Trump: Why would I call China a currency manipulator when they are working with us on North Korea

Trump: Why would I call China a currency manipulator when they are working with us on North Korea
Trump: Why would I call China a currency manipulator when they are working with us on North Korea

"Once again Obama fails to classify China as a currency manipulator. He just helped China steal even more jobs and money from us."

--Donald Trump

Traded all those jobs and money for something that isn't even our problem.

Low Energy.

It's incredible that he still fails to realize that not only do tweets stay on the internet forever, but that they are searchable...why even try to fight it at this point? He literally made it part of his campaign platform that he would renegotiate our disastrous trade deals with China since they were devaluing their currency and hurting us economically as a result. Add one more campaign promise that will never be fulfilled. But don't worry, at least his golf game is getting plenty of work.

It's incredible that he still fails to realize that not only do tweets stay on the internet forever, but that they are searchable...why even try to fight it at this point? He literally made it part of his campaign platform that he would renegotiate our disastrous trade deals with China since they were devaluing their currency and hurting us economically as a result. Add one more campaign promise that will never be fulfilled. But don't worry, at least his golf game is getting plenty of work.

Literally made it part of his platform

That's nothing. He literally PLEDGED to do it on DAY ONE in his 'Contract with America'.

I guess Donald is helping China steal all these jorbs

... uh, because China also reads your tweets?

The funniest part about that "contract" is that he made it a separate point that he would force The Secretary of the Treasury, on day one, to "label China a currency manipulator" HOW CAN HE POSSIBLE TRY TO DENY HE EVER LABELED THEM AS SUCH? Just incredible.

China defends approval of 38 Trump trademarks

They don't give a fuck as long as its their party in power.

38% of Dems supported Obama's launching of US missiles in 2013 to retaliate against Assad's usage of chemical weapon against his population, and 37% support Trump's strikes now.

Only 11% of Republicans supported Obama's choice back then, whereas 86% support Trump's now.

The democrats remained consistent on the issue, while the Republicans did a 180 the moment their party got the presidency. That is the very essence of partisanship.

"My supporters have the memory and attention span of a goldfish!"

To be fair, they have some top-notch espionage in China. They know how to log into twitter and everything.

imho China pushed Kim to make some noise, so that the PRC could 'protect' us from North Korea.

Trump is amazingly easy to influence, as long as you already have money/power.

They took our jerbs!

It's like religion, just pick the parts that fit your particular strain of malice and ignore the rest.

Emolument clause baby!

Bingo. Trump doesn't give a flying fuck about anyone but himself and maybe his kids. China gave Trump his trademarks that he's been trying to get for who knows how long and now they're his bestest buds.

God, there's an opposing tweet for everything he says. How do his supporters believe anything he says?? It's just baffling!

Honestly it stops mattering after a certain number of lies/broken campaign promises. Like, after these first weeks I can't expect him to follow through on something he promised earlier- it would be an outlier. The bright side is he's also failing on his more donkey-brained promises, like starting trade wars or banning refugees or repealing Obamacare day 1.

Of course now he's looking to sabotage the ACA to make alternatives look better, that's more what we should expect.

Just incredible

Actually it isn't, it's a mastery of marketing. Trump's intended audience isn't gonna fuss over the details. The campaign promises were for the single-issue voters.

So all he needs to do is coerce those voters who care about trade into believing this actually helped with NK. He's basically telling them 'I'm going easy on China to save you from nukes.'

It's quite clever.

A nice collection to add to that

But they gave him trademarks! It's only fair!

Thrr trrk rr jrrbs

They don't give a fuck as long as its their party in power.

Exactly; when will people realize that politics isn't sports? If someone's team is in power, but is wrong, they shouldn't strut around saying "winning!"

They fucking better if they win. The GOP wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger on a Democrat. The high ground was great for Obi Wan, but the Dems need to start winning again.

Agent Orange is still tweeting: 8:07am "I did what was an almost an impossible thing to do for a Republican-easily won the Electoral College! Now Tax Returns are brought up again?"

Because its a direct fucking quote.

If they suddenly care about NK more than trade, they aren't really single issue voters are they?

"Why would I keep a campaign promise? Those idiots who voted for me are goldfish, they won't remember. Those that do will find a way to convince themselves that I broke the promise because I'm a genius." - DJ T-Rump

We need a bot for this

Top post on t_d today is literally a comparison to Jesus.

A better question for him: Why are all of your clothes made in China when you say you want to bring jobs to the US?

Thanks, Coach Z!

This is a great example of how he's a piece of shit.

He actually has a great defense for this... "Our leaders have bent over for China so much that I can't make my shit in the US; I simply cannot do so and make a profit". That's actually reasonable. I don't completely agree that it's our leaders' fault, but at least it's not an insane statement.

What is insane is that he then goes after Apple and GM and Carrier for doing the exact thing he's doing.

Does that mean I am a Chinese spy?

Where do I go to get paid? Is that also on George Soros?!

Too many words per sentence, too coherent thought structure, doesn't use the word "tremendous" or "disaster" anywhere, etc. Very poor Trump impression.

Some guy or gal posted this when Donnie changed his position on well... too many to count now. Anyways it is the Trump's Third Law:

For every Trump action there is his tweet endorsing an equal and opposite action

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Good grief, what a nonsequiter. Glad the protests got under his thin skin.

China finds NK useful precisely because of that. If displeased at SK/ Japan/ US, they can ask NK to make some noise while maintaining ignorance.

I love that he thinks it's impossible for a Republican to win the electoral college. Does he not know that about half of our presidents have been Republicans?

This is actually quite revealing: it makes it perfectly clear that Trump calling China a currency manipulator has nothing to do with whether or not China is a currency manipulator. It has nothing to do with the concept (which Trump probably doesn't fully understand).

"China is a currency manipulator" is on par with "Global warming is a Chinese hoax" - it's just a thing that he understands he can say to influence opinion about things, no different from any other damaging claim that may or may not be true. Arguments and points are meaningless to him except as weapons to be used or not used.

So while we're all wondering what Trump thinks about currency manipulation, Trump is (stupidly) telling us the truth: it's got nothing to do with currency manipulation. If China helps him, he says nice things about China (whether they are true or not). If China doesn't help him, he says mean things about China (whether they are true or not). He's being extremely open with us.

He's also baldly trading on the stupidity of his own supporters. They are the ones who will believe him when he calls China a currency manipulator (and think it's bad without knowing why) and then believe him next week when he says they aren't (and think it's good without knowing why). If Trump has any power, it's in his ability to make these people happy or sad just by saying things, but it hurts those people every time.

It's a bit like an advertising network. Trump has X number of supporters. They will listen to what he says and their opinions and dollars will be altered by the exposure. Just like Fox News, he sells this exposure to others, and he does it cynically. The cash for gold scams and unnecessary prescription drug ads and emotional patriotic/alarmist appeals that run on Fox News are money traps for the viewers. They don't advertise quality products. Anyone who falls for them gets hurt, because they lose money on false hopes, and that's part of why Fox sucks.

Trump does the same thing. He sells influence over the brains of those he controls, and his misinformation hurts them, and he doesn't care.

Which isn't going to be invoked by Republicans and I don't know if even the Democrats would if they tooks enough seats in 2018/2020.

We've all seen the NK weapons tests... I don't think we have anything to fear in the continental United States. South Korea is at risk but I'd be surprised if the missiles made it past the Sea of Japan.

I think I like "jorbs"

Every instant there's a new level of retardation I can't believe. "Maybe if we push the fantasy further, we can still feel right!" Can we skip to the part where historians and psychiatrists are explaining how a suicide cult took over America and we're all looking back like "crazy times"?

when will people realize that politics isn't sports?

Never. They will realize it never.

When will frustrated observers realize this is never going to happen?

(same answer)

If you offered Trump a trademark and a billion dollars to murder his kids, I'm pretty sure he'd do it.

Except Tiffany. He'd off her for a fiver.

His supporters don't even know how to understand something that affects them. It's basically a fuck liberals policy. Winning is the goal, winning over country.

he would renegotiate our disastrous trade deals with China

A man so informed, he wants to renegotiate things that don't exist.

Why would I leave sanctions on Russia when they're cooperating with us in Syria?

A lot certainly will, but remember his hyped up health bill only had 17% approval. People start looking closer when the issue affects them directly.

To be fair, he would never be able to recognise her.


Franklin for preference, Teddy would be fine though. That's my hope.

If we got a modern Teddy Roosevelt that would be amazing. The big banks need to be broken up again. He'd be like an iron-fisted Bernie Sanders.

China was cooperating with us last April when Obama met with Xi and NK declared China their enemy. Trump accomplished nothing new other than to demonstrate his skill at the "I just learned informations" backpedal.

He didn't label them currency manipulators because they aren't, and someone with brains in his cabinet held his hand and explained it to him, likely with patience and pictures

The election is over!

He really said this? He still can't stop talking about the election, it's literally the high point in his life and he brings it up at the most inappropriate times, but this is the line for him? I never knew I could hate so much.


Anyone else get the Kevin McCaslister explaining to the cashier that he's not shopping alone when she asks where his parents are, vibe? It's like an 8 year old trying to lie to an adult and be cute about it. "I don't think so"...

Oh, so what you're saying is the president is a Used Car Salesman.

You know, the lowest of the low. A scumbag.

Sad! Fake news! But, seriously about 25-40% of the country will support anything he does.

T_D is kinda terrifying right now. Since they can't really declare victory on any issues, they're just celebrating the violent protests in Berkeley. Talking about their set of thugs being the heroes by 'winning' against the other side's group of thugs. Not sure why that's worth celebrating though. Doesn't really accomplish anything by turning to riot tactics.

That's what I'm saying. There's so much material that no human could possibly keep up. We need a bot to find every instance of Trump saying something and then providing his tweet countering his own statement. For great justice.

You are assuming the consequent - that he is a genius because a genius could 'market' themselves in such a way and manipulate people, and you believe he has done that. I don't think he's ever displayed any coherent intelligent thought, so why should we assume he is one just because people bought his BS?

It would be more reasonable if he was a clothing manufacturer who was forced to shift his production overseas due to global competition, rather than a construction/hotelier who decided he wanted to make a few more bucks putting his name on shirts and ties. He chose to give his business to China, et cetera, for high-volume merchandise, rather than invest in lower-demand, higher-cost domestic quality merchandise. His defense? "Those people gotta work too."

Um... Donald, you do realize they can do both at the same time... right?

Guess that explains how the evangelicals got behind him... (that and the stolen Supreme Court judge)

So then he lied about putting "America First"? What's more important to you, trade manipulation to reduce US jobs, or North Korean bluster and a potential war on the peninsula? Because I thought his mantra was jobs before wars, not the other way around.

If you had to choose between letting China get away with current manipulation and dying from the nuclear apocalypse, which would you pick?

The media, like useful idiots, convinced people of the 'impending death' part. The rest is a cake walk for Trump. When people wake up today, alive, they'll assume they have Trump and China to thank for a new lease on life.

As much as I dislike the Antifa groups that activley seek out cofrontation, I dislike the neo-nazi groups that went after them in Berkeley more. The best I can say is that both sides are wrong, but that open Fascists seeking violence are more wrong than Antifascists seeking violence.

Anyody who celebrates Nazis beating up on anti-Nazis is just flat out immoral. At least the Antifa people are misguided and edgy, not literal advocates for racism and genocide.

Well, I like to think that Trump's fucking everything up badly enough that we'll get another Roosevelt. Franklin for preference, Teddy would be fine though. That's my hope.

My fear is that he's exposing that the system is broken and fucked enough that it's basically an ocean of money to be swam in and that the people are locked into team politics so deeply that they won't care when "Their Guy" does it and thus it becomes the new normal.

Drrrrrghaa doooooo!

"I never made any campaign promises! I have no loans with campaigns, no nothing! That's FAKE NEWS! You guys dont care about campaign promises, you wanted to win didnt you? We won bigly. Tremendous. Hillary Clinton disaster!"-Trump probably

They voted for the antithesis of the message of their holy book and saviour. They call themselves Christian, ha! The hypocrisy.

Go to /sub/asktrumpsupporters to see how they rationalise in real time. It mostly involves the endless moving of goalposts, they never set the damn things down for longer than a nano-second.

He is.

He is useful for Russia. Now he is also useful for China.

He's not useful for USA.

At least Trump is consistent about not criticizing countries while he's working with them...

Yessss I love it when he goes on a early morning Twitter bender

"Someone should look into who paid for the small organized rallies yesterday. The election is over!"

Lying isn't clever, it's shitty.

dude agent orange who has held several rallies lately tweets:

Someone should look into who paid for the small organized rallies yesterday. The election is over!

I dont think the DPRK needed any pushing. Sure the PRC have gained normalcy from mediating DPRK's extremity but Trump's rise has stirred a lot of pots.

I fully expect to find that Trump is in fact Kenyan and will not be able to provide a US birth certificate.

Education is the best policy. Let's defund it. I'm being somewhat sarcastic but hardly. It's scary how there is a swath of the American public who are defending trump, even though he has switched his opinion infinitely.

He does, but his narcissism requires him to spin his every accomplishment into being something impossible for others.


non sequitur :)

And to bring in that sweet international relief whenever Kim realizes his entire country is about to starve again this month.

It's like the people who believe wrestling is real as adults.

So much stupid contained here.

Why would I call China a currency manipulator when they are working with us on the North Korean problem? We will see what happens!

Uh, no, dumbass. The better question might be "Why would I call China a currency manipulator when they aren't, and haven't been for fucking years at this point?"

"They’re not currency manipulators," Trump told the The Wall Street Journal in an interview, saying Beijing hadn’t been manipulating its currency for months.

Not months. Years. China's actually been trying to prop UP their currency in recent years, not devalue it.

During a meeting earlier this month with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Trump reportedly did not bring up the issue.

Yet another stupid issue that Trump waxed poetic (well, not poetic) about on the trail that he failed to live up to while POTUS. I'm assuming Cohn or one of the few people who know what they're talking about in his administration explained this to him, which should stick for a bit until Trump talks to one of the idiot nationalists who advises him, since he lacks object permanence.

Trump last week also said he has "great confidence that China will properly deal with North Korea."

There is literally nothing to suggest this. China can do what they can, but until the military leaders in North Korea are personally affected by any economic slowdown coming from China (and they won't be), they'll keep testing missiles and acting crazy. It's worked for 60 years; why stop now?

"If they are unable to do so, the U.S., with its allies, will! USA" the president tweeted last week.

Oh, I'm sure South Korea (a major US ally) fucking LOOOVES that plan. They really want to risk war with a nation with massive amounts of artillery pointed at one of the densest population centers in the world (filled with American soldiers and expats as well). And I'm further convinced that South Korea would love to deal with tens of millions of uneducated starving refugees streaming across their border in the event of a North Korean failed state.

Happy Easter to everyone!

Fuck you.

While that's perfectly logical definition, and in fact I like it, it's not the popular working definition of a single issue voter. A single issue voters, as is popularly used, means someone who has identified a single issue that makes or breaks all else. If a candidate meet 97% of their criteria, but fails on that all essential single issue, they'll go for someone who shares 43% if their criteria if they support that issue. Again, that is just how it is popularly used.

What you're describing is more nuanced. I like it though.

Eh, maybe from some rules of origin standards, but not really. The TPP was very much a China containment project that would have benefited its neighbours.

In the sense this information is new to him, sure. In the sense that this information has been understood by nearly everyone else this whole That is not Ok. What is next, does he ask who knew that fire is hot and water is wet?

How does co operating on one issue (NK) cancel out the other issue (china being currency manipulator)? DONKEY LOGIC.

Plenty more where these came from

I thought Russia said he would be a useful idiot?

I agree mostly with you, but I see Trump different from all of them. He wasn't trying to spin the truth, he was flat out lying. And you can sell anything to anyone if you lie through your teeth and have no shame to ever apologize or retract a statement.

T_D is distilled stupidity and extremism. They boiled out any free thought and moderation through bans.

You really can't argue "mastery of marketing" when it's success relies on a duped population living in a propaganda narrative. If absolutely nothing will lose you support, then absolutely nothing is politically noteworthy.

Eh maybe, social media absolutely helped him, but he's also just a real estate guy from Queens who moved to Manhattan and puts tacky gold signs on his buildings. Maybe it's because I live in NYC and grew up around here, but he's nothing special to me. He's from the town where the bridge people joke about selling is from. He is the bad, lying, steal money from your grandmothers purse to get ahead New Yorker. He just had opportunities many others did not have because he was born into money and we weren't.

I'm amazed he can recognise any of his family members after all the plastic surgery they've had.

It's the bed of nails theory. It's like every gaffe/lie/flipflop is a nail.

You step on one nail, it'll go through your shoe and prick your foot.

But if you have enough nails, you can sleep soundly on them.

DJT has no core beliefs at all, just temporary opinions.

I agree for his hardcore supporters, but folks come in all types. We can hope that more and more people will support general decency and competency over party as time goes on. Trump probably has the loudest minority ever, and they drown out people who we probably have a lot in common with.

I was a bit disappointed early this morning when it was radio silence from the Don. I was worried he might have decided to be respectful of Easter Sunday. Turns out he was just late getting out of bed.

Plus he does that thing where the worse something is, the harder he sells it. He bragged so much about his penis I suspect it's an innie.