Trump Supporters launch Q balloons near Windsor Castle! Well done England Patriots!

Trump Supporters launch Q balloons near Windsor Castle! Well done England Patriots!

Those are two massive balls.

'Reminds me of President Trump!

Nice job Q britanons

IMO this movement is alot bigger than we realize.

Brilliant! Wicket! Awesome! Free Tommy Robinson!

And not one single word from mockingbird media. They're going on about how big the protests were (well, we protested against the illegal Iraq invasion, we protested about Israel's genocide in the Gaza Strip, we protested and protested and it made no difference).

Looks like this is the website referenced:

I noticed Qanon is mentioned nowhere and Q posts are not linked (at the time of this comment). I think they are trying to use Q to move their own platform and that's bullshit. Notice how the balloons also say Q but not #Qanon which would allow people to more effectively find valid Q posts.

This also happened outside windsor castle on live TV, I lol'd

edit: straight to the good bit potentially millions of Brits watching

"Q" Balls!!

Great to see Brexiteers!! You guys rock. Cheers and best wishes on behalf of Your Aussie mates! #WWG1WGA

I'm from the UK and alot of people actually like trump especially working class people. My mum loves him lol.

You are right. All you have to do is blow up the picture and you can read the URL. This Q is definitely not about our movement, but ours must be large enough that that it is recognizable worldwide.

Irish Q !!! WW1WGA !!!! Excellent Ireland !!! Texas here cheering you.

Awesome!!! I ran into a man outside a WalMart in Pineville, NC and he saw my Q shirt and nodded his head and said nice shirt! Made my day!!!

YUGE Q balls.

Q is leaving Israel till last.

Why can the opposition never come up with true debates on the issues and facts? They always go straight for the name calling. It’s quite comical that you think your empty words have any effect anywhere

Bet those didn’t cost over $20k and there’s two of them!


Giant Q balls....

Not a whole lot of moslem Trump supporters, and I'd imagine the few that are are decent people.

The inbreeds tend to be the ones coming in as "refugees." I doubt they support Trump.