Trump’s Longtime Lawyer Says He Paid Stormy Daniels Out of His Own Pocket

Trump’s Longtime Lawyer Says He Paid Stormy Daniels Out of His Own Pocket

Here’s a simple question: Why would a lawyer clandestinely pay someone six-figures out of his own pocket in order to silence a story about his client unless it were true?

To prove it, he showed reporters the cover of his checkbook.

Here’s a simpler question: Why would a lawyer clandestinely pay someone six-figures out of his own pocket in order to silence a story about his client unless it were true?

You have to wonder who they think they're kidding. But like everything else, nothing matters anymore. If this controversy ALONE was something Obama did, nevermind any potential illegal aspects of it but just purely him cheating, the GOP and Fox News would literally spend his whole presidency telling you about this every single day and tell you how evil Obama is.

There's something more here. If Cohen is reduced to admitting this much to Haberman on the record, I bet it comes out that the campaign paid for it.

Why in God's name would Cohen personally foot the bill, without ever being reimbursed, for a hush money payment covering up for the president's affair? Does this story square with anyone's experience with the behavior of attorneys and/or ordinary human beings?

Trump was never sleeping with Stormy Daniels. And even if he was, he wouldn’t pay her to keep quiet. And even if she was paid off, it was his lawyer’s money. And if it was reimbursed with campaign funds, it was to keep Hillary from winning.



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<exhales into eighteen microphones>

Reporter: Why are there eighteen microphones

I will buy my clients a meal. $130k in hush money for a porn star? Hell no.

Mr. Cohen, who worked as a counsel to the Trump Organization for more than a decade, said he was not reimbursed for the payment.

Who wants to bet he thought he would be reimbursed but Trump just ripped him off

So wait, are Trump supporters past the "she was never paid" part of their denial? I thought I still saw it floating around.

What possible political reason would there be to say anything about this?

“The payment to Ms. Clifford was lawful, and was not a campaign contribution or a campaign expenditure by anyone.”

Oh, I see, legal reasons! As with Porter, their favorite move for burying a story is just to shoot themselves repeatedly in the face. Let's get Cohen under oath saying she was ultimately compensated by his personal money.

Soooo at best he's telling the truth about an illegal campaign contribution. At worst he's lying about an illegal campaign contribution...

Mitch McConnell would grab the nearest eighteen microphones and sprint to the steps of Congress to scream out what Obama had done.

If you read carefully, I think the angle he's taking becomes clear. He says the Trump Org and the Trump Campaign didn't reimburse him. Between the lines, he's saying that Trump reimbursed him personally. So he's going to claim this is a "personal matter" unrelated to the campaign.

I have no idea if that will fly in front of a judge.

I used to take public defender cases. Buying a McDonalds meal or a courthouse cafeteria sandwich for a poor client built a ton of trust and goodwill. It's not like I was making much money on those appointed cases but I felt positively rich afterwards. Even at the miserable rate I was paid it was really minutes of my billable time for the food.

That being said, this was not a sympathetic lawyer spotting six figures for a client out of a sense of mercy and compassion. This was money laundering or quid pro quo of some sort.

<First Question from Fox News Reporter>

In a row?

Lets not forget this pretty much confirms the affair. The first lady is in for a real shitty Valentine's Day.

So he admits to making an illegal kind campaign contribution to Trump. That should come with a 2 year jail sentence. This is not a joke. If you contribute over 100,000 extra to a campaign on purpose that is the jail time I have seen in the past.

Lawyers won't even do that. You buy them the meal and they bill you for their time.

He went to Cooley

Trump was like, "what are you going to do, sue me?? I'll hire you to defend me... against you!"

"And really, she would have paid him, anyway."

Trump personally reimbursed him, Trump charges campaign that much extra in rent, Trump conveniently skims that off the top.

For those who want context - Cooley is the Trump U. of law schools.

Haha, I'll be damned.

“Neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign was a party to the transaction with Ms. Clifford, and neither reimbursed me for the payment, either directly or indirectly,” Mr. Cohen said in a statement to The New York Times. “The payment to Ms. Clifford was lawful, and was not a campaign contribution or a campaign expenditure by anyone.”

So somebody reimbursed the LLC then. Because no one believes for a second that Cohen gifted this hush money to Trump out of the goodness of his heart. He wouldn’t respond to follow-up questions and that is very particular language he used in the statement.

The statement can be technically true while being false: Cohen paid from the LLC; any reimbursement would be credited to the LLC — not Cohen.

They've been outraged over the portraits someone else made of the Obamas for multiple days now.

As if she cares.

God damn Trump is so fucking smart.

You jest, but I have seen comments on Facebook already on my local news networks pages from old white trump fans claiming Hillary paid Stormy Daniels off to somehow make trump look bad. They are somehow spinning this to still blame Hillary.

Also didn’t he create an LLC to do so? Weird 🤔

You must not be as good a lawyer as Michael Cohen.

Pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get bigly clients that need bigly payoffs.

But haven't we already seen the (likely) corresponding withdrawal from the campaign?

Literally ranked the worst law school in America.

Trump U wasn't really "a school" so it couldn't be ranked, though.

Stormy Daniels and Summer Zevros (who Trump claims is a liar) could not possibly have heard these stories from each other or coordinated them. And yet both tell the same story. I think this is once again relevant, given Trump endorsement of Rob Porter and his refusal to speak to the issues of domestic abuse and sexual assault.

Stormy Daniels:

Then the next time I saw him was the end of July and he called me and asked if I could come meet him at the Beverly Hills Hotel. And I went. My boyfriend drove me. Keith came out and met me at my truck and walked me in. He had a private bungalow out back, which is cool because I’d never been there and I haven’t been there since. They have these, like, individual cottages there. Cool. They’re pretty nice. I went there. We had dinner once again in his room. I had swordfish that time. Once again, no alcohol. The strangest thing about that night — this was the best thing ever. You could see the television from the little dining room table and he was watching Shark Week and he was watching a special about the U.S.S. something and it sank and it was like the worst shark attack in history. He is obsessed with sharks. Terrified of sharks. He was like, “I donate to all these charities and I would never donate to any charity that helps sharks. I hope all the sharks die.” He was like riveted. He was like obsessed. It’s so strange, I know.

Summer Zevros:

He then called again, days later, to let me know he was coming to Los Angeles. He again called me after he had just landed in Los Angeles. He asked me to meet him that evening at the Beverly Hills Hotel and asked me where I would like to have dinner. When I arrived, his security guard greeted me at the hotel. He walked with me to greet Mr. Trump. I assumed we were going to a restaurant in the hotel. Instead, I was taken to a bungalow. The security guard opened the door, and I went in. I was standing in an entryway. To my left was a bedroom, and I saw Mr. Trump's clothes on the bed. I did not see him, but he greeted me with "hello" in a sing-song voice that sounded like "he-loo." I thought the mistake had been made, and Mr. Trump thought he was speaking with someone he was more familiar with. I walked further into the living room, away from the bedroom, and sat. I waited for about 15 minutes until Mr. Trump emerged. He had his suit on. I stood up and he came to me and started kissing me, open-mouthed, as he was pulling me towards him. I walked away, and I sat down in a chair. He was on a low seat across from me, and I made an attempt at conversation. He then asked me to sit next to him. I complied. He then grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me again, very aggressively, and placed his hand on my breast. I pulled back and walked to another part of the room. He then walked up, grabbed my hand, and walked me into the bedroom. I walked out. He then turned me around and said, "Let's lay down and watch some telly-telly." He put me in an embrace, and I tried to push him away. I pushed his chest, put space between us, and I said, "Come on, man. Get real." He repeated my words back to me, "Get real," as he began thrusting his genitals. He tried to kiss me again with my hands still on his chest, and I said, "Dude, you're tripping right now," attempting to make it clear I was not interested. He said, "What do you want?" And I said, "I came to have dinner." He said, "Okay, we'll have dinner." He paced around the room. He acted like he was a bit angry. He pointed out that someone had delivered a fruit basket. I felt that was to show me how important he was. As we were waiting for dinner, I sat across the room from him as far away as possible. He started saying he did not think I had ever known love or had ever been in love. I did not want to discuss my personal life with him. Then, just before dinner arrived, he transformed into being all about business and began questioning me as though I were on a job interview. Dinner was delivered to the bungalow. When dinner arrived, he asked me to wait in a small room. I felt he did not want the waiter to see me. After the table was set, he beckoned me to come out. We shared a club sandwich.

Porn star paid off by Republican President for an extramarital affair?

Evangelicals everywhere shrug harder than Christ on the cross.

Former Democratic President has his portrait painted?


That's the thing with these types of guys--the stories from the women, women who couldn't possibly have coordinated their stories, are remarkably consistent in the strangest of ways. Melania knows these stories are true, because she recognizes the details. She knows he always stays at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She knows he's obsessed with sharks. She knows he likes club sandwiches. These things aren't secrets, per se, but they're inconsequential details that you wouldn't know unless you'd seen them in action.

I said the same thing to my husband when the story about Roy Moore taking one of his victims to some cabin in the woods first surfaced: his wife knows that story's true, because he took her to that cabin too, I guarantee it. His wife recognized phrases the victims reported, quirks of his handwriting, little stuff that's invisible unless you get into a lot of detail and/or know the man very well.

how dare he have one of the best contemporary artists do his portrait. a real american would have just gone down to SEARS. such a snob elitist.

Hey, try not to suck any dick on the way through the parking lot!

So this is worse than what Bill did, right? We can proceed with the impeachment Republicans?

Time to hound Melania the way Hillary was. Trump had an affair, confirmed by his lawyer. is melania going going to stand for that? Is she okay with this kind of sin in her marriage?

That would actually be unethical. It could lead to disbarment. A lawyer cannot have a stake in a client's case.

The argument would be that the definition of "contribution" includes any "expenditure" on behalf of a candidate, if that expenditure is made in "cooperation, consutation or concert with" a candidate. Expenditure has a wide definition and can include any deposit of money by any person for the purpose of influencing an election:

52 USC 30116:

(a)(1) Except as provided in subsection (i) and section 30117 of this title, no person shall make contributions-

(A) to any candidate and his authorized political committees with respect to any election for Federal office which, in the aggregate, exceed $2,000;


(B)(i) expenditures made by any person in cooperation, consultation, or concert, with, or at the request or suggestion of, a candidate, his authorized political committees, or their agents, shall be considered to be a contribution to such candidate;

52 U.S.C. 30101:

(9)(a) The term "expenditure" includes- (i) any purchase, payment, distribution, loan, advance, deposit, or gift of money or anything of value, made by any person for the purpose of influencing any election for Federal office...

Edit - query whether there is any evidence of coordination with Trump himself, his committees or their agents. Query whether Cohen, as Trump's longtime attorney and at least a de facto member of his campaign, is an agent of Trump or his campaign committees.

Funny you mentioned that....

In another timeline I would say you're lying, but in 2018 I 100% believe this to be true.

Honestly if Obama had used the slogan make America great again I’m pretty sure that would be enough to piss off the fox crowd for his entire presidency. “What are you saying, America isn’t great? And we need you to make it great again??!!?!”

If this was Obama his Presidency would be over. But no, it's Trump and the GOP keeps digging a deeper hole for the bar to be placed in.

Wait, they're responding to this? I thought they were just straight up ignoring it. Like they ignore his conflicts of interest. Or his abdication of duty. Or his moral equivocation of Nazis and Russia.

My clients won't get me sent to jail for doing their dirty work. I cannot say the same for Mr. Cohen.

"Say's who?".... "Polls"... "what polls?" ... "All of them", ... silence... "Say's who?"

This particular pattern of cognitive dissonance is why Stephen Colbert's second book was called America Again: Re-Becoming the Greatness we Never Weren't.

Which, by the way, was released in 2012.

She doesn’t care about the affair, but she’ll probably care about the negative press and harassment that’ll most likely follow

Meanwhile the Director of the EPA just commissioned a prominent Russian artist to do his portrait for a mere $50k. Instead of the nasty greenery used in Obama’s portrait he chose a more conservative background featuring a National Park with oil rigs in the background.

I admit this is fake news but I did watch Fox News in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

You see this sometimes with lobbyists. A lobbying firm might have five partners and they all donate 2,700 dollars out of pocket to one particular congressman for a total donation of 13,500 dollars. Because these are individual donations they don't show up on lists of PAC donations or lists of lobbying firms donating the money. The lobbyists are happy to write the checks with their own personal money because they know it will help the relationship with the Congressman and the lobbying firm will pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars for having a strong relationship.

If Trump is paying his lawyer huge checks in order to generically "solve Trump's problems" then the lawyer would gladly pay out of his own pocket because it enables him to do his job better and continue to collect a huge salary.

For reference: This was Michael Cohen's proof that he didn't go to Prague or Russia

There needs to be an investigation in to this. Maybe he paid it with his own money, but that doesn't mean he wasn't paid by the Trump campaign. Also, these guys went to extra-ordinary lengths to cover this up creating an LLC and using pseudonyms. So kind of hard to deny this now.

Also, when he was caught with the LLC this was his response:

“You’re [sic] obsessive drive to prove a false narrative, one that has been rebuked by all parties, must come to an end,”

She doesn't care that it happened. She cares that everyone in her social circle knows about it now.

Yeah, isn't that paying someone's debt? That's definitely a financial contribution to a candidate during an election.

I can't imagine it's possible to make a serious legal argument that it's a believable story. There must be a limit to the suspension of disbelief allowed in a court room? This is straight up in the territory of "I was holding on to the child porno for a friend and never looked at it" unbelievable.

Is there a legal definition of what can be reasonably be assumed to be an independent gesture vs. paying in someone else's behalf?

Possibly to change the subject from Porter.

every fuckin week we get another presidency-ending scandal. But it doesn't matter as long as the GOP in Congress don't care about the constitution, and he's got his news propaganda soothing his supporters.

He's not a very good lawyer.

I mean, are we really at the point where the white house is trying to get people talking about the president having an affair with a porn star?

I'm a bit sad he doesn't troll them a bit with this stuff.

Dignity is fine but these people deserve mockery.

I think it might be an attempt to refocus the news cycle around an old scandal. There's been reporting that the Porter story is causing chaos and infighting in the White House not seen since the Comey firing.

Did you pay for the sandwich right there or you waited 10 years to make the payment like this Cohen guy? /s

I love that trump's defense is literally just that his lawyer paid the hush money out of the goodness of his heart, so like what was trump supposed to do? Behave ethically?

Later that even. Trump staring into his phone while wearing his bath robe. He looks perplexed, but then begins furiously typing into his phone using his two forefingers while the phone balances on his belly.

Low Energy Obama only sucked 18 dicks. I sucked 36 dicks. No other president has sucked 36 dicks in their first year. 100% more dicks sucked. #MAGA

Stablest of Geniuses

We're at the point in the Porter news cycle where the WH could actually use a Mueller indictment or two to change the subject.

Goddammit this made me laugh so hard. Enjoy your gold, ya jabroni.

HOW are the evangelicals ok with this?????? It’s mind boggling how much they are willing to overlook that flies right in the face of their supposed values! But OMG don’t DARE make Hobby Lobby buy birth control, don’t let GAY infiltrate the military, remember both sides everyone! Oh yes and leave a football game where they kneel, but sit like an ass when the world is watching you at the Olympics.

The insanity of it all is killing me!

I'll take "Completely Unbelievable Stories" for $130,000, Alex.

Very plausible.

Seriously. This is just like paying court fees for a client with your own money or accepting payment for services for your client from an undisclosed source. You can't act on solely on behalf of your client when there is $100K of your own cash at stake.

I would consider a long-term, highly paid job to be reimbursement here.

Continued job security is valuable, especially when I doubt many other folks are banging on Cohen's door asking him to work for them.


“Neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign was a party to the transaction with Ms. Clifford, and neither reimbursed me for the payment, either directly or indirectly,” Mr. Cohen said...

Yeah, that totally doesn't consider the scenario of Donny saying "Hey Mike, take care of this one or you're canned."

Happy fucking Valentine's Day

Or that Barron knows yet another shitty thing about his shitty dad.

“Neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign"

Note that "Mr Donald J. Trump, private citizen" is not included in the list of people who didn't reimburse the lawyer.

So somebody reimbursed the LLC then? Not only is that obvious, but there's a short list of people who would be willing to give that much money in the hope of getting some silence.

Also, he did say "out of pocket" which could mean Donald gave a gift to his friend, who happened to have previously given him a gift in the form of paying off a woman. I'm sure gift taxes have been reported appropriately for all this generous transferring of money.

Which is a point I haven't seen: when this woman was paid, what taxes were reported? That ought to be interesting, and she's more than welcome to release a certified extract from her taxes, showing how the money was accounted for and where it came from.

Cohen paid from the LLC; any reimbursement would be credited to the LLC — not Cohen.

If that was true, the owners of the LLC really ought to be saying things like "why was this money given away to a porn star instead of being paid to us as dividends?"

Even if he's the only owner, the odd thing is that there are laws preventing business funds for being used for personal purposes. At a minimum, Cohen would owe taxes on money used to make private purchases, because that's basically a form of income for him.

There are so many interpretations of all this.

But we're being asked to believe that someone paid the price of a pretty good house in any one of at least a dozen different states to a porn star just because it seemed like the right thing to do, with no ulterior motive or questionable transfer of money and it's just a weird coincidence that it happened as allegations were surfacing.

If Obama walked out wearing another Tan suit, I am pretty sure FOX news would just explode.

I bet the whole story is bullshit made to cover up a federal elections law being broken by Trump. John Edwards was charged with a felony over THE SAME EXACT THING. Another cover up.

I'm pretty sure they're still at the LALALALALALAICAN'THEARYOU phase on this one.

We're easily in the hundreds of scandals that would have ended every candidacy or presidency before it. Trump supporters have learned to just wait until a next scandal that is more easily dismissable. It's pretty much guaranteed anyway and it works every time.

"LOL no." - Republicans

And Mooch went to Harvard. Look around the White House, there's lots of Ivy League educated fucksticks running around there.

He says the Trump Org and the Trump Campaign didn't reimburse him.

Later he'll claim it's mere coincidence that the hours he billed jumped $130,000 that month

I also conspicuously watch a lot of true crime shows about women killing their husbands. I like to keep him on his toes.

Let's be honest. This is just an attempt to pull the media away from the rob Porter scandal. Didnt work.. Won't work. They'll need to do better than that.

Why admit it?

I like how while having this conversation you are also subtly letting your husband know that you know him too well for him to get away with anything.

Of course. Lawyers send incriminating tweets from their client's account sometimes, against their own best advice without informing their client of this decision. It's just how lawyers are. The mistake tends to not cause any anger from their normally unhinged clients, so it really isn't an issue.

Myth: plausible.

I have long term relationships with my clients. It's important that they like me and we tend to be in the same social circles.

Don't bother to think about it, They are fake Christians. They'd vote for Satan if Satan said he was Pro-Life. Even if he was running against Jesus fucking Christ himself

There's no way a jury would be convinced this man Cohen paid for it without notifying Trump out of the kindness of his heart. This was incredibly stupid to say. Good thing we have a justice dept and FEC that will jump right on the case! Oh fuck.....

It's not simply that corruption is on the rise under Trump it's that it's blatant and obvious. Too bad nobody in power cares. The people do or 70 percent of them do.

Happy Valentines Day Melania

This is relative. A shitty Valentine’s Day would be having to spend it with Donald Trump.

You think she still spends Valentines Day with him? Or any time at all? I'm pretty sure I heard that Trump and Melania are the first First Couple to have separate bedrooms in a long time.

I'll go with: he was paid the exact same amount for "other services" for $130,000, Alex.

I've heard them argue that she isn't a reliable source because she violated an NDA.

First of all, she didn't, and secondly, the NDA was specifically about her sleeping with Trump.

That's a bit unfair. You'd be hard pressed to find a Trump U alum that didn't learn at least one valuable lesson.