Trump threatens another government shutdown over border security

Trump threatens another government shutdown over border security

So, he is willing to withhold payments to our men and women in uniform for a stupid fucking wall? Noted.

Why doesn't he just make mexico pay for it like he promised? Solved!

I was told Mexico was going to pay for the wall

I’m pretty conservative when it comes to immigration, but it frustrates me that Trump has put so much attention on the wall. Most illegal immigrants today are coming legally and overstaying their visas, not trekking across the border. This wall is going to be so fucking expensive (financially and politically), and it’s not even going to accomplish its purpose.

A wall that doesn’t matter except he wants to funnel money to his cronies yet again.

This highlights everything wrong with Trump as president.

He is willing to fuck over millions of people just to push his PERSONAL agenda. Border security is a issue, but this wall shite is all Trump.

He gives no shits about the country he is supposed to be representing, he treats being president like being a CEO. If his track record is anything to go by then Americans should be worried.

A wall that he said Mexico would pay for. Trump = scum and his fans = dopes

Actually democrats and republicans were heading towards reaching an agreement, till Trump opened his mouth

Yes, I know. They initially come legally, then overstay their visas, thus becoming illegal immigrants.

Not trying to be bias, but military here. It can. Usually they just pass measures to pay military while the rest of the government shuts down. That is not guaranteed though. They also usually back pay DoD civilians, but they don't have to. It sucks that this seeming an annual event. Not blaming either side, because personally I think they are both to blame.

Fun fact: We have to work regardless if we are paid or not.