Trump just blocked his own administration’s Russia sanctions

Trump just blocked his own administration’s Russia sanctions

Ah yes the hardest president on Russia ever

I mean, what has to happen for the rest of America to wake up?

"but look, he warned Putin 48hours ahead of time he was going to fire missles his way so he could plan accordingly"


"but look, he called out Putin in one tweet!"

This is just getting more stupid by the day.

I can't even joke about this shit. Every time I see the President do some shit like this I want to fucking scream. Every time someone talks about impeachment as a cherry on the top of some political containment plan I want to fucking scream. He's a fucking traitor. Full fucking stop. It almost renders the rest of the shit irrelevant. It almost renders Pence and his maybe-traitorousness irrelevant. This cannot be allowed to stand.

Nothing. The more radical people who fully support Trump are a cult. He'd have to nuke them (his own voters) for them to see how corrupt he is.

Trump is obviously being blackmailed by Putin, but calling ahead of the airstrike was necessary. Both sides warn each other before every air mission, there is a "deconfliction hotline", no one wants to kill Russians and to start WWIII out there (Except John Bolton).

Naturally, the Russians tell their Syrian allies to evacuate. The strikes are largely symbolic, even though actual chemical weapons facilities are being hit. It is the most logical course of action; it is as absurd as anything in Catch-22.

But the point is that calling the Russians ahead of time isn't because of Trump's fear of the pee tape, that's the sound military decision.

I am about 95% certain Trump will be regarded as an actual traitor by the history books.

"But two things are obvious: The administration is once again botching the rollout of a fairly straightforward policy, and Trump is personally taking steps to ensure that he doesn’t anger Russian President Vladimir Putin."

Curse words!

Ok, not being a dick... for real, Trump supporters: what do you say about this?

Like I want a real discussion. Yes I know that ask a Trump supporter exists, but i want you, the people here, to answer me. No trolling, no memes, how do you reason this out?

If I remember correctly, this is set #2 of punitive sanctions against russia he's denied....

E: of course. Not one response.. not a single bad or good reply. That confirms my suspicion, you cock weasels.


Even then it'd be Obama or HRC's fault

How do you even take any interest in politics on any level without realizing how fundamentally wrong that is?

That man has to be like 40 years old. I was 11 when 9/11 happened and I clearly remember who was president. Fucking wow.

Putin is skullfucking him like a bitch and he can't do a thing about it

I was pretty sure peak stupid was GOP primary. I was wrong.

They have been trained by the GOP to blame everything on Dems and liberals.

I think we'll eventually learn that there are far fewer Republicans out there than is projected.

I think we're at peak stupid

You are not alone. It will not stand. If it's just you and me in Wasington DC to protect our country from fascism so be it. Go ahead and fire Mueller and see what happens bitch.

/sub/conspiracy: Nah, nothing to see here.

To be real with you, it's pretty much all the way down the line until Mattis. But that's not the point, if Trump were successfully impeached, it would very much have a chilling effect on what Pence does. Not politically, but that ship has largely sailed since the 2016 election. But at the very least the rank criminality would be suppressed. At least Pence would have to work hard to appear tough on Russia after Trump gets removed for being a traitor.

I just can't stand it man. As a veteran, it keeps me up at night knowing that this man holds the reins of our war machine, and the rank dishonor of it is almost too much to bear. His presence as commander-in-chief sullies the very notion of service.

It's Fox "News"

They are the problem

I think we'll eventually learn that there are far fewer Republicans out there than is projected.

According to every metric or poll observed, the number seems to be at least 30% of the population.

And that's now among all of this cluster-fuckery.

If that doesn't frighten you, there's may be something wrong upstairs.

It's worse than anything we already know about trump. It's either sex with an underage prostitute or even worse. Otherwise it would be out already.

Except John Bolton

Thank god that nut is out of the White House

Which always makes me wonder:

If what Putin has on Trump isn’t criminal, just “icky” I probably wouldn’t be so mad about it.

If he came out and said “yeah I paid prostitutes to piss on me and my bed” as long as they’re not underaged, I’d be cool with it.

I’d shit talk him regardless, but it’s better than being a fucking traitor.

Obviously! History will not be kind to his supporters.

I hope his name becomes synonymous with something bad like Benedict Arnold.


Depends on what you mean by 'hardest'.

I don't know - sometimes it seems like the other way around.

When this LITERALLY becomes idiocracy, I will believe we've reached peak stupid. There's still room to climb.

I explained to my wife the piss tapes today and she goes "how is that any worse than anything else we already know?"

No, it really isn't, just more odd.

FOX News is a subsidiary of the GOP at this point.

At least President Camacho allowed the smartest guy from the past to there was to lead the agricultural department to save their crops. Also, once they saw the evidence they conceded that they were wrong and Not Sure eventually became President.

EDIT: Sorry, that bothered me. He wasn't the smartest guy in the past. He was the smartest guy because he got sent to a future where everyone was considerably dumber than him.

I agree. If it was just piss just admit it, deal with the jokes and move on. It has to be something criminal at this point

"No puppet!"

They need to stop watching Fox News.

I don't know what to believe anymore helpmeplease

“No one’s been tougher on my administration about protecting Russia than I have.”

I dunno, man, it's scary the number of people on Twitter that have insane pro-Trump profiles and retweet everything and anything that praises him. They can't ALL be bots.

If Mueller was allowed to do his job properly, how far down the line of succession do we have to go to reach a competent person (assuming trump won't fire them before he leaves)?

He has a ~40% approval rating. I will never understand Americans. That is fucking insane. I remember before the election, they did a poll here and Trump had a 8% "approval rating". That was before all this shit. He's probably hovering around 1-2% here now.

Sadly there is essentially nothing that can be done for these people. They are far too unwilling to apply critical thinking to the policies and actions of their own party while blaming the Dems for everything that goes wrong in their life accompanied by the self-same lack of thought. You can't reason someone out of a delusion.

We really only have two options:

Energize the Dem base for the rest of their lifetimes. Get non-voters/non-political individuals to understand the seriousness of the matter and vote Republicans out immediately at all levels of the government.

Just give it a few more Mooches...

He got rammed the hardest? He has the hardest erection for Putin? Help me out here.

Yes, there's a video of him admitting he wants to bang his daughter. He doesn't care about that. So whatever happened in Russia must be huge

He is acting as a foreign agent of Russia.

At what time do your blinders come off, people?

“You’re the puppet!”

It's like the tiny hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

The imperial Mooch is 7 days, metric is 10.

Honestly, nothing. There is literally nothing that will make them wake up. Just scroll through any comment section on a Fox article on Facebook or Instagram. They believe Trump is literally called of God to save America. It's frightening.

Correspondent's Dinner

deal with the jokes and move on.

At the at the White House, Trump walked away from this with a new found hate for Obama, and then became president 5 years later.

Dude can't take a joke. He's a walking embryo.

I really hope America wakes up for the 2018 midterms.

This is beyond a meme or a few joking words. The sanctions were intended to target companies directly responsible for making and selling stuff to Assad that made the creation and use of the chemical weapons used possible. By quashing these sanctions, it greatly diminishes the value of the strikes that had targeted facilities that had created those weapons, because now they can just keep buying and making more. Real innocent human beings will die in future chemical attacks, and it will be the fault of President Trump's decision in regard to these sanctions that he killed. This goes beyond "lol he's just appeasing putin". Trump has decided innocent people's lives are not as important as whatever politics or business dealings are going on here. That's monstrous.


Is this true? As in on a leave/trip or has he vacated the position?

All Russia needs to have on Trump is evidence that they colluded together.

"Do this or we release evidence you colluded with us."

"Don't do this and we reveal that your dipshit son took a meeting with us at Trump Tower."

Once you are in you are in. Baby steps at first. Then the blackmail comes and you are even deeper than you ever wanted to be. That's how they operate. They are professionals.

Can we just acknowledge that Putin is probably the one that told him to send that tweet?

"Come on, Trump, you're being way too obvious. Can you at least make it look like I don't own you?"

I believe /sub/politics has collectively decided that a Mooch is 10 days and that for simplicity sake, a month is 3 Mooches.

The survivors will huddle together to wonder how Hilary and Obama managed to kill Donnie and replace him with a machine that looks exactly like him and nuked them.

Even a nuke won't turn these people around. We have never had a politician be this bad at hiding what he is and it makes no difference.

I'm starting to believe that for a good 1/3 of the country there's pretty much nothing Trump could do to lose their support. There could be a video of Trump and Putin agreeing to quid pro quo assistance from the Russian government to win the election and Trump wouldn't lose their support. Trump could be on video suggesting that Putin kill these Russian journalists and his support wouldn't drop below 33%. The only thing that might possibly get them to turn on him is if there's a video of Trump getting fucked by a man and even then they might "give him a mulligan" on that one.

Fox has more money running through its veins than the GOP at this point. I think Fox is basically the spinal cord holding this shitshow of a political party together at this point.

a yoke?

even though actual chemical weapons facilities are being hit.

I've seen no proof that chemical weapons facilities were hit besides statements from the gov't, and I sure as hell don't trust them to tell the truth.

What are you talking about? He is absolutely hard over Russia!

Those damn peggies are blinded by the bliss. If only there was a resistance to fight back against them. it's Far Cry 5

You want to come down on Trump for his inept and selfish behaviors. You want to mock his excess and his bluster, and you feel rage at the damage he is doing to our country and our institutions.

But it's starting to feel bad.

On one hand, he's the president. The most powerful person in the free world. He has access to money to fill his life with any material want. He can whip up many to come to his defense, bigots and poor suckers and craven conservative leaders and the entire conservative propaganda machine -- oh, and Russian trolls -- to beat up on his critics.

On the other hand, he's obviously an inept child. He is staggeringly incompetent. That might be forgivable, but he is also arrogant and selfish and full of hatred for so many of this fellow citizens. Ultimately, though, you realize that he doesn't understand most of the criticism rained down on him. His ego and his ignorance is so complete that he sheds any real criticism. Also, and maybe most tragic, no one in his life equipped him to be an adult. No one taught him humility or shame. So he toddles around, stumbling from one unforced error to the next, stamping and fuming and obviously in distress, but not understanding why.

It should be easy to take on the president, but you soon realize that you're just bullying a small child. He is incapable of generating any level of respect.

That realization should floor Trump and his idiot supporters, but it doesn't. It can't because they don't get it. Is that to their favor? It seems so, at least in the present, but it assuredly is ruin to all of us in the future.

Totally the actions of an innocent man... WTF.

Since the right loves to project so much, I won't be surprised if the Pizzagate conspiracy actually applies to Trump.

You know, I bet Putin could pull off sitting at the desk in the oval office. Somehow a photo of it gets in the press and trump brush it off as a "joke" and having "fun". His supporters would eat shit and ask for more.

It was reported Putin is going to visit the white house soon right?

I decided it has to be he killed one. He raped Ivana. He's notoriously ill tempered and mean. He wouldn't even think a prostitute is worth anything, so he wouldn't bat an eye. I think he killed one.

And ofc, he owes money. A lot of money, i"d guess.

Putin’s puppet.

Unbelievable! What's next, the Senate Majority Leader filibustering their own bill?

Trump: so I do what you say, and you give me a copy of the Ivanka video?

FSB Agent: if you do what we say, Mr President, we give you every copy of the Ivanka video.

Trump: no, I only need one. I can always have Cohen make a few extras.

Some people could see a live feed of Trump sucking Putin's and they still wouldn't believe he is compromised. They'd say he's only sucking dick as part of his plan to beat the deep state and imprison Obama and Hillary forever.

We've already got a worse President than was shown in Idiocracy. I'm not sure there is very far left to go.

They need to die off. Don't hold your breath

To quote Dolt 45, I think we need a total and complete shutdown this administration until our representatives can figure out what is going on.

Ryan And McConnell are chin deep in Russian money

Its growing clearer by the day, Republicans and the Conservative establishment are in bed with Russia

Yeah, at least in Idiocracy the President actually wanted to help people, and really did get the smartest man alive to help solve their problems.

You may not trust the Trump administration - but don't you think the French or Great Britain would call shenanigans? They have no love for Trump.

Not only does he not doing anything that might antagonize Russia, when people rake him across the coals for this, he doesn't make a peep about their criticism.

This is the famed counter-puncher?

The financial aspect is distinctly possible, let's assume the piss tape is nonsense. Maybe he owes $800,000,000 to Russian oligarchs. That'd be more incriminating than the piss tape.

Of course it's not necessarily either or. He probably pissed on hookers while counting the money in the briefcases.

Ryan And McConnell won't say a god damn thing either.

Fox News must end

Surely he has valid logical reasons/s

Soooo somewhere between mother’s day and Memorial Day? Odds he can start a war before then?

I think we're at peak stupid

Never assume they can't get stupider.

That 35% will go down with the ship, so long as their liberal countrymen are also hurt.

Given how much he projects, I keep thinking back to all of his comments in the days leading up to the election about how, if he lost, it might be because the election might be rigged. That, more than anything, tells me that it probably was and that he knew it.

I think we're at peak stupid

America, after "can't get fooled again"

Propaganda like that shouldn't be allowed to call themselves news or be allowed on basic cable using up precious limited resources.

oh, I made myself sad.

Hahaha as if there will still be history books...

If the Democrats win back the House in 2018, the Speaker of the House. He/she is second in the presidential line of succession, after the Vice President.

And for the rest, relevant.

I don't know, maybe? It's really beyond any of us, and as someone has already noted, impeachment is a distant dream of a possibility. I'm really just venting here.

there's only a couple things left that Trump hasn't already been basically caught doing. underage is one. footage of Trump actually committing murder would be another. we are really down to just a few possibilities.