Tryna get some buns

Tryna get some buns

lol the best part is this hard ass dude who uses the word nigga casually is watching Arthur in his spare time, only to be caught of guard by Buster's furry dad

Never too old to learn how to be a good person.

...does Buster have like progeria or something? Why doesn't he have hair?

I really wonder if child me thought this was odd, or if I just accepted it.

Well, if we're following homies logic in the post he's half human so maybe he just got the base layer of fur and not the fluffy part.

same guy that made that tweet about Map's son in Dora the explorer

They were too hard on Mr. Ratburn.

I don't know man, he's got a real rabbity nose. Especially in the bottom right. Almost looks like he might just be a beige rabbit they decided to give dad hair to.

Why not just avoid characters wearing headphones in this cartoon?

I know I found it odd. He really does look like a human

Oh no. My son just got into Dora and this mind fuck is going to keep me wondering. Who the map fucked? Was it the backpack? Is Map jr's mom the backpack pocket?

this hard ass dude who uses the word nigga

TIL only "hard ass dudes" use the word nigga

are you just assuming he's hard because he uses the n-word a lot lmfaooooo


Oh true and then he’s just wearing his headphones like a dumbass like Arthur

Most kids didn't carrot all.

Oh god why

edit: nvm

Shout out to my nigga VI Seconds

“White guy”

Now selling: replica Backpack "back attack" brand Backpack Pocket rock-it pocket pussy

Dude was just looking to get some tail

The Island of Zou would be paradise for this freak.

He is NOT all that.

Have you heard of punctuation?