Trump Is Like Mao And Stalin With 'Authoritarianism 101' Media Attacks: 'Morning Joe'

Trump Is Like Mao And Stalin With 'Authoritarianism 101' Media Attacks: 'Morning Joe'
Trump Is Like Mao And Stalin With 'Authoritarianism 101' Media Attacks: 'Morning Joe'

Media needs to come to terms with the fact that 20-30% of Americans WANT to see our democracy destroyed.

It should also be better taught that among "allied" nations in World War II, there was a very sizeable minority in EVERY NATION who thought Hitler was doing a bang-up job and that their nations should emulate them. In any given democracy, you can count on a sizeable chunk hating democracy. It's the price of free speech and tolerance.


The United States

France is still fighting this

An insult to Mao and Stalin.

Dark Enlightenment

Ugh - first time I've heard that one but I can see it as something that may very well have traction.

I think lost on him was that every single one of those ideologies is inherently anti-democracy.

It may not be so 'lost' on him as you think.

EDIT: Just did a search on Dark Enlightenment

an anti-democratic and reactionary movement. It broadly rejects egalitarianism and the view that history shows inevitable progression towards greater liberty and enlightenment

Omg! You really got em!

While Putin is basically trying to regress Russia back to a Stalinist USSR and Kruschev's own daughter has spoken of how Trump's attacks on the media are straight out of Stalin's playbook.

I saw a poster in here yesterday talking about how shitty the label "alt-right" is, that there's a lot of different ideas under the umbrella he called the "Dark Enlightenment". The thing I think lost on him was that every single one of those ideologies is inherently anti-democracy.

Libertarianism IS a radical belief system - the flip side of anarchism.

The media is comparing him to left-wing icons who have been smeared by decades of American propaganda in schools so that the far left remains a stigma and politics can return comfortably to the center right a' la George Bush and Barack Obama. Already you see how they romanticize Bush jr and pine for him. It's disgusting. George Bush left New Orleans to have bodies literally ROTTING in the streets. He was a fucking monster, but is no being rehabilitated by the media.

Never do you hear the media compare Trump to a little Pinochet or some macho man right wing neolib like Burlusconi. Or to a male reincarnation of the ghoulish, union busting, worker killing Thatcher. Never some tin pot macho Arab dictator. Nope. It's either Hitler or Stalin (or in this case Mao.) In doing this they set Stalin and Mao up against Hitler as being no different, which could not be further from the truth. They capitalize on the fact that people actually know more accurate information about fascism in this country than they do about communism, and that most people have never and will never research the Soviet Union or read any of the works of theory produced by leftist thinkers.

It's just all part of their plan to once again normalize the geriatric politics of the "center right". All part of their plan to paint fascists and anti-fascists as "the same". All part of their plan to paint a system based on equity, sustainability, and social living as "the same" as one of corporatism, no democracy, and expansionary imperialism. They also brush over how undemocratic the United State's response to communism was. Shooting strikers, collaborating with the KKK, COINTELPRO, the Cuba fiasco Bay of Pigs, arming Osama Bin Laden and his boys, the Vietnam War, the Korean War, the assassination and jailing of leftist and nationalist Puerto Rican activists who called for independence. The list is long. It's a farce to act like you are a lover of democracy so as long as your empire guarantees you nominal rights while is tramples on the rights of others through violence and coercion. Either you stand for freedom and against oppression or you don't.

In other words: FAKE NEWS!!!