locodoco

Locodoco let us not forget who is the true basketball player who can take on Lebron 1 on 1.

"I think three of us can take on LeBron (followed by noos).. I can. I'm not sure if you guys can. Three of me would be able to take on LeBron." - Locodoco

Locodoco let us not forget who is the true who can take on Lebron 1 on 1.

It's anime hair in real life...how does he do it

whatchu mean 2 am here on the east on a Friday night perfect time to upload

mfw thoorin calls me retarded

Being half Korean does it.

"When keeping it troll goes wrong"

Well he didn't want a repeat of last time so he covered it with a blanket.

That ain't falco...that aint falc... OOHHHOOHOHHOHOOo

The boy who cried, "That's so troll, duuuuude!"

Damn, you can clearly see the Korean and Swedish in Leffen.

Westrice on TSM? PogChamp

As a tsm fan, I am extremely worried about TiP...much more than c9

What exactly is going on here, Loco?

Either TSM players are really good actors or they genuinely are happy, but I really like how all the TSM members get along with each other, and they have really nice chemistry and it seems like a warm environment, especially between players and management, so un CLG like... Also even though loco mentioned there were cliques, it seems every player is connected to another in someway, although some are a bit distant, they seem to get along really well.

Bang! is a partial information card game. I've played this a lot, and it's a lot of fun with a group that has played it a bunch as well. The roles are Sheriff, Deputy(s), Outlaws and Renegade.

The Sheriff is revealed, everybody else has their role face down. The Sheriff and Deputies have to kill the Outlaws+Renegade while keeping the Sheriff alive to win the game. The Outlaws have to kill the Sheriff to win the game. The Renegade wants to be the last one alive. Which means that he needs the Sheriff alive (otherwise the outlaws win) until it's only him and the Renegade alive and then he can kill him.

To add to the dynamic, when any player kills an Outlaw, they receive a 3 card bounty. When somebody kills a deputy or renegade, there is no bounty. However, if the Sheriff kills a deputy (by mistake) he loses all his cards and becomes defenseless.

There are cards you can play to shoot at each other and counter-card to dodge the shots. You draw cards and can have a varying amount of shots/misses. You can also play modifiers for range/defenses/offenses, etc.

Because the roles are unknown, there's a lot of partial information games to play with each other. For instance, if there is one deputy, out outlaw and one renegade alive, the outlaw+renegade generally want to kill the deputy to keep a power balance. In this case, the deputy can do a minor attack on the Sheriff to convince both the outlaw/renegade that the other one is the deputy, so they waste their resources attacking each other. This can backfire if the Sheriff is convinced you aren't the Deputy and decides to kill you though.

"i used to play mee-lee competitively"

Looked fun as hell though

I've played Bang! a few times, funny seeing Turtle frustrated. I'm guessing on some of this, but I'll explain what I think happened.

Santorin likely had a Duel card which means you pick someone to duel and fight them till one of you dies. To keep attacking, you have to have Bang! cards or another attack card. So if you know what role someone is and you have a lot of attack cards you can take them out in one turn (and even the first round), or at least burn all of their attack cards even if you lose.

Turtle tried to convince Dyrus that he was a deputy so Dyrus wouldn't attack, but then Santorin (Outlaw) duelled Turtle, thinking he was a Deputy when in fact they were both outlaws. So the outlaws got fucked, leaving only Deputy, Sheriff and Renegade (I think).

Said it was Bang! Looked like a card game version of Mafia/Werewolf.

Ye uh huh... uh huh, totally understanding... I feel you.

Mario party.

what if /u/p-roy is an elephant?

Lebron might be able to dunk over Dyrus while Loco hangs around his neck.

Leffen's hair is...excellent

thats hella troll doooooood

he looks pretty good......no homo

To be fair they showed the team watching the TiP game which is the only relevant league since TSM didn't play this week

Also wax and hair dryer and straightener.

They really need to put these on at a better hour of the day, it's 11pm in CA so East Coast probably aren't watching until next morning

It really is fun, its a great game to play with friends that involves both deception and alliances, all while goofing around in the wild west genre.

its me, or reginald is recruiting only handsome boyz for tsm?

regi knowsss

In this episode they talk about the Deputy, the renegades, the outlaws, but they didn't talk about THE GENERAL??? HOW DARE THEY!!!

Santorin did say tip wins through top. This is the week boys! dyrus gonna get help.

Funny how entertaining and contagious watching people laugh can be, especially when some of are about to jump out of their chair like turtle/Loco.

"Cause they're meming together" cracked me up.

The thing with Bang! is that there are set roles and rules to play around.

Cards Against Humanity is more of a culture game and some of that might get lost on non-native english speakers (Lustboy).

4:41 PM in Australia...what are you talking about its perfect for me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

All the members of the TSM family are pretty handsome .

/u/dyrus We need an answer!

too busy streaming for his plebs

Plus, you're nigh guaranteed to get a rendition of "I shot the Sheriff" from at least one friend.

here bro you dropped this ^


The game he was talking about:

regi knows, we all know. attractive players = more fans. i think he tells them to get their hair styled. a sleek haircut makes a world of difference, especially on guys, since they don't wear makeup or anything.

my brother in law who was the sheriff literally killed my brother

This is the problem with the overuse of the word 'literally'.

He was in the same room as Leffen so it's hard to blame him.

not this again

Step 1: Be attractive.

Step 2: Don't be unattractive.

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2.

Santorin tho god damn full homo

Who needs positioning when there are crits?

"Just fucking kill him" - Mentality of turtle...

It would be appropriate considering Royal Club was in the finals against SKT, it would at least prove that Dyrus has improved if he goes from dumpstering the S3 runner-up Top laner to the S3 champion top laner.

edit: semi = before finals, derp.

Spray control level: silver 1

Sounds really fun. Now to find friends...

completely different games..



and Sunday for semis in CSGO

Leffen is also playing in I'm Not Yelling this weekend.

While this is true, and it is awesome, keep in mind it's easier to get along when you're winning. CLG had a rough couple weeks. That is bound to get the tensions up. You go from 2nd place to 6th in one week. TSM doing the same could just end up with some of those weak ties (i.e. Santorin/Lustboy or Dyrus/Turtle) having issues fast.

Which is exactly what Loco is trying to prevent with the Bang game. If they all communicate and get along out of game there will be that understanding and less likely to be blame issues that go beyond "you fucked up" "true."

What card game was that...like Munchkin?

I want to know too. I love the game Bang. It's so fun

Seriously, though, the game is fun as hell.

If anyone has any interest in it, the packaged bundle called "The Bullet" is totally worth it. If you're worried about too many rules, add the expansions slowly and one at a time. You're definitely going to want them after trying it out.

Stocks=lives in smash, for those who don't know.

I'm actually surprised how many people there are who have never heard of this game. Anyway, I'd like go see TSM play Resistance. That would take it to a whole other level of deception.

I just rewatched the game because of your comment, fuck that game was so hype. Even though Dyrus was a beast that game, what I loved the most was Turtle and Lustboys 2v2. I don't know if that braum q would have landed even if Lustboy didnt flash, but damn that flash was fucking beatiful.

That's the plan

Turtle's reaction was almost as funny

What is that intro song, fricken love it. Shazam didn't tell me what it was :'( One of you guys must know...?