Trump tried to convince NSA chief to absolve him of any Russian Collusion: A recent NSA memo documents a phone call in which Trump pressures agency chief Admiral Mike Rogers to state publicly that there is no evidence of collusion between his campaign and Russia

Trump tried to convince NSA chief to absolve him of any Russian Collusion: A recent NSA memo docu...

Trump REALLY screwed himself by pissing off both the intelligence community AND mainstream media. Would not surprise me if this is true, but also amazing it's been leaked.

Edit: lol. Skrewed was screwed.

Check back next week for the next episode of "Just when you thought this mess couldn't get messier"

So then Mike Rogers lied under oath because he stated in his hearing that he has never been asked to do anything he felt uncomfortable with.

I don't know why I keep looking at comments on Trump posts

And stay after for America's favorite game show: " Who's Fault Is It Anyway?" where the news is made up and the laws don't matter!

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This man is just so stupid, it boggles the mind. If/when he does go down, 90% of the reason why is going to be because of the dumb sh** he has said, done and tweeted since day 1. 'Hey, my attorneys are telling me to not talk about this, guess it's time to go on twitter and start talking about it.'

I'm sure the onion is having a hard time this year.

It's a matter of language.

He specifically uses "directed" and "pressured".

Comey used similar language, but made the distinction by saying he'd been "asked".

America is now that guilty pleasure soap opera you can't stop watching.

He absolutely is his own worst enemy. Can't stand the asshat, so I'm glad he's screwing himself.

"Not even we could make up shit this good."

The Onion probably

Because it's adictive.

The memo was written by Rick Ledgett, the former deputy director of the NSA, sources familiar with the memo told The Wall Street Journal. Ledgett stepped down from his job this spring

The memo said Trump questioned the American intelligence community findings that Russia interfered in the 2016 election. American intelligence agencies issued a report early this year that found Russian intelligence agencies hacked the country’s political parties and worked to sway the election to Trump.

Mueller plans to interview Ledgett as part of his investigation... its getting more and more intriguing with Trump, and even Pence both lawyering up whilst Muller keeps beefing up his team of investigators.

Either that or it didn't make him uncomfortable which could be worse

"Satire News Organization Forced Out of Operation: We Just Can't Top Real Life Anymore" - The Onion headline

Who's Fault Is It Anyway?

Never Trump's, according to Trump.

I've realized, ever since Trump was elected, every single day of his presidency has been worse than the day before it. So that means that every single day you see him, that's on the worst day of the Trump presidency.

Just wait until he doesn't step down. That will be awesome.

it gets the people going

And immediately after firing Comey he gloated to the Russians that the pressure was now off. Ahee. ∞D chess, baby

Oval Office Space?

Likely been "leaked" because people can't fucking stand him and don't trust him.

Everyday another nightmare.

Dude sounds annoying

Imagine you're at work worrying about shit like terrorists or North Korea

ring ring "Did you absolve me yet?"

Trump reminds me of that Aikido master who spent a lifetime telling people he had magic powers and, seemingly, came to believe it because he surrounded himself with sycophants who were totally on board and would fall over at the wave of his hands. Then someone outside his circle challenged him to a fight and he accepted:

At retirement age Donny applied for a job where his wealth and lowlife intimidation tactics don't really have the same power and, as you say, people are just repulsed by him and are dropping reality all over his face. Remains to be seen whether he'll be taken down but hey at least he'll die miserable.

Admiral Rogers said he wasn't 'directed'. There were many instances in the intel committee hearing where they posed a question whether they were 'asked' - to that they responded they couldn't say this in an open session.

very low chance any of this affects me directly

Until the world economy goes into a tailspin, his antipathy for NATO emboldens Russian expansionism, his deteriorating relationship with allies weakens co-operation between intelligence agencies worldwide which are trying to subvert terrorist activity, China becomes the dominant economic power and standards drop, his cruel and reckless environmental policies impact climate worldwide or any one of the many other ways in which the President of the US has the capability to have a direct effect on the whole world.

When America shits, the whole world stinks.

That's what I'm taking away from this

This describes it so perfectly. No one in my social circle gives any shit about this, very low chance any of this affects me directly, and I still find myself going to these threads.

I owe my mom an apology.

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Edit2: I'm Indian, from OG India. Hence why I care less than any American(from the continent) should.

Ball so hard mother russia wanna briiiibe you.

to think he was on top of his world doing dirty deals,tax and charity fraud and bankruptcies. then he runs for president just to watch it all go away?

You know it

I know it

Everybody knows it

As long as he has attention and his adoring population of nutters, he's actually not likely to be stressed. Narcissism is one hell of a shielding mechanism.

Oh, bless your heart.

At this rate, Trump will likely 'self-impeach'.

Pelosi is onto something

don't you just love semantics?

The breadth and depth of the leaks from his administration is a seriously under-appreciated story. They are just too damning and critical to be calculated tools used to help him.

He really needs to get the leaks under control. Although I hope he doesn't. Because I'm loving all this buttery popcorn.

I swear, he's doing this just to spite Obama. Seems like he's trying to reverse everything his former did in his eight years, between repealing the ACA, banning Muslims from entering the country... Fucker would resurrect Bin Laden if he could.

"Politics is just one big ass blast! SAD!"

Can't imagine what it's like to have to pasively watch your own destruction building in front of you like this. I don't know how he hasn't had a stress-induced stroke yet.

He ran for President because Obama roasted the fuck out of him just before getting Bin Laden killed.

"Stupid Watergate" as John Oliver likes to call it

This is exactly the kind of behavior that you expect from the least qualified president in US history. He's so incredibly incompetent.

Because he is a textbook narcissist.

Every day I wake up I grab my phone and think to myself "I wonder what Trump fucked up while I was sleeping". And pretty much every day there has been something that has been more shocking than the day before.

Leakers gonna leak. The only way to stop them is to be competent since that inspires loyalty.

They didn't say they couldn't answer in an open setting, they gave the same utter bullshit excuse Sessions did: it'd be inappropriate to answer.

KING: Then why are you not answering the questions?

ROGERS: Because I feel it is inappropriate, senator.

KING: What you feel isn’t relevant, Admiral. What you feel isn’t the answer.

Just be grateful.

Imagine how much worse it could be if he wasn't a fucking intellectual hangnail.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park were on a podcast lately and the host said they must have amazing material this year with Trump. They were like, no, it's really hard now.

Imagine a monkey running into a wall. It's funny, right? So how do you use that as material? You can't make it funnier. At best, you can just copy exactly what happened.

Our president is a monkey running into a wall over and over again, to the point that you almost feel bad for it.

No you get loyalty by forcing people who don't like you to have dinner with you. Then ask them to be loyal before any personal questions.

I'd guess if you're in the NSA you need a pretty high threshold for being 'uncomfortable' with the shit you get asked to do.

nothing's going away for him. He's gonna make insane profits off his campaign run and his presidency.

He's making a lot of friends in wealthy places right now. This whole charade is for his benefit and for the benefit of his buddies.

He's draining the swamp right into the government.

It was already known that Trump asked this of Rogers. The funny part about what Rogers said is that Rogers doesn't get to determine what is legal and wasn't isn't. Just because Rogers is comfortable with criminal acts by leadership doesn't mean it's allowed lol

It's amusing to me how unable to let go of Clinton's candidacy they've been. Like, they've literally made up a conspiracy theory where she eats people, because criticizing her is all they've ever had to defend him. Like, yeah, she was a bad candidate. She lost. You got everything you wanted. Your guy is president, and he's doing a bad job. So what now?


Death or a nickel and a fee. That's 100 to zero real fucking quick.

Trump supporters fall into two categories. The first, are quite aware of Trump's nature, but are willing to support him as he enables a particular desirable outcome for them. In many cases, this is either financial through the manipulation and upwards redistribution of tax money; and in many more, because he normalising racism and apartheid.

The second group of supporters are what might be termed the intellectual underclass. These are not in any way bad people, but they do not have the facility to understand the reality of the situation.

Both of these bases are shrinking as Trump does not actually care about any of these things, and, like Putin, has been using them simply to manipulate people.

Edit: I seem to have triggered people that fall into the second group.

Exactly. If he didn't tweet or give interviews, half of these controversies wouldn't even be in the news cycle because they would be unconfirmed. God knows why Donald needs to publicly confirm all these bad things about him when he could just leave it alone and we wouldn't know for sure until the investigation finishes in months/years.

Leaks/scandals don't seem to stick on him in terms of sinking his popularity

I mean, he's been historically unpopular.

The economy is good, there is no external crisis. He is in his honeymoon period.

He should be at 60% or higher approval rating. He's been below 40% for most of the last two months.

Imagine if the economy was shit, or if there was actually an external event like a mishandled hurricane, or some other disaster.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 82%. (I'm a bot)

A recent National Security Agency memo documents a phone call in which U.S. President Donald Trump pressures agency chief Admiral Mike Rogers to state publicly that there is no evidence of collusion between his campaign and Russia, say reports.

American intelligence agencies issued a report early this year that found Russian intelligence agencies hacked the country's political parties and worked to sway the election to Trump.

A memo drawn up by a National Security Agency deputy reportedly records Trump pressuring NSA Director Mike Rogers to influence Russia investigation.

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Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake. - quote attributed to Napoleon.

If he does, he'll mostly likely do in a tweet. Like when, without needing to, he told the world he was being investigated for obstruction of justice. The guy really puts the "twit" in Twitter.

They are just saying that it's unfair on Trump because D.C is a Democratic voting area and they naver gave him a fair chance. Absolute fucking losers with the most insane victim complex I have ever come across.

If he wasn't stressed he wouldn't be calling every intelligence director to publicly absolve him. This is killing him.

"Everything we come up seems more realistic than what's happening right now."

Just tried and let me say, I AM NOT GOING BACK IN THERE.

That made me uncomfortable.

Sort by "controversial" and grab some popcorn.

I just wanna ball hard like daddy trump 💦💦💦

On one hand, it's good to know there were some honest individuals scattered throughout our government. On the other, it's sad to know they're all going to be fired and replaced with businessmen who donated to Trump's campaign for the position.

Idk about that man; Flynn, Manafort, page, prince and kushner all have direct connections to the Russians (and sessions may) that's far too many members of the inner circle for it to all be a random coincidence

That should be "Whose Fault Is It, Anyway?"

"Who's" means "who is," and "Who Is Fault Is It Anyway?" sounds... well, vaguely Russian, I suppose, so maybe it's appropriate.

Because it's not using -gate as a suffix for a general "scandal", but actually comparing it directly to the original Watergate except with stupider people making stupid decisions.

He's accidentally gotten people massively interested in national politics and despite his best efforts, given us by far the most open presidency we've ever had. It's amazing what hate can accomplish.

That shit псих.

Possibly a dumb question, but I'm not 100% on top of American laws and stuff- but will any of this ever come to something? It seems like every other day is another unthinkable act from Trump, and yet he's still sitting pretty as president; It's just baffling

Trump hates Obama, Putin hates Clinton. Amazing the extent an egomaniac will go to just to get some petty revenge.

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemi...

He's currently gripped by narcissistic rage.

A narcissist isn't, like, someone who loves themselves a bunch and thinks they're awesome.

A narcissist is someone who thinks that the world is their story and everyone else is a supporting character. It's their book, they're the hero, there's a foil, there's a wife or husband who is just so, there are the kids that are accessories, there's the evil boss to defeat.

But when the world shows the narcissist that they're not the fucking author and it's not their bloody book, they fly into narcissistic rage. They rant and scream. They overreact, flying off the handle for what others see as minor or non issues. Because their world is shattered and they have no way to deal with it.

Also, they don't feel guilt. They feel shame - when everyone else shames them.

Sounds familiar.

More like the people leaking don't trust congressional republicans to evaluate this evidence objectively, so now the public needs to force their hand. Can't sweep it all under the rug if everyone knows about it.

John Mulaney on Late Show made the best analogy.

He said something along the lines of this:

Its like there's a horse in a hospital. Horses don't belong in hospitals, and no one really knows how it got in, but it's there. And I don't want the horse to ruin everything, but you really don't know what the horse is going to do at any point. And every now and then the horse will do something you just don't expect. Like take an elevator. It makes you think for a second, "is the horse smart?" And the entire time you're watching you're thinking "Why isn't someone doing something about this?" You're just waiting for the horse wrangler to come get rid of it.

Trust me.

blasts in your direction

Not to mention when he said the "Travel ban" is actually a travel ban, a mistake which will bury any chances of SCOTUS accepting his team's arguments.

The guy really puts the "twit" in Twitter.

Wow, that's perfect. I'm stealing and altering it:

Trump puts the "twit" in Twitter

I know you're joking, but it's really important that we don't let the pace at which Trump does dumb shit end up normalizing his behavior as no big deal. Even if we assume he'll be gone before his term is up, that attitude of apathy will allow future politicians to get away with more. An angry public gets results.

But that's the thing. He's done so much messed up stuff that I legitimately forget things that happened in March and April already. They start to blend together. If he has one or two fuck ups, they would stand out like a sore thumb. But every day? It's hard to even realize just how bad it all is

"Trump asks the White House chef to publicly absolve him of Russia wrongdoing." -Future Onion Headline

Seems he's just asking everyone.

Dudes retarded. He asked a damn near stranger for loyalty.

I guess it's like having an idiot as a boss. Like your current boss leaves and the CEO decides that his "talented" nephew should get the job. Everyone knows the new boss is completely incompetent but you kind of have to pretend because you know he is a relative of the CEO.

He knew it would happen. He was just fine with it because he knew his supporter base wasn't going to believe either the intelligence community nor mainstream media anyway. You can probably still see them spinning excuses right now.

He might think it's working for him. Have you heard the people on the right? They actively deny Russian influences, they scream that this is a witchhunt, they swear he's not being investigated...

Like... he may well believe all this, and all his own bullshit. Trump might be telling this guy to reinforce what he thinks he knows. He might be that detatched from reality.

I'm sure the stress of the office is there, and this has some effect... but it's not nearly the stress he'd have if he wasn't insane, nor even the stress he would have of trying to do the job properly.

cant wait for a tweet from trump confirming this

Screw yourself so they can't screw you first. Genius!

I mean, he's been historically unpopular.

It's astonishing that his approval rating is a high as it is. I didn't know ostriches were so populous in North America.

I'm not a fan of these types of diagnoses (remote, bs observed) but holyshit that guy is a fucking narcissist either that or it is brain damage, their is no other way to explain it.

Wait... you want two orange spheres glowing in the sky?

I think that's how the Trump businesses run behind the scenes. There's a small army of competent employees and executives who make really good money running a chain of luxury condos, hotels, golf courses, and beauty pageants. The only downside is: to keep this great job you have to tell the emperor that his clothes are beautiful.

How much you want to bet that if somehow any of this Russian stuff or failed presidency actually sticks and he is impeached or jailed, someone in his own family will turn their backs on him, say they never really liked or trusted him, just so they can remain head of the Trump Organization and become the new naked emperor. Of course it will probably play out like Nixion, right before anything sticks, he'll resign and board the plane one last time smiling and waving saying "I am not a crook." Then get's pardoned by Pence. And he goes back to his 'job' as figure head, makes millions on a book deal, and blames it all on fake news till his dying breath.

I guess someone was upset that Admiral Mike Rogers refused to tell the truth in front of Congress.

Like seriously just actually retarded. That's the real underlying shocker about this whole thing.

He's just such a fucking moron

Maybe but it will take a while, it took Nixon ~2 years to get impeached, that was with a DEM house and senate, it's still a long way away

He who controls the Spicer controls the universe.

Yet he's still our POTUS. When he finally goes down, maybe we can banish him to a Syrian refugee camp.

honestly, i think he legit HAS no russian connections, at least personally, he seems to stupid (his campaign people might though), its just, his EGO and victim complex ARE SO BIG that he cannot just leave it alone, he HAS to try and make everyone do what he says, just making him guiltier and guiltier.

Yeah... if he was comfortable with it, it wasn't a lie.

It's like retarded Nixon.

it is brain damage

Honestly listening to him during his campaign speeches did make me think: is the dude hitting senility? He can't make a coherent phrase, wtf is going on here? Maybe his obnoxious behaviour is a way for him to hide the fact that he's slipping?

Except it will be interns destroying Trumps mobile phone in a field

Is this actually a significant story? It's genuinely hard to tell any more, given the speed at which these are coming out recently

He's a yuge con man, and has been for decades. He'll come out richer and slapped on the wrist.

I think the idea is that there are two ways to commit treason: willfully, and as a patsy. Now, if you do it willfully, you're better off dead. But if you're a patsy, then maybe you don't deserve to die, but you don't deserve your freedom either.

Trump REALLY skrewed himself by pissing off both the intelligence community AND mainstream media.

Under other circumstances I'd agree with you, but with Trump I just don't know. Leaks/scandals don't seem to stick on him in terms of sinking his popularity, I guess in part given the size and loyalty of his base. Or at least that appeared to be the case during the general election.

From the few I know: yes to guns, no to abortion, yes to "triggering the snowflakes in their safe space" and the promise of "job creation." Anything else doesn't matter. Literally nothing outside of (often any single one of) those core elements will affect their support.