Trump Served Shark Fin Soup in Vietnam—A Delicacy Driving Sharks to Extinction: Shark finning is illegal in the U.S and regulated in 21 countries. It involves cutting the fins from live sharks for shark fin soup, and throwing the shark back into the ocean.

Trump Served Shark Fin Soup in Vietnam—A Delicacy Driving Sharks to Extinction: Shark finning is illegal in the U.S and regulated in 21 countries. It involves cutting the fins from live sharks for shark fin soup, and throwing the shark back into the ocean.
Trump Served Shark Fin Soup in Vietnam—A Delicacy Driving Sharks to Extinction: Shark finning is ...

Should shark finning be illegal worldwide? Yes.

Trump eats KFC with a knife and fork and has his steak well done with ketchup. I'd doubt he specifically asked for shark fin soup.

I honestly doubt he would eat it. “They tried to serve me shark fin soup today. Will not eat. Gross.”

To be perfectly fair.

Presidents are given inapropriate gifts all the damned time. Just because our country has an issue with whatever doesn't mean the giving country doesn't mean well.

If you want to hoist Trump up by the ankles over this then you REALLY need to look hard at gifts whoever your favorite president got.

This statement doesn't mean I like Trump or object to people wanting to find reasons to get rid of him.

It means that this particular issue is a non-starter and a persistent problem in all administrations.

2000+ points. That is too funny. I got thrown out of /sub/legaladvice earlier today. One post where the mods are hating and threatening me, another one where people are upvoting like cray-cray.

Trump does plenty of screwed up things. Being served a controversial dish while traveling internationally does not rank high among them.

IMO articles like this risk distracting from more important discussions.

How is this getting more traction than the earthquake that has killed over 400 in Iran?

This is what a functioning state department is supposed to prevent


The exclamation point is important. Very very important!

Seriously, all these shitty attempts at smearing him for the smallest things just muddy up the water and dilute the serious issues that he need to be called out on.

Because Anti-Trump

because Trump

Typically the state department would make sure this doesn’t happen while planning, but the state department is barely functioning right now.

if he ate it, people will bitch that he's cruel and heartless

if he didn't eat it, people will bitch that he's rude and inconsiderate of other cultures

I would give him rare praise for the latter.

Hold up, I know everyone is supposed to hate every single thing this man does, but for fuck sake, he didn't order the fucking dish. He didn't sit down with a menu and decide that's what he wanted. What is with you people?

"Gross." cracked me up bad.

He'd probably go for the best of both worlds by saying he has no problem with eating sharks but he just doesn't like disgusting foreign food.

well done.

With ketchup.

He eats pizza with a plastic knife and fork too.

And you know Vietnam did that specifically because they thought Trump would like the soup and try to reverse the finning ban.

Headline may as well be "Justin Trudeu Served Shark Fin Soup in Vietnam - A Delicacy Driving Sharks to Extinction: Shark finning is illegal in the U.S and regulated in 21 countries. It involves cutting the fins from live sharks for shark fin soup, and throwing the shark back into the ocean."

Justin ate it too! Who cares. This headline sounds like Donald Trump personally cut the fins of sharks and forced it down peoples throats

Another example of where some advance staff person should have caught this, assuming this position has been filled, and assuming they're not grossly underqualified for the job.

And if he said "no", the headline would read "Trump snubs food in vietnam, international incident due to his arrogance"

Can't win for losing.

Are ribs an eating utensil?

This right here is the story.

I think it’s worse than that. It’s like if the Japanese served him whale meat.

It’s a big fuck you and fuck your laws/judging our destructive food choices.

I heard he likes to pee.

I've been saying this all along from the beginning. Cry wolf like this over and over, when something does happen you can't blame people for acting like the press is blowing it out of proportion again. Why does it look like Trump supporters blindly follow him? That's probably a large majority of the reason.

The exclamation is Huge!

1 Shark > 400 Muslims

How is this newsworthy?

That bastard!

"Trump offends Vietnamese by refusing soup! What an idiot!"


Yeah, nobody would do that second thing.


Jesus christ where's Gordon Ramsay when you need him?

Reddit only cares about Middle-Easterners when they can be used to make Republicans look bad

I eat KFC with a fork, and ribs. I don't like getting messy.

Oh my god, who the hell cares?


Shhh... you are going to start making people think critically. The Media doesn't like that...

I developed a HUGE amount of respect for Gordon Ramsay after his video on how horrific shark finning is. I’d never much felt one way or the other about him, but after watching him break down about how cruel it is, I can’t not hold him in high regard. Learned more about him and he’s an awesome dude.

Gordon Ramsay trying out SFS for first time

While making fun of their accents.

The way OP worded the title I pictured Trump in a chef Boyardee hat serving up some shark fin soup

Surely THIS will end him!!!!!!

We are quite literally at the point of the euphemism "discussing what he had for lunch today"

Except the PM had just done the same thing (dump the food) and Trump was just imitating what his host did. So in reality the controversy is all made up.

Trump hate will always sell in the media.

It's something of a Catch-22 for Trump. Either you refuse the soup and insult your hosts that you're trying to have good relations with, or you accept it and Reddit calls you a monster over it.

Ahahahahahah you are putting wayyy too much faith in the people on /sub/politics.

Or did you forget a week ago they were LITERALLY bitching about Trump feeding Koi? There were even articles about how "He trampled over traditions!"

Some people are so rabidly anti Trump that everything he does has a malicious intent.

He eats a burger in Japan and gets attacked for not respecting local custom.


I heard he personally cut off the fin, then fucked the wound before kicking the animal back into the ocean.

I don't mind being inconsiderate to other people's culture as long as I'm not helping drive an animal species to extinction

Aye. Non-American here, I'm getting fed up browsing internet when it's all about petty things what your president did or supposedly did. People in this case seem to care more what Trump puts in his mouth rather than actually worry about endangered species. It's like watching a kids playground after the unpopular kid tore down someone's sand castle. This is not pointed towards you whom I'm replying to, but seriously people, grow the fuck up, get less butthurt and make the world better instead of whining online.

Unreal, what a fucking scumbag.

He knows words! Only the best!

I eat my snickers with a fork and knife. How do you eat yours? With your hands?

Ha wow he was served it.

From reading the title I was thinking he served it to guests at a dinner party.

I'm anti-Trump but I agree. How many of us know the stories behind delicacies given to us in a foreign country? He's got bigger things to work on than scouring the Internet for how all the menu food is prepared.

Someone once told me a disposable glove is the best utensil ever. Every food becomes finger food.



Wait. Trumps getting shit for not having his people check the menu, but Obama shouldn't get shit for not having his people check the menu?

The only difference is that Trump was served it. What makes you think he asked for it or even knew it was on the menu? Again, the main point of this is people saying Trumps people should have checked. Shouldn't Obamas people have checked as well?

When he's in Japan the headline is "Trump eats a burger, ignores traditional Japanese food!" Now the headline is "Trump eats Vietnamese food! We don't eat the same things they do! The bastard!"


edit: and the shitstain deleted the comment. Well trolled sir! Tips confederate flag trucker hat

I think the President of the United States probably cares a little bit more about the governments of these nations he’s visiting than some redditors who are going to shit on him no matter what he does. It’s not a hard decision. Shark fin soup is inhumane, but Trump couldn’t refuse it.

Or Obama's own shark fin scandal:

Took 2 seconds of Googling. If the whataboutism is that easy, this probably isn't a good line of attack against a person who has a LOT more in the way of scandals to mine.

Drumpf in chief continues to embarass his country by refusing to eat vietnam delicacy served to him.


I mean if your steak is well done, you pretty much need ketchup some sort of sauce

Edit: edit to specify I would choose other things over ketchup

If you watch his older / British shows you can see more of his character come through. He seems to genuinely be invested in helping people

Yeah cnn cut the other part out just to find something bad to say about Trump. Why would they give the two of them more food than the koi should be eating anyway? They both had the same amount and both just dumped their bowls. Can't believe this is even news with all of the other things happening in the world right now.

The incident with the koi pond?

I'm just gonna leave this here

Breaking: Trump sneezes in wrong direction. - Quickly reaches front page of Reddit.

He only orders from the kitchens in Trump tower.

I think the biggest advocate against shark fin that I know of now is Yao Ming. He is a huge proponent in educating Chinese people including me and my family on the practice of Shark fins. I remember trying it once when I was a kid and I thought it didn't taste that great by my parents always rave about it. Now that I'm grown up and with the help of education, no one in my family would ever do things like that again.

The big thing about Shark Fins is really education. When you aren't educated you don't realize what's happening when you order these soup. The tradition/thought of prosperity when you have it makes it enticing for people in China. Now that people are starting to understand, I don't remember seeing a shark fin soup on the menu when I go back to China in a long time.

Are you comparing going to a restaurant that has shark fin soup and not knowing it, to not having your staff check the menu at a state dinner and eating it? They don't really seem similar at all.

Kind of hard to prevent what you are served to eat when you are a guest in a foreign country. I don't see the headline of Justin Trudeau ate shark fin soup. I swear you people lose your minds just from hearing his name.

gloves sounds more gross than bare hands

Or did you forget a week ago they were LITERALLY bitching about Trump feeding Koi?

I'm on reddit a lot. I didn't see anything about a koi pond, bitchy or otherwise.

It was a thing for like 3 hours last week because he and Abe both dumped containers of food into a koi pond but the video only showed Donald doing it.

Some people freaked out thinking he was being disrespectful to the tradition of feeding Koi, I guess it's supposed to be super zen and patient but he "dumped it in like a child would" (paraphrasing comments I read). Most people realized Abe had done it too, and even if he hadn't it really wasn't worth making a big thing about...

Yeah i think the guy fucks up just about everything he does, but I'd be mildly impressed at him turning down shark fin soup.

There are some cultural traditions that don't actually deserve respect/honor in the sense that they are continued because they were formed at a time when their impact wasn't fully understood or considered. We can respect that something may have served a purpose or played a role at some point but also acknowledge that it no longer serves a worthy purpose in today's world. Senseless cruelty to top predators in a extremely damaged ecosystem in the name of delicacy for the wealthy hardly seems like a tradition we should be carrying on.

Edit: it's role, not roll. Thanks u/xxxsexcockxxx for the spell check.


Try clean gloves next time

Thank you! This shows how poorly prepared and ill qualified his staff is, you can’t let them serve him that.

But leadership starts front the top.

I'm not supporting this soup crap, but we all but clothes from companies that use sweat shops and child labor too.. Which, just going out in an edge here, is illegal too in many countries..

That's exactly why it's worded the way it is.

My favorite so far was the koi debacle. People blatantly ignoring or even lying about the fact that he was only doing was the Japanese PM had done moments before and acting like it was a gross breach of decorum and that it would put priceless fish at risk.

horse meat is decently common in most countries.

This whole comment section is calling the article out for how retarded it is. So why is this being upvoted?

Thats what paid posters do. They don't have to give you a source or defend their position. They only have to spread a rumor and maybe a couple of people will see it and believe it. Those few people will then use the same argument to defend Trump on this issue tomorrow. When the OP is called out they delete their comment. They did what they are paid to do and can leave.

Personally I would be fine with the western world blocking all internet traffic from Russia and Ukraine and anywhere else its proven the Russian propaganda shops are operating. All those people and businesses losing connection to the rest of the world would quickly cause change. Even Putin couldnt survive his entore country being cut off from the internet. All of his billionaire buddies would turn on them when their businesses were cut off from international deals because they didnt have internet access.

Shaping a foreign election and attempting to and possibly succeeding in hacking election machines is an act of war and we should be treating it like one. What Russia did was an act of war. There is more than enough evidence of it yet our governmemt sits around with their thumbs up their asses because so much of this administration and other GOP legislators are balls deep involved in it and its too late to pull out.


Come on people

Buuu...but Trump possibly helped the extinction of all sharks and made billions of new handicapped (definned) sharks that now need healthcare for their chronic conditions and not to mention global warming and other outrageous things.

It’s click bait from a shit magazine. A magazine designed for toilet readers that’s slowly dying off.

Yeah, we know. It's just that every one thinks anything Trump does is bad.

When he was in Japan he got bitched at for ordering beef instead of eating what Japan served.

So now he doesn't do that and actually follows what is given to him by the country he visits and he gets bitched at. Hell if it was me, I be like well fuck it. I am gonna eat what I want to. Hell with offending morons.

More traction where? On reddit or in the news in general? Because I didn't hear a bit about this on anywhere BUT reddit. Reddit and upvoting is not a good reflection of news coverage in the real world.

Well that settles it, I'm never peeing again. Take that, Trump!

Just because THEY served it doesnt mean Trump ate it. Everyone knows he only likes burgers and chicken fingers.

How can he eat pizza like that and live in NYC?

I don't support trump but this is probably the clickbaitiest attempt at putting trump in a headline just for more website traffic.