Trump still unconvinced Russia meddled in 2016 election

Trump still unconvinced Russia meddled in 2016 election
Trump still unconvinced Russia meddled in 2016 election

Even as his intelligence chiefs unanimously told a Senate panel Tuesday that Russia meddled in 2016 and is planning to do so again in 2018, three sources familiar with the President's thinking say he remains unconvinced that Russia interfered in the presidential election.

Yes, this article is from today.

Tomorrow's presser should be fun. She looked like she was about to have a nervous breakdown today. They hammered her real good with questions about rob porter and also about wray's testimony.

We all know why. He won't say it because it would mean his ego has to take the biggest hit imaginable to him and that he is almost certainly complicit in several illegal acts that will send him to prison for the rest of his life.

As a con man his best, last and only tactic is to lie. It's all he has.

I'm very much looking forward to the day when Sanders finally blows her top and starts cursing at reporters.

She’s cracking. I wonder if she will get canned when she finally loses it. I don’t think the WH can find a person who matches her ability to be such a hateful, deranged liar and also willing to do this job as she is.

Of course he's not. Because even if they don't have blackmail material on him, he can't for a second let himself believe that his victory was the result of anything beyond his amazing campaigning and how he's the best at literally everything.

Did you know this was his first campaign? He thinks it was!

Remember his comments in November?

“He said he didn't meddle. He said he didn't meddle. I asked him again. You can only ask so many times,"


unwilling to admit

You could have stopped at "his ego" He could be completely innocent of any collusion and he'd still never admit it because it would call the validity of his win into question.

This man wouldn't believe that the Central Park 5 were innocent even after another criminal confessed to the killing and the DNA analysis confirmed it.

This is the part in the series where you bring back Sean Spicer for a surprise visit. Go for that nostalgia play! Ratings would be huge.

If only we had some means of finding out other than asking Vladimir Putin directly

Bring. Back. The Mooch.

It’s very rare to win on your first try. Especially if it’s your third try.

Just for like a cameo: "Scaramucci escorted off White House grounds after being caught doing cocaine in lavatory"

It was a secret show of solidarity with Rob Porter's ex-wife.

The neighbors around me who had trump signs in their yards are now all "Trump who?" Strangest shit I ever saw....anytime politics comes up they change the subject real quick.

Fuck. Sometimes I forget that 2016 was 2 years ago. It's like some messed up time-warp where it's felt like 100 years and 1 second at the same time. Please end this.

This is why Mueller needs to hurry up. The more this drags out the worse it gets. We also can’t discuss actual issues that matter anymore because there is just so much chaos to the fact the entire country is under attack (in a modern cyber way) and 30% of the country not only gives a shit but is laughing at the other 70% saying they aren’t patriots and hate our military. That is why the military exists!! To defend our country!!! We are witnessing it being overtaken by Russia and a compromised administration. WE SHOULD ALL BE OUTRAGED ABOUT THIS TOGETHER.

Then go back to having reasonable differences and discussions around the economy, immigration, gun laws, etc.

Classic Mooch!

Two days in a row now where she looked like she was about to break. Can’t wait till she loses her shit. It’s coming.

please no

She really did. She appeared to be visibly fighting back tears.

he's unconvinced because Putin literally said so.

Whaaaat? That's not the She-Huck I know. She-Huck loves to debase herself for President Peepee. President Peepee showers She-Huck with adoration. Some day, She-Huck marry President Peepee.

I think you underestimate how many blindly faithful Trump supporters there are. They are everywhere.

You don’t have to be political to hate Trump. He’s just terrible at his job, and a terrible person. Nothing political about that. Some people just didn’t realize how bad it was going to be. Let them disown him please.

Oh for fuck's sake, CNN... he isn't "unconvinced." He is lying to detract from his own (and his organization's) complicity in the meddling.

Do your jobs, you gutless hacks.

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed that. I'm sure she's seen the photographs, that can't sit well with any woman, no matter how much of the kool-aid she's had to drink.

It does make you wonder whether this Putin fella's entirely to be trusted

"I asked Charles Manson if he did it. He said 'boogly boodoo woowwweee zoo!' I'm convinced. Bigly. He knows tremendous words. Not guilty!"

Putin told him no, and Trump took him at his word.

Over the entire American institution.

We should all be outraged, and it’s disgusting that the people who are denying that their country was attacked are the same ones that scream the loudest about how Patriotic they are.

They aren’t Patriots. They say to support the troops, and then send those troops to die for illegal wars. They say they support law enforcement, until “their team” is under investigation, and then suddenly law enforcement is part of some liberal conspiracy to take down America. When black athletes kneel to protest a lack of equality and justice, they’re “sons of bitches” for protecting the military. Even though Trump doesn’t like POWs or transgendered soldiers.


Trump will never be convinced. When the moment comes, and Muellers team is putting the squeeze on him, he won't believe it. When they put charges on him, and he heads to prison, he still won't believe it. We'll all be shaking our heads wearing one of them Mueller Time shirts and he still won't believe it.

The "fuck you, I got mine" mentality doesn't necessarily just mean wealth. If she were remorseful about anything she would have already resigned, probably months ago.

"Scaramucci escorted off White House grounds after being caught doing cocaine in airplane lavatory"

that he snuck onto airforce one just to do that.

Wouldn't sounds conditional. Didn't is a better word.

I think defending domestic violence is hitting a nerve for her. Up until now she made all this look easy.

Yeah, I doubt that. Her father is a whack-job evangelical who believe's a woman's place is a subservient role to her husband, and her brother is a known animal abuser. I wouldn't at all be surprised if SHS secretly believes Porter's exes deserved what they got.

"Unconvinced" implies he is still debating whether is happened or not.

He actively participated by working with the Russians in the 2016 elections, either himself of by proxy through the highest levels of the campaign.

He isn't unconvinced, he's actively trying to discredit the impact.

He got out what he Putin

I'm pretty sure Putin came out and said Trump did not ask him about it at all. That's actually likely - why would you ask a question you know the answer to?


She only had eye shadow on one eye. It was weird.

I have to admit I actively avoid these pressers since I don't give a shit about 30 minutes of lies and obfuscation. But she really did only manage to shadow one eyelid LOL

Are we sure it'll be a loud explosion? Or will she follow the Huckabee standard set by her brother and just starting killing reporters pets?

Traitor. He won’t admit it because it will lead to when he knew it was happening

Agreed. If we're going to have a shitshow administration, might as well keep The Mooch around for the commentary.

When a "president" refuses to believe evidence confirmed for him by virtually everyone in the intelligence world, repeatedly, that "president" is certifiably unfit for the office.

The President is a literal Russian agent.

The CIA have Putin on tape giving the orders to interfere, for God's sake. Dutch intel has given the US video of certain hacks being performed on the DNC.

Trump knows all this. They could play him the tapes and for all we know they have.

We are being held hostage to this man's ego.

I'm sick of this episode of Black Mirror....

Rahj was doing a bang-up SHS impersonation there for a while.

As requested.

I just want to point out, and I really hate to break the circlejerk here, but Sanders always looks and/or responds in this manner. She's gotten far more upset over other issues and talked back at reporters, that I strongly doubt this is anything other than "business as usual" for her.

I just wanted to point that out since people seem to be getting the wrong idea and the significance (if any) of this.

Russia will attack again

Trump has not ever directed the FBI to do anything about it.

POTUS's #1 duty as head of the fed is National Security

Yet again Trump is in dereliction of office.

Nah I just think his ego can’t comprehend that he isn’t really a winner.

He’s COMPLETELY convinced they did. He just can’t SAY so.

Flynn’s was December 1st.

Look (cuss cuss) Look (middle finger) LOOK flips podium.

He had to remind his boss that he's still loyal.

Trump still unconvinced he’s in over his head.

As I was getting older, I was becoming increasingly scared at the realization that my perception of time was speeding up, and that eventually I would wake up an old man someday soon, wondering where my life had gone.

It's reassuring to know that the last ten years of my life have only actually consumed two real-world months. Phew



I mean, he just did a cameo last time. This would have to be like... a cameo of a cameo


Honestly I don't think that's it. I think it's more likely he believes that to be the truth. He's such a pathological liar that he just denies thing to things to the point where his mind believes it to be fact

Lie detectors don't measure truth or fact they measure people's stress and their body movements to tell if they are nervous or if they're calm in their statements. If you ask Trump does he believe the Russians had nothing to do with the 2016 election he would pass with flying colors because his mind does not believe any alternatives

In other news Trump still unconvinced he bald as fuck.


This is why Mueller needs to hurry up.

No. He needs to do the job correctly.

He'll go to jail thinking "at least I won the electoral map." They better remember to print him out a few copies to gaze at all that red when he goes.

It's really weird that if this was a TV show I would want Mooch to come back as a plot twist, but since this is real life.. Yeah no thanks. The only thing he's good for is being material for jokes on late night talk shows.

No he's not. He's just still lying about it.

If Kelly does get canned there's a distinct possibility Trump does just that IMO.

Kelly was supposedly the one who insisted Scaramucci leave when he was made Chief of Staff. If Kelly is gone I think Trump seriously considers bringing him back "for the ratings". As far as I know The Mooch and Trump are still on good terms and that's all it fucking takes with the Orange Narcissist.

Trump is not unconvinced. He's deflecting.

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary legitimacy/ego depends upon his not understanding it!"

That would replace my go to feel good video, which currently is Karl rove losing it on fox news during Obama's second election. Man, that's quality TV.

I’ll follow it up then, how have there been no indictments since December?

I would gladly let Trump brag about ratings if I could see SHS lose it enough to flip the podium over.

Jesus. These woman would step into traffic if he told them to and thank him for the privilege.

Oh, he’s convinced. He knows they did. Quid pro quo.

He’s just a piece of shit gaslighting traitor.

Seriously, how the fuck have there been no new indictments since October?

This is the part in the series where you introduce a baby and by the next season the baby is 7 years old already

I’m with you man. I could use some mueller action. Feels like it’s been years.

No, he won't admit it because by admitting Russia meddled in the election he didn't win it on his own. His ego can't handle the fact that he needed outside help to win the election. Hell, his ego can't handle the fact he lost the popular vote.

Lol jesus fuck

To be fair the Mooch actually was pretty good at the podium

"Fake liberal media taunt respected White House staff with gotcha questions and biased, unnecessarily aggressive false statements"

I kind of doubt that. He doesn't want to look like a loser or a failure and he's freaking out about it. Why do you think he gets so defensive about everything, projects even more, and won't do press conferences?

Gotta respect a front stabber.

Of course. It helps the republicans who are all in on Russia.

Jesus christ. A complete and utter failure of leadership and carrying out his duty to protect this country from attack by foreign enemies. He is literally telling Russia "please attack us again."

She might be sad no one loves her enough to blacken her eye.

Of course he is.

If he accepts Russia meddled he must also accept they meddled to hamper Hillary Clinton and this benefit the Republican party and then him as the nominee.

Should he accept that he must then accept that Trump alone did not win the election as he believes. He must accept that he would have lost with Russian meddling.

Trump's ego will not allow that to happen. He can't believe because it's essential to who is is right now. He's 71 and won't change that.

He would also be put into the postition of being the President that was helped there, willingly or not, by Russian meddling. And the Constitution doesn't give any guidelines for what happened when elections like that happen

No. He isn’t “unconvinced” he’s covering for his co-conspirators.