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Hanniphobia is the left's latest mental illness

The American people love a good underdog story. They keep making their enemies underdogs. They keep losing which makes them stronger. They keep throwing shit and sees what sticks, nothing does and after a while most people look at the person who is throwing shit.

It's a stupid and desperate plan by desperate people and when it doesn't work it makes their targets stronger than before.

I tried to understand wtf they were getting on about. It's literally that Sean Hannity might have the same lawyer as trump and in their mind he has some sort of moral/contractual obligation to devuldge that information. Even tho he's a radio/television personality and can say (or not say) whatever he wants.

/sub/politics rn:

"LOL hannitard has a trump lawyer (maybe) he's finished now his fan base will leave him because we said its a big deal"

The TRUTH will ultimately come to LIGHT. Enjoy the show.

He knifes their brainwash bubble all the time and they hate him for it.

There also saying that hannity is in with trump with the whole russia conspiracy. The funny thing is they actually think that this whole russia collusion thing is real.

But I thought were we all Russian bots with multiple accounts and unlimited upvotes!?

Can’t happen soon enough in my humble opinion