Trump’s interview with Sean Hannity reveals he doesn’t know how any of this works

Trump’s interview with Sean Hannity reveals he doesn’t know how any of this works

I liked the segment where Hannity asked him twice what policies would help the "inner cities", and both times Trump couldn't name a single thing, and instead just went on and on about how they're thug infested 3rd world nations.

This was sandwiched between Hannity talking about the murder rate in places like "Chicago" and praises for how wonderful the police are.

Dogs ears were exploding all over the country.

Chicago's murder rate is not even in the top 5 of US cities. Yet conservatives always bring it up. Why? Because they are racists and Chicago has a lot of black people. Oh and Obama is from there.

Who's first? St Louis, MO. And it's double the rate of Chicago.

It's also because of Chicago's gun laws. They love to point out how they don't work while ignoring the fact that people just drive 20 minutes to buy their guns in Indiana.

He also talks over the retreat bugle being played.

No, it's worse than that. He wonders out loud if the bugle is being played for him.

And then suggests that it's being played in honor of Hannity's ratings.

He is unfit. We need a 25th Amendment solution NOW

Ding ding!

It drives me crazy, every time I come home to Indiana for a visit (I live in CA now) my conservative uncle will always talk to me about what a shame it is about Chicago. Every. Single. Time. And then we'll have a pretty cordial debate about why it is that things are the way they are, he'll concede to my talking points and we go about our days, but next time I visit? Same conversation. It's like, he listens but he doesn't actually hear what I'm saying. I don't know.

The sad part is that Hannity tosses whiffle balls at sympathetic interviewees like Trump. It's like the Zimmerman interview, where the idiot managed to sound more guilty by the end of it, despite Hannity's best efforts.

This right here describes the political conversation that consistently occurs between me and my older, Fox-viewing father. He used to be a professor, for god’s Sake. He should know how to think critically. But this pattern leaves me with just two conclusions: he’s a much worse person than I thought, or he is just flat out lying to me when he agrees, which leads me back to conclusion 1. It makes me sad.

Truth be told, none of his supporters knows how any of this works. When they hear Trump tell them, "Believe me.", they will believe any shits that come out of his mouth.

The problem is that ring-wing media consumers are lost in a reality distortion bubble. Chase that with social media echo chambers, and there's no room for critical thinking. Many of these people aren't stupid, but the effort it takes to rewrite hardcoded neural pathways to challenge their preconceived judgments is herculean. And to make it worse, Republicans in government thrive on the lies of unchecked conservative propaganda. There's little incentive from the powers that be to course correct a degenerative political landscape. I honestly don't know how to reserve what's happened. I just hope millennials start voting en masse and reject the current trajectory of our country.

This pissed me off to no end. I immediately had to call out everyone who shared these stupid fucking "Respect Ma FLAG!!" memes and show them that this proves it was never about respect of the soldiers or patriotism.

A complete fucking moron

Meanwhile: if New Orleans was a country its gun murder rate (62.1) would be second in the world. Source is The Guardian, can post if needed. Chicago is at 11.5.

Guess what the gun laws are like in Louisiana?

I got so angry I had to turn the interview off after that. He literally can't use the word minority without associating them with "crime" and "thugs" in the same sentence. He had NO PLAN to help these people. He thinks they're just losers who "have nothing to lose". They're just a useful talking point for him. And then he says "Ben Carson's doing a great job". You know, that one minority in his cabinet. Meanwhile, Trump wants to cut billions from HUD programs that provide housing to low-income communities.

Fuck you, Trump. They have everything to lose with you in office.

What’s in it for hannity? Does he think that once the regime has completely overtaken the country, that he’ll become head of the propaganda ministry?

That interview is mindbogglingly bad, this is the sort of thing that's suppose to make him look good.

people buy the guns legally in bordering states or in suburban chicagoland and then they are repo...

60% of confiscated guns in chicago come from Indiana, Wisconsin and Mississippi, with the other 4...

I'm tired of pro 2A types going on and on about how liberals should shut up about guns because they don't know about the details of an AK47 or whatever.

You probably don't know much about TCP but you probably have an opinion about net neutrality. And that's fine.

How could blacks not be the problem if the nice man on the radio talks badly about them all the time? - Republicans probably

He's delusional. He does not see Trump as a threat, because Trump is furthering the cons' agenda. Party uber alles.

Here it is on Youtube

Exposes? The correct term would be "reinforces."

That wasn't a interview. It was two old men giving each other handjobs.

$29 million a year from Fox to keep old White people terrified.

Who is calling for a ban on assault rifles?

Are you thinking of assault weapons?

Who's out of touch?

inb4 "it's a made up term": the term has been in use for 30+ years and it was invented by the gun industry. Go look up The Gun Digest Guide to Assault Weapons (first ed 1986). Did a law quantify the term? Yes, it did, because laws have to define terms so law enforcement knows what that law applies to.

What's your response to the fact that nations with strict gun control laws have significantly less gun deaths than the United States?

The reason gun control laws don't work at a state or city level is because people can just drive the next city/state over to get them. These failures aren't an indictment of gun control laws - they're an indictment on the federal government for not making it nation-wide.

For the record, I don't really have a problem with folks that have hunting rifles. Hunting is legitimate. I even understand why people want handguns for self-defense, although I have no interest in having one - my dog and my security system are going to do infinitely more to protect my family than having a handgun in the home.

But that seems like plenty. I see no reason what-so-ever that citizens ever need access to weapons beyond that. This myth of needing to be armed in order to keep the government honest is complete crap. It's morons trying to indulge in some action hero fantasy or playing post-apocalyptic survivor.

Reveals? The correct term would be 'exposes'.

We've know he's a dunce on governing for a long time.

He listens, he hears, but then he gets re-radicalized by right wing media while you're away.

The majority of Americans that didn't vote for the moron already know this.

But a vast amount of republicans will look at it an think it's gold. Because they have been trained to never question the shit that spews from their leaders mouths.

Chicago's handgun ban was struck down. Overnight no gun stickers appeared on basically every business in the Chicagoland area.

Had a very similar conversation this weekend with a die-hard Trumper. He wanted to tell my why everything was Obama's fault, and I explained to him that most of our problems come from political tribalism in which it's easy to control your "tribe" by simply claiming the other side wants it.

Are there some people who want to ban guns outright on the left? Yes. Are they outnumbered by those on the left who just want some attempt at gun control on a federal level instead of the constant throwing up of hands and saying "there's nothing to be done"? I believe so.

My overall point to him was that, the sequel to Inconvenient Truth had a 50% score at one point on IMDB because 87% of respondents either said it was a perfect 10 or a garbage 1. Only 13% of the respondents had anything to say that wasn't "It's the Best" or "It's the worst."

Tribalism, and single-issue voters, have caused the divide in this country, and it's something that was being fomented by the parties long before Obama or Trump.

Now the monster is out of its box, it's hungry, and no one wants to admit they let it loose much less work to get it back into the box.

(Real quick: while this sounds like a 'both sides have their problems', I'd suggest that the lunatic fringe on one side isn't completely steering the party on the Democrat side)

I don't think he is delusional. I think he is shrewd and is getting paid.

Absolutely. And the internet is profoundly changing the way people respond and react to information and each other. Its altering the very foundations of our culture and, like suddenly uncaged zoo animals, many of us just don't know what to do with our newly given magical powers.