Trump North Korea frenzy curiously timed

Trump North Korea frenzy curiously timed
Trump North Korea frenzy curiously timed

It's transparent as shit

The fact that he would even suggest nuclear conflict to cover for his crimes should be immediate grounds for impeachment

In TV terms, this Presidency has 'jumped the shark.'

I am absolutely convinced that when all is said and done, history will hold Trump aloft as the American model of what a true traitor is.

Similar to how he tweeted the transgender ban the same day the fbi raided Manafort? Watch the left hand waving over here and miss what the right hand is doing.

Fired Comey for doing his job, hired Pruitt and DeVos not to do theirs. Undermined alliances that are vital to U.S. national security. Gave classified intelligence to America's enemies as thanks for them interfering in U.S. elections. Obstructed justice and refused to release financial information showing conflicts of interest.

So much more to come, but really, this should be enough for any American.

Reichstag fire?

I was wondering if there was even a single journalist/new outlet that would roll with this version of the story rather than cashing in on the doomsday narrative.

Donald J. Trump: "Polls are starting to look really bad for Obama. Looks like he'll have to start a war or major conflict to win. Don't put it past him!" (from 2012)

I'm genuinely curious at this point: how did the Manafort raid not make the news that day? Was it just not reported? I mean, I know that the trans ban would have overshadowed it, but it should have at least showed up. It's very strange that it wasn't front-page news until weeks (?) after it happened.

don't forget firing sally yates, and threatening retaliation against alaska

Don't forget "if I knew Sessions would follow the law (occasionally), I would have turned him down."

To be fair, there is always a scandal in this administration, so any time he pulls shit like this, it could always be to distract. It could also be that he's a lunatic.

It didn't get postponed. Mueller's team is just not a bunch of fuckwads like the Trump admin. They can keep shit to themselves. The release of the raid info was specifically timed.

heh, I've been waiting for this for a while and didn't even realize it was happening. You're absolutely right.

Watch the TV show 'Turn.'

It's a history of Washington's spies and has a good story line on Benedict Arnold.

But yeah, Trump makes Aaron Burr and Arnold look like saints.

It's amazing that there's one of these for everything Trump does.

It wasn't reported that day. I'm a news junkie and my Twitter would have been blowing the fuck up about something like that.

I think it got postponed because the media saw what Trump was doing and wanted it to play out and exhaust him and release it at a more opportune moment.

As much as I hate to say it... people are going to have to die before his cult realizes exactly how fucking dangerous this clown is.

And even then many of them will spin it as him being a great leader somehow. I just hope that any "independent voters" who might still inexplicably be on the fence about this asshole will be swayed.

Coming from listening to npr, that shit is painful to watch. 8 and a half minutes to say that Trump is trying to wag the dog. 24 hour news is a cancer.

It's still a real narrative even if it is for contrived reasons.

As well as retaliation against all sanctuary cities. Which means most of the biggest cities and a sizable chunk of Americas population.

Someone HAS died. Remember that failed raid he ordered over dinner, and how he worked the crowd by parading around the dead soldier's widow on TV? He got called presidential for exploiting a woman he made a widow in a dick measuring contest with "a black man".

A: Trump is transparent as hell. He's a scared child who needs a diversion. I've been saying for months that as soon as the Russian investigations close in, he'll try to take us to war. Against which country? For Trump, it doesn't matter.

B: Trump needs a win and he doesn't care what or how. Healthcare? He admitted the bill was mean, yet he's mad it didn't pass. He just wants a win and war - or avoiding war - seems easy to someone as dim witted as he is.

Here's my prediction for Trump's war-win: He'll take us to the brink of nuclear war and then declare himself the greatest military tactician ever when we're not all killed by his recklessness. Republicans need to be reminded again and again: All of this is their fault. They have the power to stop him, yet they do nothing because they value party over country and they value politics more than they value people's lives.

Donald Trump is not an intelligent person. Republicans hold majorities in congress. They could stop all of this, but they don't. Because they're spineless. They place party over country.

EDIT: I was wrong. It wasn't reported until well after the fact.

[It was, briefly... but it sounds like you missed it. This was we wrong] Scary how effective the propaganda machine can be, censoring your news via bots that obfuscate and infect the communities you trust.

So many of our problems would vanish by tackling ignorance. That aforementioned ignorance is being held in place by a Russian-backed propaganda machine. It is a travesty.

His legacy should take American ego down a peg. We all used to look at Kim Jung and the like, and think ourselves above such stupidity. We have literally let his western equivalent challenge democracy.

He's not some plotting genius. A belligent simpleton has swayed a large enough percentage of our country to be a threat to everything we claim to hold sacred.

Imagine if he wasn't a fucking idiot and had similar aspirations.

We've always looked down upon other countries with arrogance and comfort in that America is the greatest. We'd never fall victim to despots like putin or Kim Jung bc we're too advanced and intelligent. We secretly belittle their populations as inferiors. Well, here's our big fat stupid fucking wake up call. Trump.

Trump is unstable and he is making Americans and other counties feel that same instability. He thinks that being president means that you act like the new sheriff in town. In 2015, Obama gave us the of reason and explained the situation calmly. Right now? We are living in a bad made for tv movie.

Exactly. Regardless of the motivation and intended purpose, distraction or not, the president is escalating nuclear war.

"I am the best ☝️ traitor, I commit treason the 👌 likes of which the world has never seen. 🖐️ Believe me, I make the failing @BenedictArnold13colonies look like a boy scout. Sad!".

He has now threatened two countries with military action he has no intention of initiating, or at the very least that any sane person would make a strenuous effort to talk him out of. No one fucking knows what this guy would do if left entirely to his own devices.

Doesn't even matter if it's a distraction, some kind of fucking idiot mind-trick or actual threats at this point, it's goddamn abborhent in any circumstance.

It was also the same day of the Bill Browder testimony but it was postponed to the following day so Trump had to do more weird shit on Tuesday to keep the distraction going.

Not sure Burr deserves to be anywhere near the same sentence as Arnold and Trump, TBH.

Because the FBI and Mueller's team are professionals dedicated to what they are doing and didn't leak it.

The truly frightening thing about that tweet is that every single thing Trump accuses others of doing is something he's guilty of himself. The man is projection personified.

Yep. And I'd venture to guess that Manafort's home is probably decently isolated from neighbors. I can't see a guy who was paid $10million a year by the Russians to try to subvert American democracy to be living in suburbia with the rest of us.

Don't forget Spicer/Sanders/Scaramucci, Price, Mulvaney, Mnuchin, and Pai. Even Tillerson, by comparison, at least has the appearance of attempting to do something, sometimes.

That's what passes for competence in this administration, I guess.

In an area that wasn't even controlled by the US IIRC. Definitely not a traitor. Was tried for being one and was acquitted.

It also must have been a very efficient and quiet raid because none of the neighbors reported it. I am certain some reporters with sources in the FBI knew but held their tongue until after the Donald Jr. things completely came out.

Manafort flipped on Don Jr. and exposed the meeting with the Russians that very few people knew about. There must other things that Trump knows but can't discuss so he tries to distract. This is clearly not a man who is winning at anything.

I hope they're not that smart

But he's always starting frenzies and there's always more evidence of his crimes coming out, so you can throw a dart onto any day of the past 7 months and make the case he's trying to distract us from something.

"I am the best ☝️ traitor, I commit treason the 👌 likes of which the world has never seen. 🖐️ Believe me, I make the failing @BenedictArnold13colonies look like a boy scout. Sad!".


Good news, it's a conspiracy of one. Bad news, he has many voices in his head and he only listens to them.

That's a sketchy url if ever I've seen one.

The Reichstag fire was supposed to be an internal conspiracy and was used to consolidate power.

people are going to have to die before his cult realizes exactly how fucking dangerous this clown is.

I hope that the only one to do so is him, and that he does it by shitting himself to death on live television, with medical examiners immediately confirming no foul play.

Tried to start his own country.

You're right. Trump is much worse.

Right... Just a couple months ago the entire IC swore that NK wouldn't have these capabilities for years and years! I wonder who gave them the tech since they were apparently incapable of producing it themselves? I wonder who could be playing both sides here?

Just the smallest bit of critical thinking and the entire NK narrative falls apart. The medias march to war is eerily reminiscent of the Iraq War; against all logic and objective reasoning.

is that a legit source? never heard of them.

edit: never mind, i see the source is Claude Taylor, known to be pretty much completely unreliable. there’s plenty of shit to crucify trump over, no need to go bananas.

That's what passes for competence in modern corporate world. The better you imitate being actively involved in work, the further up the career ladder you'll go.


Trumps polls are collapsing all over the map, and they're unrecoverable. The followers he's lost aren't coming back - and he knows it. So he's going to start a war to distract from the fact he's a traitor and he's totally compromised because his business is built on Russian money laundering and Mueller is on to him.

Trump supporters would never accept there was no foul play.

Hell, he could pull a Budd Dwyer and they'd still think liberals did it.

There's New Jersey, New York City, New York State, Florida, New Florida, lots of great states people. The best states.

Thank you! I've been saying this to everyone! It seems obvious that Russia is pushing korea to create a show to distract from the Russia probe.

So, just to be clear, you expect everyone to pretend Trump is not lying in this situation? For patriotism?

You are so deep, it's tragic. Please don't make us all drink the fucking cyanide Kool Aid with you.

It's hilarious to say the Dems are undermining his position, when his statements have been walked back by his secretary of state, secretary of defence, un ambassador etc...

I think he knows Kim Jong Un doesn't have a death wish.

So DJT gets to rile up his base for free and distract the media and millions of people from the Mueller investigation and lord knows whatever other disasters he's hiding.

Trump is a disaster of a POTUS, but the public and the media really are lemmings.

Media wants eyeballs, the public wants entertainment, and Trump just gives it to them.

You absolutely should not say Trump is bluffing on this on national TV.

It's so ridiculously obvious he's bluffing. Especially when he throws in the lies about the nuclear arsenal.

It is literally cringeworthy to watch.

Imagine if he wasn't a fucking idiot and had similar aspirations.

Here's this for a thought exercise...

Like minds recognize each other. If he was sincerely a more decent, moral person (or imagine some version of him that was that) he would not and could not have been able to capture as much of the base of the GOP as Trump did... and would have no real way towards a winning scenario as some more intelligent, more consistent, more honest Trump. It just would not have played with the right crowd, at the right time, and in the right way. All those bullying, race-baiting, petty ass garbage statements were really from his heart... and his people love him for it.

This is all a puppet show put on by Putin. He gets his Kim Jong Un to act up while Trump moves in and whacks him with a stick to get him in line. At least Putin hasn't given up hope with Trump. Unless maybe he's drawing Trump attention and support so he can humiliate Trump on a grand scale with the peepee tape or whatever it is that he is obviously holding over his head.

Move over Vidkun Quisling.

"Where the fuck is the left's solution"

Shit we control literally every branch of the government? No one told me!

Show me a video, news article, a link to any coverage of that raid when it happened.

I'll wait.

Let Mueller work in silence till they have something to report on. The more spotlight that is shone on it when there isn't news, the more likely Mueller is to be fired.

So THAT is why Agent Orange is calling so many people out on Twitter...

The same way every president up to this point has: don't feed the troll. They're threatening us because we are saber rattling back. I'm open to praising Trump when he does something right. He is taking the bait here.

I'm glad you're convinced. I'm just over here cynically thinking about how the rich and powerful rarely, if ever, pay for their crimes.

medical examiners immediately confirming no foul play.

"Fake liberal doctors and their fake diagnosis!"

-Trump followers, probably

I'm pretty sure he can't even name 30 states

Man when North Korea is being (comparatively) more mature, it's time to do some introspection. Even they stopped the posturing and chest-puffing that Donnie keeps doing.

North Korea should not be the Big Kids in an argument.

I'm waiting for him to start naming states to bomb soon.

He just polled at 32%, he's -10 in multiple states that voted for him, his support is collapsing all over the country among his base (non-college educated whites) and Republicans. Aggregates are not 'all that matter' that's idiotic. But even there in the 538 aggregate he's at a historic low for 200 days so even your own assertion fails. Multiple polls have come back showing his numbers falling. Stop only looking at aggregates that are slow to respond. His collapsing numbers and the escalating investigation exactly correlate with his NK hysteria.

These people are not the people who need to figure out a better solution because they are not the fucking President or one of his staff. That's the point.

When you can't take any criticism at all, you tend to project very heavily.

Yeah, it's definitely that, not the lunatic raving about nuclear war on TV.

Hillary warned us about this exact thing.

And I'd venture to guess that Manafort's home is probably decently isolated from neighbors.

He's got a decent line of foliage along one side between him and his neighbor, and nobody on the other side. Back of the house is against a body of water. Neighbor across the street wouldn't have much of a view either, thanks to more trees and bushes. Definitely a nice level of privacy.

Incidentally, it looks like he bought the house in 2007 for $1.5m--unfortunate timing. It still hasn't recovered the value.

When all is said and done, I'm convinced the word "traitor" will be replaced by the word "Trump."

I sorta doubt it. Most preppers became preppers by consuming the same type of vacuous conspiracy nonsense that ultimately helped Trump get elected.

With Trump, I wouldn't be surprised if, in the wake of a tornado or hurricane, he looked at his election map and refused Federal aid to cities and counties that went blue.

Well Hamilton was basically a giant ass to Burr. If you insinuate your enemy is sleeping with his own daughter, especially back in those days, you're gonna get challenged to a duel.

The prepers probably feel quite vindicated right now.

I guess the problem is he himself didn't do all that much - he just popped the festering pustule created by decades of propaganda. The takeaway, for me, is that propaganda ultimately does work - and particular rules are needed to avoid pathological excess, similar to antitrust rules that protect competition on behalf of consumers.


The less Mueller appears in the news, the more likely republicans are to think that they could get away with firing him.

At least Arnold served in the army and fought FOR America for a while before getting disgruntled and turning.

*Also I am kinda sad tomorrow is the final episode of 'Turn'

If there's one thing we learned from Iraq, it's that even if you seem like you're "emboldening the enemy" someone needs to step up when the President is making irresponsible military choices.

If I'm not mistaken, conservative pundits said the same thing about liberals who were opposed to the Iraq War. Hm. If only they listened then.

Self-fulfilling prophecy then? They thought the world was ending, so they voted for the guy who was gonna end it?

Trump's strategy

So does the mosque bombing in Minnesota. It's actually; unfortunately, easier every time trump goes on vacation to say if another NK or innocent Muslim attrocity is going to happen.

It's like in the movie Kingpin when Mr. Munson fails hard at the beginning. Twenty years later people use "getting munsoned" as a phrase to describe horrible failure. Lol


people are going to have to die before his cult realizes exactly how fucking dangerous this clown is.

Good one.

People considered liberal have been panned in the MAGA media as less than human. So those deaths won't matter. Ditto for anyone not white. Soldiers that die? Obama's fault for not dealing with the problem sooner. Terrorist attack in New York? Well they didn't go after Real AmericaTM but we should still glass the nearest three countries where the terrorists came from.

I could go on...but I think the point has been made. People dying, even en masse, would not convert the zombie army that are hardcore Trump supporters.

This is a situation where you have two bullies chiding each other with outrageous comments. The bully in The White House may feel that the bully in Pyongyang is “attacking his manhood,” an age-old trigger for war. The similarities between the two are unavoidable: the preening, the insecurity, the pathological narcissism, the chronic lying, the bad haircuts.

Don't forget a Republican congress supported him every step of the way.

Republicans in power aren't stopping him because their base voted him in.

Our country has a people problem. Not a government problem. Our gov isn't perfect, granted. But it would function okay if people voted with half a brain.

It's more of a "wag the dog," he's using this NK threat to distract us from his failing poll rates and the Russian investigation.


Virtually all of what passes for corporate leadership is bullshit, even more than middle managers and HR. The only thing most people with VP or C in their title work on is inflating their own compensation.

Even as corporate leaders never stfu about free enterprise, they run their companies modeled on the Soviet Union. The CEO leads a board largely immune from the will of shareholders and employees deciding on the allocation of capital and the quotas on their empire by fiat while accumulating vast personal wealth and giving speeches extolling their own genuis.

I went to an Ivy League school. I'm very highly educated. I know states. I have the best states. I have the. But there's no better state than Guam. Right? There is none!

Maddow says ...

the trigger for Trump's alliterative war mongering is a recent report from one intel agency, the DIA.

the report has not really been backed up by other agencies.

the same agency made the same claim in a report from 2013.

it was wrong then. Why couldn't it be wrong now? Considering the stakes, shouldn't we be asking more questions about how certain the intel is?

Now, several comments above me, is a claim that the recent report is really just the old one leaked by Bannon as new. Sounds a little too conspiratorial for my blood, but it is the Trump era. What's the phrase now? "I'm shocked, but not surprised." It don't believe it, but I won't be surprised either way.

edit: replying to a deleted comment that asked if anybody knew any more information about the report:

The report is classified. You won't find it. The information was provided to WaPo, and quoted as

“The IC [intelligence community] assesses North Korea has produced nuclear weapons for ballistic missile delivery, to include delivery by ICBM-class missiles,” the assessment states, in an excerpt read to The Washington Post. *Two U.S. officials familiar with the assessment verified its broad conclusions. *

The story was sourced by "two U.S. officials..." It's the WaPo, so you can be sure they've vetted the sources and taken steps to verify the truth of the article.

It wasn't reported at all back when it happened. As soon as it was reported it blew up.

If we invaded North Korea the day that story broke, it still would have been big news.


I dunno. They're probably eating up Trumps rhetoric and enjoying feeling "right" from all of this bullshit.

I think that's just him, I don't think he could spell Burr, let alone know his place in history.

You have literally no reason to believe he is lying in this situation.

Do you honestly believe Trump would let DPRK nuke the US and not retaliate? That just makes no sense at all.

Literally no one is saying this...