Trump’s Judicial Picks Are Literally Right-Wing Bloggers

Trump’s Judicial Picks Are Literally Right-Wing Bloggers

Impeach them all. You can be conservative and be a fair judge. These are just random right wing asshats.

Democrats need to run on government accountability in 2018/20/22/24.

All those unwritten rules we've been hearing about? "It doesn't violate any Senate rules, it's just a norm, we never thought we'd have to specifically write a by-law saying don't crap on your desk." Need to be made into codified, written rules.

"Judicial appointments must have a B+ or better with the American Bar Association, or receive a 2/3rds majority vote from the Senate, prior to approval." (I don't know how the Bar Association rates judges.)

"The head of the EPA, DoE, FDA, and NASA must have at least a Master's degree in a field relevant to the responsibilities of their department, or receive a 2/3rds majority vote from the Senate, prior to approval."

"Presidential Nominees must present 10/20/30 years worth of tax returns to the public and the Senate Judicial Committee (or whatever) in order to be qualified to be President."

"Proof of divestiture from stock investments must be made public before inauguration day."

Stuff like that.

Obvious disclaimer: I'm not a lawmaker and I'm not a lawyer, these are just the general outlines of my ideas, they would probably need to be a lot more specific, and they'd need to be well written enough to survive the inevitable Republican supreme court challenges. But still, that's what we need to do, legally require transparency and responsibility from our law makers.

He'll make anyone with a deranged right-wing viewpoint a judge.

Notice how only the right wing hacks and fringe folks pushing diet pills and book deals are the only right wingers trump elevates? Not one principled conservative will step close to this mess

You're commenting on an article about Donald Trump appointing unqualified right-wing bloggers to be Judges... but you think I should run for office?

I'm flattered, I really am, but something tells me "Vote for Max, he has half a million karma!" wouldn't be as effective a selling point as we may believe.

Impeachment is a politcal process. You don't have to commit a crime to be impeached.

You're my favorite. Please run for office.

Really? All of those "principled conservatives" voted to confirm these fucking morons.

These "principled conservatives" are just as responsible for this shit as Trump.

Looks like they have a bit of room to work

Hell some of the reasons were

Charges: Improper business relationship with litigants Charges: Favoritism in the appointment of bankruptcy receivers

So his one Ghostbuster nominee could be impeached for simply not revealing his conflict of interest wife in the White House. I'm sure these other guys, specially given their lack of experience, will provide plenty of reasons to impeach.

Trump is literally a game show host, so I suppose this shouldn't be much of a shock.

I seriously don't think Trump is personally picking these people. Trump doesn't know who these people are. Someone is pulling the stings on these picks. Who?

hes even worse at being president than you are at pretending to be a liberal.

Boy you either need to log into or out of your alt.

They are nominating justices in bad faith. They are looking only for political orientation, rather than looking for the most qualified, well-versed, legal scholars. Our constitutional democracy was founded and relies upon in independent judiciary.

Heritage Foundation is stacking the courts with hard right young white males to further their apocalyptic agenda.

Can anyone explain to me why conservatives aren't funny?

I don't understand. You're really trying really hard to "troll" and it just comes off as really transparent and sad.

We're going to need new rules for literally everything after this is all over. Just because you're President doesn't mean you should be able to appoint the Wal-Mart greeter to a judiciary.