Trump Plan Would 'Reduce or Eliminate' Important Data Access, Federal Science Official Warns: A USGS email alert to international scientists says a wide range of research areas would be hit, including work on flood risks, wildfires and climate change.

Trump Plan Would 'Reduce or Eliminate' Important Data Access, Federal Science Official Warns: A USGS email alert to international scientists says a wide range of research areas would be hit, including work on flood risks, wildfires and climate change.
Trump Plan Would 'Reduce or Eliminate' Important Data Access, Federal Science Official Warns: A U...

I just used USGS data to calibrate a hydraulic model for a bridge replacement project. The result is I have an accurate model that now allows me to appropriately size the new bridge. Too big = Increased Construction $. Too small = Increased Flood Damage $.

Just some perspective.

Perhaps a shift to open source research with a crowd-sourced peer review akin to wikipedia is prudent. Can't restrict data access when everyone has it.

I'm in structural engineering. We use USGS seismic maps to find the size of earthquake we need to design for. It's a simple tool for us that's free to use, but I'm sure there are huge amounts of extensive reaseach behind them. It doesn't look like this is being targeted by the Trump administration, but it's an example of another industry that relies on USGS data.

Trumps Motto: Buy my bullshit.

Trumps motto: Ignorance is bliss.

At this point it's like Trump is basically trying to turn America into a third world country.

Is there anything he's done that's good? I know it's hott to hate the president today but it sounds pretty just. I don't recall a single article anywhere that shows any sign of doing what's best for the country. Slashing funding here, killing public programs there, and overall blatant disrespect for his own country!

Trump and his voters want 1950s America back. In their minds, he is doing what's best for America. Ask any Trump supporter and they'll tell you that they're very happy with what the man is doing.

Also a whole bunch of them only care about pissing off liberals. They'll set themselves on fire just to run into a crowd of liberals and maybe burn one or two.

This is an excellent idea.

When funding for climate science goes away, so does the funding for climate data. The Arctic LCC has lots of data that will likely soon be made unavailable. Data here for the next month or so.

This is a great way to encourage a lot of scientists to leave the US.

not buying your bullshit

Funny, since you people bought and swallowed his.

There can't be a single scientist that supports Trump.

He gave those robot building girls from Afghanistan I think a visa. That's about it in half a year.

God hates polar bears.

1950's America was good because we were enjoying the benefits of an economy invigorated by tons of GI's coming home from Korea (and those that had survived WWII) receiving their VA benefits, which is essentially a model of wealth redistribution the likes of which this country hasn't seen before or since. Much of the same happened in the 1980's thanks to VA benefits going to veterans of the Vietnam conflict. It wasn't due entirely to that, but that factor more than any other was responsible for the massive uptick in the country's economy doing well as a whole.

You want a prosperous nation? You're going to have to help the majority of people prosper, and guess what? Most people are poor or are very nearly so. Hence Senator Sanders' massive popularity among the working poor.

America will find its crop yields increasing by 5-20%

Not according to actual scientists. Yield decreases roughly 5 percent per degree C as we continue to increase. Very few places will see increased yield, certainly not the US.

ecosystem cultivation in the Antarctic

95 percent of the continent is under a km of ice, that's the case for the next 200 years. And 98 percent has no arable soil under the ice.

Wasn't there that one state that decided a woman who becomes pregnant due to rape must get consent from the rapist to get an abortion?

Fun fact: according to the Bible, if you rape a woman, but later marry her that is okay.

Trumps motto: not buying your bullshit science

I am skeptical of this approach. The reason scientific journals are successful is that editors are hand-picked based on expertise. How do we know that tyere wouldn't be "edit wars"? How do we know that junk articles would be properly filtered out?

I want to know why he is doing this to us and his country?

Because his first priority is himself, and his second is his bank account size, and then third is himself.

As a GIS major I'm fucked.

t_d memes

Well big problem of scientific journals is that failed experiments dont get published. And so resources are wasted because different teams try the same thing because they werent able to find out that someone else already tried that...

We need to reform our approach to scietific articles as it is...

I've used it in the past for relocating transmission lines when our normal survey data wasn't available. Lowers need for assumptions, which equals safer design and construction of high voltage lines. Adding to perspective.

USGS is a public government entity so it has to be public since it is paid for with tax dollars. It can also be very helpful for flood plains for residential use.

Sounds like a cult

Have you considered moving abroad?

I'm an atmospheric sciences major and I'm applying to universities in Canada next semester. They have a high acceptance rate for international students. If you attend school for 2 years there and find a job when you graduate, you will qualify for citizenship after just 3 years of moving. I've been investigating this option since January, and I think this is a good option for anyone who might find their career and/or passion threatened under the Trump administration.

Good luck, friend.

I think you misunderstand. We're talking about the data that is collected as a result of these experiments; not the experiments themselves.

I am in bride engineering as well

Really? Nobody's going to touch that?

No, none of the 6 travel ban countries are Afghanistan (CNN source).

Afghanistan's visa denial rate has been high for a while, here's a list of denial rates in 2013.

I hate Trump, but this is a much older problem than his political "career".

As far as I know our data access isnt being touched, including the seismic design tools. Nearly all of the Earthquake Hazards Program software/products put their source code up on GitHub for anyone to use, too.

The Geomagnetism program is on the chopping block in the Trump budget, though.

Yeh I am in bride engineering as well and my senior engineer uses USGS to help with his hydraulic software analysis. It is really important. The USGS is also very useful for obtaining seismic constants to use for frequency and modal analysis. I use it all the time.

My best guess as to the thought process behind it is why allow that to be freely accessed when it could be sold.

Do they destroy the data once it is removed from official access? Seems to me that would be stealing from America.

I think this is the real aim. The data is used in all sorts of ways - it's not that the data will be gone, but now companies will be paying hefty fees to access and use that data. It will generate some money to go into the politician's coffers, but the people will pay the real price when companies start cutting corners or just not purchase the data at all. Rural and small town will be the ones to suffer first, they'll blame liberals and immigrants, and we go through this whole fucking cycle all over again.

He engineers brides, what's so hard to understand?

Nah, they probably try to sell it.

Some people just want to see the world burn

He doesn't understand shit. It's not him not buying.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 88%. (I'm a bot)

In it, Debra Willard, coordinator for the USGS Climate Research and Development Program, wrote that the cuts "Would reduce or eliminate the availability of current data and collaborations between the USGS, other agencies and universities."

Science advocacy groups say the proposed budget threatens U.S. leadership in important scientific fields and could leave American researchers isolated from the rest of the world.

Peter Frumhoff, science and policy director for the Union of Concerned Scientists, said that the USGS research programs targeted for cuts provide important information for predicting natural hazards like floods, landslides and fires.

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The only reason he had to do that was because he had banned them in the first place, right?

Seems to me he dug a ditch, then everyone applauded when he built a bridge over the ditch.

I say we install a lot of hidden cameras, and then evacuate all the scientists, intellectuals and the people with an intelligence above average.

Wait one generation and we have Idiocracy: The Show.

He majored in "I-don't-know-what-the-fuck-I'm-talking-about"

He left NAFTA

No he didn't.

Sorry you feel so attacked by being notified about things.

Funny how this account is 2 days old, with negative karma, just like a lot of these Trump bots.

No they didn't. The polls always showed him as having a commanding position.

It's the predictive models that gave him slim odds. Polls don't offer any predictions on their own.

If I had to guess, he's using a business tactic common when ownership changes.

The new CEO is concerned with making it look like he makes the company profitable. To do this quickly (e.g. in one quarter), he will cut many programs and lay off many employees. This causes a huge cut in costs that cannot be contained. However, for that quarter the company shows a spike in profits due to the lowered operating costs.

Trump is cutting as many programs as possible so that it looks like he's improving the economy, while really he's removing infrastructure for the sake of an illusion.

The US is a gigantic country and the views of the deep, conservative south vs. say, those you find in liberal Los Angeles have been around far longer than Trump. But because the US runs a political system that attempts to split people down the middle - you often get lumped in with crazies from both sides.

May I ask what your major was?

Imaginary supporters don't count

Big, if true.

Arkansas I believe.

/s, I hope?

I just used USGS data to delineate a watershed for use in research on aquatic invertebrates that are eaten by bass in a local lake.

The greatest irony is that probably every single Trump supporter in my area fishes for bass in this exact lake. They support a leader who's trying to erase the data I use to support their favorite past time.

His standing among those who voted for him is slipping. He might still get elected today by the same states, but it would not be guaranteed. Unless he gets some very big wins, his chances in 2020 are slim.

Someone should tell Trump that GPS the whole world pretty much depends on now and companies like Google, Uber use extensively is in large part paid for by American tax payers and used by everyone. I'd love to see what happens if he takes that away and sets the whole world back a few decades.

On another note, thank you America, for GPS & research data amongst other things. You're assuredly on the right side of history with all those contributions to mankind.

That's kinda why governments exist.

Social contract and all that.