Trump properties gave only one out of 144 jobs to an American

Trump properties gave only one out of 144 jobs to an American
Trump properties gave only one out of 144 jobs to an American

Welp, you heard it here: Apparently not a single Republican in Florida needs a job. So, next time you hear a Republican from Florida talk about jobs, make sure to kindly inform them that it's FAKE NEWS, and 100% of Americans in Florida are happily, gainfully employed, to the point where poor ol' Trump had no choice but to hire foreigners, as much as it broke his heart.

In fact, really, this is OUR fault. We let down Trump.

The same asshole lectured companies for not hiring Americans. Is there a bigger hypocrite than Donald Trump?

Oh you haven’t heard? Florida people are living good because of the sweet sweet trickle down!


Kinda exposes the depths to which Trump truly doesn't give a fuck about what he says or what his voters might think.

He could have just directed the companies to hire only Americans, take the slight hit to the bottom line, and had a big meaty press conference lauding his shining example of companies hiring Americans. Impossible for anyone on either side of the aisle to take issue with that. Automatic good-news cycle.

Instead, fuck it. Just hire the foreigners and save a couple bucks. Doesn't matter, MAGA hats will keep supporting him anyway, just hire whoever's cheapest. Nobody's going to care, right?

They're even passing up the lowest of the low-hanging fruit, only because it might cost him a buck to do it. For a "billionaire" he sure is cheap.


We're bringing the jobs back, folks, okay? You won't get them, believe me, but we're bringing them back!

You lost the GOP at "slight hit to the bottom line"

Was that a rhetorical question?

He isn't a billionaire. He is deeply in debt to Russian gangsters.

"Hire American" is for the little people.

New Jersey and New York mobsters since the 80s. After they busted him out because of his gross incompetence, he turned to the Russian mob. He's a bought-and-paid-for money launderer, and has been a conduit for dirty money for his entire "career". Casino business ring any bells at all?

That's gross hypocrisy.

You need to meet some progressives from the real world, and not just the ones that are animated by the South Park guys.

First, why would anyone read that anti-Semitic garbage? Second, why do you keep posting this exact comment in threads that have nothing to do with it?