Trump's "Tax Plan" makes him the reverse Robin Hood, robbing the 99% to give to the wealthy. His proposal re: pass-through entities could add as much as $2 trillion to the debt over the next 10 years, while distributing nearly all the benefits to the highest income households.

Trump's "Tax Plan" makes him the reverse Robin Hood, robbing the 99% to give to the wealthy. His proposal re: pass-through entities could add as much as $2 trillion to the debt over the next 10 years, while distributing nearly all the benefits to the highest income households.
Trump's "Tax Plan" makes him the reverse Robin Hood, robbing the 99% to give to the wealthy. His ...

Note that almost all of trumps income comes from pass through entities. So he's making sure to give himself, depending on if you believe his boasts of his net worth, a tax cut in the millions.

Meanwhile, he's trying to cut the arts, the humanities, environmental protection, and millions of people's health care, among other things.

He doesn't give one tiny fuck about us.

If only there was some way to have seen this coming...

How this buffoon ever sold himself as an ally for the working class is beyond me.

ETA: the_donald cucks have arrived! Please note: were not talking about Obama. Try to stay on topix.

He should take care, look at what happened to W Bush, when he managed to successfully funnel a multi-trillion dollar surplus to his friends and colleagues, and pass irresponsible tax cuts for the wealthy.

Actually, there were no consequences for the 43rd President's rampant cronyism. So I guess no reason for Trump to not do this?

and no Republican wants to do anything about it.


It is as if he is slowly destroying America and no one wants to do anything about it...I guess we all like anal?

He shaved Vince McMahon's head during WWE and fired people on national tv as part of a game show.

I like to think Terry Crews will play him in the movie about his life.

I'm starting to think that when he says "believe me" I shouldn't actually believe him?

Donald Trump

I like to think Terry Crews will play him in the movie about his life

He already did in Idiocracy

Republicans have perfected getting people to vote against their own self-interest.

Hey now, President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho was a great president who gave up his position when somebody came along who could do the job better.

Fuck you I voted for Clinton.

Don't you see? That's just the good free market working its magic. Hundreds of US troops were just given the opportunity to die for a grateful country while they stuffed their pockets with blood money.

We really need a better way to describe a "reverse Robin Hood".

Sheriff of Nottingham? Robber baron? Fat cat feeder?

That's all I got.

My gf works with a lot of wealthy clients. That's why they all voted for him. They don't give a fuck about anything else except holding onto more money.

I think that at a certain point it stops being about money and starts being about power and ego.

Now you know why my wealthy parents voted for him.

You should read some of the articles on the rural white communities that vote Republican.

They resent the Democratic Party for letting them live on welfare and do drugs while unemployed. They're like children who blame their parents for letting them get fat.

They're voting Republican so the Republicans can get rid of the welfare programs they depend on. Then they'll pick themselves up by their bootstraps because they won't get welfare money to buy drugs with anymore.

They're not talking about black people anymore, they're talking about themselves, and it is amazing.

This is my rule for anyone saying "believe me".

Our language on this needs to change a bit. Stop describing it as a decrease on "pass through tax" and start describing it as a reduction on the personal income tax of people who own certain types of corporations.

Hundreds of US troops were just given the opportunity to die

Not to mention the thousands who got to leave limbs in biomedical dumpsters!

This is the GOP's tax plan, it should be pinned on all of them, not just Trump.

You think he doesn't care? Do you really think that? Because the poorest people seem to think that he was the best option for their champion. You know, the guy who has spend like the last 30 years flat out lying about how much he's worth. The guy who spent the last 30 years boasting about how lavish his lifestyle is. The guy who has no fucking clue what it is to work a day in his life. The guy who took endless photos with his golden toilet and golden dinnerware. The guy who is notorious and is currently being sued by a ton of people because he robs small businesses who his companies contract. That guy who's sole purpose in office was to make the most out of having the government rent space in his buildings, who now flies for free on the taxpayer dime, who has like 15 of his own companies all over the globe "leasing" his own helicopters from himself over and over and over through various companies to avoid actually paying for shit? The guy who's pick for secretary of state has an oil deal with russia for $500b? Nah. His supporters who are now paying for his lavish lifestyle while a very large number of them are living in trailer parks and in poverty will keep blindly supporting him as they scream "Murica" while he gets rich of off them and destroy the country and the faith of the rest of the world in this country.

tell what the dnc has to do with me voting against my party in the general election.

go on, I'll wait.

But he says it like it is.

It's always the same story with this so-called fiscally responsible party. At the end of the day, the numbers don't lie. This is a spending increase, putting the budget further in the red in some hopes that there will be a magical increase in GDP due to lower taxes.

Problem with letting someone set fire to the boat is, we're all on this boat.

In short:

Hillary said, "Times are changing, let's help you change too. we're all in this together." This is scary to people who are 3rd, 4th, 5th generation "blue collar workers."

And Trump said, "I'm gonna roll the clock back 50 years. Don't worry coal miner and factory worker. I'm gonna ditch the pesky EPA, kick out all the illegals who are stealing your jobs, and we're going to burn some oil like $5 barrel again."

Then, add in the fact that the Clinton are generally horrible people and widely disliked....

Then add in the fact that a lot of senior citizens "want things to go back to the way they were." Where the men wore slacks, women wore skirts and baked pies, and everyone went to church on Sundays.

i don't even give a fuck anymore. this country will be broke and broken soon. moving my ass to somewhere that doesn't make decisions solely on corporate interest and right wing voters who don't know their asses from their elbows. this shit is giving me ulcers. murderous rage. hurr durr equalizing the field is CLASS WARFARE SOCIALISM HURR DURR

edit- because despite my voting, donating, and calling my dumbass (R) congresspersons, I feel fucking helpless to stop the destruction of this country I used to love. all this sub does for me is increase my rage, because all we can do is congratulate ourselves for not being complete idiots, and upvoting shit. this is no resistance. I'm out. unsubscribed. focus on shitposting over in /sub/nfl and stuff.

second edit- I'm gonna keep on donating and calling until such time, and if this makes me a quitter, then so be it. better to walk away from the table when you're a few thousand down then keep doubling and end up losing your house. i hope we (you) can set things straight, because if the Republicans and their corporate overlords keep on their course, this country will be hardly better than a quasi-failed state in Africa by the turn of this century. sign me up for a "fuck that"

Just stop being poor :) anybody can be a millionaire if they just want to!

Lets not pretend both parties are equally horrible.

No no you see its not his voters fault. They thought only the brown people and liberal women were supposed to get fucked.

The thing I don't get is what does he need the money for lmao. He's in his 70' the president..what would you actually need money for..groceries?

unicornlord is saying that they are republican (or generally republican), yet in spite of this, they voted for Clinton (against Trump). They had no ability to vote for Bernie in the primaries even if they wanted to.

Clinton ran a surplus. Bush sent us into a deficit. Obama went into a bigger deficit because we were trying to get out of a recession (which, btw, worked). Clinton's plan would've shrunk the deficit. Trump will run a larger deficit.

Which Party is being more fiscally responsible?

When the smartest man in the world came into his office, he gave the smartest man in the world the job to save the USA.

Trump would never do that

America has been slowly sold off and bought by corporate interests since the 80s. They just want to loot it till it dies.

Religion, guns, anti immigrant things dumb rednecks can all agree on

Into his bank account

Republicans have made it extremely clear that they are willing to watch the country burn in their hopes of grabbing as much money and power as fucking possible. They will watch the ship burn rather than let go of the fuckin wheel, man.

Which always confused me because a lot of poor people vote Republican. What do they think they'll gain with a Republican president? Saw a map that showed which states have the highest percentage of people on welfare and it was mostly red states. Yet the red voters go on and on about wanting to cut welfare programs because "people are just being lazy". I. Don't. Get. It.

Well yea...look at what they do to the people without money...

Words don't mean shit. People said we should call it climate change instead of climate warming and ACA instead of Obamacare and still conservatives lost their minds. Conservatism is a mental disorder.

Many Southern Americans are very dumb. And the rust belt states

people are stuck in binary logic. hate democrats? boom, you're a republican now and vice versa. i know independents outnumber both but they still pick and choose from the 2 parties so they're essentially part of this mess too.

But, but....he's draining the swamp. :/

Almost every small business owner (poor and wealthy) files their business as a pass-through.

And????? These cuts will benefit owners only and not employees, then it's up to the owner to do good with it or just pay themselves more. Most just put the extra money in their bank accounts. WTF is a poor business owner btw?

Companies will only get a tax cut if they owe taxes. For fucks sake, shitty companies don't make a profit and don't pay these taxes. For some reason republican cult members can't keep this simple fact in their head along with how tax brackets work. It's like they have to be purposefully obtuse and mischaracterize the arguments of their opponents.

Words mean a lot. Our entire worldview is a frame of reference. When the GOP say they want to pursue deregulation, Liberals cry "OH NO DEREGULATION IS SO BAD." But regulations sound like cumbersome rules, and people hate rules. Instead Liberals should be saying that the GOP is trying to make the world less safe for everyday people. Regulations are the government protecting people from being preyed upon by corporations. Protections against having your savings depleted, the environment used as a toxic dumping ground, against getting fired for frivolous reasons, against going bankrupt when you get seriously ill.

The GOP doesn't want deregulation. The GOP is deliberately removing consumer protections that make the everyman's life worse to make rich people more wealthy. But, no, Liberals just like to complain about deregulation being bad. Liberals use the language of the opposition, which only reinforces the strength of the opposition's position.

Words matter.

You either lead, follow, or get out of the way

Yea this is what the GOP has been doing and pushing to expand for decades. The GOP is what stinks the most here with Trump and co. coming in second.

Gotta make up for certain areas

i can´t stop shaking my head over what's going on in the usa. from one of the best presidents to one of the worst, if not the worst.

They're everywhere buddy

It makes sense for wealthy people to vote Republican.



After the DNC scandal if you weren't sure your votes didn't matter, then I'm not sure what else can be said.

Almost every small business owner (poor and wealthy) files their business as a pass-through. I love when tax issues come up here because it exposes the ignorance of all you resisters. There is also a standard deduction that will be DOUBLED according to the new plan... Are you a poor non-homeowner? This gets you an additional $1-3k tax refund.

he makes it sound like it is, but it really isn;t

Nope, it's just a large majority of the stupid fucking idiots who voted for him and still support him in their little neo Nazi, anti gay, anti earth, anti smile, anti conscience echo chamber.

A large majority of those dipshits shitpost on just about every online board blabbing endlessly about topics including classics such as "her emails!", Obama's a Muslim!", "Obama is a dictator!", "Obama was gonna take away our guns!", "Muh Pepe frog!", and who could forget the incredible "but I got muh dick stuck in my little pony toy!".

These horrendously braindead excuses for living beings are the ones who get so triggered when you mention just about ANYTHING negative about their galactic emperor God king Cheeto and they're notoriously stubborn and would rather the world go down in flames instead of just admitting that their choice was NOT in everyone's best interests. These people are not Americans, they're less than raw sewage, who would want everything to go to shit just because they get their daily fills of racist propaganda? These losers, that's who. Pure unfiltered trash.

That's because our electoral system guarantees a 2 party state. Can't really blame the voters for being human. But I had right trump was a bridge too far... Sigh

The proposal would cut taxes for fewer than 5 percent of households in the middle of the income distribution, by an average amount of $370. In contrast, more than three-fifths of the households in the top one-tenth of one percent—those with incomes exceeding $3.4 million—would benefit. On average, they would see their taxes cut by almost $638,000.


This is why I'm almost fine with him serving out all 4-years. I want him to destroy his voters like they deserve.

This is similar to my mindset at this point. Why waste energy trying to change minds that don't want change and implement policies I want that the rest of my countrymen don't? Might as well use that same energy to get myself to a country that already operates the way I would like. The crazies can have this country, I don't want it anymore.

pinky dick

Clinton ran a surplus for two reasons: the tech boom came and the GOP had control of the budget. That's not a knock on Clinton but no president deserves all of the credit nor all of the blame.

lmao. Thank you. I remember having to go up against the Bernie hive mind after he lost and my argument wasn't she's good for us. My argument was she's not the prime evil here. He is and these mother fuckers couldn't get it through their heads. Thanks for the help bruh we're going to need it.

Again. . Didn't vote in the primary as a dnc. Cause I'm not. So you have no point. Bye.

Morgan Freeman agrees.

But what about "believe it"?

The Atlantic has a good series on the topic.

This is the National Review shitting on white America.

Nothing happened to them. There wasn’t some awful disaster. There wasn’t a war or a famine or a plague or a foreign occupation. Even the economic changes of the past few decades do very little to explain the dysfunction and negligence — and the incomprehensible malice — of poor white America. So the gypsum business in Garbutt ain’t what it used to be. There is more to life in the 21st century than wallboard and cheap sentimentality about how the Man closed the factories down.

The truth about these dysfunctional, downscale communities is that they deserve to die. Economically, they are negative assets. Morally, they are indefensible. Forget all your cheap theatrical Bruce Springsteen crap. Forget your sanctimony about struggling Rust Belt factory towns and your conspiracy theories about the wily Orientals stealing our jobs. Forget your goddamned gypsum, and, if he has a problem with that, forget Ed Burke, too. The white American underclass is in thrall to a vicious, selfish culture whose main products are misery and used heroin needles. Donald Trump’s speeches make them feel good. So does OxyContin. What they need isn’t analgesics, literal or political. They need real opportunity, which means that they need real change, which means that they need U-Haul.

Turns out elite Republicans hate poor Whites as much as poor people of any other race.

Is immigration even a problem where the die-hard red voters live? If you look at the map that Trump plastures everywhere you can see that the counties that border Mexico are either blue or light pink. The people who would be most effected by "the wall" didn't vote republican (besides the light pink counties). Is immigration even that big of an issue in red counties? Why does immigration bother them so much?

Can we like anal and hate Trump at the same time?

The will still blame Obama, Democrats, in the house and Senate, and liberals and say even more regulation needs to be repealed.


To be honest he's not destroying America, America is destroying itself.

There are almost no politicians that don't lie And don't cheat and don't work only for their own interests. It just so happens that Trump was able to make it to the executive office of our nation and blatantly do the underhanded things that all politicians do.

In all honesty it always seems to come down to the lesser of two evils and that's just a horrible system which promotes people like trump to float right to the top.

Which has never happened in the entire history of "trickle down".


Funny how I never heard anyone say that in the past 8 years. Must be fun having double standards.

Well, this is the first time I see a good and concise description of Hillary's shortcomings that encompasses both political message and general likeability. Have an upvote.

Now that's not true, he gives a fuck about exactly two bits of us, our wallets and our bank accounts and how much he can drain them into his own.

Well, since he still hasn't disclosed anything that gives us any solid information of his actual wealth, it's entirely possible that he's practically broke. Part of the concern of his ties to Russia is that it looks possible, if not probable, that he owes large sums of money to Russian banks/interests.

This would at least somewhat explain a lot of his seemingly stupid moves and the fact that he is brazenly lining his own pockets though tax reforms that benefit himself and padding his pockets through the memberships at mar-a-lago and the additional revenues he's generating by having the secret service stay at his own resorts.

For Trump, to lose his wealth is to lose his identity (which is incredibly important for a narcissist). He absolutely cannot allow it to appear that he is in financial trouble. Looking like a fool is better than looking poor to him.

Hey now... I'm not a Bush crony and I got a $300 check from the Feds. Paid for a whole 4.1 days of rent.

I like your brand of vitriol.

Oh cool so this is intended to help the poor? Then couldn't we just, ya know, help the poor?

reality* the word you meant was 'reality'.

"I got no limbs to weigh me down..."

No offence, but some of your comment reinforces the OP's point.

These cuts will benefit owners

This often means self-employed people. Or the mom and pop store around the corner. In a lot of cases the owner and the employee are the same person...

Companies will only get a tax cut if they owe taxes.

I think you're underestimating the number of small businesses that hover around the break even point or have small net income, especially during the first few years of existence. At that level, taxes certainly do play a big role in the amount of cash that business has to stay afloat

It's easy to say that without knowing what the alternative might have been.

Obama did the best he could after inheriting a shitshow. I doubt a republican in his position could have done any better, and maybe might have hurt everyone even more.

How so? When anyone making under 44k will pay no taxes?

What is your source that says small businesses will pay 39.6%?

The only thing the man actually said on the campaign trail was that he knows the tax loopholes better than anyone so he was the right person to fix them. What did people think he meant?

If you don't believe trump is in this to personally benefit himself and his rich friends you have your head up your ass.

A sinking water table lowers all boats!

Because they're racist it's quite simple

Fox says it should.

The $2 trillion is just for one individual tax cut, not the whole spending and tax plan.

As someone in Georgia, most are down here.


Self employed people are 5% of the working population, so even if the BS claim were true, it still leaves 94% of people getting fucked.

But he didn't do anything really bad like use the wrong email right?

meh.... let's see who can swim.

Orange Julius Caesar?

By not 'voting for a scam' you tacitly supported a dangerous lunatic. A bigot. A sexual predator. Say what you will about Clinton, but the worst thing she would have done was maintained the status quo. While many people may not have thought the status quo ideal, there's no question that the 'change' we've ended up with will do more harm than good to the most vulnerable among us. Clinton wouldn't risk the lives of Americans and American allies around the world to 'show off' to the Russians. She wouldn't be systematically trying to strip women, minorities and the poor of their rights or, say, of their access to healthcare. She wouldn't be completely divorced from reality, and dangerously erratic when it comes to foreign policy.

Trump is actively trying to destroy our democracy, and if that doesn't succeed, he may well get us into a nuclear war with North Korea.


And Donald Trump didn't prove he was unfit during the primaries? I think he proved he's unfit to be classified as human.