Trump Wants You to Tip Restaurant Owners, Not Servers

Trump Wants You to Tip Restaurant Owners, Not Servers
Trump Wants You to Tip Restaurant Owners, Not Servers

No tip for servers means I leave no tip at all

Yes. We already pay the owners, it's called the actual price of the food. If they can just take the tips from servers, I would leave 0% every time.

It's a lot simpler than that.

This week, Trump’s Labor Department proposed rescinding an Obama-era rule that made the logical point that tips are the property of the servers and cannot be taken by the restaurant owner.

Donald Trump's entire presidency is entirely about undoing everything Obama did. That's it. He's obsessed.

I guarantee waiters spit in his food.

Honest question, how is this anything but legalized theft? Patrons give money to the waiter for a job well done and the owner of the company takes it away from them.

I mean, I know Trump just wants to undo it because Obama did it, but can any Trump supporter tell me how this is anything but theft?

I think this is it

“Now, I know that he’s taken some flak lately, but no one is happier, no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the Donald. (Laughter.) And that’s because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter –- like, did we fake the moon landing? (Laughter.) What really happened in Roswell? (Laughter.) And where are Biggie and Tupac? (Laughter and applause.)

But all kidding aside, obviously, we all know about your credentials and breadth of experience. (Laughter.) For example — no, seriously, just recently, in an episode of Celebrity Apprentice — (laughter) — at the steakhouse, the men’s cooking team cooking did not impress the judges from Omaha Steaks. And there was a lot of blame to go around. But you, Mr. Trump, recognized that the real problem was a lack of leadership. And so ultimately, you didn’t blame Lil’ Jon or Meatloaf. (Laughter.) You fired Gary Busey. (Laughter.) And these are the kind of decisions that would keep me up at night. (Laughter and applause.) Well handled, sir. (Laughter.) Well handled.”

Obama publicly mocked Trump, Trump's tiny ego couldn't handle it, made it his personal mission to ruin Obama's legacy.

And then the server gets fired for "stealing from the company" since all tips are considered property of the company... even if the customer intended it to be for the server.

Such a fucked up situation. That's straight up legalized theft.

And put some cash in the had of the waiter/waitress and make the "shhh" sign.

Sounds like Amy's Baking Company.

Are we (the working class and middle class) servants to the rich now?

My fiancée's work has had their own scam for years. End of the night the servers automatically tip out 3% to the food runner, except they got rid of the food runner position a few years ago and just kept the tip out. The employees brought it to court, but the court ruled that each employee would have to file an individual claim rather than as a group.

we always were , but now they see us as serfs

No tip for servers means I press their tip directly into their hands.

Good ole' secret handshake.

These men and women work hard and they deserve decent pay.

No tips for servers? Ok, raise the minimum wage then.

I find it quite ironic that the Trump administration's stance is that tip-pooling should be legal when in fact this is the same type of wealth redistribution that the right constantly rails against.

In essence, each waiter/waitress works to his/her ability & desire and earns an additional wage based on the satisfaction of the service provided (obviously not in all cases, but a majority). Then the manager or owner takes all those additional wages and evenly distributes them among the staff, thus creating a system in which all people are paid more equally despite their contribution.

If only those on the right could come to the same conclusions about the growing wealth inequality in their own country.

And then you sue them. I give money only to those I say I’m giving it to. Intercepting it and claiming it for yourself is stealing.

If we just tip the managers, surely these tips will "trickle down"? The managers will undoubtedly hire more waitstaff and pay them better with all the tips they'll receive!

Or not, because, yknow, most folks simply pocket easy money.

"Ha ha. No." - the GOP

Fuck suing them. If they take what you gave someone else, that's theft. Call the ultimate authority. Call Yelp.

Probably mad he's got a tic tac for a dick and just assumes Obama's is huge, so it makes him cripplingly jealous.

I hate tips for service workers. We should just pay them and do away with tips, just like in Europe.

And if servers receive no tips, then I want to believe that some waiters and waitresses will let patrons know, so as to receive tips in cash or to otherwise starve the management of stolen wages.

Yea, and that's part of the problem. The company can get away with stealing because they do it at such a low rate from so many people that, individually, it's not even worth it financially for them to sue, but since they do it to so many people, it's a huge profit.

If you can skim $250 off of 150 people in a year, that's a shit-ton of money, and even if you're going to sue in small claims court, by the time all is said and done with court expenses, parking downtown, paperwork, etc. you'll get like $75 of it back. most people who work in that line of work can't take a day off of work for the chance they'll recover $75 of their stolen wages.

Those people were definitely laundering money.

But all kidding aside, obviously, we all know about your credentials and breadth of experience. (Laughter.)

You know you're a joke when even the set-up gets a laugh.

And the thing is that trump can't ever get that back. He fails in every measure to Obama.

Better yet, the cash app. Deposit their tip right into their bank account. I wouldn't trust management to not shake employees down at the end of their shift and possibly get them fired for stealing from the restaurant.

That always puts me in stitches. Thanks for posting.

Exactly what I thought. send Ramsey!!!!

It's not like Trumps has ever hid it. He made a statement that golf should be strived for, not accessible to everyone. This guy is elitist as they come, and wants to impose it on everyone.

That's currently still allowed. You can still do tip pooling, but currently the owner or management can't take any of it. What Trump wants to do is allow the owner to take some or all of it.

Tipping the restaurant owners is wealth distribution up the income ladder. As the tax reform bill shows, conservatives are just fine with that.

I'm with you. I have a hell of a lot of respect for people in the food service industry. I worked retail for years, and servers are the only people I'll allow to complain to me about their jobs. I'm a generous tipper, but this never even crossed my mind.

Time to start carrying more cash to make sure they can hide it.

Well, playing devils advocate a bit, I have worked as a server in a restaurant where all of my tips were taken from me. The reason was so the tips could be pooled, then divided evenly among the servers and cooks. This actually seemed 100% fair to me and I had no problem with it.

The policy also encouraged helping struggling servers instead of bitching them out/ having rivalries. We were all in it together.

But if the owner took my tips I would indeed be pissed.

And then you sue them

??? Who is doing the suing? The waitstaff who have no money for a lawyer or the patrons who probably don't want to spend a ton of money and time initiating a lawsuit?

Answer: Nobody will get sued.

I'm always surprised that most people don't understand how servers are paid and how much restaurants already own their tips. I'm an actor, which means I wait tables half the time. Here's how it works at all the restaurants I've worked at:

First, servers aren't paid minimum wage. They are paid $2.14 an hour. They only get paid the minimum wage amount from the restaurant IF their declared tips do not equal hours worked multiplied by minimum wage. If you work a server job where tips aren't covering the hourly minimum wage requirement, you should quit. I've never seen a check for the $2.14 an hour I get regardless - that money goes straight to the government to help offset the taxes we will owe when we file each year.

Next, restaurants already force servers to pay the other workers. At my current restaurant 1.5% of your total sales is taken out to pay the Front of House staff (hosts) and another 1.5% of your sales is taken out to pay the bartender (who, yes, is making his or her own tips but also has been making your drinks all night). This money is taken out of every sale REGARDLESS of how much you are tipped.

Let's say you have a table that has a $100 tab. If they do not tip you at all, you have actually PAID the restaurant $3 to work that table. If they pay 20% ($20), as a server you are only keeping $17.

This is all calculated automatically at the end of the night by the computer. If I've done well and had $1000 in sales for the night, some of that will be with credit cards - other sales will be in cash. The computer will take my cash sales, my tip out (which would be $30), and my credit card tips all into account and either I would owe money to the restaurant (if I've had a lot of cash sales sitting in my pocket) or the restaurant would owe me (if I've had a lot of tips from credit cards).

The entire front of house staff is paid by the servers - not by the restaurant. Only the back of house is paid by the restaurant. This is taken out of your total sales, so even if someone tips the server in cash only, money is still being taken out of that cash because it is based off of sales and not off of declared tips. Cash tips can only avoid being taxed assuming the server does not declare it as "cash tips" at the end of the night.

TLDR; Even if you only paid in cash or didn't tip at all, the restaurant would still demand money from the server based off of sales because the restaurant is assuming the server is getting tipped a certain amount. This is ALREADY the case, and I imagine Trump's reversal would allow the restaurant to force the server to pay out a higher percentage of sales to cover OTHER costs without taking into account whether the server is getting tipped or not.

I spent 20 years in the restaurant industry. People who think servers are overpaid have never done the job.

There are two separate entities when you look at restaurants. Front of the house, and back of the house. The front of the house consists of the tipped employees and those that are a part of the tip pool. Servers get tips directly, and then tip out the bussers, hosts, and expediters out of the tips they receive from guests. Generally it's a flat percentage of daily sales. If I sell $1,000 I pay $20 to the tip pool to be split among the front of the house support staff. FOH makes minimum wage. Some states have a server minimum of $2.13/hour and the rest is tips. If it's slow, no one makes money and the restaurant has to make up the difference between restaurant minimum and federal minimum.

The back of the house is the kitchen and dish pit. They get paid the same amount no matter how busy the restaurant is. They will be getting paid more as a base wage than front of the house. They also get more hours. Generally, kitchen staff can count of a steady paycheck instead of relying on the level of business.

Everyone in the building knows how tips work, who gets tipped, and who doesn't. Everyone also knows that if you would like to make tips, do a job that gets tips. If you want to come out an explain to this table that you lost the ticket, and then pay taxes based on what they ate, only for them to stiff you, you can go ahead and take the tip for that table.

Managers never get tips. Ever. Owners never get tips. Ever. This change is going to see corporate restaurants hiring minimum wage workers and pocketing all of the tips. I would like to think that the place that I spent so much time working for wouldn't do that, but I also know that it's a business. If this passes, people are going to see what bad service really looks like.

ding ding ding

time to start asking wait staff when they seat you how their tips are handled and react accordingly.

Careful or he'll go around undoing everything you've done; untie your shoes, delete your save files, ruin your country...

That dipshit doesn't know that we're already tipping the owners. That's what happens when we pay the servers the bulk of their wages, we're letting the owners keep more of the money that they should be paying the servers. Whether we like it or not, we're already tipping the owners.

eh, ill give 4/10. the last sentence really tanked your score.

My sentiments are the same for people working retail. It's hard, mostly thankless work. They deserve decent pay too.

I wonder how much money one needs for Trump to see you as a human.

Well pence makes a little more than 100,000 a yr, and trump thinks he is embarrassingly poor.

What about theft from the customer? If I'm tipping I'm expecting it to go to the server, not the owner. I would consider it theft from me if the owner kept the tips and didn't make it unmistakably clear that all tips went to them. In fact I wouldn't even eat at a restaurant where the owner kept the tips.

"We're not using the other apps anymore."

If I was a waiter and that generous tip went to my boss who has their butt parked in the office, I would tell patrons point blank "don't give a tip, it doesn't go to me, it all just goes to my boss". Because if I couldn't get that money, and since nobody else deserves it, better to give nothing than charitably pay for the parasitic salaried person who didn't serve you, didn't cook your food, didn't do anything directly to deserve a dime from you.

If you heard that, would you still be so generous? I bet you'd react like those patrons from that one Amy's Bakery that Gordon Ramsey went to on that disaster-kitchen show. The only right thing to do would be to give that server cash, directly. Signing a big number in your credit card receipt would be wasted.

That's why he demands all food be sealed. His own employees would probably spit in his food if he did not.

Would you really though? Have you ever sued someone? Do you have any actual idea of the amount of time, energy and money that will cost you even if you win? Unless you're very wealthy with a lot of time on your hands and like grinding axes, you probably wouldn't. We're talking about thousands of dollars to start and a long drawn out process that could last more than a year in some jurisdictions. Seems like an enormous investment to go after a stranger for a few bucks unless you're somehow getting something in return.

"Our food is good, fuck you all"

"Don't f with me, I'm the gangster." 😂😂

Well.....Servers make shit wages. They depend on tips to live. With a higher rate of pay, there would be no necessity of tips. And when a server does well by me, especially in light of what a thankless, unappreciated job they do.....I tip well.

I posted this before today, but this is just more affirmation: Whenever I hear him go off about "jobs," I know with his con man worldview he actually thinks of wage employees the same way Gypsies think those outside the tribe. Working people are saps deserving of nothing but to be used. So, of course, he can screw contractors because if the dumbasses were really worthwhile they would game the system, too.

Awe, that's cute.

This is why nobody likes you.

It's also part of a corporation that owns 6 restaurants but avoids paying overtime by just scheduling people at different places so they technically don't work 40 hours anywhere. And since Florida is a right to work state, they just fire you if you make a big deal out of it.

We've always been ants in a farm. We're only here to keep the wheels of Capitalism moving for the 1%, so that they get richer. They're just making it more unbearable for us now.

All of my tips will be in cash, handed directly to my server.

4/10 is really generous. I'm going with potato/10.

as a former retail sales employee, thank you. And remember to be nice to these people and call out those that are treating them like trash.

Don't tell me what I cared about and what I don't. You stick to believing what you care about and stop telling others what they care about and don't care about.

You now seem like you are blaming the victims. It's a person's fault if the management steals from them according to you. That's a horrible attitude to have. We have the current laws to protect these people.

You're also getting away from my main point which was about the customers. Customers deserve assurances that their money is going where they expect it to go. I shouldn't have to go out to a restaurant and have to worry about whether the management is pocketing my tip or not. I know you blame the employees for working at a place like that, but do you also blame the customers for eating there?

Anyone know if trump's resort employees are tipped?

You forgot the table bussers and food runners getting tipped.

Note: Father of a waiter and waitress, and I used to think 20-22% was good, but now tip even more when service is good or even mediocre but in a busy place.

Anyone remember the report that Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich were stealing their waitstaff’s tips to compensate the sommeliers? $5.25m was the settlement.

So I didn't believe you about the filet-o-fish thing, because...I mean, come on...Trump eats fish? But holy cats you're right.

Edit: Better source