Trump is killing the Republican Party

Trump is killing the Republican Party


Let's not dance on that grave just yet. They still control everything.

Trump is a symptom, not the cause.

And people said the same thing about GWB. Republicans had 3/3 branches of government for most of Bush's time in office. With that time, they gave us: 2 Wars, a record debt, a record deficit, a recession, a new and totally unneeded federal agency, the PATRIOT Act, and massive tax cuts for the rich. 8 Years later, Republicans are 3/3 again, after Dems just had a historically popular president. Cockroaches are easier to kill than the GOP.

Theory: the republican party is using Trump to repeal policies and regulations that they know would be unpopular. With Trump they can later distance themselves from him and let him be the fall guy. This would be harder with a more mainstream politician.

The republican party died a very long time ago. You never hear the old mantra of '50 states, 50 solutions' anymore. They're not 'Republicans', they're just Christian-Identitarian Federalists.

People said the same thing about Nixon...and less than 6 years later Reagan was elected.

May be an unpopular opinion but I swear it all comes back to religion. They have a base of millions who will always vote R based on their beliefs on abortion and how the right has billed themselves as the religious "family values" side. My relatives vote R and always will only because of abortion because that's what the church taught them to believe.

How much contempt for America do you have to have to be Ryan and McConnell and plan to pin this healthcare bill on Trump, when it's got their fingerprints all over it and Trump has:

said on record he won't take anyone's health care / everyone should be covered

proven himself repeatedly to have no plan whatsoever

not even been in Washington this week

I wish Republicans would realize how stupid their Republican representatives think they are.

I'll believe it when they start losing elections and control of majority of the states.

Majority are just single-issue voters. Hasn't been an actual party for decades.

Can he be both? Like a visible tumor.

I'm sick of hearing this. Do you remember the election? One year ago all anyone could say is "republicans are in crisis", "republicans are done for" . There were articles and news pieces daily on this issue. The nomination of Trump was supposed to be the final nail in the coffin for the Republican party.

And then what happened? The republicans took the executive branch, swept both houses of Congress, and took 2/3rds of state governor seats. The party is FAR from dying. They are flourishing. Be it gerrymandering, voter suppression, or whatever other fuckery they pull. They own this country.

I wish Republicans would realize how stupid their Republican representatives think they are.

That's not how stupid works.

Yeah he's more like the result than the symptom.

Like a malignant tumor after a lifetime of smoking and huffing benzene.

I agree. I also think religious thinking is an impediment, in some cases, to true critical thinking skills being utilized or even developed.

You'll hear it again the second a campaign starts.

And then when they get control, they'll just try to make everywhere like red states. I.E. Awful.

The U.S. cannot become Kansas.

they see it as a step in the direction of

No they don't. This is the only way they could fund TAX CUTS, which is all the Kochs have been paying (via campaign contributions) for.

This isn't about healthcare. It's about money.

Always follow the money.

The "cause" is people like Roger Ailes and right wing radio hosts.

Years and years of lies and deception have led to a coalition of brainwashed voters, and politicians who parrot what they hear on Fox News.

We've gone from a state-controlled media to a media-controlled state.

It needs to be made clear among GOP supporters that they and the GOP elected a man who advocated, condoned, and campaigned on (premeditated) war crimes and torture. Read that again slowly and take it in.

If there's one thing a majority of people can agree on, it's that literally putting the economy and "jerbs" above basic human rights is not the direction we should go or should have gone.

I've used this line of reasoning with some strident Trump supporters and the way their eyes light up when it hits them is astounding. It may not be a panacea, but it definitely gets the gears moving a little more, which is more than can be said about a lot of other "lines of reason."

The way I start it out it out is something along the lines of, "If you do something illegal, should your parents and brothers and sisters be tortured and mutilated??" .... Pretty blunt, but is what's needed with people as thick as who's being dealt with.

For what it's worth, the only half way cogent rebuttal to that is something about abortion and human rights. Setting aside the religious nutbaggery, and using it to our advantage, is that people who are so against abortion don't have very much faith in God, obviously.

For, such a god would most certainly provide the tools for people to decide for themselves, particularly when such a being could "remake" that "first" aborted baby exactly as it was in the "second" baby, in order to increase happiness and limit suffering, as it would know when parents can successfully raise a child.

Personally I think it's more accurate to say that the cause is zealotry, the blind adherence to an idea, which gets in the way of progress rather than any idea in particular.

No real republican likes this healthcare bill, they see it as a step in the direction of a healthcare system that while conservative, actually has merit. Listen to Avik Roy talk about it.

now, taking an incremental step in that direction will kill Americans. It's incredibly reckless to pursue these healthcare policies right now, but they do not care. Any step in the right direction, regardless of what it does to actual people, is good in their eyes. The modern GOP are free-market fetishists, capitalists of the worst kind that actively pursue policies that create inequities in systems that can be exploited by those-in-the-know for financial gains. They want free-market healthcare because it provides greater potential financial gain through investments in the healthcare sector. Fuck these people.

This really sounds like a headline from a year ago and look where we are today. The only way I see Trump killing the party is if he is impeached for Russia collusion and the Republicans aren't going to let that happen.

I want to preface this by saying I dont support Trump. Trump isn't killing the Republican Party, the Republican Senators and members of the house are. If you want to point fingers point them at Ryan and McConnell. They are killing themselves by pushing for a bullshit healthcare plan is is going murder multiple states that rely on Medicare. The bill has 17% approval rating and they insist on making it worse and pushing it. Trump isn't helping, but most Washington Republicans (Senate/House) hate Trump.


Republican party-propaganda media + politicized Christianity + a dismantled public education system.

That's the nasty fuckin' witch's brew we're going to be stuck with for a couple of generations. At a minimum.

At this point I'm not sure even Kansas wants to be Kansas anymore.

To be pedantic, they lost seats in both the House and Senate in 2016, so they retained control but I wouldn't really go so far as to say they "swept" them

"I'm sorry, but we're going to need to amputate most of your Florida."

Nothing rings as true to me. If people were given more opportunity for free thought at younger ages the world would be a better place. Instill culture in your kids, not bullshit, outdated propaganda.

To be more pedantic, evaluating a party's performance in Senate elections requires looking at what seats are up and where. People downplay how good the GOP's performance was in 2016 while tending to overrate how well they did in 2014 for similar reasons. It was a grim night for Dems--I expected pickups in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Two seats flipped--one a foregone conclusion (Illinois), and one tossup (NH). It was a good map for Dems and a very bad night. Other than those, the next most positive result was a mostly expected hold in Nevada. In 2018, if the Democrats pick up 3 seats, it would be a mind-blowing night for them. The same result in 2016 would have been disappointing, and they actually did worse.

It wasn't great in the House, either, where Dems picked up a handful of seats despite winning the presidential popular vote and it being a presidential election to begin with. Gerrymandering is an issue, of course, but if I were a Republican, I'd be pretty happy with the result from that night.

The thing the poster above you is missing is how reactionary American voters tend to be. Every time there are proclamations about a party at the apex of its political power, they are proven laughable and short-sighted. After the 2004 election, Democrats were in the wilderness, branded as out of touch, and wielded little political power. Pundits opined about how they needed to relearn how to talk to "real" Americans. Sound familiar?

After sweeping the 2006 and 2008 elections, Democrats were riding high, and certain people talked about the death of the Republicans and a permanent Democratic majority. This, too, was proven idiotic in 2010 in what was likely one of the most influential midterms in American history. What we keep learning is that no party has had a real electoral mandate in decades, not even Obama's big win in 2008, paired with a 60-seat Democratic majority. Political power is fluid and voters are fickle, so it's not hard to imagine a major reversal in 2018 and/or 2020.

I do think there are long-term concerns about the health of the GOP, but they have more to do with Trump ruining their image (further) for younger voters who will get older and vote more rather than Trump voters actually turning on him en masse or not voting. The secret is that those people are the same people who were for Bush and later supported the tea party. There is a very solid and unreachable 35ish% of voters who will never, ever vote for a Democrat.

free market fetishists

The irony. It burns.

Perhaps republicans' greatest accomplishment is convincing everyone (including most Dems) that the thing they they've named the "free market" is 1) "free" and 2) desireable ... or, in other words, that the market -- like everything else seen through republican eyes -- is necessarily binary: "free" or not "free." What they call "free" is just a euphemism for not-free such that those corporations with the most money can buy their way out of having to compete in the market.

The solution to republican capitalism isn't socialism or Marxism, it's understanding that capitalism is a tool that must be put to good use. Republican capitalism -- having the biggest/richest corporations control the government and create/destroy regulation -- is actually debilitating to the fundamental mechanism that makes capitalism work: competition.

Left unregulated, capitalism destroys itself. Society needs to decide what it wants capitalism to accomplish, and regulate it to produce the outcomes that the society -- and by extension, the government -- deems desirable.

What American capitalism needs to save itself is a wall between economy and state. We need democrats with vision to reimagine the party and articulate an alternative to the republican "free" market narrative.

If there's one positive to come from Trump's election victory, it's the realization that electoral conventional wisdom is fragile, and that a sufficiently motivated electorate can rewrite the rules -- and it can happen quickly.

Which saddens me, as aside from the abortion issue (which even christianity hasn't been consistent on over the years), as someone who grew up catholic, it seems like all of the lessons from the bible are much more in favor of democratic policies that help the lowest among us.

He's doing it. He's Making America Great Again.

By destroying the republican party.

The average person is very politically uninformed.

Every representative thinks their constituents are dumb and they are all essentially correct.

Bullshit outdated propaganda

"I pledge allegiance to the flag..."

Am Kansan, can confirm

"If you do something illegal, should your parents and brothers and sisters be tortured and mutilated??"

"No, no, he didn't mean us. Them. Just them. And maybe you, but not us. Idiot." And your argument is effectively in tatters, regardless of how right you may be. Reasoning is of no use to counter tribal mentalities.

You don't understand the point of my post. I am saying that the 'Republicans' are not the modern version of the GOP. The ideology has changed completely. That is what I am trying to communicate.

It's not just that. I realize that the tax cuts are a major, probably the biggest goal, but the Republicans are not happy about what Obamacare did to the health insurance industry. It turned the whole industry into a pseudo-utility model, heavily regulated and providing a consistent and predictable product for its customers. There's no get rich quick scheme opening a business on the exchanges but it can provide an okay stream of profits for a competent business.

They want a return to the wheeling and dealing that used to be commonplace where the coverage you thought you had was nixed in the fine print and where companies could make major money by coming up with the right scheme.

It's not the biggest goal but it is a selling point for Republicans.

Organized religion is just a distant branch in the symptom tree of the true problem, which is that despite all our modern advances, our brains are still running on million year old social software. We're essentially animals playing with very complex weapons and social systems.

These scumbag republicans and sociopathic CEOs are nothing more than apex predators bullying those weaker than them, for fun and to stay powerful. Same primitive behavior, more advanced tools. Organized religion is just one of those tools.

They killed themselves by aligning with a con-artist criminal. The best they can hope for is that he ONLY goes down for fraud & money laundering - because the last thing they want to be known for is supporting a traitor, one who sold out to Russia.


This is the top comment, and you obviously only read the headline.

What the fuck, reddit. Seriously. What the fuck.

I just got done reading a thoughtful op-ed piece written by Joe Scarborough, talking about Trump being a historical anomaly who is polarizing the country in defiance of Abraham Lincoln's original Republican ideals. I figured I'd come back here to the comments and check out what people are saying about some of the specific points he brought up.

Top comment: "Good"

Me: "What? What does that even... oh."


There was an article recently about a woman who supported Trump and then her illegal immigrant husband was deported. These people do not believe the bad things Trump says he will do apply to them. There is no empathy. Many of these people are morally and intellectually unreachable.

They all believed in the mission for iraq long after it was well established that weapons of mass destruction didn't exist, that it killed hundreds of thousands. They responded to criticism as unamerican. They were let off the hook for that one. All the people who scoffed, "no hannity had an ex Iraqi general on the other day who says there really were weapons of mass destruction they just escaped into syria" all of those who argued for torture they didnt learn their lesson, they still want to turn the middle east into radioactive glass. They are terrible critical thinkers and when all is said and done there fuck ups need to be repeated over and over and over again even if they apologize. We can't allow this type of idiocy to continue.

See this post for a possible, maybe probable, one-two knockout punch of logic and faith.

Nah i just think it's the fact that trump always fails upward.

Doesnt learn any skills in youth -> gets a loan from his dad to start his business. Fails at his business -> gets another loan. Mismanages all his property and money -> gets "playboy millionaire" reputation based on his lifestyle of spending all his money. -> Leverages that reputation into reality shows and increases popularity Runs for President to "Make America Great Again" -> Makes america great by failing so hard to be a conservative america turns on them entirely.

He's not trying to do this. he just somehow ends up better off from all the horrible things he does. His legacy will be the person that cleaned american politics by showing just how far it had fallen, by example.

Reluctantly turns down the volume on a ghetto blaster playing a Bauhaus mixtape.

Faith is belief without supporting evidence or justification. You say critical thinking, they say you are questioning their faith. Do you see the problem, heathen?

I actually think it's the opposite. If he is impeached by the end of this year, Pence will take office. Pence doesn't have children who leak his collusion with a foreign governments. Pence doesn't use Twitter to go against what his representatives say about him. He will be a well-oiled political machine. Even if his ideology is just as bad or worse than Trump's, he is not as open with his bigotry as Trump is.

With Trump still in office, people who are Conservative but don't believe in Trump's views will continue to feel disconnected from the party. Trump supporters will always vote Republican, but the moderately conservative may be swayed to vote another way or just not vote at all if they continue to see a broken administration in power.

This drives me crazy with how short sighted it is.

Trump's tax plans would be a windfall for me, but of course I'm opposed to him because all the extra money in the world won't make a difference if I'm a) dead from no healthcare; b) dead from nuclear winter; or c) dead from being deported to Siberiantanamo Bay.

Don't threaten us with a good time.

We need to continue to refer to this bill as the Republican Health Care Plan.

We can not let them pin this on Trump and attempt to wash their hands of this.

Well it's too late to unhuff that shit so we might as well cut out that tumor.

So ... It's about the money.

The cause and onus will always be the voters. GOP isn't putting a gun to their heads telling them to vote for Trump, they're doing it on their own free will. This country is a lot further right than the citizens of Seattle and San Fran would like to believe.

All of this talk of "progress" and people becoming more liberal applies to your large metropolitan city, yes, but means nothing to rural Ohio unskilled laborers.

Can you talk to them about how Democrats want zero abortions too? I don't know a single person who wants more abortions. It's just that Dems recognize the path to zero abortions lies in social policies heavy on education and easily accessible contraception.

My comment on Joe's piece is that he's 50 years late to the party. The party of Lincoln and Eisenhower were killed by the Southern Strategy in the 60's. They've been cynical hacks interested only in power at all costs ever since and that it took Trump to wake Joe up to that only shows what a trance he's spent his whole life in. Hell he even gives the Republicans credit for balancing the budget in the 90s. Like Clinton had nothing to do with it? Clinton balanced that budget with Republicans kicking and screaming for more tax cuts and deregulation the whole way, and it was a compromise with the Republican congress that killed Glass Steagal and put the US on the road to 2008 in the first place.

I'm glad Joe finally bought a ticket to realityworld but it's damn sad it took this to snap him out of it.

The dismantling of the education system is the lubricant on the slippery slope. A lack of critical thinking skills eased the way for televangelists and pastors of mega-churches to brainwash Americans with ancient myths and hate disguised as piety, and primed them to swallow what the 1% is peddling on Fox News.

I hate to sound cheesy, but organized religion is what is holding us back from becoming a species that gets of Earth and colonizes the stars. So many things are fouled up, held back, and impeded by archaic ritualistic deity worship.

They are killing themselves

May the gods be so generous.

Pence is terrifying. A lot of people say he's less scary than Trump, but I'm not so sure. Dude wants America to be a theocracy for fucks sake.

I've heard this theory before and I love it. The way it goes is, Trump is doing all of this absurd, corrupt shit to ensure he is eventually removed from office, perhaps by extreme measures. All this time while doing obscene shit, he ends up getting the GOP deeply involved in it, so much so that they become complicit and responsible in his corruption and criminality, so that when he goes down, so do all the other worst politicians in America.

Not just political suicide, but a political suicide bombing.

No, he's exposing them. The truth is killing the Republican Party.

Not fast enough

Agreed. I have a friend who is finally being driven away by the GOP, because she no longer agrees with all the crazy shit they have been doing, but she can't fathom the idea of voting blue because her church has brainwashed her into believing that a vote for a Democrat is a vote for Satan.

Unfortunately for large portion of them, it's only a "handout" if it's being given to someone else.

Republicans care more about the unborn babies than the born ones. Their policies condemn abortion, but they want to abolish any help for poor single moms and their babies including their ridiculous health care plan.

Hey, the end of the pledge is beautiful if you take the pre-1954 version. Liberty and justice for all is a pretty solid message...something we're losing as time goes by. Reality is quickly becoming liberty and justice for those who can afford them.

Kansas elected a hardcore conservative governor, who embarked on a shining new economic program involving cuts to everything and tax breaks all over the place. The state government is now in total disarray, and the state economy has been destroyed. To give you an idea of how bad it is, the state government has completely stopped publishing their formerly regular economic reports because they were so terrible. It's so bad that the Republican state Legislature recently started rejecting the tax cuts wholesale.

Truer words...

Years ago I told my friends that it wouldn't be long before we yearned for the sensible, measured politics of Sarah Fuckin' Palin.

They laughed then. Not laughing now.

And I don't even think we're close to hitting bottom.

Theory: the Republican party is nowhere near competent enough to pull something like that off

By winning elections? Lol republicans keep winning guys

I just argued with my dad the other day about this. He started spewing hate about people on welfare and, your wife is collecting disability. So when you vote for that orange pile of shit you're actually hurting yourself.

The messed up thing is, in a twisted way, Obama caused Trump. Trump gained his political attention with his birther nonsense. He is basically a spokesperson for the hatred towards Obama, and the backlash of having a black man in office. I thought America was better than that, but Lordy... I was wrong.

A lot of people say he's less scary than Trump

And that's the problem. You can find a thousand reasons why Trump is scary by looking through his Twitter. But Pence hides his a lot better. Trump says 4 problematic things a week. Pence would not be as straightforward, so people won't see it.

That's the entirety of the Trump problem. Trump is an obvious liar, and an obvious problem for the American people. Pence will never be that.

abortion. always abortion

Gorsuch counts as long-term damage.

You're also only counting the tangible damage. I, for one, am no longer capable of perceiving Republicans as anything other than enemies of America. There's no common ground, and they'll elect anyone at any cost and forgive anything as long as they can destroy what was great about America.

The Health Care debacle IS a tax reform.

It just isn't framed like one.

It also incidentally is putting Congressmen (and their families) back on the FEHBP rather than having to do with the less exciting Medicare like the rest of everyone else.

The Republican Party has basically destroyed the Democractic Party. The Republican Party is far from dead.

My personal theory is that we're all NPCs in a video game, and Trump is the player's troll play-through.

Right. But not just tax cuts. They want a return to an era where your medical care was decided by the fine print on your policy rather than by you and your doctor. It offer bigger opportunities for large profits.

It's mostly gerrymandering. That's not an indicator of good health. It's like saying the only reason you don't have AIDS is because you usually wear a condom when you have sex with drug addict prostitutes. Their model is not built to last as demographics continue to shift and young people continue to reject their backwards model. Trump was the last gasp of a dying ignorant hatred that most people ignored because they allowed themselves to get conned by a practiced liar backed by a ruthless enemy country. The dude lost by 3 million votes. Just try to hold an image of 3 million people in your mind. What does that even look like? Just try to picture 3 million people. And, even then, without his felllow useful idiot Jill Stein, he wouldn't have gotten anywhere. Nobody is going to make that mistake again. And gerrymandering is finally getting serious attention. It's no longer a wink wink situation. The Republican party really is fucked. They've been selling a shitty product for decades.

They are quite adept at winning elections, and completely inept at governing.

Hillary Clinton killed the Democratic Party and the DNC killed themselves. The thing is: Trump didn't ruin the Republican Party, he just changed it. Sorry, actually Trump didn't do anything because he didn't vote himself in. He is a mere representative for Americans, collectively; not only for his views, policies and traits, but also for Clinton's and the Democratic Party's shortcomings. Though America's democratic process can use some serious improvement, Trump is the result of the natural course of a democratic country.

The left constantly blames Trump for winning, or his "stupid, racist, sexist supporters," but they never blame themselves. They too could have prevented this. Does the Democratic Party support Electoral Reform? How about Campaign Finance Reform or Democratic Reform? Media regulations or resolutions? Nope. They can't even make their own elections fair, because they don't want to! Bernie supported Campaign Finance Reform, too bad the Dems never elected him. Hillary, a person who took advantage of the broken CFS, was never going to deliver on that promise. The Dems elected a corrupt cheating untrustworthy criminal candidate and then blame others for not wanting to support her. The election was a brutal choice, and the Left's lack of understanding is the pissoff. You think the majority-right is extreme? Look at yourselves.

Before Obama's first success was George Bush's massive failures. The Right could not handle the humiliation of those failures. And by that point they had already shown so much moral hypocrisy, that it really didn't surprise me.

The Right used Obama's color and name as even more motivation, but it doesn't matter who was elected in 2008. If they had a D by their name, they were going to get a Target on their back by leadership... and their voters are already halfway to crazy and deep into propoganda watch "Mission Accomplished turb into endless war, Katrina, Abu Graib & its all capped off by a couple of Financial collapses that were so well handled most people were not affected in any way neither by the war nor the economy. The biggest political & economic crime in decades, and the people who voted for it helped cover it up.

Obama success ensured the right did not feel the pain they inflict it upon the rest of us and the world during the Bush years. I'm 50 years old...I'm seeing a pattern of events...I grew up under Reagan. I'm getting really sick of cleaning up after Republicans.

People have forgotten what could have happened economically after 2009.. Oh you might have had to tighten your belt a little bit, but most people didn't lose everything. Their houses were saved, their retirement accounts in many cases improved. Literally the opposite of the Great Depression and World War II:almost all Americans were affected in some way by both. Scary part: There's a lot of valid parallels to the psychology of conservative voters Post Bush as there are to many Germans immediately after World WW1.

Trump is the fall guy for the Republican Party. Once Trump is impeached or forced to resign. Pence will take over as president and set in motion for the U.S.A to become a Christian Theocracy.

Lol, Republicans have more power than they had for over a century. Cool story, bro. Maybe you democrats should focus on why your party sucks? Wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that you are all a bunch of self righteous, live-in-a-bubble, group of people who can't see nuance?

Republicare. Not Trumpcare.

...someone brown

Trump is the tip of the Murica iceberg

Don't forget that they just stopped having school entirely there for a while due to no funding for teachers or the school administration.

don't be a prick

take care of those less fortunate than you


respect goodness rather than wealth


...nah, sounds pretty GOP to me.

Trump is AIDS to the GOP's HIV.

My condolences. :(

I think there is a better subtler way to open people's minds. If you're open to it, here is the method.

Which is what galls me the most. What did Jesus have to say about abortion?

Now, what did he say about helping the poor? The sick? The hungry? Neighbors? What did he say about greed? Divorce?

How can Christians actively ignore all the things Jesus DID say in favor of what they think he SHOULD have said?

The hypocrisy of Christians is the source of the disease in the US today.

They're doing great things with all that power. They can't even pass a new health care bill after bitching about the ACA for how many years? They literally could send any POS legislation to the potato and he would sign it, but they've got nothing.

Republicans don't care about governing. And their base don't care that they suck at it. You can't say they're failing when they're achieving the things they care about, which is winning elections and using their position to make money.

When haven't they been?

Reagan tore apart LBJ's Great Society programs.

It's a positive feedback scenario - insanity among republicans caused trump, and trump's insanity feeds their frenzy.

The only good thing that I've seen with how long the whole health care debacle has taken is that it has kept other policy changes, like tax "reform", off the table for the time being.

Tax cuts and deregulation.

Trump aside look at the Healthcare bill. You think GOP really is a party of ideas?

It was never about the economy and jobs. Hillary had more specific and realistic policies to tackle them and people who cared about those things overwhelmingly went for Hillary. See here:

I don't think the US would go full theocracy due to so many non religious people and no one solid denomination of Christianity that wouldn't cripple itself in infighting. However, I too didn't think Trump would be elected. If somehow, an American theocracy came to pass, I think we may be in for an Irish "Troubles" situation. Truthfully, I still think that is a strong possibility even with no theocracy. It's fucked that I'm debating in my head what would be worse? American "Troubles" or an American Reign of Terror. The internet blessed us with instant communication and the wealth of human ingenuity at our fingertips. It looks like we as people, didn't deserve that gift. We used it to turn our biases up to 11 and deactivate our critical thinking skills. Here we are, the wealth of knowledge at our disposal, the possibility to expand our own experiences and break down all those old biases. Trump is a price tag. He's also an indictment.

Bigly Good

Said the climate to the continent. It'll happen in 50 years or less.

As long as Trump takes down the "libruls", his base of zealots don't care if he takes Republicans, sick children, and the United States with them.

They have sacrificed any shred of human decency in the pursuit of vengeance for having been governed by a gasp black president.


I'm reasonably sure that my parents would vote for Hitler if he were against abortion.

No, the truth is forcing the Republicans into their "So what?" phase. And it's working just fine for them.

Poor Kansas is no longer comfortable in its own skin, and now everyone else feels creeped out when Kansas looms nearby

Which is why everyone should be calling it Republicare.

I often think our nation would be much better off if those two (the Koch brothers) spontaneously combusted.

It's 2017 and they still want to rob the working class in a booming economy. The wealth inequalities are gonna break the system will soon or later lead to public unrest.

really? lets hold off on all these fucking articles for a few years. right now they have all the power.

The party is FAR from dying. They are flourishing. Be it gerrymandering, voter suppression, or whatever other fuckery they pull. They own this country.

They aren't flourishing. They can't govern! Republicans are throwing insane shit at the walls to see what sticks. Right now it's racism and nationalism.

How long do you think that will last? The people who voted for this group of republicans got nothing for it. And they are going to lose a lot.

Republicans held ground because democrats refused to let them sink the ship out of spite and ignorance. Now they have power, and they might just sink the ship. Does that look like flourishing to you?

Elections have been very close for decades now. The margin of victory is not insignificant. They literally won the presidency on a technicality. A majority of people in this country do not want republicans in office.

Eventually the democrats will figure out how to fight them. They have nothing to lose now. And the GOP will lose it all in a single election.

I don't believe Trump is the killer of the Republican Party.

I believe he's the stench of its corpse.

Robert Reich said so in January

He really is making America great again.

Trump hasn't done anything himself that can't be undone by a Democrat in office, while Republicans have struggled to get deeply unpopular healthcare policy through not so much because of Trump (though he's not much help) but because the party is nowhere near unified.

When all they had to be was anti-Obama, they had it easy. They didn't have to legislate, they just had to oppose everything he did. Even if a Republican proposed it. Or that time they blamed him even though they overrode his veto to pass it.

Now they have to own it. Trump's roughly the equivalent of a rubber stamp President as far as just signing whatever they get across, but the difficulty in passing anything nearly all of them agree on (thanks to their small majority in the senate) allows Trump to avoid holding the bag by tossing it back on congress.

Considering they're 24 people away from destroying the fucking Constitution... they just want you to think they're incompetent.

This method has the potential to convert irrational minds to rational ones. No method can guarantee success of course.

Do you really think the country could possibly dip into a complete Christian theocracy? I don't want to believe it to be possible, not with a majority of Americans who might oppose such a move - but I just don't know anymore.

Trump being elected set a precedent in the "I didn't think that could happen" line of thinking.

What really happens if we go down that road of a complete religious theocracy? Honestly? How many people die?

Man, leave it to Texas to be the buzzkiller...

They're reactionaries.

The problem is this shit has a 6 year memory at best. Nixon's disgrace basically cost the Republican party nothing. We had 1 term of a Democratic president after Nixon and then 3 terms of Republican presidents.

Nixon was only ousted because of Democratic majority in the Senate and the House, and the Republicans took the Senate ~6 years after Nixon.

lol, where are these reports coming from? Oh, it's Joe Scarborough... Look, I'm about as anti-Trump as you're gonna find, but the Republican Party is stronger than it has ever been, far far stronger than the Dems right now, and Scarborough is going to keep voting R down the line just like the rest of his clan.

The health bill is just part of it. And it doesn't look good when you have the majority and have to go left to get it passed.

And honestly, they didn't need to. Everyone was watching very carefully to see if he would get endorsements after he got the nomination. The Republicans could have done one of two things: endorsed him like any other party candidate or let him stand on his own. They could have distanced themselves from the onset, but they decided to put party above country and endorse him even though in private virtually every single one of them would have told you they hated it. They knew who he was, they knew he was an incompetent, popularist buffoon and they endorsed him anyway.

...says the increasingly nervous man for the 100th time.

I often think...

What in Reagan's name leaves you with any doubts?

They won a thousand seats in 6 years and control everything. If they can do it, so can the Dems. Except the Supreme Court. There were some bad decisions made there, by Obama not pushing for his guy and just waiting for Hillary, and a couple Justices not retiring... imo out of hubris.