Trump pick for USDA's top scientist is not one. He's an Iowa talk radio host, a climate change skeptic, & the Trump campaign aide who gave us Carter Page

Trump pick for USDA's top scientist is not one. He's an Iowa talk radio host, a climate change sk...

Don't say skeptic, it's denier.

Just like you don't say holocaust skeptic

There is nothing to be skeptical about, it's denial of the facts.

edit: Calling them skeptic suggests it is reasonable to be skeptical about global warming, it is not.

Let me just take a guess, here. He also has financial ties to Russia, which will come out in about 3 days.

History doesn't repeat, but it rhymes.

B.S. in political science from the U.S. Air Force Academy

I know a couple people who graduated from the AFA, and they are all right-wing loonies.

I sadly say the following:

Under this President, I'm not surprised.

Why is it always some some fat piece of shit, slob?

THAT is the motherfucker tasked with talking to us about research into nutrition?

I'm seriously not even shaming here, either. I just don't understand how someone that seems to be morbidly obese could be the guy in charge of nutrition.

EDIT: Okay, so I'm getting PMs about this, so let me clarify, bc it really does seem like I am shaming him, when I assure you I am not.

I am fully aware that one can have all the knowledge in the world on nutrition and still be obese. What I am saying is that I believe that it would be a much more effective way of showing the value of proper nutrition to have someone in that office that is actually living that lifestyle. I am NOT arguing he will be incapable of his job bc of his physical condition/state, I am more arguing the effectiveness of just the simple optics in this appointment.

Please remember, this administration is a colossal disaster and they have proven themselves inept to the point that they routinely fuck up the most basic of optics in almost any given situation. Going on human nature alone, I think most people would see this man as maybe, juuuuust maybe not the absolute best choice for the job. If that's shaming then I guess I'll still need to work on my morality, but I really am just talking about the effectiveness of having someone that clearly doesn't follow their own nutritional standards set forth in the office that is heading up that very dept.

Exactly. You would have to be an actual legitimate climate scientist to be a "skeptic". I'm sure there are a very small number of legitimate climate change skeptics out there, but all the millions of people who do not actively work in the field and who refuse to accept the scientific consensus on the matter are Deniers, pure and simple.

I know a few that never graduated and are loonies.To graduate and still be that low in the knowledge department, is truly something special.

Like Star Wars.

At this point I wouldn't be surprised if he appointed a houseplant to something. It's become farcical.

Fuck this shit, and fuck this man. A total disrespect for science. Trump is an absolute fucking disgrace to humanity.

I know there's a trope of politicians giving people cushy jobs for political favors but this is just blatant.

"Catherine Woteki, who served as undersecretary for research, education and economics in the Obama administration, compared the move to appointing someone without a medical background to lead the National Institutes of Health" ...don't give him any more ideas or the next head of the NIH is going to be an anti-vaxxer who believes prayer can cure anything

The ones I know aren't dumb, just crazy. Which is kinda worse.

This, for one thing.

Seriously? I thought that was obvious?

It's greed.

This one doesn't even make sense. What is he subverting?

you can also call him stupid, idiot or moron

Exactly. After his other appointments (De Vos, I'm looking at you), very little is surprising about the crappy, unqualified people he has been picking.

The Air Force Academy has been overrun by fundamentalists for years:

Houseplants aren't able to actively destroy something though.

Want me to mail you a pizza roll?

They're totally qualified to dismantle the government in favor of profits.

He's going to put Brawndo on top of the Food Pyramid.

Seriously though this guy is the Koch brothers wet dream.

A skeptic wants more proof, which means that they will change their position once they receive a reasonable amount of proof. A denier demands an unreasonable amount of proof in order to masquerade as a skeptic

So the guy that runs the EPA sued the EPA and doesn't believe in science.

The guy heading up the voter fraud commission has been sued by the ACLU for voter suppression, and lost, four times.

The woman leading the dept of education doesn't like or know anything about public schools.

The first national security advisor was a foreign agent.

The attorney general has, ostensibly, just broken the law by involving himself in the Comey situation, and who knows what else.

EPA regulatory scientists are being replaced with people from the industries they are supposed to regulate.

The secretary of state is a former oil executive.

And now the top scientist at the USDA knows nothing about science...

But most Trump supporters are cool with all that... Yeah, they're fucking idiots.

draining that swamp

definitely worse

There's only one U.S. Air Force Academy, FYI

"You're just angry because your team lost. USA USA USA!"

"Yeah, what do those lazy, liberal scientists do for me, anyway?" -A bunch of farmer hicks in Nebraska, probably confirmed


Graduating is more about persistence than achievement. I know plenty of PH. D.s that are downright dumb.

I took a class under a climate scientist (unrelated to climate, ironically, it was a class he got roped into doing by the department) and just him tangentially talking about it really made me appreciate how complicated it is. It's not just a simple CO2 -> higher temperatures -> more CO2 equation. It's the temperature and compositional changes of the atmosphere causing small changes that cause bigger changes that cause seemingly unrelated changes and everybody's trying to figure out what is and isn't related to what.

It's a tiny average temperature change causing a slight shift in the regular atmospheric patterns of the Middle East that triggers the worst drought in 900 years over a small portion of the region which results in crop failures and the mass deaths of livestock. That, in turn, causes rural people to move to urban centers, which puts strain on their social systems, which gradually boils over into unrest and then an outright revolution which is then seized by a dozen proxy groups and ends up killing 250,000 people.

Not that anything crazy like that would actually...oh.

I live in CO and we have an Air Force academy here, honestly every guy I've met from there is such an obnoxious asshole. Loud and annoying drunks. Can't vouch for their political stances though.

I guess he's trying to make America great again by tearing everything down and forcing us to unite against him and rebuild. It might actually work. The unity and camaraderie at all these marches and protests is pretty inspiring.

This needs to be up higher. If this guy is appointed I'll give it 3 hours before that page is removed.

All of this while China is rolling out its version of the Marshall plan while trump is closing us off from the world and replacing our heads with idiots and cronies. Game over.

Deniers have an agenda and they do not give a fuck about what happens after their own lives.

It's how Trump's fat white trash working class supporters look.

They don't even know what climate science is.

Hey, Canadian here for a relevant comparison. During the Stephen Harper government (imagine a Mitt Romney government for 10 years straight), Harper appointed a woman named Rona Ambrose to be our Minister of Health. She had zero medical background, zero scientific background, and a degree in political science.

Watching her debate with scientists, tossing around inflammatory platitudes and unfounded belief-based rebuttals was really difficult, and it hindered a lot of progress in our healthcare legislation.

Funny followup: after Justin Trudeau made Harper cry following the 2015 election results, Rona Ambrose replaced him as leader of the federal conservative party. Weird, huh?

I'll email you at this webzone.

that neck is def USDA approved


Step 1: Wake up the American people and shake them out of political apathy (he's mostly accomplished that)

Step 2: Educate people on the importance of checks and balances via direct example (sigh... we'll get there)

Step 3: Help rekindle faith in the system by showing Americans that their democracy is larger than any one man, and that no election is the end of the world, no matter how bad the president is (please let me be right on this...)

Maybe Trump is actually the brilliantly devious troll that we all desperately needed. Or maybe not... but I am going to just keep clinging to Poe's law for the sake of my sanity.

Congressional Republicans need to wake the fuck up or they will be out of the job come midterm.

Yes, but it's no surprise to anybody, it's been pretty obvious it's totally gay for years.

The reason for the obesity epidemic is replacing meat and vegetables with grains and sugar. The solution is not stopping consumption of meat, its moderating it and slowing the consumption of sugars and grains.

Trump likes everyone to be fatter than him so he feels thin, it's the real reason Mike Flynn was fired.

Republicans are still entrenched. The big Cheeto lost about one percent of approval after firing the man investigating him under bullshit pretenses. Fox News has trained them well.

Infiltration of the AFA by the religious Right has been an poorly checked problem for awhile now.

Blatant corruption.

Yea! Those damn Liberals at UW Madison or Michigan State University or University of Iowa or University of Nebraska in their agriculture departments, always trying to push their librul agenda on us god fearing blue blooded Americans.

There probably are people bitching about liberal academic elites. But ag departments are pretty fucking big at a lot of state schools.

Perhaps they skeptical of certain aspects of climate change. It's a giant package of ideas.

A vast majority of the military is right wing. I think I was one of two Democrats in my unit, the other was our Intel S2 head shed , a Harvard educated Captain with an MBA from there.

The Air Force Academy is located in Colorado Springs, CO, which just so happens to have the largest concentration of evangelical christians in the country, and apparently that right-wing religiosity has really taken hold of the AFA over the last several years.

Just Saved the Page

Trump Monkeys don't give a fuck. Watch it burn should have been their motto.

Seriously. How long is this fantasy that republicans are rational and informed going to last?

Oh shit. Star Wars comes out on Tuesday?!

Well, I never thought I would see USAFA on the front page but here we are.

As a liberal graduating from USAFA, among hundreds of other liberals graduating from USAFA, fuck you. Stereotypes are useless and that still stands in this case.

You want to trash on him? Do it for the decisions he made - don't lump the rest of us in with him.

I have a friend who goes to vmi. He says grade inflation there is surreal. I imagine its the same at most if not all the military academies

After over a 100 days of constant insaneness... I some how still think "maybe today he won't do something insane"

....still waiting.

OMG, you called them fucking idiots. The rabid left just can't participate in rational discussion. RRRHEEEEEEEEEEEE. /S

I love the USA, I hate to watch things go down the shitter.

Three points.

1.) Obama would have appointed an actual fucking scientist to that position.

2.) I would rather have Bill Nye in that position than Sam Clovis. Bill Nye has actually taken the time to learn about this shit and keep his mind open.

3.) do you actually support this choice simply because the 'left' dislikes him?

At least you know he's eating what he's peddling to the American public....really he's a walking billboard for obesity. If you want to save the environment and not be fat don't eat meat...or at least eat less meat.

It's about achievement in a narrow field, anything that doesn't touch your field doesn't decide how well you do in it. You could hypothetically be a flat earther and a professor of mathematics. Although you probably wouldn't be hired if you told the committee.

And yet they still complain that Bill Nye is not a scientist.

Because most of them probably think Jesus's second coming will just wrap things up nicely

VMI is just a military school. The three military academies are completely different animals that take quite a lot more to get in to. I can't speak to the rigor of their courses, but I'm sure it is more difficult than VMI.

In all seriousness, this guy reflects a very, very serious problem for the Trump administration. There are literally hundreds of high ranking federal government posts that the Trump folks can't find anyone to fill. Yes, naming this guy is a sick joke, but it's also a reflection of desperation.

Is it that hard to find a food scientist/food safety person who is also a far-right douchebag and willing to associate himself with the Trump administration? Apparently it is impossibly difficult.

There are hundreds of open positions across the government, crucially many open counter-terrorism and national security posts, that are open. The Trump administration isn't being delayed by anyone or approvals or reviews, they literally can't find people to name to the posts to start those reviews/approvals.

Maybe Trump won't resign or be removed in the next year. If that's the case, we will be dealing with the effects of a federal government with all these posts unfilled - countless departments and offices without leadership to make decisions and provide oversight.

It hasn't.

Source: I'm here and very non religious. It's fine.

We needed a billionaire to tell us how taxes should be done, I guess this follows the same logic.

It's part of standard GOP practice.

Claim the government doesn't work. Appoint the least competent officials to oversee the working of the government. Obstruct everything the government does to help people. Return to 1. Rinse and repeat.

As I was typing that I was thinking about that haha. Didn't wanna say "the" AFA and sound stupid, but I succeeded in that either way.

Bill nye is just a guy on tv.

Was he in obamas admin?

But now we have a right wing radio show host looking over all of our drugs.

Enjoy the swamp, you wont be able to afford your pills anyway.

Draining the swamp of intelligence more like it

Well we know you're not an English major.

This isn't insanity. That would be an insult to mental illness.

This is willing stupidity.

Say that to my venus fly trap, A house plant and my bug destroyer.

In the 50s it must've been different. My dad graduated from AFA as an agnostic with a math and science background. Go dad! Alas in his senior years he has fallen prey to the right wingers. But that could have always been in the cards with him coming from a small town where everyone was white....He is still agnostic which as a kid was part of how I ended up as an atheist. We didn't get indoctrinated. My mom has always kept her religious beliefs to herself. But I digress. I always had this idea that the AF was the best branch because I thought to fly jets you had to be smarter and more skilled than the other branches. No offense meant. Just a kids impression. My dad was a navigator so he was all math based. To know how AFA became a bastion of evangelicals and deniers has been very disappointing. Do you think LeJune and West Point are the same?

What the heck is going on with this administration's choices?

At least a houseplant can help to generate fresh oxygen instead of being a waste of it.

Yup , sums it up well.

Hence why they shouldn't be allowed to hide behind the skeptic description.

Ha. We'll probably hear "round Earth skeptic" sometime soon, perhaps in regards to Trump's future NASA czar.

The Air Force is incredibly conservative (and Christian). It's not a coincidence the Air Force Academy and New Life Church both reside in Colorado Springs.

The actual farmers in Nebraska are generally acutely aware of global warming as it directly affects their bottom dollar.

Harper was such a piece of shit. It always felt like he was actively trying to make Canada a more ignorant and hostile place.

This is what happens when an oligarch gets in power. Almost seems like a Russian experiment of some sort.


I would hope that anyone interested in math would have learned early on about how to calculate that the planet is a sphere using shadows.

Oh my poor, sweet summer child. That was my first 18 years of life.

Go hang out in Bird City, Kansas, or McCook, Nebraska, for, like, 48 hours. Then we'll talk. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the rust-belt is not populated by well-read, conscientious, salt-of-the-Earth types.

It is almost exclusively populated by petty, selfish, ignorant adulterers on drugs. They are NOT for climate change regulation. I have no idea where you got that funny little idea?

Under this President, I'm not surprised.

Their plan is working.

Well, Brawndo does have electrolytes...


You forgot that the Secretary of Energy wanted to get rid of the Department of Energy before he even knew what the department did.

Science is mostly apolitical. The current trend of lumping political ideologies with observations/predictions of the natural world is unsustainable. Something is going to have to give at some point, I just hope the wrong messenges aren't taken from it.

No, the evidence is in on that too.

“I think our position is very clearly [that] Mr. Trump is a skeptic on climate change, and we need more science,” he said. “Once we get more science, we are going to make decisions.”

Oh dear god.

Nobody is advocating for Bill Nye to USDAS top scientists, he's just a science populizer and personality. We'd expect Trump to choose someone who actually has a degree in a relevant field.

This is like in high school, where my health teacher was a 350 lbs middle aged lady. How are you gonna teach good principles when you have people like that trying to tell you what to eat

Certainly there are climatologists that are skeptics. Insanity does not discriminate against career choice.

do you actually support this choice simply because the 'left' dislikes him?

That's the only reason people like that do anything.

"Let's not address the comment, let's focus on the one part that I disagree with" Nice haha

He must've gone to the Air Force Academy.

Yeah, that problem is pretty solved. Also, that article is from almost a decade ago.

It will take years to fix the damage once he leaves office.

I used to work for the USDA, It is a very sad time for the US.

You forgot blame it on the Democrats. It's the same thing the Liberal (fyi they are conservative, not liberal, name is misleading) party does in Australia some what. Claim the government is doing shit, get into government, blame everything they do wrong on Labor, get voted out.

Draining the swamp with a septic tank.

"...after mounting an unsuccessful run for Senate in 2014, becoming a fiery pro-Trump advocate on television."


It's the only thing that matters to Trump. Not qualifications based on facts.

What neck?

I know two, both are hyper-partisan evangelicals.

UIowa doesn't have much of an Ag department, they're known for med school, literary department, and historically astrophysics (van Allen was at UIowa)

Iowa state is known as the ag school, although they're now better known for engineering, veterinary medicine, computer science (the first digital computer was invented at ISU), and sucking at football.

Eh, with the Navy it's a good 40/60 split, dem-rep. At least in the field I'm in, which is aviation electronics. Requires a decent asvab score though.

The arrogance is disgusting. I think it has to be down to what leadership permits. Like how the evangelizing was given a pass. My anti war/anti bombs/anti killing feelings aside, I think I formed the naive opinion about the AF because it was aloft and remote and not boots on the ground so it was somehow better or cleaner. Drone warfare: from my now adult perspective is almost immorally anticeptic. Recalling that Star Trek episode where a computer calculated how many people would have died in an attack and then the people just march into a chamber to die....I digress again. But I confess to having a long time love of screaming jets (much like people get into drag racing). Love air shows!!

Just another.. Jesus Freak.. in the wall.