Trump reveals classified information to Russian Ambassador.

Trump reveals classified information to Russian Ambassador.

"yeah... BUT who leaked this to the press???? that's the real issue here" - Kellyanne Conway, tonight on CNN

"...considered so sensitive that details have been withheld from allies and tightly restricted even within the U.S. government, officials said."

POTUS just off and tells it to a Russian Ambassador? Why?! To boast about how he, being the President, receives intelligence? This fucking guy is a narcissist through and through.

You'd think republican congressmen would have enough skeletons in their closets to find a spare spine by this stage

I want to know what it's going to take for Congress to do something about this guy. What the fuck is it going to take??!!!


I bet they used child psychology to bait him into it too.

Russian: I'm sure your intelligence isn't as good as ours. We've been hearing things about Syria.

Trump: You think I don't know stuff about Syria? Check this out!

President Trump revealed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador in a White House meeting last week, according to current and former U.S. officials, who said Trump’s disclosures jeopardized a critical source of intelligence on the Islamic State.

Officials WITHIN the WH are confirming this. If you EVER fucking care that Hillary's emails constituted a POTENTIAL security risk you had better shit your pants over this. Holy shit.

At this point I'm desperately hoping someone asks him about aliens. If he's running his presidency into the ground, we might as well get as much info out of him as we can.

Never forget how the GOP continues to aid and abet this behavior, they're the party of traitors.

Thing is, the Russians released the damaging information from the DNC hack. But even though they hacked the RNC, they didn't release any of that damaging information.

In other words, Putin has leverage over the White House and the Republican controlled Congress.

Thanks Obama!

"It was the Russians."

"Oh, well then it's perfectly fine! Stop bringing up the leaks!"

At this point it's stupid to say "another nail in the coffin" on Trunp's Presidency, because at this point the coffin is made entirely of nails. Not that the GOP will do a damn thing about it and block any attempt by the Dems to do something. Least not until they get their masters another tax break

Even the Republicans are alarmed:

Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told reporters Monday evening that the Trump White House "has got to do something soon to bring itself under control and order."

He said he would have more to say when he knows more about the news report.

"The shame of it is there's a really good national security team in place and there are good, productive things that are under way through them and through others," Corker said. "But the chaos that is being created by the lack of discipline — it's creating an environment that I think makes — it creates a worrisome environment."

E: McMaster is taking up for his remarks. It really would be a shame to see one of his only masterful advisors taken down with him.

NOW can we call it treason?

The_Donald is already claiming it's fake news just because its from a liberal source. When I tried to actually participate in the discussion I was banned. The reason?

oh yeah there wasn't any they just wrote in the link to the page

I suspect they never really gave a shit about HRCs emails it was just a screw they could turn to get dems squirming. The actual relevance of it made no difference to them.

Only a man with big hands would know such secrets.

It'd be nice if some of these fucks had the integrity to put their country before their party

And the JFK assassination.

If Obama didn't want this leaked, why didn't he make it super duper top secret before leaving office?

You just KNOW they did this. The Russian government ABSOLUTELY PLANNED to bait him into information. The government of the U.S.S.R. had DECADES OF RESEARCH ON PSYCHOLOGICAL TACTICS to withdraw information out of targets. Their "top spy" is obviously adept at these methods and Trump is ridiculously susceptible to manipulation. And ALL OF THE PEOPLE IN WASHINGTON KNOW THIS.

If they don't start impeachment hearings, there needs to be political guillotines used in upcoming elections.

If this isn't a president unable to fulfill his duties due to medical defect, then it is treason. Period.

Edit: I just read information that suggested that Trump WAS NOT PROMPTED to tell this information. That makes me think that (if true) either he really is COMPLETELY mentally incompetent OR he went OUT OF HIS WAY to send Putin classified information. Either way, Trump is sooo dangerous, we should all be terrified right now.

Not alarmed enough to do anything though.

Trump could hand North Korea all of our nuclear launch codes and his dumbfuck base would still be going on about emails and librul tears. If you think I'm joking, here's my proof:

@MarkDice: Even if the #SyriaStrikes start WWIII, the whole planet gets nuked and we all die, that's still much better than if Hillary would have won.

Yeah, but did you know that Clinton got a BLOW JOB????

According to the Post, the president appeared to boast of his knowledge of a looming threat. "I get great intel," Trump said. "I have people brief me on great intel every day."

"It was the President."

"Leaks? What leaks? Never heard of it."

We're not at war with Russia, so no, but even still, the President has broad powers to declassify information, so this couldn't be illegal in the first place. It's ridiculously stupid, but the only thing it can add to is a case that he's not fit to be President and be able to manage confidential information and judgements about allies and foreign agents. That takes the party to vote no-confidence, which won't happen.

Being considered for one of Trump's cabinet positions is not exactly high praise.

Honestly, I don't think I'm even looking forward to the new House of Cards season anymore. I just put West Wing on repeat each night while I lie on the couch weeping while rocking myself to sleep in the fetal position.

Oh we knew that but we get to make them choke on those words. Remember this classic?

Individuals who are "extremely careless" with classified information should be denied further acc...

I got banned for calling trump a shit-gibbon, if that helps any.

Go to foxnews home page right now. Top 3 stories are about Hillary. I'm not kidding.

Paul Ryan literally tweeted this about Hillary's emails: "It's simple: Individuals who are ‘extremely careless’ w/ classified info should be denied further access to it."

So what do you think he's going to say about Trump? Def not that.

link to tweet

Fox News is a menace to society.

i'm seeing 4 holy shit

i'm seeing 4 holy shit

What's sad is that Trump divulging highly classified information to the Russians is what Republicans (rightly) said Clinton could have done by using the wrong server. If you're going to criticize her for only having opened up that possibility then you're being a hypocrite if you don't criticize Trump for actually having done that.

We're approaching the date of declassification

T_D is a circlejerk sub for some, and the safest of safe spaces for others. For the mods it's a safe space.

In case anyone here is still wondering why it seems like people aren't up in arms over this...

The top four stories on right now are about Hillary. Hillary's PAC, Hillary's emails, Hillary's handing of classified info.

It's truly sad. Fox and other right-wing sources of "news" have created a country where a significant portion of the populace looks at "liberals" as being more of a threat to the country than other nations.

How the fuck does a guy who supposedly dealt with the mob for 30 years not understand omerta?

If the Ruskins have blackmail material the Congresspeeps may be trying to save their own sorry hides too. It will only take a few defectors to start the resonance cascade...

"Doesn't look like anything to me."

Cambridge Analytica, doing its foul work.

I don't necessarily care about the GOP now. They are spineless fucking turds that will let Trump shit in their mouths until they die. Your concern now needs to be brought back on the people you surround yourself with. If your trump supporting friends STILL support this motherfucker after shit like this then you really need to reevaluate your friendships with them.

Goddamn, I genuinely hate this motherfucker. After 45, there's Bannon. Then Sessions that midget KKK "boy". And then Paul Ryan. The beer bong frat boy who's dreamt since he was a wee bairn of taking welfare away from poor people and doing away with Planned Parenthood-

Shit. I think they should all be made poor. Shitty car, shitty job, shitty health insurance, shitty mortgage, shitty food, shitty schools, shitty clothes... let's see your bootstraps now.

To the surprise of fucking NO ONE


I would so take a robot uprising over this shit.

I hope this bullshit is opening some eyes to who conservatives really are. There's not a patriot among them. Not even one.

He didnt deal with the mob, he got used by the mob

Conservative here. Didn't want that ass hat as our president...... don't put us all in one box. I would have rather picked a random person off the street than have this idiot heading up the country.

aid and abet

At this point it's stupid to even say "coffin". He's not going anywhere until he's voted out of office.

Truth is not allowed there.

I never had much in the way of expectations of America's conservathugs.

Even as low as those expectations are, they've still managed to disappoint me. There has to be a limit, where even they say "enough is enough."

But there just isn't one. Heartbreaking.

Lol "mishandling classified intel"

The irony is so sweet, it's downright decadent

Graham talks the talk and does fuck all about it. Him and McCain are just as spineless as the rest of em they just play tough on camera

Oh my god that's actually insane. They're actually reporting on people saying how Hillary did "much worse" than what Trump has done.

"can" declassify and "did" declassify are two different things. I will bet a lot of money he did not formally declassify this information prior to sharing, thus making this a leak of state secrets. If he did formally declassify then this information is now broadly available with the government and possibly via a FOIA.

It's not intelligence the democrats would tell you

Jesus Christ, this is the way people talk about a raging alcoholic who's falling off the wagon. I'd feel bad for him if he wasn't actively jeopardizing millions of Americans.

And just as a sidenote: if this is what Trump is like sober....can you fucking IMAGINE how out of control non-sober Trump would be? Shit's terrifying.

Then, in the same breath: "By the way, this is fake news. It never happened."

Follow-up: "So then there was no leak then?"

"Ah ur um eh...under breath Reagan save me."

Corker is a crafty guy. He's laying groundwork. Remember, Trump considered him for Secretary of State.

I won't go too deep into conspiracy theories, but there's talk of a lot of Republican leaders involved with Russian money that will absolutely do everything in their power to protect Trump because of it.

Regardless, I don't see much happening until more Democrats are voted in, which I'm not too optimistic about. Most Sanders subs are full of Trump supporters doing their best to cause infighting right now. And they're being moderately successful.

It's treason then. No really, this is fucking treason.

I was banned during a civil discussion because "My account history did not appear to be pro-trump"

It's so funny that they sit there and bitch about "safe spaces" and have one themselves.

The whole concept is dumb. People need to learn to have thick skin. But the amount of hypocrites in that sub is amazing

They know we got him this time. The top post on Drudge is a link to Breitbart saying the leaks should be illegal. They aren't even denying he did it. The ship is starting to take on water.

Get the tapes!

This is what the fuck is wrong with our country and democracy right now. Its insulting to our intelligence and unfortunately, the mass media is heavily influencing whats going on. Politics has become a joke and im sick of these fucking crooks in charge, making decisions which they are exempt from.

??? Fox needs to be taken off the goddamned air.

Declassification will happen days after readactification

Declassification will happen days after

Nope. I veto this.

He got too many votes for conservatives to be able to claim this. And "real Americans" have been deliriously happy with his administration so far, dismissing all his negatives as "fake news" because it didn't come out of the right-wing hate propaganda mill.

You're all in one big giant box. Or should I say "basket."

Even Lindsey Graham is starting to speak out about the ridiculousness of the Trump administration. These Republicans are carefully testing the waters to see if it's politically safe to outright defy Trump. They probably also realize that the Dems may very well retake Congress if the Republicans don't step up soon enough. If the Dems retake Congress and then impeach both Trump and Pence (and boot them out of office), then the Speaker of the House President Pro Tempore of the Senate (which would be a Dem) will become POTUS.

EDIT: Thanks, /u/demonachizer!

But, but Hillary's emails! Republicans and Mother Russia making Amerika great again

"A Trump supporter would let Trump shit in their mouth if it meant a liberal could smell it."

Don't know who the quote is by but, ain't it the Damn truth?

....hopefully voted out in January 2019 by the Senate.

...It’s a Republican legend. Darth Trump was a Dark Lord of the Alt-Right, so stupid, and so reckless he could use US intelligence to influence the Russians to create money for himself… He had such a knowledge of the dark side, he could even keep the ones he cared about from being grabbed by the pussy.

Thank you, long day, editing.

If you haven't already dropped your Trump-supporting friends you've got a lot more patience than most of us.

The president gets "great intel" from the same place he gets great women: Eastern Europe.

considered so sensitive that details have been withheld from allies and tightly restricted even within the U.S. government

Because the source is from a russian spy inside ISIS: The russians are now secret allies because they are in (a piss-covered) bed with the current administration.

The russian state media was at the meeting. They are almost certainly the source of the info retrieved by WaPo. Now they're just trolling the US state media. This is classic russian humor.

Not treason. Not even illegal. As part of his/her executive power, the president has the authority to classify and declassify information at a whim, to anyone he wants, for any reason (or none whatsoever). He could post the contents of every intel brief he gets on Twitter and it wouldn't step outside the bounds of his remit.

You know the quote is accurate by the way he uses "great" in a sentence

JH Christ!!! Having him in the White House must like a wet dream for them. He's gullible, doesn't think before he speaks, and never shuts up! Who needs espionage when the god damn president himself will tell you all you need to know? Someone please get him out of there!

Nothing. The GOP today is party over country no matter what.

Lol a whole bunch are rushing to defend him too. Bunch of Russophiles.

The Post probably got the info from someone in the administration. From the story, it sounds like his people were freaking out in the room as he was revealing the intel to the Russians.

I talked about this this morning. That motherfucker is stone cold SOBER. That's all the way stunning. I have only nasty things to say right now so Imma stop.

According to the Washington Post, the reporters had the sensitive details in question (related to the threats that led to the laptop ban). The intelligence agency officials they were talking to requested that they not reveal certain details publicly because it was so sensitive, so the WP complied and didn't release them when talking generally about the subject. This was all weeks ago.

And then Trump meets with the Russian ambassador and foreign minister and blabs about the same stuff. Reportedly, a bunch of messages went back from the Whitehouse to the NSA, CIA, etc. in the aftermath, letting them know Trump had spilled the beans to the Russians.

I mean, maybe the WP article is just wrong, but if so the denials the WH has put out so far aren't very complete and don't explain why, supposedly, there was back-communication because of what Trump had said.

Maybe that's wrong too, but if there's a shred of truth to any of this it's a big, big problem.

Impeachment is just a political decision, though. He doesn't have to break any laws to be impeached. He just has to be deemed unfit for office by Congress.

Yeah but... word is on the street he turned him down. He's my senator. I even joined a large group called, "Defeat Bob Corker". He knows how we feel.

Their platform and policy is hurting liberals. Even if it hurts them too. It's not a political party anymore, it's a religion based on demonization and punishment. They get off on human suffering. They worship bullies. It only makes sense they would elect the biggest one they could find.

We only have a 2 party system (cross your fingers it's about to change). Did you actively vote to prevent him from becoming president?

No. By definition that cannot be treason. Wrongful intent is one of the legal elements that must be established to make a case for treason. In fact, if you're correct that the president has a mental deficit, that would be an excellent DEFENSE against charges of treason, as he would presumably be incapable of formulating wrongful intent.

Yeah we should have predicted this a year ago. That he was vulnerable not just to world-class brilliant KGB espionage techniques, but a simple "Gee, you obviously know a lot Mr. President, very impressive: what do you know about X?"

I honestly don't believe he's sober. I think he's on some sort of amphetamine pill. His behavior is too erratic and his body language and mannerisms are very familiar. I say this as a recovering addict myself, I used to do the same weird fake smile when I was high. My guess is high doses of something like adderal.

It's time to start demanding impeachment or resignation, this is fucking ridiculous!

this needs to be upvoted harder. McCain and Graham are two of the 'biggliest' jokes on the rep. side. As tough as they talk they more often than not do jack all about anything.


For those who don't know.

No, this is an unfalsifiable claim without any proof. In other words, this is prime Fake News.

Several U.S. officials have confirmed it.

Why are you insulting shit-gibbons? That doesn't seem fair? What did they ever do to you?