Trying to figure out how a ball works

Didn't even have to throw it... dog wore itself out without even touching it. Best Toy Ever! Have a nice nap, pup pup.

Go home, pupper, you're drunk.

That ball's broken...

Pretty sure the ball is alright. The dog tho; broken af.

This breed of dog (Corgi) is actually known for 'playing possum' and is far from worn out.

His strategy of trying to intimidate the ball to run away hasn't worked, so now he's going to the mind games of laying down and looking tired and if you were this ball, it would have worked on you!

Knowledge is power. This is fully covered in the article: 'Corgis: The smartest hunter' published in 2011.

That little smile at the end is downright adorable.

Pup is pretending to be the ball

Play literally any heavy metal with this...

Nirvana isn't heavy metal, though.


Just replace their batteries. Should be good as new.

Come play with me, Ball.


Foolish Corgi.. you can't outrun a ball with those stumpy legs!

On the ball or the dog?

Never mind the dog, what the Hell is going on with your trim? That baseboard is stupid and were you too cheap for a door jam?

-A Carpenter

You must become the ball, young grasshopper.

Goofball playing with a ball

This is a N64 Xmas morning

The cutest little dum-dum.

Never even gave one thought about owning a corgi...then I joined Reddit. I need one in my life immediately.